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Best Road Trips from Kansas City

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Kansas City – Stuart Seeger/Flickr

Numerous attractive locations, various vibrant and colorful street markets, delicious food points and adventurous spots.

If this is what, for which you are craving for long, then your right time has come to know some of the best spots where you can spend your vacation well.

So, take your family in the car and drive towards the extremely exciting journey which will take you to some incredible and amazing spots.

Do you know which spots we are talking about?

These are the destinations which are a few hours, or we could say a few minutes away from Kansas City. you only need to pack your bags, just get ready for your upcoming vacation and choose the one most suitable destination among our list.

Traverse the stunning scenes of nature in Shawnee

Just 15 minutes drive from Kansas city will take you to the world of breathtaking views of nature. The town consists of wonderful parks, historic monuments, entertainment centers, and exotic food spots.

Knub’s Pub – the best place to visit with your friends and also the best spot to make some “new”

If you want to socialize with the locals of the town, then visiting a place which is decently crowded is the best option to opt for. Head to the Knub’s Pub, and feel the relaxation. Just holding a beer in hand, sitting with your travel companions, and gossiping about the surroundings, we guess is quite similar which you are looking for on your trip, isn’t it?

One of the best things to do in Shawnee to amaze your kids

Visiting the Listowel park is surely going to amaze your kids, by offering a wide playground where they can play and enjoy some rides. Overall, the surroundings are too good for spending a wonderful and peaceful time, so, you can just sit on one of the benches and feel that relaxing atmosphere, or interacting with any of the people around is also not at all a bad idea.

Cover the most enjoyable destination in your journey – Lee’s Summit

One of the most suitable destinations for the family. As the family consists of members of different ages and preferences, it is obvious to mention that this fun destination has something for all for letting them spend a wonderful and memorable time.

Entertaining things to do in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

How about visiting a water park?

A water park is definitely the foremost choice of each member of the family. So, head to the Summit waves, if you are expecting to do and enjoy the recreational activities. You can take your kids towards the mini pool and also let them enjoy their day at the water playground.

There are numerous pools for adults to dig and feel the extreme lightness and relaxation

In the body.

These instructions are just for the fun lovers, if you prefer food over fun, then visiting 

Summit Waves is still a great idea to go for. Tremendous options and innovative varieties of food and snacks are enough to not let you regret choosing this waterpark on your best road trips from Kansas City.

Get to know the rich history of the town at Lee’s Summit History Museum

The museum is the most visited place among tourists. If knowing the history of the specific city or town sounds interesting to you, then your trip will not be worth without seeing the artifacts that are exhibited in the  Lee’s Summit History Museum and reflects the past lifestyle of the town.

Find and explore Things to Do in Beacon.

Make your tour to the “Spinach capital of the World” – Lenexa

One of the best things you enjoy there

Head to the place where you can have lots of opportunities for shopping and tasting delicious cuisines on your best road trips from Kansas City.

The name is “Westchester Square”, in short it is the perfect spot for all kinds of purchase needs, like fashion, grocery, as well as gadgets and food points like starbucks, McDonald’s and many popular asian restaurants are good to try the dishes of innovative cultures.

Watch governor’s amazing building in Topeka

Considered as the topmost attraction among tourists, this historical building has become the first choice to visit on the best road trips from Kansas City.

Bringing a camera with you will let you capture the most iconic views of the delightful garden. 

Will you find ” Good food” In Topeka? 

This is the most common concern of food enthusiasts that will they be able to find a good food spot in the town, if yes then where?

Listed below are the finest food spots where their dishes will make you lick your fingers

Best food spots in Topeka

  • Rowhouse Restaurant
  • Monsoon Indian Grill
  • Tuptin Thai
  • The Wheel Barrel
  • The Burger Stand at College Hill
  • Chez Yasu French Restaurant.

