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Road Trips from St Louis, Missouri

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Road Trips from St Louis, Missouri

Road Trips from St Louis: A road trip is not just a road trip, it’s a precious moment in which you can live with your loved ones. This precious moment allows you to interact with each other and enjoy the snacks while having a look at the surroundings along with the feeling of an amazing breeze.

A road trip also allows you to feel nature from very close and unlike any air route or train route, a road trip gives you an opportunity of feeling free of all the obligations. Like you are not bound to reach the station on time and follow the rules of the journey on a road trip. You are free to stop whenever and wherever you want and capture your sweet memories via camera.

So, opting to a road trip means that you are adding on the enjoyment in your vacation, now the main concern left is “which destination to choose?”

As destinations are many, but the perfect locations to enjoy your road trip getaway are limited. And St Louis is one of those limited destinations.

St louis is a perfect spot from where all the interesting and tourist destinations are easily accessible within a drive of an hour or two.

So, have a look below at some of the best spots to visit in your road trips from St Louis Missouri.

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Make your tour to the Capital city of Ohio – Columbus

Road Trips from St Louis
By Edward Hand.

There are plenty of things for which maximum tourists are in love with this city. The foremost amongst all the reasons is the beauty of this place, and the several attractions which you can explore like gardens, shopping centers, malls, theatres.

Not only this, there are a lot of things which make this place different from other destinations.

This city is majorly famous for holding the most popular and biggest university in the World.

And also the most famous football schools even in the whole america are located in columbus.

This city is also best known for its zoos.

So a single destination is having so much unique and best to explore for its visitors.

People are mostly curious about knowing the universities of Columbus, below is the list of some top universities of the city.

Top Universities of Columbus

  • The Ohio State University.
  • Franklin University.
  • Otterbein University.
  • Capital University.
  • Columbus College of Art & Design.
  • Ohio Dominican University.

And many more……

Discover the astonishing art works at Grand Rapids, Michigan on your road trips from St Louis, Missouri

This city is all about to cater to the needs of art and history lovers through their tremendous historic sites and art museums. The brilliant art works displayed in the art galleries are enough to make anyone crazy. So, if you are an art lover then avoiding Grand Rapids is nothing less than a mistake.

List of Art Galleries to visit in Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • LaFontsee Galleries.
  • Brush Studio.
  • Mercury Head Gallery.
  • Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts.
  • The Harris Building.
  • Artprize Hub.
  • Ritual Gallery.
  • Cascade Fine Art Gallery and Frame Shop.

Feel the “Industrial surroundings” at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Road Trips from St Louis
By Melinda G.

Pittsburgh is the city which may make you feel like you are watching a Hollywood movie. Huge buildings, warehouses and several bridges give its visitors a feeling of “industrial” surroundings.

And these are the things which are considered as the major attraction among tourists.

There are other attractions too, in the form of shopping complexes, restaurants and museums.

Pittsburgh is also named as the “city of bridges”. Do you know the names of these bridges?

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The names of some major bridges of Pittsburgh are as follows

  • Commercial Street Bridge
  • Forbes Avenue Bridge
  • Fem Hollow Bridge
  • Meadow Street Bridge
  • Panther Hollow Bridge
  • Bloomfield Bridge.

Visit the Family-Friendly spot – Memphis on your road trips from St Louis, Missouri

Memphis is another popular attraction which is having plenty of attractions and interesting things to do. A trip to Memphis means a vacation which is best suited for the family. And do you know, this location has tremendous opportunities for kids to have fun.

Luca Sartoni
By Luca Sartoni.

Places to visit in Memphis with your kids on your road trips from St Louis, Missouri

Children’s Museum – your kids would love to explore the location which is fully dedicated to the kids. So, you can simply imagine what this museum exhibits?

The children museum is set up with a toddler area, a grocery store for kids, art works and many more things like this.

Memphis Zoo – kids generally love animals, so they mostly prefer to visit the zoo where they can recognize and get to know the more and unique species of animals. And none other zoo is better than the one which holds the maximum species of animals. They would love to see and know about them. So, take your kids to the Memphis Zoo, for giving them wonderful experiences of learning with fun.

Memphis Central Library – Library sounds a bit boring for kids, right? But it’s not true always

A library contains a huge variety of different books, which are loved by the people who love reading. But, if your kid is a good reader too, then head to the library’s children section, where your child will get all sorts of children books and videos, and these books will not seem boring, the theme of stories and the chapters are written as interesting so that the kids love to read.’and don’t let your kid miss the activities that take place all over the week which are storytime and craft time.

Pink Palace Museum – this museum is appealing to both adults and kids. The works that displayed in the museum showcases the history of Memphis. Not only this, there is also a 3d theatre in the museum, which entertains your kids with the educational plays.

Have a tour to this “Big Apple” City

The city is one of the most popular and great destinations to include in your road trips from St Louis, Missouri, taking pictures of this amazing city is a “must to do” here. If we talk about popular attractions, then there are several shopping complexes, gardens, restaurants, street markets and museums which are good to see and explore the innovative cultures of the locals.

Below is the list of some of the best and cheap things to do in Newyork city.

Free things to do in New York City

  • Take a round in the Central park and click numerous creative pictures.
  • Explore the talents of the artists, at the Whitney Museum of American Art, this a free tour, the charges of tickets are up to you whatever you want to pay.
  • Considered as the longest suspension bridge, this Brooklyn Bridge is the best source to view the overall beauty of the city. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and capture the stunning views of the downtown.
  • Experience the learning of making beer in the Brooklyn Brewery, which will not cost you anything. You can also grab the opportunity of tasting the beer.

Make your fun tour towards Chattanooga, Tennessee

This place is the one stop solution for all your entertainment needs, whether you are looking for some informative trip to the historic sites, all looking for some outdoor adventure and want to explore the beauty of gardens, the city will not let your expectations down. There is a wide range of shopping opportunities too. You can head to the Chattanooga zoo, or try your luck on the hiking trails of Auduban Acres, walk around the Art District and also consider visiting the Tennessee Aquarium.

Play in the sand at the Virginia Beach

Only the beach is the spot which is left till now. A road trip towards the beach is a great idea to justify your trip. All you need to do is just pack up plenty of snacks, and take your family towards a long drive to reach “Virginia Beach”. As it takes approx more than 13 hours to reach the place. 

But be patient!, the long duration of the drive will make you feel fully worthy after reaching Virginia beach.

Well, including the Virginia beach in your vacation plans is a great idea if your trip partners are your friends or if you are a couple. There is a list of bars mentioned below, if you and your traveling partners are keen to know about the nightlife of the place.

  • Peabody’s Nightclub
  • Beachside Social
  • The Back
  • Vibes Restaurant & Lounge
  • Omega Bar
  • Sky Bar
  • The Hook up Cafe
  • The Wave

Washington DC – a paradise for history lovers

If you are a history lover, then you will not find any shortage there of the historic places. Well, apart from historic sites, the city is well known for its good food and nightlife, so you can explore some of the best options. But if we talk about the places where you can learn and explore about some history and cultures, then there is a huge list mentioned below, so you can choose any of those to visit.

Historic sites which should not be missed while on a tour to Washington DC

  • White House.
  • U.S. Treasury Building.
  • Dumbarton House.
  • The Octagon Museum.
  • Arlington House.
  • Tudor Place.
  • Decatur House.
  • Ford’s Theatre.

And many more places like these are situated in this District of Columbia. LookUpTrips is waiting to hear from You guys…

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