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Best Things to do in Christiansburg VA

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Best Things to do in Christiansburg

Christiansburg is a great city in Virginia. Christiansburg is a part of Montgomery County and is a very charming and quaint location. You will be able to enjoy really great and scenic views at the many locations of Christiansburg. There are many things to do and see here and you will definitely enjoy your trip to Christiansburg.

Keep reading this article to find out of the best things to do in the city of Christiansburg. After reading this article you will be able to know exactly what you should be looking for in the city of Christiansburg. Keep reading and pack your bags for your next trip to Christiansburg.

Enjoying at the Falls Ridge Preserve

Falls Ridge Preserve, Virginia
Falls Ridge Preserve, VA

A great place for nature lovers, the Fall Ridge Preserve forms a part of the Nature Conservancy. It spans over 655 acres. There is a really great network of hiking trails within the trail and there is something here for all levels of hikers. There are some very special and unique attractions within the Falls Ridge Preserve such as the travertine waterfall and the ridge. The waterfall is over 80 feet in height with a really gorgeous scenery surrounding it.

Sights such as these await you aplenty at the Falls Ridge Preserve. The gorgeous woods are filled with babbling brooks, streams, wooded paths and trails surrounded by exquisite flora. We recommend that you come to the Fall Ridge Preserve in the morning. You can then spend a good amount of time exploring this great location.

Before you start to explore the trails and scenery of the Falls Ridge Preserve, take some time to reach their visitor’s center. You should buy a map of the area to explore the place better. The visiting hours for the location are morning till evening everyday.

You will be able to find the Falls Ridge Preserve Off the Route 603 near North Fork Road in Montgomery County.

Note: Falls Ridge Preserve is now closed until further notice as of 1/27/22. The trails are being fixed after a prolonged period of use.

Pandapas Pond

A 20-mile drive west of Christiansburg, Virginia, in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests is where you’ll find the 8-acre artificial pond known as Pandapas Pond. The pond is bordered by a rhododendron and hardwood forest and is located on the Eastern Continental Divide.

Craig Creek was dammed in 1972 to construct the pond. It is utilised for picnics, hiking, canoeing on flat water, and fishing. The pond is surrounded by a 1-mile loop walk that provides excellent possibilities for animal observation.

Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, crappie, chain pickerel, carp, brook trout, and rainbow trout are among the fish species found at Pandapas Pond. The two finest fishing seasons are spring and autumn. In the winter, ice fishing is a popular activity at the pond.

Pandapas Pond is a fantastic location for hiking in addition to fishing. Families with small children should consider using the pond’s simple and accessible walk. The hike also provides some magnificent views of the nearby mountains.

Pandapas Pond is a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a quiet spot to unwind and take in the outdoors. It’s a lovely place to spend the day hiking, fishing, or just enjoying the nature.

Here are some recommendations for going to Pandapas Pond:

  • When the weather is nice and the fish are biting, spring or autumn are the finest times to visit.
  • The day use area has a $3 per car entrance fee.
  • Anglers 16 years of age and older need a fishing license.
  • Pets are permitted on the trails but must be leashed at all times.
  • At the day use area, there are several picnic tables and grills.

Starlite Drive-In Theatre

In the heart of Christiansburg, a touch of nostalgia comes alive at the Starlite Drive-In Theatre, a beloved local gem that harks back to the golden era of cinema. The Starlite Drive-In Theatre encapsulates the charm of yesteryears, where families and friends gathered in their cars to watch the latest flicks under the stars. As the sun sets and the screen comes to life, the excitement of a bygone era reignites.

This cherished establishment isn’t just a place to catch a movie; it’s a living testament to the town’s history and cultural fabric. From romantic date nights to family outings, the Starlite Drive-In Theatre continues to bring generations together, fostering connections and creating memories that withstand the test of time. As technology and trends evolve, this vintage treasure remains a cherished haven where stories unfold against the canvas of the night sky, reminding us of the enduring power of shared experiences and the joy of a night at the movies, reimagined in the heart of Christiansburg.

