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18 Top Things To Do In Milton, Ontario

by Pankaj Upreti
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Top Things To Do In Milton

Milton is a small town in Southern Ontario and a perfect tourist destination
Milton | Photo Credit – Amira Blossom

Milton is a small town in Southern Ontario and a perfect tourist destination. It is just a 22-minute drive from Toronto and you can easily get there by renting a car or by using public transport. There are a variety of fun activities and adventures to look around in every corner of this beautiful city.

From exploring local art and culture to diving in natural landscapes, from enjoying the vibrant nightlife of the city to going on a day trip to the famous Springridge Park, there are so many attractions for you to see that you will always find yourself wandering.

If you are planning to visit Milton, make sure you include Toronto while planning your itinerary. It is only a 25 kilometers drive and is a major city in Ontario. Check out our post about cool things to do in Toronto, before you plan your trip.

Milton is located at the edge of Niagara Escarpment which is designed as a UNESCO world biosphere reserve. This city will provide you with breathtaking views of the skylines and mountains which will make your vacation worthwhile.

Milton is most famous for its waterfalls, nature trails, parks that allow you multiple adventure sports, art galleries, museums, and breweries.

Here is our detailed list of the top 18 things to do in Milton.

1. Hilton Falls

Hilton Falls, Milton Ontario
Hilton Falls | Photo Credit – Mustang Joe

The Hilton Falls is a Conservation Area and home to a 10-meter high waterfall. This destination is located in the Niagara Escarpment area which is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. 

This captivating area is the perfect dose for all your nature cravings and offers various activities that you can enjoy. Reservations are a must for entering the area and the same can be done online, we’ll in advance. 

The most famous attraction among tourists is the 33.5 kilometers long trail for biking, trekking, and cross-country skiing.

And this is not all! Along with these natural adventures, the place also has a 25-year-old antique glass store and museum. The shop has almost 2000 antique items and visitors can purchase these beautiful treasures. 

Timings: Open all days from 8:30 am to 9 pm

Things to do: enjoy the waterfalls, visit the mill ruins, hike, trekking, and bike on Bruce Trails, Niagara Escarpment. 

Reservations are required in advance, make sure to book your tickets when you plan your trip. For other information about planning your vacation, visit their website here.

2. Rattlesnake Point

Don’t get frightened by the name, there are no rattlesnakes here. The park gets its name from the path cut down by glaciers in a snake-like form. It is the most beautiful place you can visit on your vacation to Milton. Spanning across an area of over 100 acres, this is the most favored spot for hikers, cyclists, and rock-climbers. The area is connected to the famous Bruce Trail and Crawford Lake and offers various facilities to its visitors for organizing camps and trips in the area.

It is the perfect place to spend your day in the lapse of nature. You can visit this place in any season and the charm will be just the same.

Make sure to check their website for reservations and other latest events that are open for the season

Timings: open on all days 9 am to 7 pm.

Things to do: see the Ancient Cedars, visit the Buffalo Crag Lookout point, go hiking and cycling with your friends, camping, tours, and rock climbing. 

3. Springridge Farm

At Springridge Farm, Milton
Springridge Farm | Photo Credit – Ian Muttoo

What is better than visiting a farm full of pumpkins in the Halloween fall season. And not only the Halloween season, but you can also find a perfect theme for every seasonal festival here. Yes! We are talking about the famous Springridge Farm. This family-owned farm is the perfect place to visit in any season. From fun events to guided tours, from seasonal festivals to delicious bakeries and a gift boutique, this is just the right place is to enjoy every color. 

You can buy gifts and seasonal crops from their shop and it will be an amazing experience of a lifetime. 

Timings: open on all days from 9 am to 5 pm

Things to do: visit their bakery, shop for gifts, and visit the fun farmyard for unique activities and scenic views. 

4. Halton County Radial Railway Museum

This unique place is the first and largest electric Railway Museum of Ontario
Halton County Radial Railway Museum | Photo Credit – Craftsman at Due North 

This unique place is the first and largest electric Railway Museum of Ontario and a place of major historical significance. Halton County Radial Railway Museum has collected, restored, and preserved various Railway related objects over the years. 

You can ride many of these preserved vehicles such as streetcars, buses, trolleybuses, and other railway vehicles. 

The museum also organizes various events throughout the year. Another major tourist attraction is that this place has been used for various films, TV shows, and music videos over the years and it makes a perfect backdrop for all sorts of photoshoots. If you want Instagram-worthy pictures for your vacations then this place should be on your itinerary for sure.

Timings: open on all days, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. Streetcar rides start at 11 am

Things to do: take a guided tour around the museum, get to know the historical importance of the articles, visit the Canadian Car and Peter Witt streetcar, enjoy the rides on various vehicles, and click LOTS of pictures! You need to buy the tickets online and you can purchase the same on their website here.

5. Mill Pond

Mill Pond | Photo Credit – WabbitWanderer

The Mill Pond is a secret spot located in the city that is the perfect getaway if you want to spend some quiet and peaceful time away from city life. It is an artificial freshwater Reservoir that has been in the city for almost 60 years.

