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Amazing Things To Do In Branson Missouri

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Things To Do In Branson Missouri

Branson is a town in the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri located at the highway 76.  The moniker bestowed upon Branson is “the live music capital of the world”. This article has been brought to you in order to help you find out the best things to do while in Branson. From live music venues to museums and theme parks, you will be surprised to know just how much Branson has to offer. Take a look and discover some of the best attractions you can possibly find at Branson below:

Live Shows

Branson is a city that possesses a culture revolving around music and live shows.
Branson City | Photo Credit – Counselman Collection

Starting with the most famous of them all: music. Branson is a city that possesses a culture revolving around music and live shows. It is no surprise that Branson has been referred to as the live music capital of the world. Many genres of music are covered here, including classical, country and more.

There is music theater as well a acapella performances. Be here in the summer to enjoy live shows every single night. Not only are the live shows limited to music, but there are also shows on acrobatics, magic, illusion and theater. Christmas time is a really great time to be in Branson due to their special Christmas performances. Branson’s Christmas Wonderland is a show that is one of the most popular attractions in the city.

Some other brilliant shows at Branson are the Presley’s Country Jubilee and the special effects show from the Haygoods. Enjoy Dolly Parton’s Stampede here which is a complete experience featuring dinner, horse riding, music and comedy.

Silver Dollar City And Marvel Cave

The Silver Dollar city is a huge amusement park that is one of the most famous attractions of Branson.
Silver Dollar City | Photo Credit – Roller Coaster Race

Located between Branson and West Branson, the Silver Dollar city is a huge amusement park that is one of the most famous attractions of Branson. This theme park is a really huge place, over 100 acres and built in a 1880s theme and features over 40 different rides. There are restaurants and shopping here in the theme park. Take a culinary class while you are here. Enjoy the unique Branson attraction known as the Harvest Festival.

Silver Dollar City hosts many festivals due to its large size and ability to accommodate events. The Marvel Cave is an attraction that was discovered recently and it was only after this that Silver Dollar City was created. Marvel Cave is an extremely popular attraction and a pretty relevant one for Branson city. It is responsible for making the city what it is today. Located at 399 Silver Dollar City Parkway, Branson, this attraction is a must visit when you are here in Branson for excellent family friendly fun.

Branson Landing

Branson Landing is a major attraction in the city that is haven for shoppers.
Branson Landing | Photo Credit – Branson Convention and Vi

Located in Historic Downtown Branson, Branson Landing is a major attraction in the city that is haven for shoppers. This entertainment hub is a place with fine dining options, theatres and shopping markets. The promenade is filled with over a hundred storefronts and lies alongside the Branson Scenic Railway Depot. The Branson Landing is located right on the shores of Lake Taneycomo.

While you are here, check out the Branson Landing Fountains which are tall geysers that feature pyro shows along with music. Check out this display anytime between noon and 10 PM at one hour intervals.  The nearby Lake Taneycomo is an attraction in itself that one can couple with the Historic Downtown Branson trip.

Table Rock State Park

Amazing place to visit in Missouri.
Table Rock State Park | Photo Credit – Tony Webster

Delve into the Ozark Mountains by coming to the Table Rock State Park, located right on the shores of the Table Rock Lake. There are many hiking trails here along with oak trees that line the entire park. And also a number of waterways for you to enjoy here. There are many fun activities here at Table Rock State Park such as biking and fishing.

Table Rock Lake is itself a really great attraction that you can boat over and also enjoy from the shores. One way to do that is to take part in the Table Rock Lake Shore Trail. The Table Rock park is really great for camping, with two campsites that are available in electric and non electric options. Book the campsite in advance and enjoy the two days of fun here.

Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area

Located south of Branson’s entertainment district, the Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area is one of the most enjoyable travel options in Branson. It showcases the natural beauty of the Ozark area. There are some excellent and fun hiking trails here. Visit this place to get to know the beauty of the Ozark formations up close.

There are many underground caves here. Check out the Owens Drive Trail and the Lake Taneycomo Trail. Both these trails are very popular among tourists as they are fun, safe, and picturesque beyond imagination. This is a popular location for families to visit, with picnic shelters and playgrounds for kids. Be sure to visit the Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area when you travel to Branson.


Branson is a city filled with museums.
Missouri History Museum | Photo Credit – Jonathan Cutrer

Branson is a city filled with museums. There are just so many of them here that you can make a day trip out of visiting them all. Visit the Hollywood Wax Museum, a fun filled location that contains many replicas of pop artists. Apart from the wax museum, there are other places to visit as well. The Titanic museum is one of them, you enter it through an iceberg.

The Veteran’s Memorial Museum is a repository of American combat history throughout the 20th century. The Ripley’s Believe It or Not Branson Odditorium is another great location. For family friendly fun, come to the World’s Largest Toy Museum and the Celebrity Car Museum. These are some of the many museums that line the streets of Branson, be sure to visit them all while you are here to make your travel to the city complete.

