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Day Trips from Raleigh

by Lokesh Pant
Day trips from Raleigh

Feature image by: saturnism.

Day Trips from Raleigh

Located in North Carolina and being the second largest city in the state, there are many other things too, which have created a great impact on travelers. Just a few miles away, a huge list of attractions you will find.

In short, let your expectations become higher and higher as, at the end, it will surely get fulfilled without any compromise.

Raleigh is also named as “City of Oaks”, due to many oak trees which beautify the atmosphere of the city.

This article allows you to, be notified of some of the “worth-visiting” destinations which are not very much far away from Raleigh. Also, stated below some of the best activities to try on your day trips from Raleigh.

This article is also a guide for women travelers, who are planning to travel solo or are travelling for the first time. There is a set of instructions that women travelers must follow to make their trip more convenient.

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Make a family-friendly tour towards “Asheboro”

Asheboro is the place known for a perfect stop for your family. As this place holds beautiful surroundings, and amazing tourist places. You can make your stop there and try some adventure by taking a Richland Creek Canopy Zipline Tour on your day trips from Raleigh.

Next, taking a turn towards the North Carolina Zoo is another best option for animal lovers, or even if you are not an animal lover, still it seem best to you for spending some good time in the huge surroundings where different and almost unlimited species of animals are the major point of attraction. 

Not only this, the city is best known for holding some interesting events as well.

Do you want to know some? Listed below are the names of such events – 

Some Upcoming and exciting events to follow this year in Asheboro on your day trips from Raleigh

  • Young Preachers Fellowship Conference 2020. Date – 18th Sept, 2020.
  • Soil Sample short course. Date – 17th July, 2020
  • Dinner at the Dairy. Date – 26th June, 2020
  • Stream Day 2020. Date 3rd Oct.
  • The Officials Annual Business Mixer. Date – 7th June, 2020.
  • The july 2020 Wedding Expo at the Castle.

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Do you love Beaches?, head to “Wilmington” which is the home to several gorgeous beaches

Start your drive with the aim to reach the most amazing beach city in North Carolina, where you can spend a great time with your companions, there are numerous activities which can be enjoyed over the beach. So, if you are not aware of all those fun activities, then below is the list.

Wilmingoton Beaches
Photo by Angela Salera.

Here are some cheerful things to do on a beach to spend a good time on your day trips from Raleigh

Capture the Sunset Views – it’s not much required to explain the beauty of the sunset, as many people are aware of! And especially if you are at the beach, then watching the sunset activity becomes more auspicious and memorable. It is a precious moment too, which never fades from your memory for life.

Create a Photo Diary of your travel memories by clicking pictures – click the amazing pictures of incredible surroundings of the beach, which will benefit you in memorizing you, your best moments, when you will go back to your home.

Stroll – just a simple walk over the sand is enough to feel the beauty of the beach on your day trips from Raleigh.

Play – run over the beach through the waves and play catch games with each other. Also, bring a ball with you and enjoy volleyball.

Spend your time alone with a book – a book is usually a best friend of people who love reading, so consider taking a book with you to the beach and enjoy reading.

Enjoy the stage shows at “Greensboro”

Watching stage shows is always been the best option to go for. And Greensboro is the city which is a paradise of Theatre shows. As there are lots of locations where you can catch up the shows but The Triad Stage is one of the best and the most popular entertainment spots.

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Have a look at the list of some most popular upcoming shows to follow on your day trips from Raleigh

  • Wicked. Address – Steven Tanger Center For the Arts, North ELM street 300, Greensboro, NC 27401. Date – 18th November to 6th Dec, 2020.
  • The Lion King. Address – Steven Tanger Center For the Arts. Date – 2nd to 14th March, 2021.
  • The Price is right. Date 9th Jan, 2021.
  • Chicago – The Band. Steven Tanger Center for the Arts. 17th December, 2020.
  • Smashing Pumpkins. Address – Steven Tanger Center for the Arts. Date – 6th October, 2020

And many other concerts and shows like this.

Increase your curiosity about tasting mouth-watering food at Smithfield and Selma

Smithfield and Selma are one of those destinations which grab the attention of maximum people through its marvelous cooked dishes. The incredible taste convinces the visitors to make their visit to this foodie destination again and again.

These are two towns actually and both are great in terms of good food. Apart from food, there are other interesting things too, which you can enjoy on your day trips from Raleigh.

In Smithfield, places like Smithfield Cinemas, Carolina Pottery, Ava Gardner Museum etc are good to go with.

And places like the Ice House theatre, Godwin Music, amusement parks, shops and Markets in Selma are enough to engage you in your journey.

List of some best Restaurants in Smithfield and Selma

Photo by palaismed.
  • Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo wings. Address – 130 Smithfield Crossing Dr.
  • Under the Oak Restaurant and Catering. Address – 135 S 3rd St.
  • San Marcos Mexican restaurant. Address – 275 N Equity Dr.
  • Don Beto’s Tacos Mexican grill. Address – 720 Ricks Rd.
  • Bojangles. Address – 275 US Hwy 70A E Selma.
  • Fred Chason’s Grandsons. Address – 1273 N Brightleaf Blvd.

Smithfield and Selma, both are the destinations for foodies, so there is almost every variety of food offerings for almost every preference. If you are a vegan, then also you will be catered with good food there. Sharing below a list of some Vegetarian restaurants.

Veg Restaurants near Smithfields and Selma

  • Eden’s Vegetarian Restaurant. Address – 11048, Cleveland Rd, Garner.
  • The Fiction Kitchen. Address – 428 S Dawson St, Raleigh.
  • First Street Tavern. Address – 115 E First St, Clayton, NC 27520.
  • Chubby’s Pizza. Address – 9675 S Nc Hwy 581, Bailey, NC 27807.

Visit the place from which the wine originates – Yadkin Valley

Apart from the stunning views and lots of opportunities for amusing activities like trekking, hiking, music and live performances and amazing events. The location is best known for its wine production.

So, it is quite obvious that after visiting such an amazing location which is home to great wine, you will surely be keen to taste their wine. There are a lot of tourist places which are having great snacks and wine offerings. Below is the list of some which you can join on your day trips from Raleigh.

Sip the amazing wine near Yadkin Valley

Photo by Emily Claus.
  • Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery, LLC
  • Laurel Gray Vineyards.
  • Yadkin Valley Wine Company.
  • Shadow springs Vineyard.
  • Piccione Vineyards
  • Elkin Creek Vineyard and Winery.

This was all about the locations to choose on your Day trips from Raleigh, now take a look at some “necessary points” to remember, or we could say some “cautions” to remember for women travelers who are  travelling alone to a specific destination.

Travelling for a woman is equally easy as compared to men, but still taking some precautions and remembering some major things will let you enjoy your trip more appropriately.

Some Points to Remember for Female Travelers

  • Make sure that you are having enough information about the particular destination to which you are traveling to. If not, then consider collecting the information online about the place, like what all things you can enjoy there and the topmost attractions which you can visit.
  • You may find some people in the place who will want to start a talk with you, or will start following you and will chase you all the time. So don’t panic, just walk straight away and don’t stare at anyone and consider taking some precautionary tools like pepper spray and knife.
  • Don’t carry anything with you which can make you prey of some kind of the wrong intention. Consider wearing covered clothes if you are alone traveling in a new country. And avoid wearing expensive accessories and jewelry too.
  • Choose your accommodation in the country carefully. Book your hotel which is in a good place so that you can feel safer.

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