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Best 3 Day Road Trips From Houston TX

by Pankaj Upreti
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3 Day Road Trips From Houston

Hi.  Houston, Texas is a really great place for a vacation. There are many things to do here and many sights to see. At the same time, Houston is also known for the many road trips you can take from here. This article will explore some of the best 3 day road trips you can take from Houston city. 

A road trip from Houston can make for a really rewarding vacation as you can get the best of two worlds. Enjoy Houston’s cosmopolitan life and then take a road trip to get away from the bustle of the town.

Getting away from Houston will lead you to some of the most beautiful forest areas in hill country, wildlife sanctuaries, and even cities that have so much culture on offer. Read on more of this article to catch on to some of the best 3 day road trips that Houston, TX has to offer.

Where can I go on a road trip in Houston?

Here we tried to answer this question.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

A great trip fro Houston, Albuquerque New Mexico
A great trip fro Houston, Albuquerque New Mexico | Photo Credit – BrandonStephenson

This place is famous as the setting for the hit show Breaking Bad. This place is a really great way to have a trip from Houston.  Around 13 hours travel time for the 888 mile distance, Albuquerque is not going to be a day trip but is going to be the best thing for multiple day trip. You would find many things to do while you’re here. Let’s go over you three day trip in this following section.

Day I

Travelling to Albuquerque Texas is going to take you around 13 hours from Houston. Let’s say you start at around 6 or 7 in the morning. You would reach Albuquerque by late evening. You should check into your hotel room or whatever accommodation you have selected.

Once you do that, you can choose to relax and help yourself wash away the tiredness from the journey by walking around the city and finding a bar. You’d find a lot of watering holes in the city. Our recommendation? Anodyne. This classic pub has some of the finest liquors on offer and also offers recreational activities such as pool and billiard tables, pinball and a jukebox and live music.

Make some new friends while you try their great selection of beers and enjoy music until you’re ready to call it a night. Be sure to grab a bite to eat too, goes without saying. Anodyne is located at 409 Central Avenue NW.

Day II

Tingley Beach, Albuquerque | Photo Credit – gardener41

Start off your fresh day at Albuquerque with some planning on what you’re gonna do today. Let’s go over some of the options you’re gonna have to spend day 2 of your trip.

  • Tingley Beach: This area is a series of ponds which are primarily open for fishing. Complete with boating, trail walking and a restaurant, Tingley Beach is a really great place for spending a couple of hours at before you move on to the next item on your list.
  • Sandia Peak Tramway: The Sandia Mountains are home to the longest aerial tram in the US. A fifteen minute trip running from northeast edge of the town along the crest line of the mountains. The trip will showcase absolutely stunning views from high up that are absolutely scenic. There are a lot of things to do while you are at the peak. Go hiking or even relax at the restaurant here.
  • Petroglyph National Monument: Human life has thrived in the area for over 12000 years, and these petroglyphs (images carved onto rocks) are a testament to it. There are over 15000 of these glyphs here, and a visitor center that has been made here will let you navigate them with ease. There are exhibits here along with a lot of info allowing you to delve into history.
  • Museums in Albuquerque: Explora Museum is a science museum with over 250 exhibits. Great for kids. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is also a really great place that you definitely should take time to visit.  A journey through time, the 8 exhibits here will take you from the beginning of the universe to the ice age in a walk.
  • Cliff’s Amusement Park: While the activities listed above will surely take up your entire day, but if you still find time due to your awesome planning, find Cliff’s Amusement Park. There are around 23 rides here for everyone, and while you’re here, be sure to try the New Mexico Rattler. What a rollercoaster. The water park here is known as Cliff’s Watermania, and is a really great way to end your day wide tour of Albuquerque.


On third day, trip from Houston explore The Rio Grande Zoo
On third day, trip from Houston explore The Rio Grande Zoo | Photo Credit – David~O

Be sure to make your last day at Albuquerque Texas absolutely worth it. The town is really full of things to do and your second day of sightseeing is bound to be filled with some awesome moments. Since you have used up your second day for all the hardcore stuff, this day can be about making up with some light sightseeing and preparing for your journey back.

  • The Rio Grande Zoo is definitely going to be a great place to visit. Lots of exhibits and viewpoints.
  • ABQ Biopark: These botanical gardens will take you through different climates and geographies. Botanical Gardens are definitely going to be the highlight of your trip in many ways, especially the Japanese Garden here.
  • San Felipe de Neri Church is one of the oldest buildings of the city with additions made over the years. Be sure to visit this place as it is a defining location for the town.

Your road trip to Albuquerque is going to be a really great experience. At the end of three days, when you find yourself at Houston, you’d have built up a cache of memories that will last you a lifetime.

Shreveport, Louisiana

A great recommendation for a 3 day trip from Houston, the small town of Shreveport is around 238 miles away and takes around 3 hours to reach.  The main attraction for this place is its history and you can surely spend a couple of days here and take in all the great sights it has to offer. 

Be sure to plan your accommodation here beforehand and once you reach here, you will find many things to do, see and explore. Here are some of them:

Day I

Asian Garden | Photo Credit – Paul Sableman

Below is the list what you can do on day One.

