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Best Things to do in Laval, Quebec

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Things to do in Laval

Things to do in Laval
Laval, Quebec | Photo Credit – CBGB_Hoser

Laval is a city in Quebec resting atop the island known as Ile Jesus. The two rivers of Riviere des Mille Iles and Riviere des Prairies separate it from the mainland and the island of Montreal, respectively. Many consider Laval to just be a day trip from the world-famous city of Montreal. However, it is much more than that. Laval has so much in store for the people who make their way here. In recent years, Laval has become quite an attraction for tourists from all around the globe.

There are many things to do and sights to see in Laval. As a tourist looking for the best places to visit in Eastern Canada, look no further. Laval has more than enough in store to make your trip quite memorable and unique. In this article, we will explore the best things one can do in Laval. So, with no further ado, let us begin reading about the best things to do in the city of Laval.

Enjoy Boating through the Parc de la Riviere des Mille Isles

Literally translated as the River of a thousand Islands, the Parc de la Riviere des Mille Isles is an urban park in Sainte-Rose. Visiting this park is one of the best things to do in Laval. Great for families with kids as well as lone travelers. You can enjoy hiking, biking, and taking walks along the river while you are here. There is a vast network of trails for you to explore. If you are in Laval for a week or so, be sure to earmark at least a couple of days for this Park.

The natural beauty of the park is absolutely breathtaking. There are bogs, marshes, and scenic routes alongside the river with peace and serenity all around. Laval is an urban area with a fast life. Coming here to the Park can be a great way to free yourself from the bustle of the city.

As the name suggests, there are a number of islands that you can explore within the park. The best way to do that is to kayak to them. You can rent canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats very conveniently in the park.

The Parc de la Riviere des Mille Isles is a great place no matter when you visit. In winters, it becomes a snow-clad paradise for adventure-themed activities such as ice skating and skiing.

The Parc de la Riviere des Mille Isles is located at 345 Bd Sainte-Rose in Northern Laval.

Fly a Plane at Aerosim

Virtual Flight Simulation | Photo Credit – F Delventhal

Laval has a very special attraction in store for you. Taking a run at the Aerosim Flight Simulator is one of the best and most unique things to do in the city. There are many virtual flight simulations here but one of the best ones is certainly the Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft simulator. The cockpit is real and you can go anywhere in the world. This sounds like a really fun experience as you will be able to not only fly a place but also check out the scenic landscapes of the places you visit.

There are other simulators at Aerosim as well. A rather popular one is the jet fighter simulation where you can enjoy flying a fighter jet and have a dog fight in the sky. Team up with your friends or compete with one another. Either way, you are bound to enjoy this unique attraction in Laval.

Aerosim is located at 1177 Desserte Nord Autoroute 440 #201 on the island.

Reach out into Space at Cosmodome

Things to do in Laval
cosmodome | Photo Credit – abdallahh

Cosmodome is quite famous in all of Canada for its space camp program. Kids in their early teens can spend a week here and have an experience of a lifetime. They will be able to learn all there is to know about space from one of the best Space Camp programs in the world. They host a simulated spaceship experience as well where kids can ride in an actual ship.

However, you as a tourist to Laval might not have the time to enjoy the Space Camp at Cosmodome. That is not really a problem. Cosmodome is also home to the Space Science Center. You can have a fun and interactive experience spending a day at Cosmodome. Enjoy the space center and get a 4D experience. You can even get to fly a jetpack. One of the things that make Cosmodome extremely special is a chance to walk in zero gravity. Not many people in the world have a chance to experience this so if you find yourself in Cosmodome, you must go for it.

Cosmodome can be found at 2150 Laurentian Autoroute. Visit their official website for more information.

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving | Photo Credit – Boris Dzhingarov

SkyVenture Montreal offers you the chance to enjoy skydiving without even touching a plane. This awesome experience caters to a great number of travelers who come to Laval every year. There are little to no restrictions on who can enjoy this experience, just that you need to be greater than four years old.

Experiencing Indoor Skydiving can be extremely fun if you are with kids. They will really enjoy this safe experience. Learn more by following this link. You will be able to find SkyVenture Montreal at 2700 Ave du Cosmodome in Laval.

Jump Over Trampolines at iSaute

As you will have guessed, Laval has many hip attractions for you in-store. Be it the Aerosim or the Cosmodome, you can enjoy a number of unique activities all at one place on the island of Laval. Another such attraction you cannot miss during you Laval experience is Trampoline Jumping at iSaute.

This is a large warehouse that has been converted into a trampoline experience. The place is really accommodating, as there is even a special trampoline for toddlers. There are many different kinds of trampolines here, making it a fun experience for all ages. There are many activities on offer here as well.

You can also make a special treat out of coming to iSaute. Come here on a late evening and enjoy jumping on trampolines during a laser show. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It is.

