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Best Day Trips With Your Dog From Houston

by Pankaj Upreti
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Day Trips With Your Dog From Houston

Travelling with your dog can be a really delightful experience, and at the same time, a difficult one. Many locations do not allow accompanying pets and as such cause a dent in what would otherwise be a rather enriching experience.

Dogs are really great and faithful companions and vacationing with your dog is the dream for dog lovers. Here is a list of the best vacations you can take with your loving pet and companion:

River Walk, San Antonio

Dog friendly SAN ANTONIO river walk, Houston
Dog friendly SAN ANTONIO river walk, Houston | Photo Credit – Claude ROUGERIE

San Antonio is a really great location for a vacation. There are many things to do here and one thing that stands out is that this city is very pet friendly. Riverwalk in San Antonio allows dogs and hosts a number of things to do with your pet. Dog, or multiple dogs, all are welcome aboard the River Walk in the city.

It is also known as Pasao del Rio and is a promenade below street level made in European style. Your dog however needs to fulfil the prerequisite of being crowd friendly, as the street is going to be lined

Barking Springs, Austin

Day trip with dog from Houston to barking Springs Austin.
Barking Springs, where dogs are transformed to babies | Photo Credit – Lars Plougmann

Austin is known to be a really great escape from Houston. It is also home to a number of pools known as Barton Springs. However, they do not allow dogs or other pets there. But, no worries, you can find another place that is aptly named: Barking Springs.

Located directly downstream from Barton, Barking springs is the best location to bring your dog while in Austin. Enjoy with your dog in this extremely pet friendly location and swim in the water with your beloved pet.

Stockyards Hotel, Fort Worth

Great escape from Houston to Stockyards hotel with your Dog.
Great escape from Houston to Stockyards hotel with your loyal companion | Photo Credit – StevenSmith1

Another location known to be a great escapade from Houston, Forth Worth is a town that is rather pet friendly. Bring your loyal companion to the Stockyards Hotel, a place that has been frequented by many famous figures.

With the mythic and notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde, to other names such as Chuck Norris, Willie Nelson and more.

Luckenbach, Texas

Lunch with Dog at Luckenbach when out from Houston.
Lunch with Dog at Luckenbach when out from Houston | Photo Credit – sheeshoo

This place is a great stop for a lunch with your dog. Evening dances hosted at this place tend to be a bit overcrowded, but generally the place is pretty quiet and ambient. Be sure to click a photo with your dog while you are here to create some great memories.

Southern Star Brewing Company, Conroe

This place makes for a really great day escapade by itself. What’s even better is that they are ready to host your dog on Saturdays. Enjoy a free tour of the place and grab a bite of delicious Texan delicacies from any of the many food trucks stationed here. You can even bring your own lunch and make a picnic out of it.

Pottery Ranch, Marble Falls

This unique store features patio furniture and pottery made by perfectionists. Your dog is also invited here. This pet friendly store will allow you and your pet to shop to your heart’s content.

Fire Museum of Texas, Beaumont

You know that this is one of those pet friendly places when they were once known for hosting the largest fire hydrant in the world. What’s more, the fire hydrant is Dalmatian spotted and was raised to celebrate the rerelease of the movie 101 Dalmatians.

The museum is one of the really great places in entire Texas and they usually allow dogs to be here inside.

Aquarium, Rockport Harbor

This place is really great. Not only are they non profit and dedicated to bringing marine life to the people, but they are also extremely pet friendly. Put your dog on a leash and together you can both take in the beautiful marine life hosted in the aquarium.

Great for family fun, and family dogs, visit the Rockport Harbor Aquarium while you are here in Houston Texas.

Elgin Christmas Tree Farm, Elgin

This location is not that far away from Houston Texas and features Virginia Pines and Leyland Cypress trees on the hillside. This farm is going to be friendly to your dog and you can take your pooch to all the special events that keep happening throughout the year.

Your dog can come along with you and take in scenes of farm animals on the other side of the wired fence.

BayWatch Dolphin Tours, Galveston

Enjoy travel with your dog on any day at the Baywatch Dolphin Tours. Visit dolphins in their natural habitat aboard a free cruise that will allow your dog. The tour is around 45 minutes and your dog is going to love the splashing water around the propeller free boat.

Dallas Heritage Village, Dallas

Dallas Heritage Village | Photo Credit – Luis Tamayo

Travel to Texas and you must go to Dallas. This city hosts the fun filled location that is the village, earlier known as Old City Park. The attraction here is a collection of homes that allow dogs to roam around on leashes with you.

Witness the reenactment of farm chores with your dog in this pet friendly location. The fun thing about these structures is that they represent what used to be Dallas, Texas from 1840s to 1910.

Texas Capitol Complex, Austin

The park in this place is located at the heart of Austin, Texas. The Capitol building is a major attraction and what makes it even better is that it is dog friendly. Get your dog here and enjoy strolling about the grounds all day.

Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore | Photo Credit – Roy Luck

This national park in Texas is a really great place to visit and enjoy. You can even get your dog here and go to the beach with them.  This dog friendly beach location is a really great place. Park your vehicle nearby and enjoy the beauty of the parks here.

Caddo Mounds State Historic Site, Alto

This dog friendly location welcomes your pet on a leash. The park is located around 25 miles from Nacogdoches. This place is known to be a ceremonial center for the Mound Builder culture that flourished here for 2500 years.

This place is extremely dog friendly and you are bound to find many travelers walking about with their pets here. Time to make some new friends for both you and your dog.

Canyon of the Eagles Lodge and Nature Parks, Burnet

This dog friendly place is a great way to spend your day while in Texas. The resort has a number of trails that you and your pet can hike, trek and run on. Enjoy activities such as fishing and kayaking while you are here. What a way to spend your day!

Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden, Nacogdoches

This dog friendly garden is filled with a large number of Azaleas and is the largest garden of its kind in Texas. The nearby areas to this place include Stephen F Austin State University Mast Arboretum and the Piney Woods Native Plant center.

We hope our list of the best dog friendly locations in Texas and nearby Houston will help you plan your travel with you loving dog. Dogs make for great pets and well behaved dogs will only make your vacation more memorable.

There is no reason why your pet shouldn’t be allowed with you, and these places challenge the norm that only has rights reserved for humans!

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