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10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland

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10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland: The weekend is the only time to get relaxed of all the burdens and stress which we are going through the whole week. And it must be planned as something special or we can say must be “celebrated” as a festival. And a celebration always required some special arrangements.

So, how about a “holiday trip”?

We have listed below some of the best vacation spots and getaways from Portland. So, You can include one of the best destinations on your weekend trip, and can schedule the left out destinations to your more upcoming trips.

This article is not just a piece of information, it is a complete guide of the foremost attractions where you can plan your tour from Portland along with all the activities which you can enjoy in your 10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland.

Let’s Start your journey for 10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland

Explore the “depth” of the Crater Lake

Be ready for the four hour drive which will take you to the deepest lake in the whole United States. There are many other lakes too in the country which are well worth your trip, but still there is no comparison of those lakes to this deepest lake. On your arrival, you will be amazed by the outstanding views of nature including the 2000 feet high rock faces. Also, you will be amazed by the breathtaking views of the 2000 feet deep lake.

If we mention one of the best adventure sports, then “Scuba Diving” is definitely the most vibrant and refreshing activity to try on your trip. So, go scuba diving and explore those lovely and hidden creatures and parts in the world, which maximum people haven’t seen ever.

And don’t worry if this is your first time, you will get an instructor who will help you out step by step. If Scuba Diving is not a very much tempting option for you, then taking the Wizard Island boat cruise is another great source to view and enjoy the surroundings. In your 10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland.

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10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland

Some initial steps and guidelines before doing the Scuba Diving

  • Make sure that you are physically fit enough to easily perform this sport.
  • Consider learning scuba diving before actually doing it. The specific course will make you aware of the safety measures and step by step procedure to perform.
  • You need to be aware of some facts that how going underwater can affect your body especially if you are a beginner.
  • On your first dive, taking an instructor with you, will help you out in learning the problem management and will also help you out in knowing and experiencing what exactly you can expect in this sport.

Some of the Best institutions to learn Scuba Diving

  1. Gili Trawangan, Goli Islands, Indonesia
  2. Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
  3. Ko Tao, Thailand
  4. Dahab, Egypt
  5. Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras

Get “relaxed” at the Cannon Beach

If the peace and relaxation is what you are finding on your trip, then Cannon Beach offers the perfect combination of stunning views of the beach, market places and delicious dishes. Only 1 hour 30 minutes of travel can make you reach the world’s lively and charming town. All you can do here is just strolling and strutting. As this town has so many interesting things to look at, so strolling is the best way to notice the finest tourist attractions of the place.

First explore all the dining options in the town, so that delicious food can be easily accessible for you whenever and wherever you need. We highly recommend you to consider the oceanfront restaurants to make your meal time more special and refreshing in your 10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland.

Then go exploring the attractions for tourists like their different art galleries and gift shops which are also well known there.

10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland

Where to plan a stay at Cannon Beach?

The “Hallmark Resort & Spa” is highly recommended to plan your stay there. Discovering the amazing views of the beach from the rooms is the best thing which you should never miss out.

Fun things to do at Cannon Beach

  • Attend and participate in the annual festivals and events.
  • If you are fond of watching creativity, then don’t miss discovering the beauty of Jewelry by Sharon Amber.
  • Visit “Haystack Rock”, which is the home to World’s most photogenic views.

Experience the intense adventure at Hood River

Make your weekend full of outdoor adventure by trying something new this time. And remove all the scary thoughts in your mind and feel free to experience something new. And Hood river is best known for enjoying Kiteboarding. And if you don’t know the basics and want to get expert even from the beginning, then consider joining the Kiteboarding course and get yourself ready to fly high in your imaginary world, which gives you an exciting experience of cruising, jumping and riding on water with its wonderful waves. In short, this water sport is attractive and exciting enough to make you addicted towards it.

Later on, you can relax and spend some time watching the wonderful surroundings by having a glass of drink. This time will be the most amazing and memorable on your trip.

For an overnight stay, consider the “Columbia Gorge Hotel”, there is a luxurious spa located in the hotel which offers a relaxing massage to its visitors, apart from that, there are several dining options offering the delicious cuisines.

If you find a refreshing experience with nature’s surroundings only, then the gardens in the hotel are best to spend some amazing time.

Handpicked Day Trips From Portland.

“Newport” – a perfect family destination

Give your family a wonderful surprise this weekend by visiting Newport, and if you are with your kids, then visiting this destination is like “icing on the cake” for you. Enjoying all the beach activities at Newport on your best weekend trips from Portland is like a dream come true for maximum visitors.

Where to visit at Newport?

Oregon Coast Aquarium is the Kid friendly destination and a must-to include attraction in your 10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland, as kids are always interested in fun and learning, and this aquarium gives a chance to watch the underwater activities of creatures like sharks, seals, sea otters and giant pacific octopus.

Hatfield Marine science Center, offers the learning opportunities to its visitors. This location is not far different from the aquarium which is mentioned above. Here you are also going to see the aquariums and pools with marine creatures. For learning more about these creatures, you are required to attend the exhibits. Your kid can also participate in the different educational programmes held there.

