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Best Things to do in Cullman, Alabama

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Things to do in Cullman

Things to do in Cullman
Cullman | Photo Credit – formulanone

Cullman is a city in the Southern US state of Alabama. It is centrally located within the state. Cities like Huntsville and Birmingham lie to the North and South, respectively. Cullman made the list of the best places to raise kids in America in 2012, making it a rather wholesome place to be.

Much like other cities in Alabama, Cullman is famous for its history and cultural attractions. A Bavarian settler named Colonel John G. Cullman was the founder of the city. The German roots of the city are quite apparent in the vibe of Cullman. Cullman is particularly great for outdoor activities. This is a travel guide to Cullman, Alabama. Keep reading to find out more about this destination.

Cullman County Museum

The founder of Cullman, Colonel John G. Cullman also founded the Cullman County Museum. This museum is a great place to explore the history of the city of Cullman. You can learn about how the city’s German history was incorporated into its culture. Also, you will be able to learn about the Civil War and the Native American culture in the region.

There are many regions within the museum exploring different themes. Take for example the Main Street, an exhibit that lets you experience life in the city during the time it was established. There is also the music room that explores the rich sounds created by the settlers. Visiting the Cullman County Museum makes for a really great day trip. It is a really good way to kill some time before you move on to other attractions in Cullman.

You can find the Cullman County Museum at 211 2nd Avenue NE Cullman. Also, visit their official webpage for more information.

Visiting Parks and Natural Areas in Cullman

This section of our article is going to explore all the best parks in the city of Cullman. The city has a very pleasing aesthetic and the natural areas here really contribute to it. There are many natural areas in Cullman such as the Sportsman Lake Park, Smith Lake Park, and Bankhead National Forest. Let us read about them:

Bankhead National Forest

Things to do in Cullman
 Bankhead National Forest, AL | Photo Credit – Michael Hicks

The Bankhead National Forest is a treasure trove of Native American history. It is one of the best places to visit when you are in the city of Cullman. It is one of the most important natural forests in the state and was established in 1918. The forest is a particularly scenic location, with gorgeous waterfalls and abundant streams. A most scenic area is the Sipsey Fork, a river of national importance.

You will be able to enjoy a lot of activities here at the Bankhead National Forest. There are opportunities for boating, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and more. For the people who are a bit more culturally oriented, the forest has a number of markings and petroglyphs from Native American cultures.

All in all, a trip to Cullman is incomplete without visiting the Bankhead National Forest. You can find it here on google maps.

Smith Lake Park

Things to do in Cullman
Smith Lake Park | Photo Credit – Virginia State Parks

Lewis Smith Lake is an important landmark for people visiting Cullman. The lake has over 500 miles of coastline and Smith Lake Park has been built around it. This is a very wholesome attraction where you can boat, fish, and enjoy staying in any one of their cabins.

The Smith Lake Park makes for a great day trip from Cullman. It is just 12 miles away from the city and you can easily spend a few hours there. Enjoy a picnic and if you are with kids then they will really love the campsites and playgrounds. You can even stay here overnight and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place along with the twinkling stars above.

Find Smith Lake Park at google maps here.

Sportsman Lake Park

A lot of fun activities await you at Sportsman Lake Park. Enjoy scenic lakeside views at this fun recreational area within the city of Cullman. Particularly great for families, there are many picnic areas you can enjoy at the Sportsman Lake Park. There is also a really good mini golf course here called the pitch-n-putt. Great to visit all around the year, enjoy scenic views in the winter, and also have fun at the splash park in the summer. Other activities at the Sportsman Lake Park include paddleboats, hiking, and more.

Find the Sportsman Lake Park at 1544 Sportsman Lake Road NW Cullman.

Hurricane Creek Park

Things to do in Cullman
Hurricane Creek Park | Photo Credit – kenneth casper

Enjoy gorgeously shaped landforms here at Hurricane Creek Park. This gem of a location remains hidden from many people as it is located deep in the heart of the canyons. There are really great rock formations among the cliffsides. Also, keep your camera ready for the best shots of waterfalls, streams, and picturesque forests.

Other activities at the Hurricane Creek Park include hiking through trails, rock climbing, and birdwatching. You will be able to find the Hurricane Creek Park at 22550 2nd Avenue NW Falkville.

Clarkson Covered Bridge

This is an important bridge for the city of Cullman, built for farmers and travelers to let them cross the creek. It stood there from 1904 to 1921 when a storm destroyed it. The city of Cullman revived this classic attraction and made it the center of the surrounding park.

If you are in Cullman, visiting the Clarkson Covered Bridge is something that you must do. The surrounding park has many trails, hiking areas, and old buildings. This is a great day trip from Cullman so keep your camera ready.

Find the Clarkson Covered Bridge at 1240 Co Rd 1043 Cullman. Check out their official website for more information.

