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Fun Things To Do In Mont Tremblant

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Things to do in Mont Tremblant

Looking for an ideal place to enjoy a delightful winter vacation? Head to the iconic Mont Tremblant region of Quebec, Canada. This region is decorated with snow-covered peaks, warm and ambient bars and so much more. Bring along your friends and family and head to the winter capital of the world. 

Skiing, dog sledding, Canadian ice fishing, or long winter baths- Mont Tremblant has something to offer for everyone. You can visit this place for a small weekend trip or stay there for a while. Regardless of the duration, you are bound to feel rejuvenated after your visit to Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

Enjoy a day of rest and rejuvenation at the Scandinave Spa Mont Tremblant

It goes without saying that no one understands winter care better than the Scandinavians. Two Canadian National Hockey League players have created this gorgeous oasis of rest and care at the Scandinavian spa. This spa spans seven acres of natural mountain land. Spa-goers will also enjoy a splendid view of the Diable River. Head to this natural extravaganza with your loved ones during your stay at Mont Tremblant. 

Some of their specialties include Scandinavian steam baths (with whirlpools). In addition to these steam baths, you can also try their thermal waterfalls, hot and cold plunges. They are equipped with well-functioning Finnish dry saunas, private treatment rooms, and a gorgeous river. 

After your day of relaxation, you can head to their in-house bar and enjoy healthy and delicious snacks. They also provide health shots and fresh juices for your pleasure. Their relaxing areas are world-class, including a zero-gravity Pavillion as well. You can rest at their delightful hammocks and outdoor fireplaces too.

Rinse yourself in the hot and cold bathing areas and enjoy one of their many signature massages. Sessions last 60, 90, and 120 minutes respectively. Visitors can opt for their Swedish massages, deep tissues cleanse, and hot stone sessions as well. Truly, the opportunities are endless. 

Address: 4280 Mount Ryan, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, J8E 1S4, Canada.

Telephone number: +1 888 537 2263

Enjoy a round of Golf in Mont Tremblant

Golf Le Diable

Mont Tremblant offers two delightful golf courses throughout the year. These courses have 18 holes, accompanied by unique course designs. The Golf Le Diable course spans across 7056 yards, designed by the legendary Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry. Red-sand bunkers, long and elegant fairways can be found throughout the golf courses.

Both these golf courses come with electric golf carts, well-equipped practices areas, and professional staff to guide you through the game. Visiting the Mont Tremblant golf courses is enjoyable for amateurs and professional golf players. 

Over the years. The Golf Le Diable golf course has gained international acclaim. Today, it ranks as one of the best golf courses in all of North America. Some of their many facilities include fine digital technology, launch monitors. Around 65 golfers, target greens, and crucial ball tracking to help track the progress of your game. Mont Tremblant golf courses offer individual as well as group sessions. 

Address: 110 Chem de l’Albatros, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, J8E 1S1, Canada.

Telephone number: +1 819 681 5469

The Golf De Liable golf course opens at 8 AM every day

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Join a Hiking Expedition at the Mont Tremblant National Park

Nothing compares to the feeling of being at one with nature. Mont Tremblant National Park offers an unforgettable encounter with real wilderness unlike anywhere else in Canada. This national park is accompanied by 580 square miles of a playground. 

The highlight of Mont Tremblant National Park is the existence of more than 400 lakes! In addition to these lakes, you will find several wetlands, exotic beaches, and awe-inspiring mountain tops. At the moment, the Mont Tremblant National Park is home to more than 40 species of mammals. 

Here, you can join the locals on a hike to the top of the canyon. There are more than 18 unique trails that will guide you across 50 miles of hiking region. These hiking trails vary in length and difficulty levels. Some of the most popular trails include the La Corniche Trail and the La Boucle de Centenaire Trail. The La Corniche Trail will provide you with splendid views of the Lac Monroe. Whereas La Boucle de Centenaire has enormous rock walls, tall trees, and spectacular views as well. 

The highlight of hiking inside Mont Tremblant National Park is the seven-mile hike that takes you across the heart of the forests and up towards the high Laurentians of Mont Tremblant. This hike will take you to an elevation of 1166 meters in 3-4 hours. Do not worry about the descent, you can opt for the gondolas to enjoy a restful return. 

Address: 3824 Chem du Lac Superieur, Lac Superieur, Quebec, J0T 1P0, Canada

Telephone number: +1 819 688 2281

Explore The Thrilling dog sledding tour of Mont Tremblant

You will find several locals and tourists enjoying an exhilarating ride of dog sledding. The expedition is led by wolf huskies in heart of Mont Tremblant. It is advised to embark upon this tour in the months of December, January, February, and March in order to enjoy a refreshing ride in the snow-covered mountains of Quebec, Canada. 

Of course, you will be accompanied by experts and professionals throughout the journey. What’s more, you will also be receiving basic training and safety protocol before your tour begins. The trek is six miles long, where you will be able to harness a pack of dogs and sled across fresh powder snow. 

Visitors usually enjoy the ride in pairs, ideal for a thrilling romantic getaway with your partner. However, weather conditions and the distribution of weight are also taken into consideration before the tour begins. Groups traveling in odd numbers will be accompanied by a guide from the tour staff. 

The dog sledding tour lasts for more than 2 hours. You can rest at a pit spot and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate with your companions. The bliss of a hot beverage and freshly baked cookies in the middle of hick snow- truly unparalleled. You must head to Mon Tremblant as soon as possible to enjoy a thrilling winter experience. 