Take a long drive towards “North Cascades National Park”

Make your tour towards the North Cascades National Park, this location is blessed with plenty of incredible views and photogenic areas. The best thing to enjoy here is the short hiking tour, as long hiking makes tourists tired enough which doesn’t let them watch the beautiful surroundings of the place.

Where to eat at North Cascades National Park, have a look at two of the best picked restaurants for you?

  • Stehekin Pastry Company. Address – Stehekin, Washington 98852, USA.
  • Dining room at Sun Mountain Lodge. Address – 604 Patterson lake Rd, Winthrop, Washington 98862, USA

Can you expect a luxurious stay at North Cascades national Park?

There are multiple hotels located near North Cascades National Park, the best amongst all are mentioned below – 

  1. Mt. Baker Hotel, address – 45951 Main St, Concrete, WA. For hotel booking and more info, go through the link
  1. Snowline Lodge Condo, address – 10433, Mt. Bakery Hwy, Unit #9, Glacier, WA, for more info on amenities, you can check the site.

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Discover the city of “Sand Bboarding” – Florence

Visiting Florence on your best weekend trips from Portland means you will be having tremendous experience of sandboarding. It is really surprising and amazing to enjoy the sandboarding sport at the place where actually this sport originated.

Sandboarding is quite an interesting sport to perform on your trip, that is why we have picked top 5 destinations all over the World, which are best known amongst tourists for having an outstanding experience of sandboarding there.

Get to know the topmost areas for Sandboarding

  1. Te Paki Recreation Reserve, New Zealand.
  1. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado.
  1. Huacachina, peru
  1. Death Valley National Park, California
  1. Atacama Desert, Chile
10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland

Some Requisites to carry for Sandboarding

  1. Consider wearing sunscreen.
  2. Make sure you are having enough water, so carry extra water bottles with you.
  3. The clothes you wear should be comfortable enough to make you ease in lying down and other body movements.

Spend some Peaceful time at Mount Hood

You can include the Mount Hood in your Best weekend trips from Portland, as this destination is good enough to make your trip more memorable. The mountain is snow covered, so you can simply imagine how amazingly this mountain appears.

You will also be amazed by the greenery of the region, this greenery is a perfect spot for tourists where they can enjoy different interesting activities such as trekking, and camping.

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Shopping in the street markets near Mount Hood

Other than Mount Hood, you can also be occupied with different things, such as exploring the local areas and their markets near Mount Hood.

  1. Quackenbush Farm. Address – 29009 SE Heiple Rd
  2. Estacada Farmers Market. Address – 3rd & Broadway Estacada
  3. Kelso Blueberries. Address – 28951 SE Church Rd, Boring, OR 97009
  4. Bushue’s Family Farm. Address – 9880 SE Revenue Rd Boring, OR 97009.

Visit Yakima for wine tasting

Even though Yakima is majorly famous as an agricultural city, you can still leave from there by taking some interesting and exciting memories. After knowing their innovative food culture and visiting the several breweries in the town, you will surely be convinced of visiting there more and more. Mountain hiking and biking are the most usual tourists’ activities there.

Here is the list of the top three Breweries in Yakima

  1. Bale Breaker Brewing Company, located in 1801 Birchfield Rd Yakima.
  2. Single Hill Brewing. Address – 102, N Naches Ave.
  3. Yakima Craft Brewing Company. Address – 2920 River Rd Ste 6.

Visit the city of Vancouver, Canada – an Ideal holiday Destination

There are endless tourist destinations in Vancouver, so your weekend will be fully occupied in exploring and enjoying new attractions in the city. The topmost destinations here to come upon are – VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver lookout, Grouse Mountain, and Vancouver art Gallery.

Well, if you plan your 10 Best Weekend Trips from Portland during summers, then get ready to attend one of the most charming markets of the World, which is Richmond Night Market or the Open air night market.

This market will make you feel like you are in a fate, with heavy crowds and endless varieties of foods of innovative cultures.

It only helds in summer.

Cost to enter the Richmond Night Market

The average cost is $4.75/head, and senior citizens and children are not obliged to pay entrance charges.

Timings of Market

Sundays are off. And timings for Monday to Saturday at 7pm till 11 pm

What food to expect at this night market ?

There is a huge list of asian snacks and street foods to eat at Richmond Night Market.

  • Churros
  • Mac-A-Roti & Cheese with Bacon & Jalapeno
  • Rainbow Cheese Toast
  • Pho Fries
  • Cheesecake Mochi
  • Thai DokJok Cookies with Thai flavoured PannaCotta

For detailed info regarding Richmond night market, check out their website.

Leavenworth – Traverse all the shopping and eating destinations of the area

A lot of outdoor adventure and a lot of shopping and dining opportunities are waiting for you in Leavenworth, the city in washington. Activities include hiking, trekking, camping, skiing and snowboarding etc.

Shopping here gives the pleasant experience to its visitors, so below mentioned are some amazing shopping spots.

Shopping at Leavenworth, Washington

The Nussknacker Haus

This shop is majorly known for its best nutcrackers. Address – 735 front street.

The Cheesemonger’s Shop

You can shop for wine and beer, and don’t miss to buy cheese here, as it is said the cheese here is the best all over the World.

The Hat Shop

Have you ever thought of buying a trendy hat that suits your personality? The Hat shop at Leavenworth is the perfect destination for hat lovers.

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