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Best Things To Do In Trenton, New Jersey

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Things To Do In Trenton

Things To Do In Trenton
Trenton | Photo Credit – Caroline ALEXANDRE

Trenton is the capital city of New Jersey, United States of America. This city is enveloped in history and has several famous attractions you can visit. New Jersey State House is also one of the oldest capitals of the country, welcoming curious visitors from all over the world. 

The Trenton Battle Monument, William Trent Museum, and Old Barracks Museum are some of the most popularly visited historical sites in Trenton. In addition to these famous sites, you can also meet the local community at the farmer’s market or explore the popular cuisine of the region.

Know more about American history at the Old Barracks Museum

Things To Do In Trenton
Old Barracks Museum | Photo Credit- Pablo Sanchez Martin

The Old Barracks Museum was constructed to shelter soldiers during the war of 1758. This ancient building was also used as an emergency hospital to help ailing soldiers and civilians. It is an ideal monument to visit if you are interested in knowing more about life in the 18th century. 

You can join the guided tours provided by the museum in order to know more about the relics present in the museum. Admission fees are collected from visitors during entry. This fee includes the cost of the guided tour, providing you with a unique opportunity to learn more about the past.

Guided tours are available every hour. If you are late, you can join the last available tour at the Old Barracks Museum at 4 PM. In case you are visiting with a large group of people or wish to customize your tour, you can register in advance. There are special tours at the venue, with interpreters dressed in costume to entertain audiences across ages. 

Enjoy a sporting event at the Cure Insurance Arena in Trenton, New Jersey

Cure Insurance Arena has been the venue for many important sporting events in America. They host football matches, baseball matches, concerts and so much more. Tickets to all their events are available online as well as offline.

This arena comes with an exquisite Kids Club where you avail of tickets at discount rates. There are VIP areas within the arena as well. Indulge in some quality time with your family and friends at the Cure Insurance Arena. 

You must remember that you will not be able to bring drinks and food items into the stadium. However, do not worry, the arena has several food joints within its premises for all your needs. Pizza stands, a cafe and Chickie’s and Pete’s are available here. 

VIP members can also opt for their buffer packages during their stay at the Cure Insurance Arena. You can visit their online website to know more about the latest events and make your bookings today! The arena also has a parking arena for all visitors so you do not have to worry about finding a valid parking slot.

Experience the flora and fauna of Trenton at the Cadwalader Park 

Things To Do In Trenton
Cadwalader Park | Photo Credit – Richard

Cadwalader Park is a green haven in the middle of Trenton. This park spreads across more than 100 acres of natural delights. This scenic escape is also the oldest park in Trenton, New Jersey. Bring along your picnic baskets and enjoy a nice break with lush green gardens around you. 

The best way to enjoy Trenton is to take a stroll on any of the many trails in Cadwalader Park. These trails are surrounded by the Delaware and Raritan Canal, making it a picture-perfect romantic getaway for you and your partner.

Cadwalader Park is also home to a deer paddock which kids will enjoy. They can also explore the child-friendly playground within the park premises as well. If you are visiting with a big group of people, you can cook your own meal at the grills and tables of the picnic pavilion at the park. 

If you enjoy history, do not miss the chance of visiting the Civil War Memorial and the Ellarslie Museum at the Cadwadaler Park. They are a welcome distraction from the surrounding hustle and bustle of the city.

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Artistic Retreat at Artworks Trenton

Things To Do In Trenton
Artworks Trenton | Photo Credit –Art Gallery ErgsArt – by ErgSap

Trenton has a thriving local community. The best way to know more about the culture of a place is through its art. Meet the artistic community of Trenton at Artworks Trenton. There are many unique artisan shops and galleries here that you cannot miss during your stay at Trenton, New Jersey. 

This art district has something to offer for visitors of all ages and places. You can begin your exploration of Artworks Trenton with a visit to the local visual arts center. They offer several workshops and classes throughout the year. Enroll yourself in one of their events or workshops and learn something new during your stay at Trenton!

In addition to art shops, Trenton has three exquisite galleries as well. One of their galleries focuses on student and community efforts, telling you the story of Trenton. This is the perfect place to visit if you enjoy finding new and exciting experimental art. 

Galleries in Artworks Trenton also host events like ‘Art All Night’. Artists are welcome to display their art here for an entire night. You can bring along some of your work here and see how the local community engages with it. 

Address: 10, Everett Alley, Trenton, New Jersey, 08611

Telephone number: 609 394 9436

Visit the Willam Trent House Museum

You cannot miss the opportunity to visit the William Trent House Museum when in Trenton. This museum was once home to William Trent, the founder of Trenton. This house also happens to be the oldest house in the region. Over the years, the local communities and historians have built a museum in the house. 

The house was built in the year 1719, an important relic from the eighteenth century. It showcases many exhibits and materials that date back to the eighteenth century. Some of these exhibits include gardening tools, the history of gardening in the region, and more. 

 The premises of the William Trent House Museum also have gorgeous gardens. These gardens are well-groomed, ideal for a picnic with your friends and family. You can visit the gardens any time between 12:30 PM and 4 PM from Wednesday to Sunday. 

If you are in luck, you will be able to witness live musical events and food stalls that are exhibited in the museum on special occasions. This is a good place for people who enjoy visiting historical monuments, especially if you like knowing more about the old ways of life.

Explore the New Jersey Statehouse

Things To Do In Trenton
New Jersey State Capitol | Photo Credit – Jim Bowen

New Jersey Statehouse has been the center of all political activities in New Jersey. It is one of the oldest and biggest political capitols of the United States of America. Very few capitols in America are operational today, the New Jersey Statehouse is one of them. 