Over the years it has become a famous tourist attraction due to a wide range of recreational activities, fit for all seasons. You can enjoy light snowy seasons by walking across the parks, or spend a summer day in the fields while birdwatching. 

It is a famous site for trekking, biking, and nature walks. It is a beautiful and relaxing place with a lot of activities to do. The most famous Trail is the Jaycee Trail, which features a waterfront and various flora and fauna. 

Timings: Open all days from 5 am to 10 pm.

Things to do: trekking, biking, fishing, and camping. You can plan your visit according to your interests here.

6. Glen Eden

The tubing area at Glen Eden | Photo Credit – keith.bellvay

With a breathtaking view of Niagara Escarpment in the background, Glen Eden is the most popular attraction for adventure enthusiasts. It has around 12 Trails, 17 slopes for skiing sports, and 3 terrain parks plus food courts. 

If you’re wondering what will be the right time to visit this place, then you will be thrilled to know it has something in store for you in every season. You can trek, go biking, and swim in the summer season or you can ski, snowboard, or go tubing in the winter season. This place offers a learning program as well which you can enroll in before planning your trip. 

If you visit this place, make sure you check out the nearby Kelso Lake which is a perfect choice for camping and day trips with scenic views of the forest. 

What is better than camping in the lap of nature. You can rent the essential equipment from the rental shop in the area and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Timings: 9 am to 9 pm. 

Things to do: learn how to ski, snowboard, go trekking, spend a summer day at the lake, go mountain biking. The most preferred season for visiting this place is the winter season. You can book your tickets well in advance and they also provide skiing lessons which you can purchase here.

7. Bruce Trail

The sun rises to illuminate Black Creek on the Bruce Trail Ontario
Bruce Trail | Photo Credit – Ken Mist

Milton is known for its natural attractions and cultural diversity and Bruce Trails is the most famous trekking expedition among the visitors in this city. This hiking region is Canada’s oldest and the longest path which explores the shoreline of the Bruce Peninsula to the shores of Lake Ontario. There are so many different access points and things to do in Bruce Trail that you can go both for day trips as well as long expeditions. 

Along the route, you can find breathtaking views of cliffs, valleys, heritage sites, and waterfalls. 

Things to do: go hiking, sightseeing, and trailing in the area. Discover local culture, enjoy the local cuisine.

Bruce Trail Club organizes extensive hiking programs throughout the year. You can check out their official hike programs and schedule for the same on their website here.

8. Milton Town Hall

Milton Town Hall is a historic landmark of the city
Milton Town Hall | Photo Credit – Ahmed Syed Photograp

The Town Hall is a historic landmark of the city and the home to the Mayor of the city. Along with it being the government building, this place is open to the public and offers scenic views of the cityscape. It is a good place if you are looking to spend your day relaxing and clicking pictures. 

It is conveniently located in the heart of the city and you can easily find hotels around the area. To check out availability and rates, you can visit the website here.

Things to do: take a guided tour around the building and learn about the history of the place, relax in the courtyard gardens, dine in the famous terrace restaurant. 

9. Forest Arts Centre

Forest Arts Centre is the creative hub of the city. For anyone who is interested in theatre or any kind of live performance, then this place is a must-visit during your trip to Milton. 

It hosts numerous events throughout the year, some of which attract people from the entire world who come especially to attend these performances. From arts to music, from film screenings to theater programs, this great place offers everything. There is always something new that interests people of all ages. Their main programs include live music, comedy shows, dance performances, theatre, and other events.

It even hosts workshops for people who are interested in learning. 

Things to do: attend the latest event, watch a screening of a movie, visit exhibitions and cafes.

Timings: Monday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.

Saturday 10 am to 1 pm

Sunday is closed. You can book the tickets to your preferred event from their website and find out more information about the latest workshop and performance here.

10. The Gallery Upstairs

The Gallery Upstairs is the famous local art and gift shop. If you want to buy a piece of art for your home or gift your friends a souvenir, you should definitely check this place out. It is designed as a 1950s style house and gives a warm and eclectic feel. For every art enthusiast, this is a perfect place.

This vibrant gallery includes every form of art by local artists and even lets you commission a piece of painting according to your interests. 

You can shop for unique paintings, gifts, antique handcrafted jewelry, and other beautiful things. 

Apart from shopping, this Gallery is open to the public for exhibitions and the latest events and offers something new each time you visit their event. 

Timings: 11 am to 5 pm. Open on all days.

Things to do: check out their collection of original art pieces, sculptures, and artisan foods. Shop for gifts, attend their latest exhibition. 

11. Lochland Botanicals

This unique Park, located near Milton city is a famous tourist attraction that allows you to pick your own therapeutic herbs and farm flowers. You can spend a relaxing day at the park and attend the various events that they organize during the season. It is a unique and one-of-its-kind farm that offers so much to its visitors. You can make your own bouquet, pick flowers of your choice, and even shop for naturally grown herbs with medicinal properties. 

If you plan to visit this beautiful farm, make sure to click lots of pictures and tag them on Instagram. It is a perfect getaway to spend some quality time with your family and shop for some amazing home-grown and natural products.