Gain the exhilarating experience at “Maple woods natural area”, Gladstone

Hiking is the foremost thing that comes to mind when we talk about some adventure sport. The Maple woods natural area has the fun opportunity for hiking for the adventure lovers at its wooded area. 

Apart from this, just sitting there calmly is also worthwhile for your trip.

Apart from visiting the marvelous attractions of the place, you can also try something new to do and experience on your best road trips from Kansas City. 

How about joining a cooking class? 

A cooking class will allow you to learn their unique and delicious recipes so you will be able to take their innovative flavors with you to your home country. 

Join a cooking class in Kansas City

Below is the list of some amazing and affordable classes to join – 

  • Williams-Sonoma cooking class
  • Ty Wood’s Kitchen
  • Kansas City barbeque society
  • Kearney Culinary Academy
  • Cozymeal cooking classes
  • The culinary center of Kansas City

Head to the Wisconsin Dells to experience the water fun 

Situated in southern Wisconsin, several tourist attractions like shopping centres, lakes, themed parks and water parks are located in the city.

It’s a quite long drive and takes approx 8 hours to reach then make sure you are having adequate entertainment sources available during your drive, like snacks, drinks, music system, headphones etc, as the journey shouldn’t be boring, right? 

The best you can experience here is the lots of amusements in the water park by swimming, taking rides, playing games and tasting yummy cuisines.

Music lovers, head to the “Country Music Capital of the World”

Nashville is the place, known as the  country music capital of the world. As this city has the most talented music legends. So, visiting Nashville means you are actually going to get deep towards the rich history of music industries and will get to know so many new things. One of the most amazing destinations to visit are “Grand Ole Opry”, which is a “must” to view spot.

Make sure you are having a tour guide who can explain each interesting detail to you about the place.

Best time to visit Nashville

If you are looking for some budget planning in your best road trips from Kansas City, then let us inform you that visiting in the winter will cost you less as compared to the summer season. 

As summer season is the best time to feel the actuality of the city for which it is majorly famous for! So, during summer, it will cost you higher to visit.

But when it comes to mentioning the “perfect” time to visit the place, then we would recommend visiting during summers,if you are looking to enjoy the most of your best road trips from Kansas City.

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Visit the family friendly destination – Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City zoo & botanical Garden is the place where your kids will enjoy watching the amazing species of animals about which they only had heard about. Here your kids get to know these different species so it will be learning & fun both for them.

Next location is the one without which your trip to Oklahoma City is actually not worth it. 

It’s the bricktown district. We assure you that nothing is missing in this charming town. Whether you want to go for shopping there are lots of amazing shopping centres, if you are looking to explore some new taste, then there are plenty of food spots which can cater to your food needs, if enjoying the nightlife of a particular city is your first choice then go ahead, this town has lots of night bars and pubs.

Not only this, if you are not sure what you prefer to do, then a simple stroll on the canal by seeing the surrounding views and taking a water ride is a much better idea to opt for.

Try some fun things at St Louis, Missouri

When it comes to trying something amusing then we can’t miss mentioning the “midwest theme park” Which is the perfect spot to try some adventure, the place is enough to remember those days of fetes where you were free to enjoy the rides and numerous varieties of dishes.

Discover the beauty of nature at “Botanica Gardens”, Wichita

You might have visited the most amazing gardens in your life, but we take a bet that here you will surely find something new and exciting to experience. As this is not just a garden, it is a collection of almost 10 to 15 gardens in which each is known for its different specialities. 

Shakespeare garden, rock garden, children’s garden, and juniper gardens are the well known names. If you are really interested to experience and view the maximum beauty of nature then this is the high time that you should think of visiting there at least once. 

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Wichita is also known as the best place for destination weddings as well. 

So if you are too curious about choosing the perfect location for your special occasion, then below is the list of some of the best venues

Best Wedding Venues in Wichita

  • ABODE Venue
  • The Hudson
  • Venue 3130
  • The studio at Illusion productions Inc
  • Eberly Farm Inc
  • Two Olives

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