Sinkland Farms

Sinkland Farms Christiansburg, VA

In Christiansburg, Virginia, Sinkland Farms is a stunning and adaptable wedding and event location. In the 1980s, it was a family-run dairy farm, but it has now been changed into a lovely, rustic-chic venue for events and festivals. With views of gardens, meadows, and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance, it is located on a 125-acre property. It offers both indoor and outdoor space for events such as weddings, family gatherings, corporate gatherings, concerts, and more. Additionally, it hosts notable occasions like the Sunflower Festival and Pumpkin Festival, which both draw large crowds of tourists. You may take in the splendour of nature, the friendliness of the locals, and the excitement of farm life at Sinkland Farms.

Visiting Sinkland Farms is an experience that takes you right into the heart of Virginia’s countryside, where traditions, nature, and celebration come together. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or drawn to seasonal festivities, Sinkland Farms offers a true slice of Southern hospitality and a chance to reconnect with the land that has shaped the region’s identity for centuries.

Montgomery Museum of Art and History

The Montgomery Museum of Art and History displays the works of local artists from Christiansburg. Their collections include archival books, photographs and other works of art. This place is really special for the city as it encapsulates the history of the county. Visitors are encouraged to visit the Montgomery Museum of Art and History to learn about the history of Montgomery County since its formation in 1776. The museum showcases how the area evolved from being an agricultural center into the modern era. There are exhibits from which you can enjoy an entire timeline of not only the history of Virginia and Montgomery, but also of the country itself. Find exhibits on the Civil War to the defining features of the modern age.

The Montgomery Museum of Art and History’s address is 300 South Pepper Street in Christiansburg.

Huckleberry Trail

Huckleberry Trail at Christiansburg, Virginia

The Huckleberry Trail is yet another attraction in Christiansburg that showcases the history of the region. Its origins lie in the fact that it connected the cities of Christiansburg and Blacksburg back when this trail was part of the Virginia Anthracite Coal and Rail Company. In 1966, the Huckleberry Trail was transformed into an eight mile trail that is now a great and unique Christiansburg attraction. The name of the trail comes from the wild blueberries growing abound in the region.

As a tourist visiting the Huckleberry Trail, you will be surprised to find out just how much there is to enjoy here. You can enjoy hiking, biking and sightseeing when you are here. There are many scenic views to enjoy along the way and you should keep your camera ready. The trail has recently been extended to include Linwood Lane and Prices Frock. The scenic area of the New River Valley will delight you as you traverse this trail.

Walking this trail is going to be a great day trip as there are many other points of interest that you can explore from here. These include the New River Valley Mall and the Christiansburg Recreation Center.

Find the entrance of the Huckleberry Trail at 200 Miller Street in Blacksburg.

Paint N’ Fun Ceramics

Paint N' Fun Ceramics Christiansburg

As a tourist, one often looks for sights to see and things to do. However, sometimes it is quite worthwhile to go for a unique experience. One such experience awaits you at Paint N’ Fun, a creative studio where you can try your hand at creative pottery painting. Many local artists frequent this place. There are over 500 pottery pieces here that you can paint on. Paint N’ Fun provides everything on hand, from painting materials to guidance. You can pick whatever piece you like best and paint on it for a couple of hours. Then you can take it home. This can be a really great way to take away a memento home as a souvenir from your trip.

Paint N’ Fun also hosts many events all around the year so be sure to check their calendar for a surprise.

Their address is 782 New River Road in Christiansburg.

Whitebarrel Winery

Whitebarrel Winery Christiansburg, VA

A scenic location coupled with great wines. The Whitebarrel winery at Childress is a great experience for all the wine lovers out there. While you are here, try some of their great blends and enjoy farm to table cuisine. The location of the Winery is breathtaking. It is between the New River and the Little River. Just a short drive away from Christiansburg, the Whitebarrel Winery can be a really fun thing to do during your trip.

Try from the great selection of wines such as Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay among many. There are many events that keep happening at this place such as musical performances and comedy shows. Try a tour of the winery and their cellar to learn more about the wines they make.

All in all, a trip to the Whitebarrel Winery can be a really great experience. Be sure to try it when you find yourself in Christainsburg.

The address of the Whitebarrel Winery is 4025 Childress Road in Christiansburg.

Note: Permanently Closed

Christiansburg Aquatic Center

Christiansburg Aquatic Center

If you enjoy swimming and having fun in the water, then the Christiansburg Aquatic Center might be the best place for you to spend a couple of hours. This place has a lot of activities for you and also offers to host birthdays and celebrations. They host swim meets so for someone who is a swimming enthusiast, the Christiansburg Aquatic Center can be a really great place.

