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Things to do in Moreno Valley: Exploring the Best of Southern California

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Things to do in Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley is a recently developed city that is on its way to becoming a prime tourist destination in California. The city is a part of Riverside county and is one of the most well known places for outdoor scenery. Enjoy breathtaking views of the California landscape as you visit the many places in and around Moreno Valley.

This article will help you figure out about all the best things to do when you find yourself in Moreno Valley. Keep reading and find out all the attractions that will stay with you forever.

Diamond Valley Lake

Enjoy exquisite views that Moreno Valley has to offer by coming to the Diamond Valley Lake. This lake is one of the top hotspots for tourists visiting Moreno Valley. Coming to the Diamond Valley Lake makes for a really fun day trip. It has all you might need of a lake trip. Not only can you enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming and canoeing while you are here, but also walk about the network of trails at Diamond Valley Lake. These trails are used for both hiking and biking as well. This network covers the entirety of the Diamond Valley Lake area. Some trails follow the shoreline and some will take you into the surrounding forests.

As you hike or bike these trails, you will be delighted to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous scenery all around. These exquisite views of the hills serving as the backdrop for the lake will stay with you forever.

When you are done with exploring the trails, it is time to enjoy the water. There is an area filled with recreational amenities on the East Dam area. You can enjoy swimming pools and ball fields here. Take a canoe out to the water and enjoy the beauty of the lake.

The Diamond Valley Lake is in Riverside County, California.

Box Springs Mountain

The Box Springs Mountain is yet another scenic location to visit when you are in Moreno Valley. When you come to visit Moreno Valley, then a day trip to the Box Springs Mountain is an absolute must. This place is filled with scenic rock formations and is also home to exotic wildlife. The Box Springs Mountain is extremely scenic and will turn out to be an absolute delight for nature lovers. Unique and special things to do here are enjoying sightings of mountain deer and the eucalyptus trees on the desert landscape.

Enjoy walking and hiking the many trails that run through the Box Springs Mountain area. You will be able to find many locations that will stop you right in your tracks to take a picture. The California sunset is going to be particularly delightful from the Box Springs Mountain.

This is one of the best things to do in Moreno Valley and the locals will attest to that. It’s not surprising, as this place is a local haunt as well. Be sure to enjoy this Moreno Valley attraction while you are here.

Find the Box Springs Mountain Park on Google Maps by following this link.

Lake Perris

Reading this post you will realize that their are many scenic and beautiful locations to enjoy in Moreno Valley. Here is one more such destination. One of the most famous attractions in Moreno Valley, Lake Perris is known to be an example of pristine and untouched nature.

This place features exquisite views that will appeal to all nature lovers. Not only that, people who enjoy birdwatching and sightings of exotic animals would also have a fair amount of fun here. A special thing about Lake Perris is that it has a quite rugged appearance as its natural features stand beautifully preserved. Lake Perris is well known as one of the top attractions in the Moreno Valley area.

Things to do here include birdwatching, exotic animal spotting and enjoying the natural beauty. The lake also has a number of hiking opportunities. Be sure to enjoy Lake Perris during your trip to Moreno Valley.

Find it on Google Maps here.

Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum Lake Perris

This is one of the best attractions to visit in the Moreno Valley region. The Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum Lake Perris is a museum dedicated to the indigenous inhabitants of the region. The name of museum literally means ‘Home of the Wind’ in the Cahuilla language. It is a place that will tell you all about the history of the Native American populations in the region.

Take a tour of the museum to learn more. There are many exhibits and galleries that showcase the arts and crafts of the Native American cultures. Engage with the people here at the museum and you will be delighted to hear the stories they have in store.

All in all, the Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum is a really great place to visit while you are touring Moreno Valley. Furthermore, the locale and setting of the museum is quite scenic and breathtaking in itself. The surrounding area of Lake Perris just adds more beauty to this place. Be sure to make time for this place when you are visiting Lake Perris.

The address of the museum is Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum is 17801 Lake Perris Drive.

Orange Empire Railway Museum

If you are someone who is a train enthusiast, then you’ve really hit the jackpot by making the trip to Moreno Valley. Come here and make your way to the Orange Empire Railway Museum. This museum is the largest of its kind in the Western United States. The Orange Empire Railway Museum hosts an impressive collection of locomotives within its walls. Some of the exhibits here are over a hundred and fifty years old.

A dream come true for a train enthusiast, the Orange Empire Railway Museum has all that you can hope for. From electric cars to freights and more. There are over two hundred railway objects on display here at the Orange Empire Railway Museum. Enjoy the history of the Railroad and learn about its significance for the Moreno Valley region when you come here.

The Orange Empire Railway Museum is a really great attraction to visit while you are in Moreno Valley. You can find it at 2202 S A Street in Perris.

