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Day Trips from Cleveland, OH

by Lokesh Pant
Day trips from Cleveland

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Day Trips from Cleveland, OH

Day Trips from Cleveland: Being the 52nd largest city in the US and the second largest city in OHIO, this city is amazingly great for travelling too. One can satisfy his impulse of going beyond the limits of craziness, and of exploring the wonders with just a few hours of drive.

The city itself is filled with numerous attractions and is surrounded by the most favourite destinations of tourists. You only need to do one thing, which is “expecting” the exotic beaches, stunning gardens and good food everywhere.

Now, fulfill your craziness for food in your day trips from Cleveland, OH by stepping towards the only destination which is best known for offering the food of diverse cultures and traditions.

This guide is the best source to know about the best locations to cover in your day trips from Cleveland, Oh. Have a look –

Day trips from Cleveland, OH towards the Amusement Park

Loads of entertainment can be expected in this fun park, which is named – Cedar point.

Grabbing the bite of delicious cuisines in this pleasing atmosphere, in a wide range of food stalls and restaurants is good to go with. Also, this is a family friendly park, so make sure that your kids are not deprived of enjoying the water rides, and numerous roller coasters.

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Have a glimpse of the German lifestyle at German Village, Columbus

You might have dreamt of visiting German, but if it’s not come true yet, then just two hours of Journey towards the German Village on your day trips from Cleveland, OH will make you feel and experience the living in german.

The city came into existence in the 19th century by the German settlers, and now has become the most beautiful city to live and explore.

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Places to explore in the German village

  • Keny Galleries – the place is enough to create a feeling like an artist in you. A wide range of american art, you will be shown here.
  • The Book Loft – the book store is filled with reading opportunities in its every corner. The books are readable enough that almost everyone could find those Interesting. The building that carries thousands of books today to sell, was once upon a time served as general stores, or salon.
  • Winans Fine Chocolates and Coffees – the bar is now a result of the passion and success of the five generations. The name of this bar fully justified according to its services and offerings. If you are a die heart fan of caffeine, then the bar is perfectly suited in serving the hot-spiked coffee on weekdays early morning till evening. And also all the variations of chocolates, creams, fruit drinks, and caramels are served in the bar.
  • Actor’s Theater of Columbus – every visitor prefers diverse things and places in his trip to be included. If you are fond of theater shows and plays, then Actors Theater of Columbus would be the one that should come to your mind. The theatre allows its visitors to know and appreciate the works of shakespeare. The venue for the plays is Schiller park. So, don’t miss it.

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Day trips from Cleveland, OH to Pittsburgh

Art enthusiasts will find this destination fully relevant, if you are a passionate art lover then Pittsburgh is the name that must come first in your queue of destinations list.

Apart from the breathtaking views, the city allows tourists to be informed about the history and culture of the place through the brilliant artworks that are showcased in the museums and art galleries. The best source to spend your day time in the city is by visiting the Botanical Garden.

People call this place a “hidden gem” and found this park excellent for strolling and exploring the area all round. The botanical garden is a collection of gardens which offer numerous walking trails and gives the finest chance to capture the most beautiful views of nature full of blooming flowers.

Apart from this, visitors also are warmly welcomed to get involved in the most entertaining and interesting events which this botanical garden holds all year around. Listed below are some of the garden events that are about to take place in the upcoming month.

  1. Virtual Peek Behind the Petals.
  2. Online classes for adults.
  3. Virtual Bio Blitzz Family Fun Festival.
  4. Planets Earth (Virtual Exhibit).

Day trips from Cleveland, OH to Chicago

Choose this lively and charming city on your day trips from Cleveland, OH. Experiencing the vibrant nightlife of the city is highly recommended for visitors. Or you can simply have a long walk on the Riverwalk which is a hub of all the shopping complexes and nightclubs.

Photo by Conal Gallagher.

Located near to the Chicago river, this River walk is the place which holds the exotic flavors of food in the wide range of bars and pubs. You can also explore the intensity of the atmosphere in the Navy pier. Be ready to view the live entertainment shows. For some visual entertainment, you should head to the Chicago Shakespeare theater. There are endless opportunities for good food too.

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Day trips from Cleveland, OH to Cincinnati

The destination is fully loaded with thousands of museums and art galleries that tend its visitors to fulfill their curiosity about exploring art and culture of the place.

Markets here are another good source for art exploring. The city holds several street markets which offer yummiest street foods and a wide range of amazing handicrafts. Some of the most popular street foods markets are listed below –

  1. Boone County Farmers Market
  2. Findlay Market
  3. Newtown Farm Market
  4. Hyde Park Farmers Market

Day trips from Cleveland, OH to Columbus

Majorly known for the country’s most popular zoos, the city is full of charm and beauty. Just a stroll in the city will surely make you crave to stay longer than a day. There is a wide range of restaurants and cafes where you can just sit back and relax while having a sip of coffee. The topmost attractions that are “must” to see are listed below-

  • Columbus Zoo and aquarium.
  • Franklin park conservatory and botanical Gardens.
  • Center of science and industry.
  • Columbus museum of art.
  • Huntington park.
  • Ohio State House.

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