Talking Rocks Cavern

One of the best things to do in Branson is to come to the Talking Rocks Cavern.
Talking Rocks Cavern | Photo Credit – Branson Convention and V

One of the best things to do in Branson is to come to the Talking Rocks Cavern, a place for family friendly subterranean entertainment. The best part of your visit are going to be the guided tours that will take you deep into the caverns featuring ancient rock features.

The thousand year archeological history of the area comes alive in these caverns and you would surely be lucky to witness them. Apart from all this underground fun, you will find many above the ground attractions like mini golf, gemstone mining and trails. While you are here, be sure to take part in the wooden maze challenge that transform this natural wonder into an amusement park.

Branson Scenic Railway

The Branson Scenic Railway is an attraction located near the Historic Downtown District lying east of the city.
Branson Scenic Railway | Photo Credit – GPA Photo Archive

The Branson Scenic Railway is an attraction located near the Historic Downtown District lying east of the city. You can choose to travel either north or south from the depot. The round trip is around 40 miles and takes you into the lush greens of the Ozark and you can check out the collection of classical railcars while you take the trip.

One of the top attractions of Branson Missouri, visiting the Branson Scenic Railway is among the best things to do in the city. There are special events at the Branson Scenic Railway, for example the Polar Express Train Ride and the Dinner train running weekly.

Branson’s Entertainment District

As the name suggests, this is a place full of enjoyment. An amusement park and a waterpark are nearby so you know your day is going to be the best thing ever. Go Karting, mini golf, and more, the attractions at Branson Missouri Entertainment District are endless.

Bigfoot on the Strip is a major landmark attraction that features a tower ride. The giant ferris wheel off highway 76 is a great location, as is the Track Family Fun Park and the White Water Park. Come to Branson’s Entertainment District for an adventure you will not forget and create memories for a lifetime.

The Butterfly Palace And Rainforest Adventure

The Butterfly Palace | Photo Credit – Branson Convention and Vi

Located west of the city, the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure is a place that will take you on an informative safari. The Rainforest Science Center is a top attraction and features thousands of butterflies from all over the world.

The place is educational and informative and also features many activities to do. The butterfly release event is among them. There is also the Great Banyan Tree Adventure and the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze.

Henning State Forest

This is a large park that is rife with nature’s sites. Get all your questions about flora and fauna answered by the inhouse naturalist and enjoy the scenery of green and brown. There are birds in the area so get your binoculars and prepare for some great birdwatching.

Lindwedel Winery

Missouri landscape | Photo Credit – Shelby L. Bell

This winery is located on a hill up in the mountains. Being a guest of the winery, you will be allowed to sample wine, tour the area and relax while enjoying the riveting Missouri landscape. The wine tasting is absolutely free so this is a great reason to come here and enjoy.

Shepherd Of The Hills Fish Hatchery

Table Rock Dam | Photo Credit – Jeff Weese

This is a very popular Branson Missouri attraction. It is located below Table Rock Dam and showcases some of the native fishes of Missouri. The center offers guided as well as self tours that will make you more learned by the time you prepare to leave.

Moon Shine Beach

This beach lying on the shores of the Table Rock Lake is a great place to relax and enjoy in Missouri.
Table Rock Lake | Photo Credit – Branson Convention and V

This beach lying on the shores of the Table Rock Lake is a great place to relax and enjoy. You can swim or sunbathe at the sandy beach, making this a very good place to come to. The visitor’s log will corroborate.

What Can Adults Do In Branson MO?
What Can You Do For Free Here?

Branson is a town that is filled with things to do and enjoy. Apart from the more obvious tourist attractions, you can also find things to do here for free. This section of the article will help you find some of the best free attractions at Branson:

  • College of the Ozarks: This is a campus that is extremely beautiful with picturesque landscapes, fountains and paths. Enjoy their awesome restaurant and take free tours at Edward Mill. Take in the history of Branson by coming to the Ralph Foster Museum and also be sure to check out Patriot’s Park.
  • Dewey Short Visitor Center: Lying right across the dam, this center gives you information about the dam and also the wildlife of the area. You can swim and fish here and this is the starting point of many hiking trails.
  • Branson Landing: This area has been given a section in the article above and while being among the best attractions in the city, is also mostly free.
  • Lakes: There are many lakes in the city, and be sure to take pictures of them all for you holiday scrapbook.
  • Lindwedel Winery: This hilltop winery offers free samplings along with gorgeous views. Don’t miss them.
  • Trolley: Taking you through the city, the Discovery Trolley is a great way to explore the city. Enjoy the architecture of the city as you travel and needless to say, keep your camera handy.

What Is Branson Missouri Known For?

This city is known as the Live Music Capital of the World due to its live music scene and shows. The city was named Lucia before it was named after postmaster Reuben’s last name. This city is known to be a great destination for group travel and is among the top destinations in America. The city has more than fifty theaters that have a combined total of over 60000 seats.

We hope you enjoyed our article of the best stuff to do in Branson. Come to this city and enjoy their museums, natural hiking trails and live music. You will not be disappointed at all. While you travel, be sure to take care of all the social distancing and personal hygiene precautions in light of the COVID 19 epidemic. Be safe and enjoy your travels and vacations!

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