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Things to do in Fredericton

Fredericton is located along with the scenic views of the Saint John
Fredericton New Brunswick | Photo Credit – Corey Balazowich

Fredericton is located along with the scenic views of the Saint John River and is the capital of New Brunswick. The city is a top-rated destination in the province of New Brunswick, receiving thousands of tourists visiting every year. The city is a major cultural attraction of New Brunswick. There are many things to do and see here such as the Fredericton Region Museum and the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival. This city is home to many famous artists and musicians of Canada, making it an important cultural center for the country.

This article will bring to you some of the best things you can do and see in the city of Fredericton. There are many attractions waiting for you here and each one is something special. The Playhouse is one of the top theater venues in the entire province. There are many museums and historic buildings in the city as well. Keep reading this article to find out about the best things to do and see in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Exploring the Arts and Culture of the City of Fredericton

Playhouse in Fredericton, New Brunswick
Matthew Good Playhouse in Fredericton | Photo Credit – Sean McGrath

The city of Fredericton is quite famous for its lively arts scene. The city is home to many artistic celebrities and has a number of attractions that celebrate this rich cultural heritage. You will be able to find festivals, concerts and many such events happening in the city. Let us explore them:


Fredericton is a place that is very well known for its festivals. One of the best things to do in the city, the festivals of Fredericton offer a dose of culture that is just unmatched.

  • New Brunswick Summer Music Festival: As the name suggests, the summer music festival of New Brunswick is a music festival featuring the talent of the classical artists of Canada. Enjoy lively concerts and more fun events if you make it to the New Brunswick Summer Music Festival. The festival happens every year in the month of August.
  • Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival: If you are visiting the city of Fredericton in the fall, then you absolutely cannot miss the breathtaking Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival. It happens in the month of September and also features hundreds of performances by inspiring artists. If you are into rhythm and blues, then a trip to Fredericton in September is going to be well worth it.
  • New Brunswick Highland Games Festival: Come to the city of Fredericton in July and bear witness to the New Brunswick Highland Games Festival. Held at the location of the Government House, which is also a great Fredericton attraction in itself. This festival hosts athletic events along with dancing, music and more.
  • Fredericton FROSTival: The Fredericton FROSTival is the largest festival of its kind in Canada. It celebrates the world famous specialty that is the winter on the Atlantic seaboard.

Cultural Hangouts

  • The Playhouse: The Playhouse is one of the most important and well known Fredericton attractions. This is a 700 seat theater that hosts regular shows. If you are a tourist in Fredericton, then a stop by the Playhouse is an absolute must. The theater features shows of famous artists as well as inspiring local talent. A great way to spend an evening at Fredericton is to grab a bite to eat and then catch a show at the Playhouse.
  • Beaverbrook Art Gallery: The Beaverbrook Art Gallery has been a growing collection of artworks located at 703 Queen Street in Fredericton. It features artworks from different eras and cultures in history. The collection has grown from three hundred pieces to over three thousand in sixty years. There are many notable collections of artworks in the Gallery, each representing a different origin:

The British Collection

Explore the history of Britain through its art at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. From the English Renaissance to the Modern era, the British Collection at Beaverbrook is a thing to behold. In addition to that, the well-curated exhibit also features works of classic British artists.

The Canadian Collection

Enjoy three centuries of artworks from the Atlantic region in the Gallery’s Canadian collection. Furthermore, the collection also has native art representing Inuit, Acadian, and Maliseet cultures. This well-crafted collection is a great addition to the cultural vibe of Fredericton.

The International Collection

The International Collection at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery displays artworks from the medieval ages to the modern era in Europe. The collection is quite large and contains paintings, sculptures, and more.

Legislative Assembly Building

legislative assembly | Photo Credit – New Brunswick / Nouveau

Just outside the Beaverbrook Art Gallery is the Legislative Assembly Building where there are some important paintings by Joshua Reynolds. Tours are available for the building’s scenic interior. The spiral staircase and chamber of legislation deserve special mention.

The Legislative Assembly Building is located at 706 Queen Street.

Government House

The Government House at Fredericton is one of the defining places in the city
Government House, Fredericton | Photo Credit – BiblioArchives / Library

The Government House at Fredericton is one of the defining places in the city. It used to be an official residence of the Lieutenant Governor and is now a national historic site. The Government House also hosts celebrations and festivals important to the city. An example of these festivals is the Highland Games Festival.

If you are in Fredericton sometime in the summer, then a trip to the Government House might be a great addition to your itinerary. Tours are available and the interior of the house makes for a pleasant attraction.

Find the Fredericton Government House at Woodstock Road. Also, check out this link for more information.

Visiting the Odell Park

Fountain – Odell Park | Photo Credit – Bill Wren

This is a great attraction in the city featuring a natural scene for relaxation. A day spent at Odell Park will be a great one. For the adventurous, there are many trails within the park. Also, there is the Odell Arboretum. You must take time to explore the New Brunswick Species Collection as well. Odell Park is great for families and travelers with kids. It is located at Waggoners Lane.

