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10 Best Road Trips from Portland

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10 Best Road Trips from Portland: Imagine yourself on a long road journey with your buddies turning the music on and feeling the fresh breeze coming from outside.

The foremost traveling goal of every individual is to return from a particular destination with amazing memories and lots of adventurous experiences. But road trips give you the chance to make your “traveling time” more lively and exciting.

And the best part of choosing Portland to initiate your journey is that almost every delightful destination is just a few hours away from this Rose City.

So, not to miss, we are here sharing some interesting info about the best locations which are just a few hours far away from Portland and also the attractions which you can visit in each specific destination.

The major attractions which you can highly expect to include in your journey, are the beautiful snow covered mountains, sandy beaches, breweries, eateries, monuments and their vibrant nightlife too.

We highly suggest you must experience the charming nightlife of each destination, we bet, you will find their nights far more lively and interesting than days, which will not let you forget your 10 Best Road Trips from Portland.

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10 Best Road Trips From Portland – Hold for some time and interact with the nature at Barton Park

Barton Park is the rarely discussed destination in our previous blogs, but this time we are here to convince you to make your visit to such an amazing and beautiful park which is good to spend some time and freshen up yourself.

The best part of considering this park as the first thought in your mind is here you will get a lovely natural environment which you might never think of to discover in your journey.

Including this destination will make your vacation trip actually meaningful.

Let’s see what all you can expect to do in this park. Well, it is quite obvious what everyone is most likely to feel and experience in a garden.

So, apart from all those obvious activities like strolling and clicking pictures, you can here enjoy the “Camping” as well.

One Unfamiliar tip

Make sure to be aware of the timings to enter and exit the park, the closing timing of the park is sharp at 10 pm.

Celebrate the “Recreational activities” at the Oregon Coast

This is the place where the amazing memories of your trip will never leave you, even after your departure. There are so many things which are enough to grab your attention towards it. The major and first point is the beautiful neighbouring where you can discover many eye-catching views to capture over camera.

And there are several outdoor adventures and activities to be performed on the coast in your 10 Best Road Trips from Portland.

So, not taking much time of yours, we are mentioning here some of the best spots and describing in short.

10 Best Road Trips from Portland

Things to do at Oregon Coast

Drive towards the Pacific City in your best road trips from Portland

Make your tour towards the pacific city, and get the tremendous options of touristic activities to enjoy. You can also generate an amazing time by walking on the stunning beach. A huge dune also comes up between your strolling. Now the choice is yours, you can either continue walking, or try some adventure of climbing the dune and watch the wonderful views of the sea.

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Explore the delicious cheese at Tillamook

Visiting a grocery store on a trip is a really strange thing. But if we say that this place is a home to delicious cheese, this is something convincing right?

It is a cheese factory where you can also have a look at the procedure of making cheese, and tasting their yummiest cheese samples is the activity which no one could miss.

So, must visit the Tillamook and share your amazing experiences after departing.

Justify your tour by visiting the “Haystack Rock” at Cannon Beach

Nothing is better than a tour towards the Haystack Rock. seeing this beautiful third tallest structure in the World will let you realize this. And bringing a camera with you is obviously not needed to mention!

Get “lost” in the town of McMinnville

After enjoying the tremendous shopping hours, amazing coffee, delicious dishes at the restaurants of the place and tasting the wines of different wineries. It is not surprising that you can’t ignore recommending this place to all your known ones.

Do you know, McMinnville is filled with numerous wineries?, the list of some is below

  • Coleman Vineyards
  • Coeur De Terre
  • Hyland Estates
  • Brittan Vineyards
  • Maysara Winery
  • Roshni Vineyard
  • Youngberg Hill

Experience the “easiest” hike at Silver Falls State Park

Have you ever wondered about trying the hiking tour even if you haven’t done it before? 

If yes, then the trails of silver falls State park are calling you towards it. A hiking tour here is comparatively easier, which makes it easy for a “non-hiker” to try once. 

And the series of amazing waterfalls which comes under your hiking journey is unforgettable to mention. 

The tourists activities here are not only bound till hiking, mountain biking and horse riding are the other popular daytime activities which are enough to provide you the “kick” which you are looking to excite your trip.

Let’s reach nowhere, just open up the windows and enjoy the weather in your road trip

Plan a road trip of almost 10 hours at the west Cascade Byway and watch the pleasing views of the environment which covers numerous attractions, such as forests, lakes and mountains. Hope you will be reaching there with your camera to memorize those moments later.

You can also step out from your car to experience all these beautiful surroundings from near. 

