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Top 12 Things To Do In Belleville

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Things To Do In Belleville

Belleville Street | Photo Credit – Harmenszoon van Rijn

Belleville is a beautiful city located on the eastern side of Ontario between Toronto and Ottawa. This is a perfect getaway for a small road trip if you are visiting Toronto. Not only a road trip, but you can also stay here for a few days and explore the wonderful views and major attractions of this city. Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, this city is a great place for spending time near the beaches or enjoying a relaxing day at a park. 

The city is also rich in culture and heritage and has various historical sites. The most famous one is the Glanmore National Historic Site which is visited by tourists from all over Canada. 

You can always find some fun new activity to do here no matter which season you are planning your vacation. For your summer vacations, this place has beautiful sunny gardens and a lush green park which makes a perfect spot for outdoor activities. In the winter season, Belleville dresses up in white and offers the most magical views of snowfall. 

If you are here make sure to check out the Belleville Festival of Lights which officially kick starts the holiday season here. It is visited by hundreds of tourists and is truly a must-see attraction. 

Also, make sure to include Toronto in your itinerary which lies approximately two hours away from Belleville. Read more about Toronto, in our post Things To Do In Toronto. 

Now let us see what other fun activities are there to do in Belleville.

Glanmore National Historic Site

Glanmore National Historic Site | Photo Credit – Jeff Hitchcock

This Historic Site is considered Belleville’s treasure. A grand mansion built in Victorian style, this place serves as both a community museum and a place of historic significance. Make sure to include this in your trip to Belleville and enjoy a tour of the colorful history of this town. The most famous attraction is their museum which preserves unique artifacts that were original to the historic house. It also has a great collection of fine arts and decorative pieces that dates back to 1820. 

Whenever you find yourself in Belleville, make sure to take a guided tour of the museum and also explore this architectural marvel. 

Timings: Open all around the year. Tuesday to Sunday. 1 pm to 4:30 pm.

Find more information about their latest events and exhibitions on their website here.

Zwick Centennial Park

Things To Do In Belleville
Zwick Centennial Park | Photo Credit – Community Archives

Belleville might be a small town but the picturesque location makes up for it. Zwick Centennial Park is a perfect spot for light walking and sightseeing in the city. Located on Bay Bridge Road, this wonderful park offers beautiful trails and lush green parks for you to spend a nice relaxing day. 

Make sure to visit this park for a small picnic with your loved ones. The trails are well maintained and offer beautiful views of the park. We highly recommend that you stay there for the sunset and enjoy the beautiful colors of the evening sky.

There are many food outlets near the park, so you can also stop by for a quick snack. 

Timings: Monday to Friday. 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Things to do: go picnicking and hiking. 

Address: 11 Bay Bridge Rd, Belleville, ON K8P 3P6, Canada.

Vanderwater Conservation Area

Things To Do In Belleville
Vanderwater Conservation Area | Photo Credit – Martin Cathrae

The best way to enjoy any vacation is to also explore neighboring places. This is why we recommend that you check out the Vanderwater Conservation Area. This park is located in Thomasburg, Ontario, and is a very pretty place for small trips. 

The Vanderwater Conservation Area is located along the banks of River Moira and makes up for a lovely outdoor spot. There is a 15 kilometers long trail that lets you enjoy the picturesque views of the wildlife. 

You can find something to do here every season. This park is also a very popular destination for cross country skiing and is a perfect spot for a white winter.

Timings: Open all days.

Address: 512 Vanderwater Road, Thomasburg, Ontario.

Find out more information about their facilities and plan your trip here.

Riverside Park

Things To Do In Belleville
Riverside Park | Photo Credit – Community Archives

This Park is another major tourist attraction that you should definitely include in your itinerary. Located on the west of River Moira on college street, this park offers various fun activities for you to enjoy with your friends and family. There are beautiful picnic sites in valleys and forests, splash pads, skateboard parks, soccer fields, and trails.

You can find something to do here for every age group and this makes for a perfect spot on your vacation. There are also a number of cafes and restaurants around the park, so you can grab a meal while you are there.

Timings: Monday to Friday. 7:30 am to dusk.

Things to do: go picnicking, hiking, and playing with your family. Enjoy the events and activities hosted by the park. 

Belleville City Hall

Things To Do In Belleville
| Photo Credit – Community Archives

Belleville City Hall is located in the heart of the city and is the major landmark in the city. All government operations are carried out from here but apart from this, it is also a great place for tourists. This historic building is a must-visit on your trip to explore the history and heritage of the city. It is also a great place to walk around and enjoy the magnificent architecture. 

Since it is located in the central town, this place is also surrounded by busy streets and a marketplace. You can also go shopping near the city hall and explore the local markets. 

