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10 Best Road Trips From Phoenix

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10 Best Road Trips From Phoenix

10 Best Road Trips From Phoenix means that you are driving to the way of reaching the World of Adventure and fun. As there are a lot of attractions located just a few hours away from Phoenix. Travelers find tremendous opportunities there to enjoy the best things on their trip to such attractive destinations.

And do you know the best part of choosing a road trip?

Road trips allow you to reach the top attractions while enjoying an amazing long drive with your family and friends, so if a long drive in the pleasant atmosphere is your kind of thing, then this article which is mentioning top 10 best road trips from Phoenix will surely going to be really helpful for you.

As this article suggests all the required information regarding the topmost attractions which are situated near Phoenix. One more thing which is the most important to remember is choosing your destinations according to the weather. This is one of the most essential points to be noted during your trip. If you are planning for a road trip from Phoenix in a warm climate, then prefer choosing the destinations which are situated in the north. Similarly, if you plan your road trip during winters, then prefer visiting the destinations which are located on the south side.

As north destinations are relatively less in temperature as compared to the south.

So, let’s continue ahead to the best road trips from Phoenix

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Best Road Trips from Phoenix # 1

Visit the most beautiful destination – Sedona

It’s somewhat obvious to visit Sedona because of it’s beautiful views and amazing landscapes which are mainly owned by its world famous attraction – Red Rocks. These Red rocks offer you so much to discover and experience. One of the most common and popular activities here is hiking, if you are new to this activity, then consider hiring a hiking tour guide.

During your way to reach Sedona, you will get to find and watch the incredible views of other more attractions, the one and the most stoppable place is the Montezuma’s Castle National Monument. You can see the amazing views of this monument by car only or can also hold there for some time.

Once you reach Sedona, the first attraction you will see is the Red Rocks, you can drive ahead towards the highway to view other sites such as Cathedral rock and Bell rock.

Road trips # 2 from Phoenix

Include the Charming city, Las Vegas on your trip

Just 4 hours away from Phoenix, this charming city is so much interesting which can make anyone crazy. A short drive in the city can surely make you realize this!

Attractive buildings, nightclubs, bars, food spots, buffets, events, live music are all you can experience here, its charming and vibrant nightlife is the major reason behind the success of the city in terms of tourism. The top attractions here include Caesars palace, Park Theatre, Planet Hollywood, Hoover Dam, The venetian Las Vegas, The Mob Museum, Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen and many more.

Is there any beach located near to the Phoenix?

The California coast is the nearest beach to Phoenix.

Paragliding Lessons By LookUpTrips.

Best Road Trips from Phoenix # 3

Take one step towards adventure at “Flagstaff”

If you like to experience the snow all around, then there is no better place than Flagstaff. Skiing and hiking at the “Humphreys Peak” are the most popular activities among tourists there. And make sure that you are an experienced hiker, cause this is one of the highest peaks in the place.

These adventurous activities are one of the major reasons for grabbing the attention of numerous people all over the world. Another best tourist attraction here is the “Flagstaff Extreme” Which offers the finest chance to remember those amazing days of childhood once again. Yes, here you can test your strength by performing different and interesting gaming tasks like rope swings, scrambling walls and many more activities like this. 

road trips from Phoenix

And don’t worry about the safety measures, you will be guided properly and all the tasks you will perform after having a full training session. So whenever you plan your tour to Flagstaff, then visiting Flagstaff extreme is the place worth visiting.

Apart from this, there are plenty of more opportunities that are enough to grab your attention like museums, historic monuments, art galleries, shopping, dining etc. Here you can also try something new, so what about a train ride?

If you find this activity interesting, then surely try to plan a train ride there at the “Grand Canyon Railway”.

Road trips # 4 from Phoenix

Visit the American Beach at “San Diego”

Just a five hours drive will take you to the world of heaven. You can easily visit the California coast by road and can view the world’s famous American beach. The most often reason behind visiting this place is the tastiest seafood which you can have in the restaurants of the city, like – Pacific Beach Fish Shop and Blue water Seafood Market & Grill, these food spots are mainly popular for their fabulous fish tacos.

What is the approximate distance between Phoenix to the Pacific Ocean?

The distance is around 372 miles and the average time duration to reach the Pacific Ocean Park from Phoenix is approx 6 hours by road.

Best road trips from Phoenix # 5

Include the Rocky Point in your journey

Puerto Penasco is the name which is worth remembering whenever planning your road trip from Phoenix, as this is the only place where you can enjoy multiple wonderful activities. Located in the Mexican state of Sonora, this place is nothing less than others which I have mentioned above. The best things to do here are, visiting the car mar aquarium if you are keen to explore the sea life, and scuba diving in the cortez sea is also a great activity if you are looking to do some adventure. 

And there are some important points to remember while traveling to this Mexican town. The car which you are driving must be registered on  your name, and you have to bring your passport.

Day trips from Phoenix.

Best road trips from Phoenix # 6

Food lovers?, head to the foodie’s paradise – “Los Angeles”

The one thing which almost everyone who has visited the city can assure you that you are going to be crazy about visiting there again and again because of the city’s extreme beauty. As the city is known as the Foodie’s paradise, we would suggest you to visit Pink’s hot dogs and Maude, and apart from these, there is a huge list of incredible food spots which you shouldn’t miss.

And if you want to find some peace in the town, then head to the urban park of the city – “Runyon Canyon”.

Also try to make your trip with a companion who has visited Los Angeles before, as your friend can then guide you for reaching your Targeted destination easily in between the hustle and bustle of the roads.

Road Trips # 7 from Phoenix

Out of Africa Wildlife Park- a perfect spot for animal lovers

Explore all the species of animals at this wildlife Park which is just 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Phoenix. Here you will be going to see all the species of animals, so, to explore all of them, bring enough time with you. 

Best Road Trips from Phoenix # 8

Plan your tour to the second largest city – Tucson

Just a few hours away from Phoenix, this city offers so many opportunities for fun and adventure lovers and for history lovers too. You can find numerous national Monuments and museums in the city which express the culture of the place. There are many amazing resorts which offer great views and also several amazing restaurants which offer delicious cuisines. 

Apart from all these, if you will just simply take a long drive tour in the city that is also enough to make you feel joy cause the views which you will see during your drive are just stunning and breathtaking.

Road Trips # 9 from Phoenix

10 Best Road Trips From Phoenix

Visit the nearest destination – Mesa

Just 30 minutes of travel can take you to one of the major attractions, which is Mesa. Visit the “Tonto national forest” To enjoy outdoor activities like Kayaking, water skiing and forest hiking which are the must-to-do activities. 

If you are more interested in watching theatrical and musical performances, then make your visit to another interesting tourist attraction, which is “Mesa Arts Center“.

You can also get to know more about the past and culture of this place by visiting the “Mesa Grande Cultural Park” Which displays a wide collection of structures and artifacts of the indigenous Hohokam people.

Best road trips from Phoenix # 10

Visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world – Grand Canyon National Park

Last, but not at all least, this Grand Canyon National Park is fully worth to be on the top of your travel list, as words are less to describe the beauty of the place through words. The total duration it takes approx 3.5 hours but you will surely not regret after visiting there by having such a long drive.

Activities like hiking, kayaking, cycling, fishing. Boating, and horse riding are the most common and must to do activities in the place and the most enjoyable activities too. And the best part here is, there are no such conditions while visiting this national park, you can plan your visit there anytime, as this park is open the whole year.

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