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Fun Things To Do In Omaha

by Pankaj Upreti
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Things To Do In Omaha

Omaha the largest city in the US state of Nebraska
Omaha the largest city in the US state of Nebraska | Photo Credit – Courtney “Coco” Mault

Omaha is the largest city in the US state of Nebraska and the seat of Douglas County. It is located in the Missouri River Valley, and we have chosen to present you all the fun things to do in Omaha. In the continuation of this article, we will write about what you should see when you are in Omaha.

If you have already visited this city, then most things will be well known to you. If you haven’t, then prepare to learn new, useful things. Omaha restaurants are widely known. When you are there we recommend you try the famous Omaha steaks. Him, let’s see what else you can see and visit when you’re in Omaha.

Visit to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium | Photo Credit – Sergey Subbotin

Our first location on today’s trip will be Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. We chose this place because you simply have to visit it. Whoever you ask from the locals, they will tell you the same. And that is why we are here, to be your advisors when you decide to travel somewhere.

Or friends who share their travel experiences with you. Then you know where the best restaurants are, which roads to avoid and which trips you should definitely go to. Before you head to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium we should draw your attention to a few things. You can buy tickets online and pay with cards.

Also, it is good to know that pets are not allowed. But you know what’s the best thing of all? You can become a member of them and enjoy all the benefits that it brings. You can also enjoy exciting things like this at Charlotte, don’t forget to read things to do in charlotte

Smell The Flowers at Lauritzen Gardens

Lauritzen Gardens Omaha
Lauritzen Gardens Omaha | Photo Credit – S C Hargis

We really like botanical gardens, but very much. There is something relaxing in those places. It’s like you’re in a park, and yet you’re not so exposed to the gazes of casual passersby. You are somehow protected and you can enjoy nature in peace. Maybe that’s just one of the reasons.

And the other would be to have different plant species available in one place that we can see up close. We’ve only seen some of them on TV, so it’s a real experience when you see them up close. Lauritzen Gardens is one place that locals will recommend because they often go there themselves.

When they want to escape from the city crowds or just spend a quiet weekend with their family – this is their secret vacation spot.

Tour Of Historic Omaha

Tour Of Historic Omaha
Tour Of Historic Omaha | Photo Credit – Matt Johnson

Omaha is a city with an interesting and rich history. The culture of this city and its famous inhabitants could be written about for a long time. But that is not our topic today. We will just remind you of one suggestion we recently talked about with our friends. It is a Historic Omaha tour for anyone who wants to get to know this city better.

It often happens that the locals are not helpful to us because they can’t know everything about their city either. And we understand that, of course, because we don’t know everything about the city in which we live. But we are therefore in the mood to learn as we believe you do. Book your place and discover the hidden and magical corners of Omaha.

Explore History At The Durham Museum

Explore Omaha's history and culture at The Durham Museum
Explore Omaha’s history and culture at The Durham Museum | Photo Credit – Phil Martinez

Museums are important in the history of every city, so it is the same here in Omaha. The Durham Museum is located in the city center and will make it easy for you to find. The Durham Museum offers a fascinating look at the history of our region offering a broad-range of traveling exhibits covering subjects ranging from history and culture, to science and industry.

We encourage you to visit The Durham Museum because it contains secrets that are well kept. All these years, people have been dedicated to preserving the history and tradition of Omaha. All you have to do is come and buy a ticket and you will contribute to their work.

Spend Few Hours At Omaha Children’s Museum

Spend Few Hours At Omaha Children's Museum
Spend Few Hours At Omaha Children’s Museum | Photo Credit – Lucélia Ribeiro

When we write about museums, you immediately think that it will not be interesting for the youngest members of your family. We agree that children’s museums are not among their favorite activities. There are exhibits on display that they do not understand yet and it is really not interesting for them to spend a couple of hours in such a place. But Omaha Children’s Museum is the perfect place for your little ones.