  • Orlandeaux’s Cafe: This place is the oldest African American Family cafe in the United States. It was earlier known as Brother’s Seafood. Offering Creole and Cajun style delicacies, this is a major attraction for any tourist as well as the locals in Shreveport. Some of the dishes that you might want to try here are stuffed shrimp and tartar sauce dipped fish.
  • The Agora Borealis: Operated by Katy Larsen, who comes from a family of artists, this art gallery in a historic building is the gem of Shreveport city. Easily one of the best attractions in the city, they also host events that you can sign up for. Find paintings, sculptures and pottery works here that would seem new to you even if you have come here earlier.
  • Asian Gardens: This area is known for exhibiting around 15 landscapes representing Asian countries. Not only does this place offer a plethora of plants, flowers and more, it also hosts annual events that you can plan your trip around. Complete with music, dance and impeccable food, Asian Gardens are going to be a great addition to your 3 day trip to Louisiana.
  • Shreveport Aquarium: This huge aquarium opened in 2017 and boasts a number of features like ocean caves, replicas of shipwrecks and touch tanks. Home to over 3000 animals, the Shreveport Aquarium is located on the city’s waterfront and features hands on experiences for you and your entire family.

These sight seeing locations would make a really great attraction for your first day at Shreveport. One of the best trips from Houston, Shreveport has even more to offer for your second and third days of your trip.

Day II

Louisiana State Museum | Photo Credit – Ken Lund

Your second day at Shreveport can be centered around visiting the museums and other attractions this place has to offer. You can also add in some outdoor locations to take in the natural beauty surrounding the place. This place will have you spending hours and still have time to spare all year round.

  • Outdoor Locations at Shreveport: There are many options to choose from when it comes to the outdoors in Shreveport. Cypress Black Bayou is a really great location for fishing. Caddo Lake is another great place. Shreveport Bossier is really great for outdoor adventures and sporting activities. You can also visit Gator and Friends Adventure Park and go ziplining.
  • Louisiana State Exhibit Museum: Take in the frescoes at the Art Deco-era portico. The themes of the museum include Louisiana’s Labour History and economy. There are a number of galleries in the museum that feature everyday life in Louisiana. From swamps to plantations and even oilfields. Explore Louisiana’s native american history through the exhibits and even the events of the Civil War.
  • Southern University Museum of Art: The culture and art of the African and African American diaspora is featured at the Southern University Museum of Art. It is the only museum of its kind in North Louisiana. The countries of West Africa are represented here in various exhibits.
  • artspace: This art and culture center is a melting pot of creativity. The events featured here range from the works of artists from all over the globe and the place prides itself in bringing artists together. While being an art gallery, artspace hosts events like poetry readings, concerts, live music and artists from all over the place.
  • R.W. Norton Art Gallery: This place is definitely going to be the capper to your trip at Shreveport. The gallery features a massive and diverse collection of art, books and even plants and gardens. Bringing together history and culture, you will find a lot of information to take in at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery.

This makes for the second day of your trip to Shreveport. Focused on outdoor adventures and museums, you can take in a day of relaxation.


Enjoy your last day trip from Huston at The Blind Tiger, Shreveport
Enjoy your last day trip from Huston at The Blind Tiger, Shreveport | Photo Credit – Nicolas Henderson

Your third and last day at Shreveport must make for a great finale. We’re sure, by now your trip in Shreveport Texas would have been extremely breathtaking and magnificent. Your third day must be the same, if not better, making Shreveport one of the best trips from Houston Texas.

  • Herby K’s: This classic restaurant is historically known. It is the city’s oldest restaurant and your trip to Shreveport remains incomplete without a meal here. The most famous delicacy here is the Shrimp Buster, a fried shrimp sandwich served lots of delicious sides. We mean it, try it, because we can’t explain the magnificence of this meal in words.
  • Great Raft Brewing: Not only does this place serve some of the most excellent brews in the city, it also lets you witness the brewing process up close. There are food trucks here as well as free tours open every Saturday. Craft beer here is a craft indeed.
  • The Blind Tiger: This nightlife destination is located at the heart of the city. Witness great flavors here along with delicious drinks. Take in the culture of North Louisiana by the plateful here at the Blind Tiger

By the time you reach the end of your trip at Shreveport, you should have had the experience of a lifetime. This place will make you want to return sooner than you expect it to.

Parks around Houston, TX

Be sure to visit any state park in the hill country around Houston Texas. The city’s surrounding areas feature a number of national parks and outdoor areas. One can make really fun road trips from Houston lasting days by visiting parks around the city.

In this section of this article, lets take a break from cities around Houston to State park road trips from Houston Texas. Texas features a lot of parks and is surrounded by natural beauty.

Day I

Inks Lake state Park | Photo Credit – Anne Worner

Check out the list for Day one.