Ave Maria Grotto

Things to do in Cullman
Ave Maria Grotto | Photo Credit – heydn

The Ave Maria Grotto is one of the most well-known attractions in all of Cullman. The specialty of this park is that it is a collection of more than a hundred miniature sculptures. Religious buildings from all around the world have been recreated in miniature at this Park. The Ave Maria Grotto was created by Brother Joseph Zoetle from the St Bernard’s Abbey. The Ave Maria Grotto has been a great attraction for tourists visiting Cullman for a long time. These miniature structures have been created with astonishing detail and are decorated with marble, glass, and more such things.

A visit to Ave Maria Grotto is definitely worth it, even if you are not religious as it is a very picturesque attraction. If you are in Cullman, then you absolutely must visit the Grotto.

You will be able to locate the Ave Maria Grotto at 1600 St Bernard Drive Cullman. Also, for more information on the collection at the Ave Maria Grotto, a visit to their official webpage can be really worth it.

St Bernard Abbey

If we have discussed the Ave Maria Grotto, then a section for St Bernard Abbey is quite deserved. The German history and culture of Cullman find no better example than St Bernard Abbey. This is a Benedictine Church and was built by monks in the 1840s. A day trip out to Saint Bernard Abbey makes for a great way to spend some time. The church, being a well-known tourist attraction, offers tours and guided trips around its interior and nearby attractions. Be sure to visit both the Ave Maria Grotto and St Bernard Abbey when you are out here in Cullman.

You will be able to find St Bernard Abbey at 1600 St Bernard Drive Cullman.

Steele Orchard

Orchard | Photo Credit – Johan Neven

For a fun-filled outdoor day trip in Cullman, be sure to visit the Steele Orchard just outside the city. This is a very picturesque and scenic location that makes it a really worthwhile visit.

Take a guided tour of the Orchard while you are here. You will be able to learn a lot about the comings and goings of the Orchard such as the fruit picking process and more. Your tour guide will also explain the various processes that go into maintaining and harvesting produce from the Orchard. Learn how to make delicious cider from apples while you are here. This location is also really great for kids. They can roam around the grounds and also enjoy the fun at the orchard maze.

There is another really great attraction here at Steele Orchard. The bakery makes delicious stuff that you won’t find elsewhere. Take for example the Southern Fried Pie. There are also jams that they make from scratch and also delicious caramel apples.

Take back a cool souvenir for a loved one back home by stopping at the gift shop. For your trip back to Cullman city, take away some freshly harvested apples and plums.

The Steele Orchard is located at 1695 Co Road 1141. Also, visit their official website by following this link.

Weiss Cottage

Weiss Cottage is a cool and famous attraction in Downtown Cullman. It is quite relevant to the city as it is their oldest surviving house. It is a very pretty place, with a white exterior and decorations. This place reminds one of the German heritage of Cullman through its architecture and building style. The interior of the house is an even more interesting place. You can take a look at the history of the city as old patterns reveal themselves on the walls. There are more attractions here such as old medical equipment and a community-made quilt.

Also, please note this important information so that you are able to visit the Weiss Cottage. You must make an appointment to come here through the Cullman County Museum.

You will be able to find the Weiss Cottage at 401 1st Avenue SW Cullman.

Food and Drink at Cullman

Caveman Squash | Photo Credit – Dan

Any trip must have a great foodie aspect. Places to do and see are a dime a dozen but what really takes away the prize is the cuisine of a place. In this respect, Cullman will not disappoint you. This section of our article will explore all the best places for your tummy in Cullman. Let us begin reading about them:

Johnny’s BBQ

Since 1949, Johnny’s BBQ has satisfied the locals and tourists of Cullman with its delicious food. Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the place can become your go-to place during your trip to Cullman. Try their delectable catfish, their pork and beef ribs. The chicken at this joint is just classic. We highly recommend that you visit Johnny’s BBQ.

You can find it at 1401 4th Street SW Cullman.

Goat Island Brewing

Try the best of local brews of Cullman at Goat Island Brewing. An evening at Goat Island after a day of sightseeing can be a really great way to wind up your day. Try their Sipsey River Red before you leave Cullman.

Find it at 1646 John H Cooper Dr. SE A, Cullman. Also, visit their official website.

In Conclusion

We really hope that you enjoyed reading our article about the top attractions in Cullman, Alabama. You will definitely enjoy your trip to the city. Experience rich and vibrant culture in a city that also has a great outdoor vibe. Make some great memories in Cullman and take away stories for your loved ones back home. We really wish that this article would be helpful to you in planning a trip to Cullman, Alabama.

Additionally, we at LookUpTrips have been creating travel guides about many cities in Alabama. Read about the best things to do across cities in Alabama such as Birmingham, Mobile, and Montgomery. Also, we might have a recommendation for you. It can be really worthwhile to embark on a multi-city tour of Alabama. You can rent a car and drive from one destination to the next, completing a trip worth remembering. Every city in Alabama will have something special to offer you.

If you liked this post, give us a like and share it with your friends and fellow travelers. Comment on this post to let us know your thoughts. Also, if you have already been to Cullman, then let us know about the trip in the comments below. With this, we sign off on the best things to do in Cullman, Alabama. Thanks for reading!

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