You may also hear the names of the popular rivers- Santiam and Clackamas, these rivers are located at the West Cascade Byway. 

The popular eatery located here is named Cedars restaurant near Detroit lake, so enjoying your meal there will make your trip worth it.

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Discover the “all in one” City – Astoria

Why we named this city as all in one, cause you will get the chance to see all types of tourist attractions in just one city. So, your enjoyment is definite here. 

The city holds the powerful symbols of their history in the form of great museums and monuments. Astoria also symbolizes the beauty of nature through their stunning gardens. 

You will also see some amazing attractions which are both entertaining and knowledge enhancing for all the travelers. 

10 Best Road Trips from Portland

Locations to be expected on the way of discovering Astoria

Fortunately, there are numerous places which you can keep your eye on in Astoria. 

Astoria River walk

One of my most favorite spots for exploring is the Astoria Riverwalk. The best thing here is you can enjoy and view the atmosphere of both the city and river side. 

Never miss to see all the ships from over the world together here. Next, turn your tour to reach the city life which is just a few walks away, and check out the marvelous food spots and wineries. 

The Astoria Column

Introducing the symbol of pride, the Astoria column Built in the year 1926, gives an incredible view of the city. If you visit this place during the night, then nothing is perfect than this, we will not disclose the reason now, let’s make it suspenseful!

So consider visiting at night. 

Visit the Movie hub of Astoria

Oregon is the home to some of the best hollywood movies and shows, which maximum people know, but some of the people are not aware of the names. The movies that are shot here are “Kindergarten Cop”, “The Goonies”, “Free Willy”.

If you are keen on knowing the facts behind shooting any movie or show, then you are actually wasting your time in visiting the other destinations, first, you should make your visit to this Oregon Film Museum, which holds all the belongings of the shot movie and necessary details of shooting a film through their exhibitions.

Head to the relevant spot for “Outdoor Adventure” at Siuslaw National Forest

Situated in North America, this national forest offers the exotic views of nature, where strolling while exploring the area is a “must-to-do”. In short, we could say that this is the destination especially for nature lovers. 

Discovering the beauty of nature while doing some outdoor adventure like hiking, paddling, horse riding,and biking gives the finest opportunity to feel the surroundings.

There are also some queries and concerns of maximum visitors, have a look below

Some concerns of the visitors regarding the Siuslaw National Forest

Can you bring your pet? 

Well, there are maximum places where dogs are not allowed, but the good news is here you can bring your pet with you but only remembering the certain conditions, such as your dog must be tied up in the grounds or when you are hiking on the trails, as an unleashed dog may harm others in the ground. And it is good for your dog as well. 

And be prepared to clean your dog’s waste on your own. And you must have an ID for your dog.

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Can you arrange a gathering or any event at the forest

Arranging a get together or party in the forest is perfectly fine, but still you need to be authorized to do that. For the approval, consider visiting the web page where you can get all the info regarding the same. 

How to get a space for camping? 

There is no hard and fast rule for getting a perfect space for camping. As you already expected, you need to buy the space or we can say make reservations. Just go through the link, you will be able to do it online as well. 

These information are necessary to know for all the people who are planning to include the Siuslaw national forest in the best road trips from portland.

Play at the Beach in “Cape Lookout State Park”

Located in Tillamook county, this place is on the top of the list of the tourists in their best road trips from Portland. As visiting there gives you the chance to stroll the beach area and perform several outdoor activities like beach combing, and paragliding.

Discover the highest peak in the state – Mount Hood

Mount Hood is the home to several interesting activities. So, apart from just viewing this attraction, you are having a lot more to do. Such as skiing, hiking, and can visit the “Mount Hood cultural Center & Museum, to enhance your knowledge about the place.

The museum consists of several galleries and artifacts that reflect the interesting history of Mount Hood.

Opting for a train ride is another great idea to go for in your 10 Best Road Trips from Portland. As the car ride and train ride is far different in terms of experiences. So, you should try for a train ride as well. Just take the train which starts from the “Hood river” town and ends as the “Parkdale”.

10 Best Road Trips from Portland

Include the “Deserted area” on your best road trips from Portland

Make your visit to the “Smith Rock State Park” in your 10 Best Road Trips from Portland which is situated in Oregon’s high desert. If you are really looking for some actual fun, then camping with your mates is the evergreen plan to create a charm in your trip. Hiking is another “obvious to do” activity, but if you are not interested much, then just reaching the place is quite enough for you. Just sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful views which are easily accessible even without hiking.                                                       

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