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Things to Do In Sikeston, Missouri

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Things to Do in Sikeston

Sikeston is a quaint Missouri town with a rich historical background. As a tourist in Sikeston, you will be able to enjoy a lot of great attractions. There are many great day trips to be taken from the city as well. Great for solo tourists, families, couples and groups, Sikeston will make sure your trip here will be great and amazing.

This post will tell you all there is to know about the best way to enjoy the city of Sikeston as a tourist. We have curated a list of the best things to do in Sikeston, Missouri and hope that you have fun reading about this place. Use this post to create an itinerary for your visit and have fun visiting there.

With no further delay, let us start reading about the best things to do in Sikeston, Missouri.

Downtown Murals

Downtown Murals at Sikeston, Missouri.

The Murals painted on various buildings in Downtown Sikeston tell a story about the history of the town. Any tourist visiting the city of Sikeston should definitely come and visit the historical downtown area of Sikeston. This is one of the most popular of the many things to do in Sikeston, Missouri.

The best way to explore Downton Sikeston is on foot, walking around the many places to see in the historic district and giving time to each mural. Apart from the murals, Downtown Sikeston is also a haven for shoppers. with antique galleries and specialty shops. The historic Downtown district has great cultural value for the city of Sikeston. There are a lot of attractions in Downtown that will make sure your day here will be spent in a great way. Additionally, there are many events that keep happening here as well.

It would be really great to spend a few hours admiring the murals and sightseeing in Downtown Sikeston. Be sure to make the most out of this attraction in the town of Sikeston.

Tour the Sikeston’s Historic Homes

The history of Sikeston is an interesting one. When the town was formed, it used to be right on the main passage between major cities. This led to an increase in its importance and slowly many people began to settle on the land. By the 1900s, Sikeston also became a place with a lot of millionaires living here. The affluent houses of these people have now become the heritage of Sikeston in the form of its historic homes.

Take a tour of these homes and spend a great day at Sikeston. There are a total of 24 houses that have been built over a period of around 50 years.

You will not only be able to enjoy a dose of history by visiting these homes but also will be able to enjoy the old fashioned beauty of these houses.

You can join a tour of the historic homes at Sikeston by coming to 105 E Center Street in Sikeston, Missouri.

Lambert’s Cafe

Known affectionately as the “Home of the Throwed Rolls,” Lambert’s Cafe has become an iconic destination that draws visitors from near and far. So, what’s the story behind this unique eatery, and what can you expect when you step through its doors?

Lambert’s Cafe is famous for its one-of-a-kind dining experience: the throwing of rolls. As you settle into your seat, you’ll notice something unusual – warm, freshly baked rolls soaring through the air. Servers toss these delectable delights to diners, and if you’re quick and catch one, you’re in for a treat. It’s a quirky tradition that adds an element of playfulness to your meal and leaves you with a memorable story to share.

While the tossing of rolls might steal the spotlight, the real star of Lambert’s Cafe is its comfort food. The menu is a treasure trove of Southern-inspired dishes that will warm your heart and satisfy your taste buds. From fried chicken and catfish to country-fried steak and ham and beans, each dish is prepared with love and served in generous portions. And don’t forget to pair your meal with classic sides like okra, macaroni and tomatoes, and black-eyed peas. A slice of pie or cobbler is the ideal way to cap off your hefty dinner if you’re searching for something sweet to finish.

The address for Lambert’s Cafe is 2305 E. Malone, Sikeston, MO

Missouri Plain Folk Gallery

The Missouri Plain Folk Gallery is a fun place to visit when you are visiting Sikeston in Missouri. The Missouri Plain Folk gallery focusses on folk art and culture of various rural communities in America. Find collected works from regions across the United States as you tour this great Sikeston attraction.

Among other things to do here is the exhibition on hand painted game boards and more.

The Missouri Plain Folk Gallery is the result of the efforts of Tim and Charlene Chambers. These people have been very much invested in local and folk arts and culture and this gallery is a way of celebrating this interest of theirs.

The address for the Missouri Plain Folk Gallery is 501 Hunter Avenue in Sikeston.

Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo

Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo, MO
Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo

Enjoy the rodeo show of Sikeston by coming to the Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo. This is one of the best and oldest of the Sikeston attractions. Operating since 1953, the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo has become really famous and is well known as one of the top attractions of Sikeston.

There are many events that keep happening in and around the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo such as the annual Rodeo Week. This event is a great one for the city as businesses are able to generate a lot of revenue during this time. There is also the annual Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association event.

The best thing to do at the Rodeo show is to enjoy the cowboys doing tricks on horseback. There are many events such as bareback riding as well as barrel racing. There is also bullfighting and bull riding to be enjoyed here.

The address for the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo is 1220 N Ingram Road in Sikeston, Missouri.

Front Street Studio and Art Gallery

Front Street Studio and Gallery at Sikeston, MO
Front Street Studio and Gallery

The Front Street Studio and Art Gallery is one of the best attractions in Downtown Sikeston. If you are into arts and culture, then a trip to the Front Street Studio and Art Gallery is an absolute must. Local artists of Sikeston are known to collaborate here. Also, if you an aspiring artist yourself, then you should definitely come here. Under their guidance, you will not only be able to hone your art skills but also enjoy works of other aspiring artists like yourself.

What makes coming to the Front Street Studio and Art Gallery a really great thing to do is that there are many workshops and demos that the studio keeps hosting. Take part in them or enjoy other artists working on their pieces here. Your time at the Front Street Studio and Art Gallery will be well spent.

Their address is 132 Front Street in Sikeston.