The whole museum is dedicated to them and believe us – they will enjoy it there. It is possible to visit several permanent settings such as: Art Smart Center, Imagination Playground, Zooland, Tinker Lab, Fantastic Future Me and a few more. The permanent exhibits at Omaha Children’s Museum provide a wealth of opportunities for learning through play. All of the museum’s exhibits are designed to inspire, educate, and delight. There may be more new opportunities to explore during your visit.

Take A Picture At Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge | Photo Credit – Shelby L. Bell

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge is a 3,000-foot footbridge across the Missouri River between Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska. Interest in a landmark bridge across the Missouri River arose after Omaha and Council Bluffs began replacing their older crossings with girder bridges which do not have towers.

The bridge is named after former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey. We suggest you visit the bridge in the evening. Then it is most pleasant to walk, it is not too hot, and you can also meet interesting people. Nearly a mile of walking in one direction and a mile in the other will help you relax before bed.

And before that, you can take photos in one of the famous places in the city. We recognize that it is photogenic, especially when the sun sets and is reflected on the surface of the water.

Spend A Quality Afternoon at LaKe Manawa State Park

LaKe Manawa State Park | Photo Credit – Beatrice Murch

Lake Manawa is a great place for swimmers and sunbathers, young and old. A modern beach facility provides opportunities for swimming, as well as refreshments. Lake Manawa State Park is one of the most popular outdoor recreation facilities in the Omaha.

This place was created for vacation and we really love it. If it weren’t so, we wouldn’t recommend it to you either. You can spend a quality afternoon or the whole weekend here, it depends on you how much rest you need. It is equipped with all the necessary facilities that will make your stay here pleasant.

No need to worry about crowds, there aren’t many people here, and we don’t know why that is. Far from being abandoned, but it’s as if people are nicely organized and arranged so that you don’t notice that it’s crowded. We are sure that your children will also be happy to spend time outdoors.

Have fun at Fun-Plex Waterpark & ​​Rides

When you read a few of our articles, you will be convinced that we take care of everyone’s needs. Whether they are younger or older family members, we strive to provide enough suggestions. That way, everyone can choose something interesting for themselves and then they will not be dissatisfied. This is one of the proposals that we are sure both young and old are looking forward to. Why this is so will be clear to you when you arrive at Fun-Plex Waterpark & ​​Rides.

Family fun is guaranteed. Fun-seekers of all ages enjoy the new Rockin ‘Rapids Water Slides, Makana Splash Water Playground, Typhoon Falls Water Slides, Motion Ocean Wave Pool, Lazy River, Breaker Bay Swim-Up Bar, the Fun-Plex Speedway Go-Kart Track, various kiddie & family rides, and a beautiful 18-Hole Mini Golf course.

Visit Mormon Trail Center

Mormon Trail Center | Photo Credit – Ken Lund

As you may have noticed, Omaha is one of those places in the United States that you should simply visit. Rich culture is noticed at every step and the people of Omaha are proud of it. This place has been important throughout history, and if you are interested in more about the turning points in American history, then the Mormon Trail Center is your next destination.

The Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is a visitors ’center with exhibits about Winter Quarters, a major settlement for Latter-day Saint pioneers after they left Nauvoo. It will not be an effort for you to find this place, and if you are still interested in the story of it, continue your research.

Who knows where the roads will take you, maybe to the next monument. Maybe you meet more like-minded people, maybe … Who knows, just go.

Discover American History at Omaha and Utah Beaches

Discover American History at Omaha and Utah Beaches
Discover American History at Omaha and Utah Beaches | Photo Credit – Erik Cleves Kristensen

We usually think of beaches as places to rest and relax. This is also the case with the beaches in Omaha, but we also offer you something different. Instead of going on trips and swimming, we invite you to discover an important part of American history. It has influenced the history of the whole world, so wherever you come from, this will interest you.

We have one great tour for you. The beaches of Omaha and Utah saw some of the most important battles of World War II, but visiting independently means missing the sites ’hidden war secrets. On this tour, visit the sectors where the American V Corps and VII Corps landings took place, and trace the steps of the 1st, 4th, and 29th American Infantry Divisions. With round-trip transport from central Bayeux included, gain insight into Normandy’s WWII history.

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