Find out more about iSaute at their official website. iSaute is located at 2045 Bd Dagenais O.

Enjoy at a Relaxing Park in Laval

Le Centre de la nature, Laval
Le Centre de la nature | Photo Credit – CBGB_Hoser

You will be able to find a lot of parks and recreational areas in the city of Laval. We would like to take some time to bring to you one of the best ones in the city.

The Centre de la nature is a great attraction in Laval that remains open all year round. It is the largest park of its kind in the city. It is built over 50 hectares.

The Centre de la nature is also home to serene garden areas, some of which have been planted since 1984. Other attractions at the Centre de la nature include picnics, scenic views, and hiking. Also, if you are here during the winter, you can even try your hand at ice skating and skiing. Pet one of the many farm animals here as a fun activity when you are with kids.

Find the Centre de la nature at 901 Avenue du Parc in Laval.

Fly High on a Trapeze

Things to do in Laval
Trapeze | Photo Credit – Mark Setchell

If you have ever been to a circus, you must have seen Trapeze artists performing gravity-defying feats in front of you. In Laval, you can spend a couple of hours at the Trapeze le Voltigeur learning and mastering this activity yourself. There are new courses to learn every day.

Make your way to this center and reserve a spot for you at a course. You will learn a lot through the guided hands of the professionals helping you learn. You can spend around two hours here, making it a great way to spend a day in Laval.

Laval has so many activities of this kind for you and also, you will find that there are even more attractions if you look for them.

Find the Trapeze le Voltigeur at 875 Mont Saint-Francois, Laval.

Visit the Church of Saint-Eustache

Your trip to Parc de la Riviere des Mille Isles in North Laval can be paired really well with a visit to the Church of Saint-Eustache. This Roman Catholic Church is one of the most famous ones in Montreal. A national heritage site and a historical treasure, the Church of Saint-Eustache was also a site of a famous battle. It was built in 1783 and was destroyed during a siege. It was later restored.

One of the best things about a visit to the Church of Saint-Eustache is that it is an architectural phenomenon. It has been built in a certain way that the acoustics are quite breathtaking.

Festivals in Laval

Laval and Montreal in general are known to host a lot of festivals and events all year round. Enjoy great cultural events and festivals that Quebec is quite famous for.

The Mondial Loto-Quebec de Laval is a music festival going down in the summer. Known for its choir music, the festival draws in artists and visitors from all over the world. In recent years, the festival has diversified and now invites popular artists as well.

There are more such events and festivals happening in Laval such as the Fete de la Famille, Earth Day, and Fete Nationale du Quebec.


Golfing at Laval is a major scene
Golfing | Photo Credit – Presidio of Monterey

At Laval, Golfing is a major scene. There are many courses of various kinds in the city. You will have a lot of options as a golfer in Laval.

One of the best courses in the city is the Sainte-Rose Golf Club. This all-around golf course not only has 18 courses but also offers you a chance to practice your strokes.

Another great course is the Saint-Francois Golf Club. It has two 18 hole courses with a great natural setting on the green.

Then there is the Club Laval-sur-le-Lac which is a rather high-end club. Also, there is the Le Cardinal Golf Club.

Wineries and Shopping

No trip is complete without shopping and enjoying the local cuisine. At Laval, you will be able to enjoy some of the best wines ever. Take for example the Chateau Taillefer Lafon. This is a really famous vineyard in Quebec and makes unique wines for you. Enjoy a tour of the vineyard and take home a special bottle. Enjoy their white wines, their reds as well as bubblies and sparkling whites. A trip to the Chateau is absolutely essential in Laval.

Chateau Taillefer Lafon can be found at 1500 Mnt Champagne in Laval.

For shopping opportunities, you can try the Carrefour Laval Mall, the Center Laval, and Marche public 440. The former two are retail malls selling the top brands and more. While the latter is known to serve quality food items as well as gourmet meals.

In Conclusion

We really hope that you enjoyed reading our post about the best things one can do in Laval. Laval is an up-and-coming tourist destination and you can be sure to enjoy your trip there. Enjoy hanging out in this scenic town and make memories that last a lifetime. We have written this article to ensure that you are able to plan a crisp itinerary for your trip to Laval.

Canada is quite the tourist haven and we at LookUpTrips have spent our time crafting many travel guides, much like this one. Read more about other places to visit and things to do in Canada here. For guides about places like Gaspe and Toronto, follow the links to our webpage. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and get on a plane to your dream destination!

If you liked this post, give us a thumbs up and share it for the pleasure of your fellow travelers. Comment on this post to let us know how you feel about it and if you are someone who has already been to Laval, then you must tell us about your trip. With this, we conclude the best things to do in Laval, Quebec. Thanks for reading!

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