Even if you are just looking to have some fun, the center will not disappoint you. Try to enjoy to the fullest when you are here.

Christiansburg Farmers Market

The Christiansburg Farmers Market is a great place and you can have a lot of fun there during your visit. The farmers market of every city is something unique and offers a delightful experience into the culture of that city. Therefore, it can be a really good idea to come to the farmers market when you are touring a city.

The Christiansburg Farmers Market will not disappoint you. The Farmers Market of Christiansburg is open during the months of May through October. If you find yourself here during that time, then you should definitely come here for a couple of hours in the morning.

Virginia Techniques Training Center

The Virginia Techniques Training Center is a really great and fun filled location in Christiansburg. They are very family friendly location and offer many activities such as Tumbling, Cartwheeling and others. This location is particularly great for kids and visiting families. Kids will especially enjoy having fun at the Ninja Zone. There are many things to do at the center such as taking advantage of the open gym and the camp. There are many events that keep happening at the Virginia Techniques Training Center so you should check their calendar before coming. Maybe you will find something really great.

As for kids, the first Saturday of every month is a Kids Nite Out. It features a great many activities for kids such as crafts and movies.

All in all, coming to the Virginia Techniques Training Center can be a great way to spend some time at Christiansburg.

Their address is 1550 Roanoke Street in Christiansburg.

Food at Christiansburg

No trip is complete without a great experience of food. Many food lovers take trips for the sole reason of trying out the special cuisine of a place. In this respect, you will be delighted to know that Christiansburg is not behind. There are many places in the city that serve delicious meals that would be great for breaks during your trips. This section of this post will explore all the dining options you can enjoy at Christiansburg. Let us begin.

El Bronco

The El Bronco is a great place to enjoy Mexican cuisine. The reviews of this restaurant are excellent and rightly so. Their menu is really great with great seating options. You are sure to have a lot of fun at this restaurant especially because there is a full bar here. El Bronco is great for a lazy Sunday afternoon meal. Enjoy their enchiladas and fajitas.

Find El Bronco at 6 Radford Street in Christiansburg.


Enjoy great American cuisine with all its delights at O’Charley’s. Try their prime rib, which is known to get great reviews. The experience here at this restaurant will delight you as they staff will make you extremely comfortable. Not only will you be able to enjoy delicious meals chosen from a great menu, but the ambience will lull you into comfort. Be sure to try this great restaurant when you are at Christiansburg.

O’Charley’s address is 12301 Bermuda Crossroad Lane in Christiansburg.

Outback Steakhouse

The Outback Steakhouse offers delicious steaks with an ambient setting. Come here for lunch after taking a break from sightseeing or end the evening with a great meal at dinner. The place is wheelchair accessible and has all the amenities you can look out for in a great restaurant. They have a full bar and serve delicious cocktails for their patrons.

A great option for food at Christiansburg.

Their address is 295 Peppers Fry Road NE.

Things to do in Christiansburg : FAQs

Is Christiansburg a family-friendly destination?

Absolutely, Christiansburg offers a range of family-oriented activities and attractions suitable for all ages.

Are there any annual events to look forward to?

Yes, Christiansburg hosts various annual events, such as the Heritage Days Festival, Sunflower Festival and Pumpkin Festival.

What are some recommended outdoor activities in Christiansburg?

You can explore hiking trails in Pandapas Pond or enjoy picnics at Huckleberry Trail Park.

Are there accommodations for budget travelers?

Yes, there are budget-friendly lodging options like motels and inns that cater to travelers looking for affordable stays.

How do I get to Christiansburg from the nearest airport?

The easiest way is to rent a car at the airport, as Christiansburg is well-connected by roads and highways.

In Conclusion

We hope that you liked our post about the best things to do in Christiansburg Virginia. This is a great location that offers you a quiet vacation with the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you enjoyed reading this post, then give us a thumbs up and share this article. Let us know your views about it by mentioning your thoughts in the comments below.

If you are someone who has already visited the city of Christiansburg, then we would really appreciate your feedback on this post. Let us know if we have missed something by mentioning it in the comments. Also, share this article with your fellow travelers.

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