The staff has more than 250 adorable huskies, most of which have been rescued by the staff. You can head to the main house for a cup of tea or warm soup before the tour begins. After your stay, you can also enjoy spending some time with the dogs at the kennels pr meet puppies as well. 

Address: 121 Chem, de l’Albatross, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, J8E 1S1, Canada

Telephone number: +1 819 681 5519

Interact with the local community at the Pedestrianised Village

Looking for a chill place to enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the snow? Head to this quaint and adorable village in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. This town will transport you to the past- brimming with many cozy cafes and private chalets. Head to the ancestral church at the Pedestrianised village to enjoy a delightful spiritual experience during your visit.

Walk on the cobblestone streets of the village and head to the Lac Mercier beach. Another exciting way to reach the village is through the P’tit Train du Nord Trail. You can witness many joyful sights of the village and its people during this short hike. After your visit to the beach, you can go shopping in the village’s boutiques and ski stores. 

Fresh produce and essentials are available in the farmer’s market of the Pedestrianised village. The farmer’s market is set up every Saturday. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate is a popular favorite hangout space in the village. Enjoy delightful snacks and chocolate dishes during your visit to this local eatery. 

Mont Tremblant ski casino is one of the four casinos that exist in Quebec. You can find this entertaining casino in the Versant Soleil region of Mont Tremblant. At the moment, this casino has more than 400 slots, 16 gaming tables, and a bar that can accommodate several people. Enjoy a freshly cooked meal at the seafood grill restaurant of Mont Tremblant after your travel adventures in the Pedesrianised village. 

Try Quebec’s excellent cuisine at Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant has some of the finest dining experiences in Quebec. Some of the most commonly frequented eateries are situated in the old village, pedestrianized village, and Saint Jovite (Downtown region). Looking for a fun Italian place, try Quebec’s finest at the Coco Pazzo.

Quebec is often remembered as a French city. Here, you must head to Le Cheval de Jade for authentic French cuisine during your stay in Mont Tremblant. All-American meals are served at Le Shack- their burgers and barbeques are very popular in the region. Swiss Fondues can be explored at La Savoie. 

Microbrasserie Saint Arnould has been serving freshly handcrafted beer in Quebec for more than 20 years. What’s more, their bar is accompanied by a beer museum as well! Try delicious cuisines from all over the world with craft beer. They offer happy hour services from 4 PM to 8 PM on all days of the week (except weekends). 

Note: Coco Pazzo and Le Cheval are closed permanently.

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Sightseeing from a helicopter in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant has several year-long helicopter tour options. These tour operators will take you along the Laurentians, several feet above the ground. Their experienced pilots have flying experience of more than 3000 hours! Rest assured, your helicopter will be in safe and experienced hands at all times. 

Riders will get a chance to enjoy the view of Mont Tremblant from the window seat. You will also be provided a headset in order to cancel the noise from the helicopter blades. An expert guide will accompany you and give you a detailed account of all the scenes underneath you. Most often, choppers are four seated with the latest technology, offering an unforgettable flying experience to all onboard. 

The 10-minute long ride on top of the Diable River is one of the most popular helicopter rides in the area. You can also opt for the twenty-minute ride that will take you through Lake Tremblant, Laurentian peaks, and the Mont Tremblant village. Another option will fly you across Labelle town, Iroquois Falls, and the Rouge River valley as well. Last but not the least, enjoy a 30-minute ride around the forests and lakes of Mont Tremblant. 

Ice fishing in Mont Tremblant

We often do not get the opportunity to try new outdoor experiences. One of the most interesting experiences in Quebec is ice fishing in Mont Tremblant. Here, you will learn to catch pike, perch, and the smallmouth bass. Ice fishing is one of the oldest traditions of Mont Tremblant. 

All you need to do is drill a few fishing holes in the frozen waters of the lake. A few wooden rods will help you fish for a few hours. If you feel cold and are in need of some warmth, you can head to the tents available on-site. You will cherish your memories here forever. 

Try delicious desserts at La Cabane a Tuque

Of course, Canada is synonymous with its signature maple syrup. At the La Cabane a Tuque you can try some of their many mouth-watering sweet dishes. It is located in the downtown region of Mont Tremblant, inviting guests from all across the region.

Here, you can enjoy live demonstrations of how maple syrup is made from the trees of the maple forest located in close proximity. This family-run operation has a very pleasant vibe, designed to perfection to provide a cozy experience to all visitors. There are several meat-based dishes and vegan options as well- there is something for everyone at this eatery. 

Some of their most popular dishes include maple beans, sticky maple taffy, and millet vegetable pie. Their maple beans are served with traditionally cooked pork, a classic dish in the region. 

Address: 370 Mount Fortier, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, J8E 2E5, Canada

Telephone number: +1 819 425 9129

Go mountain biking in the snow

It can be difficult to traverse the snow-covered lanes of Mont Tremblant. However, biking stands apart as one of the most loved forms of transportation in the region. Their bikes are made from thick wheels and run at full power to make your driving experience seamless. 

Some of the most frequently chosen tracks include the tour from Domaine Saint-Bernard, alongside the Diable River. There is a resort for biking that spans across more than 60 kilometers. If you wish to explore Mont Tremblant and surrounding towns, you can rent the bike for a few hours and enjoy a delightful expedition. 

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