There are some amazing cafes and restaurants too which you should totally check out.

Timings: Monday to Friday. 8 am to 4 pm. You can find out more information about the latest timings on their website here.

Tyendinaga Cavern and Caves

If you are looking for some adventure to do on your trip to Belleville, we highly recommend that you discover the depths by visiting the Tyendinaga Caves. These Caves are considered to be the largest Caves in Ontario and have a great history.

You should definitely take up a guided tour and have a fun and educational trip to the Caves. 

Things to do: take a guided tour of the caves and discover tons of information about the fossils and the history of this place. 

They take only advance bookings so make sure to book your tickets before you plan to visit. You can get more information about the tour packages and timings on their website here.

Bay of Quinte

Things To Do In Belleville
Belleville Waterfront Bay of Quinte | Photo Credit – Rob Sommerville

Take a small road trip when you are in Belleville to the famous Bay of Quinte which is located just 25 minutes away from the town. This long and narrow river is located on the northern shore of Ontario Lake and is shaped like the Letter ‘Z’. 

It is a great place for picnicking, fishing, and spending a peaceful time away from the hustle of city life. 

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: apart from picnicking and sightseeing this place is also famous for fishing and boating.

HR Frink Conservation Area

HR Frink Conservation Area is a large picturesque place located on Thrasher Road, Plainfield. It is only a 15-minute drive away from the main city and is the most preferred place for camping and road trips among tourists. 

Apart from the various fun outdoor activities, there are a few conservation areas that offer a great variety of unique flora and wildlife. This place makes up for a perfect getaway spot with exciting things to do. 

Timings: Open all days.

Check out their official website to know more about their facilities and conservation areas. 

Corby Park

Things To Do In Belleville
Corby Park | Photo Credit- Community Archives

This Park or the Corby Rose Garden is located in the north of Bridge Street and is a perfect getaway spot for any outdoor activities. 

You can go there for picnics and sightseeing. The gardens are well maintained and will offer a beautiful backdrop for your pictures. We highly recommend that you check this place out and also explore the neighboring cafes.

Timings: Open all days. 8:30 am to dusk.

The Kiwanis Bayshore Recreational Trail

Things To Do In Belleville
Hike trail | Photo Credit – Bonnie Moreland

The Kiwanis Bayshore Trail is the perfect place to go to in any season. This wonderful park offers a vibrant and unique experience to its visitors owing to its well-kept parks and playgrounds. You can visit this place with your family and enjoy a wonderful time doing bird watching, sunbathing, and taking a hike.

We highly recommend this place as it gives the perfect glimpse of the natural beauty of Belleville city.

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: go hiking, picnicking, and exploring the natural beauty of the town.

Signal Brewing Company

This nice little brewery is a good spot to hang out when you are in Belleville. Ontario is known for producing world-class beers and you can easily find breweries in every city. This brewery is the most famous and is located right in the center of the main city. This place has been the master of producing fresh and tasty beers for almost a decade. It is famous for its variety of beers all over Ontario. If you are slightly interested in trying out new flavors then you should definitely visit this place. Apart from serving fresh and cold beers, they also have a food truck that serves amazing food. You can spend a nice relaxing day here with your friends and also shop for some flavors on your way back.

They organize a number of tours for their visitors and we highly recommend that you attend one of them. 

Timings: open on all days. 10 am to 9 pm.

Things to do: spend a day with your friends and family tasting beers. Attend their events.

You can find more information about their brand and check out their latest events here.

Downtown Belleville

Things To Do In Belleville
Downtown Belleville | Photo Credit – Paul Sableman

This place is the core of this town. This area is full of life and energizes anyone who visits this place. There are various unique activities that you can do here. First, we totally recommend that you explore the area by taking a self-guided tour as there is no better way to enjoy a new town. Second, we would highly recommend that you look for a hotel in this area as it is the heart of the town and every main tourist destination would become easy to access. 

Apart from this, there are various shops and cafes that you should check out every day if you are staying in this area. From good food and craft beer to local shops and unique stores, there is something for everyone in this area. 

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: shop local, buy unique and amazing handmade products from the local vendors, and take back home a piece of Barrie. Visit cafes and restaurants. Take a public art tour. You can find out more information about the best places to not miss out in here.

If you are planning to visit Canada and are still confused about what to include, make sure to check out our post Things To Do In Canada. We have covered so many other helpful things on our blog that will help you plan your trip better. You can also take a look around other neighboring cities and explore as much as you can while you are there. We highly recommend that you take a road trip to enjoy the local culture and lifestyle. Find out about the best hotels and affordable road trips on our blog here

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