March Field Air Museum

The March Field Air Museum is a great place and it would be quite worthwhile to come here for a couple of hours during your tours of Moreno Valley. This museum is an educative and interactive experience and takes you on a journey of the history of flight. There are many exhibits here that display the many planes that have flown over the years. There are over 70 aircraft on display here at the March Field Air Museum.

One of the top exhibits here is of the SR-71 Blackbird. There are other categories of aircraft here as well. There are interactive galleries within the museum that you must explore while you are here.

Find the March Field Air Museum at 22550 Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside.

Visiting the Western Science Center

Western Science Center at Moreno Valley
Westerncenter, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

If you are into science, then a trip to the Western Science Center at Moreno Valley is really going to be worth your while. The exhibits here at the Western Science Center include fossils found in the Diamond Valley Lake region. This place is going to be an interesting way to spend a couple of hours in Moreno Valley. We can say that for sure as there are not many places in the world that have an exhibit of a mastodon and a mammoth. There are many interactive attractions at the Western Science Center as well. One of them is the dig site where you can unearth a mastodon fossil.

There are over one million specimens on display at the Western Science Center. Also, a tour of the Western Science Center will be quite informative and educational for you.

This place is especially great to visit if you are here with kids and also as a group.

The Western Science Center is located at 2345 Searl Parkway in Hemet.

Brunswick Bowl

Brunswick Bowl Moreno Valley

A great way to spend an evening at Moreno Valley is to make your way to the Brunswick Bowl. Great for family and friends, the Brunswick Bowl will give you an evening to remember. The aesthetic of the Bowling Alley is quite nice and you can enjoy a couple of games here. Not only that, the Brunswick Bowl gives you a full on arcade experience, with many interactive machines as well as other fun things to do such billiards and more.

The Brunswick Bowl’s address is 24666 Sunnymead Boulevard in Moreno Valley. This address in now for Bowlero Monero Valley.

Note: Brunswick Bowl of Moreno Valley is permanently closed. The bowling alley closed in 2022 after being in business for over 50 years.

There are several other places to bowl in Moreno Valley. You can try Bowlero Murrieta, Round 1 Moreno Valley, or Bowlero Upland. These bowling alleys all offer a variety of amenities and features, so you can find one that is perfect for you.


Skydive Perris

A really great thing that might come out of your day trip to Perris would be a skydiving experience. Every year, this adventure filled activity draws in thrill seekers from all over the world. At Perris, you will be given a complete experience of learning how to skydive and then finally doing it.

If you want to take things slow, then you should check out their indoor facility that has a simulator with an almost real like experience.

Skydiving might not be for everyone, but if you make up your mind to do it then it will surely be an experience that will last a lifetime.

Visit Skydive Perris for this thrilling experience.

Moreno Valley Mall

A day at the Moreno Valley Mall might just be the best way to end your trip in Moreno Valley. This is one of the best shopping places in the entire region and offers a wide selection of items to choose from. From top brands to locally made items, the Moreno Valley Mall will surely have something in store for you.

There are two levels at the Moreno Valley Mall and they have been divided into shopping and dining sections. If you are looking for something to kill the time, try their extravagant theater that has 16 different screens. There are several great restaurants here and also a food court that is a fun way to spend time.

You can spend an entire day at the Moreno Valley Mall without getting bored.

Find the Moreno Valley Mall at 22500 Town Cir in Moreno Valley.

Frequently asked question for Things to do in Moreno Valley

How do I get to Moreno Valley from Los Angeles?

You can easily reach Moreno Valley by car via major highways, such as I-215 and CA-60. Alternatively, there are public transportation options available, including buses and trains.

Are the hiking trails suitable for beginners?

Yes, there are trails suitable for beginners, like the “Hidden Springs Trail.” It’s always a good idea to start with an easier trail if you’re new to hiking.

Can I rent equipment for activities at Lake Perris?

Yes! Lake Perris offers equipment rentals for boating, fishing, and other water activities. Check their website for rental information.

Is the March Field Air Museum suitable for kids?

Yes, the museum is family-friendly and has interactive exhibits that kids will enjoy, making it a great educational experience for all ages.

What’s the best time to visit Celebration Park?

Celebration Park hosts events year-round, but the spring and summer months are especially vibrant with various cultural festivals and outdoor activities.

Are there any guided tours available for Box Springs Mountain Park?

While guided tours are not typically offered, the park has well-marked trails, and you can find trail maps online or at the park entrance.

In Conclusion

We really hope that you enjoyed reading our post on the best things to do at Moreno Valley. This place has it all, from breathtaking scenic locations to museums cataloging history and culture. Let us know in the comments if reading this post was fun for you. Share this article as much as you can and also use it to make your own itinerary. We can promise that your Moreno Valley experience is going to be quite worthwhile.

If you are someone who has already been to Moreno Valley, then please let us know about your experience there. Have we missed anything? Do let us know in the comments below. Your thoughts and inputs are appreciated.

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