Fredericton Botanic Gardens

Located on the upper end of Odell Park is the famous Botanic Gardens of Fredericton. Enjoy neatly arranged flower beds with outdoor sculptures This is a really great way to spend your day in the city of Fredericton. Additionally, you can enjoy a picnic, take kids to the playground, and relax in the garden while you are here. Also, if you are here during the winter, you can spend your time skating and skiing. The Botanic Gardens are located at 694 Prospect Street. Also, check out their official website for more information.

Kings Landing

Kings Landing | Photo Credit – Rod Brazier

While not technically in Fredericton, Kings Landing is an important attraction for New Brunswick. It is the place where the Loyalists settled when they left the colonies during the American Revolution. This museum village has been a great attraction for a long time as you can enjoy life as it was like during the early days of the settlement. Kings Landing is especially great for a day trip from Fredericton.

A trip to Kings Landing is an interactive experience. You will be able to learn a lot by engaging in the activities they offer and being a witness to local artisans hard at their craft. This is a great place for kids and families. Be sure to experience it at least once on your trip to Fredericton.

Kings Landing can be found at 5804 Route 102 in Prince William, New Brunswick. Also, visit their official website for more information.

A Trip to Officers’ Square and the Garrison District

Garrison District is one of the prime examples of classic New Brunswick architecture. Built beside the Queen Street riverside, the Garrison District is a collection of brick buildings built as a military stronghold. The Officers’ Square in the heart of the district hosts guard ceremonies as well as many festivals and concerts all year round. One of these attractions is the Fredericton Outdoor Summer Theater. There are many things to do here at the Garrison District, making it one of the most sought-after attractions in Fredericton. Here are some more of them:

Historic Walking Tours

These tours let you explore the rich history of the city within the Garrison District. Furthermore, they show you around by taking you to all the relevant places in the district.

New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

The famous New Brunswick College of Craft and Design is also located within the Garrison District. Summer is a really great time to visit Fredericton. Not only are there many festivals and attractions happening during this time, but also the College hosts the Barracks Fine Craft Shops where local artists sell their crafts. The location of the shops is itself a cultural landmark, an old stone structure standing since 1827.

Garrison Night Market

Enjoy a great evening every Thursday in the summer as the Garrison District hosts the Garrison Night Market. You can find the night market at Carleton Street. Take back a souvenir for a loved one back home.

Enjoying Scenic Attractions along the Saint John River

The Saint John River as seen from a pedestrian bridge on the south side of Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Saint John River | Photo Credit – Bill Wren

The river that Fredericton was built along with offers a great reprise from the hustle and bustle of the city. The views are quite scenic and tourists particularly enjoy this gorgeous backdrop to the city of Fredericton. There are many things to do here, such as kayaking along the serene waters of the river. There are many parks along the river where you can spend a great day. A particular attraction that you cannot miss is the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge located in Downtown Fredericton. It is part of many trail systems in the region.

There is also the replica lighthouse that you must visit for scenic views of the city. Make your way to the farmlands and marshes outside the city using the scenic trails along the Saint John River. Find more attractions than we can possibly list here when you are here at the Saint John Riverside.


A day trip well worth the experience can be found by following the Saint John River out south. Make your way to Gagetown on route 102. This quaint little town offers many attractions for its tourists. The scenic valley is quite picturesque and the town calls itself home to many artists who seek peace and quiet. Gagetown’s location along the Saint John River makes it a place for many boat trips and attractions at the marina.

Furthermore, visit the Queen’s County Museum and the Tilley House National Historic Site while you are here. Also visit Oromocto, a military museum located between Fredericton and Gagetown.

Christ Church Cathedral

f the most important attractions in the Fredericton
Christ Church Cathedral | Photo Credit – Robber Esq

The Christ Church Cathedral is one of the most important attractions in the city. Built-in the Neo-Gothic style, it has been standing since the 19th century. This place ties the history of the city of Fredericton to its British origin, as there aren’t many buildings like this one in the Americans. Enjoy the breathtaking architecture and gorgeous components of the building while you are here. The East Window stained glass and the altar come to mind.

The Christ Church Cathedral is the work of architect Frank Willis who came along with Bishop John Medley, the Anglican diocesan founder of the Cathedral. His tomb is located right below East Window. Keep your camera ready to click some great shots of the Christ Church. Be sure to get a picture of the marble effigy memorial of John Medley too.

The Christ Church Cathedral is located at 168 Church Street in Fredericton.

In Conclusion

We really hope that you enjoyed reading our article about the best things to do in Fredericton. We have tried to include all that we can in this article and have curated it so that you get the best of it. Use it to plan your trip and create an itinerary of what to do in Fredericton. Check out more of our guides about things to do in Canada. Gaspe in Newfoundland and Labrador is a recommended destination.

Fredericton is a great city that is quite a tourist haunt. Welcoming people will ensure that you enjoy your stay while you are there. Enjoy the great cultural and artistic attractions that Fredericton has to offer while you are there.

Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed reading our articles about the best things to do in Fredericton. If you are someone who has been to the city, we would love it if you share your experience with us. Share this article with your friends and fellow travelers and help them enjoy their travels even more.

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