Timings: Opens at 10 am on Tuesdays.

Things to do: learn about sustainable farming practices, pick your own flowers, guided tours, shop for medicinal herbs and flowers. 

Make sure to purchase your tickets and look out for various events and workshops on their official website here.

12. Nassagaweya Canyon

Nassagaweya Canyon | Photo Credit – Lorna Mitchell

If Rattlesnake Point is on the itinerary list of your vacations then you should definitely include Nassagaweya Canyon. This Canyon lies between Rattlesnake Point and Crawford Lake and is best explored by a day trip. The famous point is the limestone cliff which is an ideal resting place for hikers. This beautiful valley is covered with Cedar trees which are said to be 1000 years old. 

It takes only 20 minutes to complete Nassagaweya Canyon Trail and you should definitely check this out. 

Timings: 9 am to 8 pm

Things to do: hiking, trekking, rock climbing, camping, visiting the Iroquoian Village, relaxing near the lake. To see this famous site you need a reservation for the Rattlesnake Point, and you can book the same on their website here.

13. Crawford Lake Conservation Area

green trees beside body of water under cloudy sky during daytime

Crawford Lake Conservation Area is another must-visit destination in Milton. This area is known for its beautiful lake that is surrounded by lush greenery and hiking trails. The lake itself is a meromictic lake, which means that its layers of water do not mix, creating a unique ecosystem. Visitors can enjoy hiking around the lake, picnicking by the shore, and exploring the reconstructed Iroquoian village on-site.

Timings: Open all days from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Things to do: Hike around the lake, visit the Iroquoian village, have a picnic by the lake, birdwatching.

14. Kelso Conservation Area

Kelso Conservation Area is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. This area offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy, including hiking, mountain biking, camping, and swimming. The park also has a beach where visitors can relax and soak up the sun. In the winter, Kelso is transformed into a winter wonderland, with opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing.

Timings: Open all days from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Things to do: Hiking, mountain biking, camping, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, tubing.

15. Mountsberg Raptor Centre

The Mountsberg Raptor Centre is the place to go in Milton, Ontario if you want to have a fascinating wildlife experience. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, this center is a haven for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Home to an impressive array of majestic birds of prey, visitors can marvel at the sight of eagles, hawks, owls, and falcons up close in their natural habitats. The Raptor Centre offers interactive educational programs that allow you to learn about these incredible birds and their vital role in the ecosystem. Whether you’re a family seeking a memorable outing or an avid bird-watcher, the Mountsberg Raptor Centre promises a thrilling and educational adventure for all ages in the heart of Ontario’s scenic beauty.

Timings: Open all days from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Things to do: Visit the Raptor Centre Trail, Watch a bird of prey presentation, Go on a hawk walk.

16. FirstOntario Arts Centre

FirstOntario Arts Centre is a performing arts and cultural centre in Milton, Ontario, Canada. It is home to the Mattamy Theatre, MinMaxx Hall, and the Art Gallery of Milton. The centre hosts a variety of performances, exhibitions, and events throughout the year.

Phone: +1 905-875-5399

Things to do: See a show, Visit the Art Gallery of Milton, Take a class, Attend a festival, Have a meeting.

17. Halton Region Museum

Halton Region Museum is a museum that tells the story of the region’s history through exhibits and artifacts. Visitors can learn about the Indigenous peoples who originally inhabited the area, as well as the European settlers who arrived later. The museum also offers educational programs and events for children and adults.

Timings: Open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Things to do: Explore exhibits, learn about the region’s history, participate in educational programs.

18. Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

Field of Lavender

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm was a popular tourist destination and was featured in several magazines and newspapers. The farm was known for its beautiful lavender fields, which were open to the public for tours and photo opportunities. Terre Bleu also produced a variety of lavender products, including essential oils, bath and body products, and food items.

Unfortunately, Terre Bleu Lavender Farm closed permanently in 2022.

But don’t worry Terre Bleu introducing their new farm Fennario Meadows located near Creemore, Ontario. Though it is not currently open to public but soon will be in coming months of 2023.

Timings: Hours of operation will be confirmed closer to the opening date so make sure to check their website for updates.

There are lots of more things to do in Canada, you can also check out things to do in British Columbia and things to do in Ucluelet B.C.


When is the best time to visit Milton, Ontario?

The best time to visit Milton is during the mild months of spring and autumn when the weather is pleasant, and outdoor activities are in full swing.

Are there any accommodations available in Milton?

Yes, Milton offers a range of accommodation options, including hotels, motels, and charming bed and breakfasts, ensuring a comfortable stay for all visitors.

Can I swim in Crawford Lake?

No, swimming is not allowed in Crawford Lake due to its meromictic nature, but the boardwalk offers an excellent opportunity to admire its beauty up close.

How can I reach Milton from Toronto?

Milton is easily accessible from Toronto by car, train, or bus, making it a convenient day trip or weekend getaway for city dwellers.

Are the hiking trails at Rattlesnake Point suitable for beginners?

Yes, Rattlesnake Point has hiking trails suitable for all levels of hikers, including beginners. However, some trails have more challenging sections for experienced hikers seeking a more adventurous experience.

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