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15 Cool Things To Do In Mobile, Alabama

by Pankaj Upreti
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Things To Do In Mobile

Mobile | Photo Credit – Eugene Zagidullin

Located by the Mobile river, the city of Mobile was founded in 1702 as the capital of Louisiana. Now, Mobile is known for its museums, its architecture and its gardens. Mobile is a major cultural center of the Gulf Coast because of all its attractions. Many tourists flock here for its festivals and celebrations, the most important of which is the Mardi Gras celebration, the oldest event of its kind in the United States. 

Keep reading this article to find out about all of the best things to do in the city of Mobile, Alabama, so that your trip here is worthwhile and enjoyable. We have tried to collect all the best things to do in the city in one place for your convenience and hope reading this article is helpful to you.

1. Attending the Mardi Gras festival

Before we dive into the many other attractions in the city of Mobile, one event that needs to be checked off any list is the Mardi Gras festival. This festival, which is the oldest Mardi Gras celebration in the United States, usually happens in January and if you find yourself in the city during this time, please be sure to make the best of this awesome experience. 

The next Mardi Gras in Mobile is on March 1 2022. Check out the official website for more details such as the event itinerary and parade map.

2. Sampling Craft Beers at the Dauphin Street Beer Festival

Craft Beer | Photo Credit – 5chw4r7z

Another one of Mobile’s festivals, the Dauphin Street Beer Festival promotes and celebrates the finest locally brewed beers Mobile has to offer. While the festival is usually held in August, it would be wise to book tickets and check times in advance. 

3. Visit the Museum at the Mobile Carnival Park

The Carnival Park museum is dedicated to celebrating and preserving the history of the Mardi Gras celebrations in the state of Alabama. As you are well aware, Mardi Gras is a huge event in the city of Mobile.

By visiting the Museum at the Mobile Carnivale Park, you can learn all about the festival and take a look at the paraphernalia such as jewels, gowns, artwork, and posters. Learn more about what to look for by visiting their official page.

4. Enjoy Music at BayFest

Bayfest Mobile | Photo Credit – Chris Palmer

Bayfest is the state’s largest Music Festival, featuring music from all genres that you can possibly imagine. For folks who like rock music, or if you like country, jazz, or even pop, this festival is something you must experience if you are a music lover.

Find the Bayfest happening in Downtown Mobile, and work your way through the crowds and crowds of people that will be in attendance. 

5. Attend the LoDA ArtWalk

Find yourself walking about the art galleries and studios of Downtown Mobile every second Friday night during the LoDA Artwalk. Not only does the walk feature impressive works of art, but you can also take time to enjoy delicious cuisines and other attractions.

You can also shop nearby and enjoy the works of upcoming artists while sipping wine. The Artwalk is free and happens on the second Friday of every month from 6 to 9 PM.

6. Visiting Fort Conde

Fort Conde | Photo Credit – edoration

Fort Conde is a free-to-visit attraction that is located in the heart of the city. Walking around the Fort will be a great experience in itself, with many rooms to explore recreated with historical accuracy.

There are many secret passages and tunnels so be sure to explore them all in this fun day trip in Fort Conde, Mobile.

7. USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park | Photo Credit – Rob BixbyFollow

The USS Alabama was a battleship that has seen major battles during its time of service. The battleship park was built in 1977 and there are many exhibits relating the history of many battles. For example, there are memorials on the Korean and Vietnam war.

Learn about the history of the USS Alabama Battleship in the second world war. You can tour the entire park on your own or take guided tours to visit exhibits on war memorabilia such as fighter planes, submarines, and more. Find the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park at 2703 Battleship Pkwy, Mobile.

8. Artwork all over the world in the Mobile Museum of Art

Mobile Museum of Art | Photo Credit – Pat David

Artwork collections from all over the world can be found at the Mobile Museum of Art. There are artworks from the classical period to the renaissance and basically almost all periods of human history.

If you are into history and culture, then a day trip to the Mobile Museum of Art will surely be worth the time and energy. Take back a souvenir as a happy memory to remember your trip by. 

9. Tour the Bellingrath Museum and Home

Built-in 1935, this architectural masterpiece is one of the most visited attractions in Alabama. Dive into the history of the Bellingrath’s by taking a tour and looking at the original things that once were used by the people living here. The home features a salvaged brick interior and has wonderfully crafted elements in its balconies, terraces, and courtyards. 

The Bellingrath Museum and Home are located at 12401 Bellingrath Gardens Rd. Find more information about the home and its famous gardens at their official website, here.

10. Catch a show at the Mobile Opera

This is one of the oldest performing organizations in the entire country. It not only provides value to the cultural output of the city of Mobile but also scouts and gives an opportunity to young talent. Many schools and educational institutions have them do shows for the region.

While you are here in Mobile, one of the best things that you can do is get tickets to a show at the famous Mobile opera. The Mobile Opera is located at 257 Dauphin St and you can find all the relevant information that you might need by visiting their official website.

11. Find out about the City’s history at the History Museum of Mobile

The building that houses this museum is itself one of the city’s architectural pride. Mobile is a pretty old city, one that has gathered a lot of history over the years and you can explore all of it by visiting the History Museum of Mobile. Find a lot of artworks and artifacts commemorating the city’s history here, making it a rather fun day trip for you.

12. Saenger Theatre

Saenger Theatre in Mobile
Saenger Theatre | Photo Credit – Monica D.

Another cultural experience that is worth looking out for. The venue is known to host many events, from opera performances to concerts, lectures, and more. If you are an art lover, you will find that the city of Mobile has a whole lot to offer you.

One of the best things that you will find for a day trip is a visit to the Saenger Theatre. Located at 6 S Joachim St, Mobile. Find out more about the upcoming events here by checking out their official site.

13. De Tonti Square

Located in the Historic square area of downtown Mobile, the de Tonti square features historical buildings and houses made of bricks that have been preserved over the years. The history of the city since the 1850s can be revisited by coming to this area of Mobile. 

A great place to visit while in the De Tonti Square is the Oakley Garden District that features mansions and cottages alike.

14. Check out contemporary art at the Space 301 museum

This is a rather unique experience to have while in Mobile, Alabama. You can find space 301 in the cathedral square at 301 Conti St. This museum is filled with contemporary art with a unique twist.

It was built by renovating a warehouse into an art gallery. If you find yourself in the city of Mobile and on a day trip to check out its culture, a trip to Space 301 is definitely going to be worth it. Find out more on their official website.

15. Shop and Dine at the Eastern Shore Shopping Centre

Mobile Bay | Photo Credit – Rian Castillo

This is a great place to shop and wrap up your trip in the city of Mobile. You can take in the gorgeous views of the Mobile Bay as you shop and have the best of food that the city has to offer. There is live music here so you can set the scene and have a nice evening. If you are here with kids, then take time to enjoy the splash park and check out the water fountain. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading our article on the best things you can do in the city of Mobile. We hope that we made this article informative and in a way you can use it to explore the city when you are there. Read up on more stuff on what else is there in Alabama by exploring our site. Stay safe and enjoy your travels.

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