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Weekend trips from St Louis, Missouri

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The feeling of boredom is making you suffocated, and making you curious about reaching the place which is surrounded by beautiful scenes where you will be having a lot of interesting and entertaining things to do, is that so?

If right, then we are here to inform you about the best destinations to include in your weekend trips from St Louis, Missouri which are simply enough for giving you a feel like heaven. Start your journey from St Louis, and just 1 or 2 hours of the drive is enough to reach the destination of your dream where you can recharge and boost up yourself for your upcoming hectic days.

First, decide by yourself, is your trip for family fun, an outing with friends or its a romantic date?

As family friendly destinations include amusement parks, and monumental trips, and if you are planning a vacation tour with your friends, then the possibility is high that you will go for some adventure.

Or if it’s a romantic date trip, then you would prefer visiting the peaceful areas, or a place where you can have an amazing meal while listening to soft music, or something like that.

So, below listed are some filtered destinations that must be included in your weekend trips from St Louis, Missouri, and might seem appropriate for you in all your traveling motives.

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Weekend trips from St Louis, Missouri

Discover the Charmingness of the Hermann city on your weekend trips from St Louis, Missouri

Situated in Missouri, Hermann city is best known for its outstanding attractions like parks, historic sites, markets, lodges, and food places. But the major attraction which is missing here is the wineries. There are two wineries in the city which are the most popular amongst all the tourist places in the city.

The names are stone hill winery and Hermannhof Vineyards, you can try visiting any one of these wineries on your weekend trips from St Louis, Missouri or can even visit both of them, this may surely help you in lightening your tiredness of the trip.

The city holds other attractions too, as mentioned above, so consider visiting those as well.

Hermann is the most popular in terms of entertaining its visitors, one can spend his time interestingly in the place. That’s why the city organizes several events annually, listed below are the top three events.

  • Wurst fest, this is a festival of sausage mainly. Every year, in the fourth week of March, you can find a great opportunity for tasting the sausages of different makers.
  • Garden Tours – this festival is only dedicated to enhancing the beauty of the place which also grabs the attention of the gardeners from all over the state.
  • Bar-B-Que and Brats – this festival you must consider participating in if you are looking for exploring some new and tasty dishes. This festival caters to its visitors with the yummiest cuisines along with the wine and Beer in the wine and Beer tent.

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Make your tour to this elegant destination – Chicago

Photo by Conal Gallagher.

Do you know there is not just a single thing, for which chicago is best known for, there are a lot of things associated with this city. Before proceeding to the topmost attractions to visit in Chicago, let’s have a look at the things for which chicago is majorly famous for.

List of things for which Chicago is known for

  • Maxwell Street Polish Sausage
  • Hot dogs
  • Deep dish pizza
  • Jazz Music
  • Best architecture.

In short, this city is not having just one or two specialties, there are several things which are enough to make people crave, for visiting this destination, so just assume about your experience when you will “actually” visit there.

It takes approx 5 hours to reach Chicago from St Louis. The city is popular enough that almost every person knows about it. So, if you want your trip to be fully sorted, then without any second thought you can plan your visit to this city. As in terms of tourist attractions, this place is good, in terms of beauty, this place is good, and in terms of food too, this place is perfect, so what else is left?

Below mentioned are some of the best tourist spots to consider including on your trip to Chicago.

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Best places to visit in Chicago which will surely stick to your memory for life long

Art Institute of Chicago offers incredible views to its visitors along with showcasing the numerous brilliant artworks like japanese prints, 19th century french painting, and 20th century sculptures.

Riverwalk – if you want to watch the whole city of chicago in just one go, then nothing is better than visiting the riverwalk. This riverwalk is limited to some sq feet, but still allows its visitors to explore the maximum beauty of the city. As this place consists of several restaurants, clubs and bars, so you can visit any of them, or just taking a stroll in the riverwalk area is also enough to make it understand that chicago is one of the most amazing destinations to visit.

Visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo is the best option to go for, if you are an animal lover or have visited chicago with your kids. Similar to the zoo all over the world, you will see here many species of animals, and will surely love that.

Burnham Park – this place is perfectly suited for those who are looking to spend their time in a  calm mood, especially couples, they would love to visit this location. Greenery and water all around you will see there, strolling in the park, planning a picnic time or enjoying the swimming will make your time spent in the park fully worth it.

Visit Santa Claus and go deep into the Christmas traditions

Santa Clouse
BY Gillian Barnett.

Santa Claus, situated in the Indiana state of US, is one and only town which is mostly popular for its christmas theme and dedicated towards the christmas rituals. Though Christmas comes once a year, but this city will make you feel that everyday is a festival. So, every corner of this town is filled with vibrance and charmingness. In short, this place has magic which can even bring life to a dead soul, and this will surely be proved when you actually experience the atmosphere of the place. Santa Claus Christmas store, Santa Claus Museum, Santa Claus post office are the attractions which describe all the Santa Claus related facts and history to its visitors.

Apart from that, there is also a summer themed park, which refreshes travelers through its water slides.

In fact, just strolling there simply is enough to get to know the liveliness of this fun town.

Explore the city dedicated to Abraham Lincoln – Springfield

Maximum people know that Springfield is the city popular for knowing the history and life of the United State’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln. So, it’s quite obvious that you will surely be curious to reach the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library. The library is an interesting source for visitors to know more about this honorable personality.

Springfield is majorly dedicated to Abraham Lincoln but that doesn’t mean that you are bound to view only presidential buildings and historic monuments. The city contains a lot of entertainment hubs too.

Entertainment hubs to visit in Springfield on your weekend trips from St Louis to Missouri

Sit & relax at Cafe Moxo.

Washington Park Botanical Garden – this park holds an extreme beauty of nature. The park gives outstanding views to its visitors’ eyes along with the great opportunity of learning as well.

The learning here means, knowing the 1800+ species of plants in this garden. You will also be provided the helpbook (which is named washington park botanical garden guidebook) where you can see and know about all the species of plants.

Engrained Brewery and Restaurant – the name itself reflects the clear picture of the place. This is the restaurant where you can enjoy your meal while ordering some beer. The specialty of this restaurant is that visitors are catered with a wide variety of drinks and foods. So, you will like it.

Enjoying the nightlife of Springfield is another great and entertaining idea. Head to the famous bar Floyd’s Thirst Parlor situated in the downtown of Springfield. The major thing which attracts the maximum visitors towards the bar is the huge options which it contains. You will be having a wide variety of beer and drinks like whiskey, rum, vodka and wines.

The bar contains huge options apart from drinks as well to keep their visitors well engaged.

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Don’t miss the “live entertainment” at Branson

BY Brad Lale.

Branson is nothing less than any other top destination to visit. If we talk about shopping, outdoor fun, museums, lavish restaurants, or anything. This destination has created a strong impact on its visitors over the decades. And there are the live shows of the place that don’t need any intro.

Catch the live shows at maximum places in the city. Listed below are some of the best and the most popular shows of the place.

  • Branson’s Christmas Wonderland
  • Buckets N Boards
  • Daniel O’Donnell
  • Decades
  • Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai
  • Clay Cooper’s Country Express

And so on……

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