  • Inks Lake State Park:  Around 218 miles or 3 hours away from Houston, the Inks Lake State Park in Texas is a quiet location and offers activities such as fishing, swimming and kayaking. There are lodges here along with campsites that will fill color into your state park trip. There is a lake here with crystal clear water.
  • Mustang Island State Park: This place is around 230 miles or 3 hours away.  This place is known for the great camping experience it provides on the gulf coast. The water here is calming and offers experiences such as deep sea fishing, sand dunes, mountain biking and picnics. The sunset here is really breathtaking.

Thus goes day one one of your park trip. There are more areas to explore which would be better suited for more time in your hands.

Day II

Lake Mineral Wells State Park | Photo Credit – David Black

On Your second day you can explore some more.

  • Lake Mineral Wells State Park: Located around 3 hours or 300 miles away, the Lake Mineral Wells is a gorgeous location, best for spending an outdoor escapade. The thrills you will experience here are camping, horseback riding, hiking, water activities and more. The trails here are easy to travel and great for horseback riding.
  • Pedernales Falls State Park: This park is a really great place for swimming and fishing. Located at a distance of 201 miles to be travelled in 3 hours, outside Johnson City in Texas Hill Country. The place is imbibed with natural beauty and features excellent trails for you to hike.


On your last day of the state park trips in Texas, you would find one of the best places to spend your hours at. This place is none other than the Big Bend National Park in Texas. Unlike other days, where you managed multiple parks in the same day, the Big Bend is a bit far away from Houston and will take up your entire days.

Travel time is around 8.5 hours, at a distance of around 603 miles. There are lots of water bodies here along with beautiful trails perfect for camping. A great location all year round, this park is the most quiet and devoid of crowds. Certainly one of the best road trips from Houston out there.

Where should I vacation in Houston?

3 Day Road Trips From Houston
Space Center Houston | Photo Credit – Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

There are a number of places to vacation in Houston city. Let’s go over them in this section of this article:

  • Houston Space Center: NASA’s official visitor center for the Johnson Space Center, this huge area is open to tourists who can walk around a replica of the space shuttle. Learn about NASA projects here along with getting close and touching a rock from the moon.
  • Buffalo Bayou Park: Rife with water ways and biking trails, you can canoe, kayak and do much more here at the Buffalo Bayou Park. Take one of the guided tours here to sign up for the best vacation in Houston Texas.
  • Gerard D. Hines Water Wall Park: One of the most beautiful places in the city, the multistory sculpture fountain is a rather photogenic location to visit and vacation at.
  • Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo: This festival is celebrated every year in February and March and hosts a lot of things to do apart from its namesake rodeo and livestock zoo. There are carnivals, food stalls, games etc to keep you busy while you vacation here.

Where should I go for a weekend getaway in Texas?

Fort Worth Christmas | Photo Credit – Shiva Shenoy

There are many places with rights reserved for weekend getaways in Texas United States. This section of the article explores and names a number of places you can choose for weekend getaways while you are in Texas. You will be able to spend your hours doing and visiting what Texas has to offer, so read on below to know more:

  • Fort Worth: Fort Worth is a city that is custom made for a weekend trip. They host an indoor ring rodeo every Friday and Saturday at the Stockyards Coliseum. The most fitting time to visit Fort Worth is any month except December, January, July and August.  While you are here, be sure to visit the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.
  • San Antonio: A really great place for a weekend in paradise, San Antonio is a Texas city filled with culture and attractions. Great all year round, there are many parks here, along with festivals and impeccable places for dining and eating. While you are here, be sure to make the most of your weekend trip by visiting nearby New Braunfels.
  • Galveston Island: This is also a really great city for a weekend in Texas. Galveston Island is located around 50 miles from Houston and features really great locations for you to visit such as Moody Gardens, Schlittebahn Waterpark and more.

Where should I go for a weekend getaway in the Midwest?

Madison County Courthouse | Photo Credit – Chris Yunker

There are many places one can choose to go for a weekend getaway in Midwest USA. The hours spent travelling would make up an experience of their own as you would witness many sights and locations on the way. Here is our list of some of the weekend getaways in the Midwest:

  • Marquette, Michigan: This city is the place to go to for a natural forest retreat. Far away from Texas, with Lake Superior in the background, you can find some of the most intense experiences here complete with scenic drives and mountain roads. The time to visit is the fall, and the trees will have you appreciate their beauty.
  • North Shore, Minnesota: Away from Texas again, North Shore is filled with dramatic scenery and hikes in any of the many state parks here. Summer or Winter, North Shore will take away your heart anytime you come here.
  • Madison County, Iowa: Come to this place if you want to spend a weekend in solitude. You will find many activities to do here, such as biking and hiking and you can even take guided tours of the place to wrap up your weekend.

We hope this article featuring day trips from Texas was helpful to you. In this time affected by the Coronavirus, be sure to take care of safety while travelling, maintaining social distancing and personal sanitization. Texas is a very beautiful place and one of the greatest places in the world to vacation at.

Cities in Texas have a life of their own and you will find so much to do, see and enjoy while you are here in Texas. It will take you multiple trips if you really want to take in all of Texas, as there is so much to do and see here. It is also worth every second you will spend here.

Please also read things to do in Houston.

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