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10 Best Weekend Trips from Kansas City

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10 Best Weekend Trips from Kansas City: Weekend getaways from this Kansas city means you have finally made a perfect decision in choosing your best weekend plan. Though everyone has its own choice for spending his weekend. 

Well, some want their weekend to be adventurous, some want romantic, or some would prefer their weekend should be full of fun. And if we say you can make your weekend like “all of these”, so what would you say?

This article of the 10 Best Weekend Trips from Kansas City will let you be aware of some of the best fun spots which are easily accessible from Kansas city.

The maximum mentioned destinations in this article are those which are not too far away from Kansas city, as many people are not comfortable with long drives, so might be the listed destinations will suit you in terms of convenience too.

A weekend trip starts from Friday eve and goes till Sunday night, so we will let you know of some best getaways from Kansas City along with the day schedules which you can carry.

Small town for History Lovers – Boonville

Be prepared for at least 2 hours of drive from Kansas city towards this small town which is majorly popular for its numerous historic attractions. So, history lovers and explorers, you should choose Bonneville as your next upcoming destination in your 10 Best Weekend Trips from Kansas City.

We are also sharing some of the best places which you can visit as per your weekend schedule.

Convert your tiring Friday evening into a refreshing one, so having a glass of wine or beer is not at all a bad idea, is it?

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Friday Eve – give yourself a fresh start in the brewery of Boonville

When it comes to freshening up yourself in a brewery near Bonneville, then only a single name comes to every mind, whose appreciative reviews are spread in the whole internet, it’s the “Logboat Brewing Company” located in Columbia which is just in half an hour distance from Bonneville

You will receive here an intense atmosphere of a night lounge or pub. The best thing here is you will be having tremendous options for beers. The menu is below!

  • Logboat Snapper IPA
  • Logboat Coffee Snapper
  • Logboat Bear Hair
  • Logboat Casual Party Saison.
  • Logboat Dark Matter
  • Logboat Lookout.

Friday Dinner in the “Leisure”

Reach the Red Lobster, to pamper your mood of being in the town’s finest restaurant for dinner.

If you are desperately looking for the best seafood, then your wait ends here. You will be amazed by the finest quality of food. Located in Interstate 70 Dr SW Columbia, MO 65203-2052.

Get ready for the next Saturday morning Breakfast at “87 Diner”

The morning of Boonville will give you fresh energy and positivity to start your day. And this energy must be retained and boosten-up with a refreshing breakfast at 87 diner which is famous for its freshly cooked and homely food. Address – 19510 Steven Kole Ct, Boonville.

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Top things to do on Saturday in Kansas City

See the arrangements for your full day out on Saturday

You can start up your day by exploring something new which you are not much aware of. Visit the Ravenswood built in the year 1880. Here you will grab some new experience of viewing the home furnishings from all over the World and collected safely in this farmhouse. This place is also a very good source of knowing the rich history. So consider visiting there on your best weekend trips from Kansas city.

Photo by Joan Piazza

Joining the art festival is another good source of entertainment for travelers. You will be entertained by professional and expert artists through their art exhibitions and musical performances.

Saturday Dinner at Palace Restaurant

For non veg lovers, this palace restaurant is a perfect spot where tremendous options of food are available. Address – 225 main St, Boonville.

Sunday Breakfast at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is obviously not bound to any introduction, the whole world knows how amazing their food service is. Address – 490 Americana, Boonville.

Things to do on Sunday in Kansas City

The last day of your weekend trip must be far more interesting, so Columbia Mall is the place where all sorts of entertainment you will get in your 10 Best Weekend Trips from Kansas City. Whether it is shopping, dining, movie or clubbing.

Another top “sunday” destination should be Shelter Gardens where the stunning scenes of the atmosphere are countless. Waterfalls, blossom flowers, rock gardens etc. not only this, you will also be entertained by the live music performances.

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Sunday Dinner with Mexican Cuisine

Enjoy dinner with mexican dishes at La Hacienda which is best known for serving fresh and tasty food to all. Address – 511 Ryan St, Boonville.

Next weekend Destination – Lindsborg, Kansas

Photo by Barbara

The atmosphere and surroundings of this place will make you feel like you are exploring the whole world which is full of creativity and excitement. The opportunities here are very exciting and lively, you are going to visit and explore numerous sites here in your 10 Best Weekend Trips from Kansas City.

Let’s see what all you can schedule on your weekend days.

Friday night dinner at Farley’s Bar and Grill

Night should be spent in the environment which can give you a feeling of dining with a touch of exclusive nightlife too. So no other place is better than Farley’s Bar and Grill where you will be catered with the delicious meal. Address – 101 N Main St Lindsborg.

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Refreshing Breakfast on Saturday at “The White Peacock”

Morning should be started with full refreshment, so head to the white peacock which is a renowned cafe and also a perfect spot for having breakfast. The most innovative and creative thing in the cafe which makes every visitor comfortable and happy are the environments they provide. The first thing you will like are the books which you can read while you are sitting there.

