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10 Best Weekend Trips From Phoenix

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10 Best Weekend Trips From Phoenix

10 Best Weekend Trips From Phoenix: Hey, do you have any plans this weekend? If yes, then this article will surely make you curious to modify your plans and include the best destinations on your trip, the destinations, which you may never think of till now! 

Here you are going to have an informative guide of the best tours which are equally interesting and affordable to include in your weekend plans. Not only this, this guide is also to inform you what else you can expect on your trip, including accommodations, food spots, the topmost destinations where you can hold on your drive and the topmost things and activities that you can enjoy in the particular destination, and so many things.

To start your tour you can choose a car rental service which is easily accessible in Phoenix, if we talk about the specific price, then there is no fixed price of course, but the approximate cost for renting a car in Phoenix starts from $19 for one day, it varies according to the number of people and baggage.

So, let’s begin, this fun guide. Below listed are the top 10 destinations which you can include on your weekend trips from Phoenix.

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Top 10 Best Weekend Trips from Phoenix

Best Weekend Trips from Phoenix #1

View the Sandy Beach at “Lake Havasu City”

Maximum people think that Phoenix offers the scenic views of deserted areas only. But it’s not true, apart from its stunning attractions which only reflects the deserted surroundings, this amazing city is just a few hours away from a beach town, which is “Lake Havasu City”.

And it’s obviously not required to explain much about what to do on a Beach, even if you don’t do anything and just sit around a beach that is also enough to make your trip worth.

Weekend Trips from Phoenix

The most common and interesting activities you can do here is boating, and can spend some quality time with your family or friends.

For having the most exciting experience, make sure you have taken your swimsuit with you, as not bringing your swimsuit with you can actually deprive you of the actual fun of playing with water. So, try to remember this.

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Best Weekend Trips from Phoenix #2 

View the Breathtaking Landscapes at “Sedona”

“Sedona” must be a name which maximum people would know about, as this place is the most visited destination. Its stunning views of Red Rocks are enough to make anyone crazy about it. Every travel lover must make a visit to Sedona at least once in a while. There are plenty of interesting activities in this destination that are enough to grab anyone towards Sedona. You can take a hot air balloon ride which allows people to experience the scenic views of the place over the top, you can also go for a guided Jeep tour which allows you to take a drive within Sedona and you will be able to view and capture the most iconic scenes on your camera.

If you are the person who can’t enjoy much without doing something adventurous and energetic, then go for hiking the Red Rocks, as this is the perfect activity for adventure lovers.

If you are an artistic person and want to grab a chance of exploring some arts in the area, then there are numerous art galleries in Sedona. You will surely be amazed by the local talents available at the place. The best idea is to buy one and take with you to your home country.

Best Weekend Trips from Phoenix #3 

Bisbee – explore the “Haunted” attractions of the place

Believe it, or not, Bisbee is best known for its mining history and incredible haunted sites. But maximum visitors are more curious to view the haunted sites of the place. If you are planning a weekend trip with your friends, then we highly recommend this place to be included on your trip, it will be really fun and some sort of adventure too. So, plan your drive near the Mexico border.

Best Weekend Trips from Phoenix #4 

Explore the Charming City – “Las Vegas”

Stunning nightlife, interesting attractions, delicious dishes, luxurious and elegant atmosphere, this is all about to explain Las Vegas in the short description. Choosing Las Vegas to visit on your weekend trip is always the best idea to opt for, as this is quite a popular destination amongst tourists in comparison to the above mentioned destinations. There are plenty of entertaining activities to do in this destination including pool parties, dancing in the nightclubs, relaxing in spas, and listening to live music and so on…and there are numerous casinos in the city which itself give you the finest opportunity to explore and do several activities.

Apart from this, there are lots of luxurious accommodation facilities like resorts and hotels which offer amazing food facilities along with lots of other amenities. And there is no shortage of amazing restaurants too in the town, you can enjoy whatever dish you like there.

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Best Weekend Trips from Phoenix #5 

Experience something different at “Tucson”

Just a few hours drive from Phoenix towards the South, you will reach Tucson, which is one of the most lovable destinations. Visit the several breweries and go for the beer tastings, which will be fun. Apart from this, you can also take a drive in the town and stop at some food spots and restaurants and experience the unique taste of Southwestern Cuisine.

The most popular source of exploring this town is the Biking around, as it’s quite easy and interesting too to view the surroundings.

Best Weekend Trips From Phoenix #6 

Drive towards another Ghost City – “Jerome”

Considered as one of the largest ghost towns in the United States with numerous haunted sites. The best you can do here is visit the numerous art galleries and shops, which will surely make you feel like you are strolling in the local markets of the town and exploring the local culture of the city, which will be actually a worthwhile experience for you and a great place where you can find some relaxation and a fine break from your home country.

Best Weekend Trips From Phoenix #7 

Engage Yourself with nature at “Monument Valley”

Have you ever thought of such a place whose natural beauty can easily vanish all your tiredness and problems in just a few minutes?

Hope many people are looking to search out for a place like this, but we say that this place is already on our list and just a few hours away from Phoenix, then what would you think?

Yes, Monument Valley is the place where beauty is at its peak which almost everyone has dreamt of.

Weekend Trips From Phoenix

It will take approx five hours to reach Monument Valley by car, but it’s still a very short drive

In the context of enjoying a long drive that surrounds with amazing and stunning views of nature. So, make sure you have captured lots of photos during your drive  before you arrive at the place. Visiting their Navajo lands, and hiring a tour guide for the Navajo tour is highly recommended, as he will be knowledgeable enough for explaining to you about the history of this region, and also don’t forget to enjoy camping at the Goulding’s Campground.

Best Weekend Trips From Phoenix #8 

Visit the “Heaven” for Nature Lovers – Prescott

The best part of this place is that you can experience here the cooler atmosphere, and the journey is quite short. In just 2 hours you will reach Prescott from Phoenix, which is quite a good thing for people who don’t like long drives much. The activities most enjoyable here are horse riding, fishing, camping and Mountain biking. And lots of pine forests are the most you will see here. So, this place is also one of the worthiest places to include in your tour.

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Best Weekend Trips from Phoenix #9 

Attend the local festivals at Yuma

If a charming and lively atmosphere is missing on your trip, then head to “Yuma”, which offers a great opportunity of enjoying the local festivals in the downtown of Yuma. Apart from this, one of the best things you can experience here is the yummiest dates at Martha’s  Gardens Medjool Date Farm. also, cover the fantastic views of the most popular tourist attraction Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park.

Best Weekend Trips From Phoenix #10

Visit “The Grand Canyon”

Just 3 hours away from Phoenix, This Grand Canyon is also very popular amongst tourists for enjoying adventurous activities like hiking, whitewater rafting etc. in whitewater rafting, there is a quite risk of getting injured, so if you are really adventurous and know how to do rafting, then only try to do so, and make sure you have taken proper instructions before performing it. You can book a lodge for staying there. Or for having some fun experience, you can do camping in the national park.

And that’s all for now, hope you would like to include any of the above mentioned destinations on your weekend Trip.

So Good luck for your upcoming trips!

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