Sikeston Depot Museum and Gallery

Sikeston Depot Museum and Gallery, MO
Dazspell, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Sikeston Depot Museum and Gallery is another one of historic downtown’s attractions. This building is actually a part of the US National Register of Historic Places. Free to visit and great for all age groups, you should certainly make time to visit this great Sikeston attraction. The building of the Sikeston Depot Museum and Gallery is a historic depot building from 1916. This place has been restored while keeping alive the historic essence of the place.

Things to do here include enjoying the various exhibits and displays proudly showcased by the museum. There are many educational exhibits here as well, making this place a great place to learn along with sightseeing. Coming here with kids can be a really great idea. It might be a very informative and educational experience for them.

The museum is also one of the best places in Sikeston to learn about the history and culture of the city.

The address of the Sikeston Depot Museum and Gallery is 116 W Malone Avenue in Sikeston, Missouri.

Malone Park

The Malone Park is the oldest park in the city of Sikeston. Coming to Malone Park is a great way to spend a day of relaxation during your trip of Sikeston. Furthermore, coming here you will be able to enjoy a really great picnic among the gorgeous meadows of the park. There are a lot of fun activities to indulge in when you are here at Malone Park. There is a reason why this park has made our list of the best things to do in the city of Sikeston.

Enjoy a romantic picnic with your loved one or relax with you family when you come to Malone Park. A fine day of relaxation and a break from heavy sightseeing awaits you at Malone Park.

Malone Park is in Downtown Sikeston near the Sikeston Park Lincoln Memorial and the Missouri Delta Medical Center.

Beggs Family Farm

A special treat awaits you at Sikeston if you visit it during the month of October. At this time, the Beggs Melon Company opens the Beggs Family Farm which is one of the best and most sought after attractions in Sikeston city. This place is especially great if you are visiting with family. Both adults and kids can really enjoy the plethora of activities one can do at the Beggs Family Farm.

Some of these activities include the corn maze, spanning over 10 acres. You can be sure to enjoy this activity as you will get a lot of clues and maps and it will be a challenge to navigate through the maze. Other attractions at the farm include the Haunted Boo Barn, the ropes course and the paintball arcade. Kids will be quite happy to spend their time at the farm as they can interact with the many animals and learn about them.

You will be able to find the Beggs Family Farm at 2301 State Highway U in Sikeston.

First Methodist Church Columns

First Methodist Church Columns at Sikeston, MO

Sikeston is a city full of monuments. Some of them take you back in time to explore the political history of the place. Some of them, like the First Methodist Church Columns give you a take on the religious history of the town. Like many other Sikeston Attractions, the First Methodist Church Columns are located in Downtown Sikeston and have now become some of the most recognizable spots of the city. The purpose of these columns is to celebrate the First Methodist Church building that stood for almost a century.

The address of the Columns is 501 N New Madrid Street in Sikeston.

New Madrid Historical Museum

The New Madrid Historical Museum is one of the better day trips from the city of Sikeston. New Madrid is only a short drive away from Sikeston and is a great place to visit in itself. The Mississippi River runs along it and offers scenic views as you drive up to visit the Historical Museum. The museum’s building is an 1886 Saloon and this museum is a testament to the ever changing culture of the city of New Madrid.

The exhibits here include many battles from Civil Wars as well as artifacts from cultures that preceded the colonial establishment. Also, this museum details the history of the region and showcases many events, both cultural and natural, that shaped the city into what it is now.

The address of the New Madrid Historical Museum is 1 Main Street in the city.

Fort D Historical Site

A really great day trip from Sikeston is the Fort D Historical Site. This fort was built in 1861 and can be found in Cape Girardeau. If you are someone who enjoys history and culture, then this day trip is the one for you. Only 30 minutes away from the city of Sikeston, it will be quite worthwhile to spend a few hours at this historical site. It is a great piece of American history and brings you back to the time of the American Civil War.

Also, the location around Cape Girardeau is quite scenic and gorgeous. The river view from the fort and the location in general is quite breathtaking in itself. There are many artifacts and events hosted by the fort in order to showcase its history in the Civil War. If you are here during an American holiday such as July 4th, Labor Day or the Memorial Weekend, then you will really have some fun seeing some live history demos.

The address for the Ford D Historical Site is 920 Fort Street in Cape Girardeau in Missouri.

Things to do in Sikeston : FAQs

When is the best time to visit Sikeston?

The best time to visit is during the annual Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo or the Cotton Carnival for a truly unforgettable experience.

What is Sikeston, Missouri, known for?

Sikeston is known for its rich history, delicious food, and vibrant festivals, particularly the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo.

Can I learn about Sikeston’s history at the museums?

Certainly! The Sikeston Depot Museum and the Historic Scott County Courthouse offer fascinating insights into the town’s rich history.

What can I expect at Lambert’s Cafe?

Lambert’s Cafe is known for its “throwed rolls” and generous portions. Get ready for a unique dining experience filled with hearty food and lively ambiance.

What is the signature dish at Lambert’s Cafe?

Lambert’s Café is renowned for its “throwed rolls,” a unique dining experience where servers toss freshly baked rolls directly to diners at their tables.

Are pets allowed in Sikeston’s parks?

Yes, many of Sikeston’s parks are pet-friendly, providing designated areas where pets can roam and enjoy the outdoors alongside their owners.

In Conclusion

It is our hope that you had fun reading this article on the best things to do in Sikeston. Use it to create an itinerary for yourself when you finally visit Sikeston. As you have seen, Sikeston has a lot to offer to a tourist like yourself, and you will also find it to be a rather welcoming and lovely city.

If you think that this article was helpful, share it to more of your fellow travelers and gives us a thumbs up. Let us know all about your thoughts in the comments below. We would really appreciate your words and feedback for us.

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That’s it for the best things to do in Sikeston, Missouri. Thanks for reading and enjoy your travels.

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