And next you can also find a good time by exploring the art works and can also buy those if you like it. Address – 124 S Main Lindsborg, Kansas.

Fun things to do in Lindsborg to enjoy your Saturday

If you have planned your weekend with your family, then you “must” include the playground or any picnic spot in your plan to make your holiday trip more worthwhile. Viking Valley is exactly the spot which we are referring to. This place is especially for pleasing kids, as it is a playground where your kids and even you can play. If you just look around then you will find that the ground is encircled with the art works by expert artists, so overall the arrangements are enough to win your heart.

Make yourself ready to learn something new regarding the history and local talents of Kansas city. This Courtyard Gallery not only exhibits the talents of Kansas artists through their artworks, the best thing here is you can directly buy the artwork whichever you like. So this time, you are not only bound till only viewing the arts, you can also bring them home.

Saturday Dinner at the Best Restaurant of Lindsborg

Jalisco restaurant is the name every local of the city knows,this is the most visited restaurant by tourists. The restaurant specializes in Mexican food and you will surely find something for almost everyone in your family irrespective of any age. Address – 107 N Main St, Lindsborg. .

Get your hasty Breakfast ready at Subway on Sunday

Nothing is better than the subway for having delicious breakfast and if you prefer to start your day with some nutritious and healthy food which actually benefits your body, then choosing the subway is always a great idea. Though it is already a food brand, so nothing much needed to explain. Just reach there and boost-up yourself.

Photo by Leo Lin

Amusing Things to do

Visit the Countryside Lanes for having some fun experience with the Bowling sport and win numerous prizes for each bowling success!

For a more amusing experience, consider visiting the All star lanes which also allows you to gain some bowling experience and can play video games as well along with the pleasing and fun atmosphere, the place is also food offering services.

You will surely like both of the above.

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Grab the ravishing dinner on Sunday

Martinelli’s Little Italy is undoubtedly the name worth to be noted at least twice before you reach there cause this is one of the best restaurants in near Lindsborg which you “must” visit.

Especially for italian food lovers, it is advisable that they must try their food once.

Relish the picturesque views of Hannibal, Missouri

Photo by Matt Wastler

Drive till approx 3 hours of distance and reach Hannibal which will not at all let you bore even for a single minute.

Delightful dinner on your arrival to Hannibal on Friday Eve

Specializes in Mediterranean, American and French cuisines, so you can assume how wonderful the menu you can expect there. Address – 207 N 5th St, Hannibal.

Breakfast & Brunch on Saturday at Mimi’s Coffee House

Fill your Sunday morning with an energy-boosting breakfast at Mimi’s Coffee House. They are 

having amazing food varieties. So, hold your drive to this cafe and grab a cup of coffee and enjoy sandwiches and cookies. Address – 106 Lakeside Dr Hannibal.

Recreational Things to do on Saturday

Assume, you have provided a trail on your tour where you can do whatever you like, jogging, running, strolling, or biking. Would you be interested to reach such a place?

Absolutely yes!

Riverview Park is one of the most fun attractions in the city, which offers a large playground and benches with beautiful surroundings where you can spend some quality time in your 10 Best Weekend Trips from Kansas City.

The next place is somewhat suitable to visit if you are a couple or come there with your friends.

It’s Cave hollow west winery which is a relaxing spot for enjoying drinks with snacks. If you are interested enough in listening to music while holding a glass of wine, then this is absolutely the place which you must think of on your best weekend trips from Kansas city .

Plan a Saturday Eve Romantic Dinner

Give your loved one an exciting surprise at the Mark twain riverboat dinner cruise, and enjoy your dinner in a lavish and peaceful surroundings. You will also be entertained by live music performances. Address – Mark Twain Riverboat Dinner cruise Hannibal MO 63401.

For an online booking, visit the website link.

Enjoy the scrumptious Sunday breakfast at Becky Thatcher’s Diner

People call this food spot a “homemade recipes spot, so if you prefer simple and nutritious breakfast, then consider visiting at Becky Thatcher’s Diner.

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Fascinating things to do on your Sunday Afternoon

B&B Theatre should be your major destination on your visit to Hannibal. The names seems to be an interesting place where you can see some plays or movies, right?

Yes, it’s true, B&B Theatre runs 3D films, which you can enjoy with some light snacks.

Next, you can head to the Wavering Aquatic Center on your best weekend trips from Kansas city, if you love to spend your time playing with water. The location is very much suitable if you plan your trip with family, as the wavering aquatic center is a swimming pool with lots of water gaming opportunities and the fun atmosphere all around.

The amenities here include a picnic table, sand volleyball, diving board, and baby pool.

Have a luscious Seafood meal on Sunday night

Rustic Oak Grill and Pub is the spot which is having amazing interior and delicious food offerings. Address – 203 Huck Finn Shopping Center, Hannibal.

And in this way, you can smoothly schedule your best weekend trips from Kansas city by arranging the destinations for specific days of your weekend.

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