Over the years, the New Jersey Statehouse has been the center of business, legislation, and other important city functions for New Jersey. If you are visiting the statehouse for the first time, it is recommended to join one of their guided tours of the campus. Professionals will tell you about the history behind the construction and the history of this important building.

Some of the most important rooms in the building include the assembly chamber, senate conference room, the plaza, and the statehouse annex. These rooms are open to all visitors, however, you must follow the guidelines. 

One of the most beautiful areas of the New Jersey Statehouse is the painted ceiling room. It has a gorgeous artistic rendition of the city and its vibrant history. This room also has paintings of previous governors in their stained-glass windows. These special rooms are open to visitors on Monday and Thursday afternoons. 

The best part about visiting the New Jersey Statehouse is it allows you to view legislative processes. You can watch government officials discuss government bills and make public announcements regarding the functioning of the city. What a unique way to know about Trenton! 

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Enjoy a game of baseball at the Arm and Hammer Park

Things To Do In Trenton
Arm & Hammer Park | Photo Credit – slgckgc

Arm and Hammer Park was previously known as the Waterfront Park of Trenton. It is an old park that came into existence in the year 1994. It is one of the best outdoor spaces in Trenton, surrounded by nature at its best. 

Currently, Arm and Hammer Park is home to minor-league baseball matches. Trenton Thunder is the local team and crowds throng to watch their matches during game season. You can bring along your family and friends to enjoy a friendly game of baseball during the holidays.

The Arm and Hammer Park is located at a comfortable distance near the highway. You can visit this park conveniently and enjoy delicious snacks at the park stands. Some of the franchises that you can spot at the Arm and Hammer Park include the Famous Dave’s BBQ among others. 

For an indulgent experience, you can also opt for the luxury boxes available at the open concourse of Arm and Hammer Park. You can take a stroll around the park and visit the enjoyable vistas in the area. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy watching local matches and view the scoreboard via the digital screens displayed throughout the arena. 

Observe surreal sculptures at the Grounds for Sculpture

Grounds for Sculpture | Photo Credit – Shinya Suzuki

Grounds for Sculpture is an iconic place to visit in Trenton. It is home to more than 270 unique structures, spanning across more than 42 acres of grounds. It is tailor-made for a fulfilling visual experience. 

This outdoor space is well-groomed, brimming with beautiful sculptures. The sculptures are curated by experts, displaying new and fresh pieces regularly. It is the perfect combination of old and new art, some of their premier artists include Kiki Smith and Clement Meadmore. 

Of course, the best way to explore the Grounds for Sculpture is under the moonlight. The grounds organize moonlight tours for visitors, walking you through artistic renditions of life. If you wish to try your hand at sculpting, you can join one of their sculpture classes. 

Address: Grounds for Sculpture, 80 Sculptors Way Trenton, New Jersey

Telephone Number: +1609 586 0616

Catch a live performance at the Passage Theatre Company

Grace Jones | Photo Credit – PeterTea 

The thrill of watching a live performance is unforgettable. Passage Theatre Company has been the oasis of talent, creating fresh and original plays regularly. They are a group run by theatre enthusiasts and volunteers with the aim of fostering new talent in the Trenton region. 

We are often plagued by the problems that surround us. Theatre is a vent for all our emotions and life events, demonstrated by an exemplary cast. They take pride in the diversity and originality of their performances.

Passage Theatre Company organizes the Solo Flights Festivals every March. You can visit their website to stay updated with their upcoming events. in addition to theatre, Passage Theatre Company also hosts stand-up acts, musical events, and open mics as well. 

Address: Passage Theatre Company, 219 E Hanover St. Trenton, New Jersey

Phone Number: +1609 393 0760

Mexican delicacies at the Jojo’s Tavern and Restuarant 

Looking for a comfortable place to drink and eat delicious Mexican cuisine? Jojo’s Tavern and Restaurant is the answer! They serve fresh food at very affordable prices. It is ideal for a get-together with your pals during your stay in Trenton. 

You can enjoy live performances at Jojo’s Tavern and Restaurant on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Thursdays are reserved for football viewings. In addition to Mexican specials, their menu also has a large assortment of Italian and all-American dishes. 

Jojo’s Tavern and Restuarant is a classic sports bar. It is the perfect place for a casual dinner during your escapades in Trenton, New Jersey. It is suggested to make reservations before you arrive at Jojo’s Tavern and Restaurant.

Address: 2677, Nottingham Wat, Mercerville Hamilton Square, Trenton, New Jersey

Telephone number: +16095862678

Walking at the Pennsylvania Bridge

Rockville Bridge, Pennsylvania | Photo Credit – Doug Kerr

Trenton’s Pennyslavia Bridge overlooks the spectacular Delaware River, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing evening walk. This bridge connects New Jersey with its neighboring state Pennsylvania.

It is an important bridge, locally known as the Trenton Makes Bridge. It has a huge signboard that reads, “Trenton makes the world takes”, symbolic of the spirit of Trenton. You will find many locals and tourists traveling on the bridge to get from one city to another.

The bridge shines bright at night because of its unique neon lighting. It is an old bridge constructed in 1806. Ever since the bridge was reconstructed and redesigned several times to meet modern requirements. It was the first bridge ever built across the Delaware River of New Jersey. 

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Sightseeing at the Trenton Battle Monument

Trenton Battle Monument | Photo Credit – Ken Lund

The Trenton Battle Monument overlooks the entire Trenton area. It is a part of the Five Points Neighbourhood of Trenton. This monument is an architectural marvel, a column-style building with a statue that is symbolic of America’s victorious past. 

History lovers will enjoy the monument’s eighteenth-century aesthetics. It showcases many relics from the Battle of Trenton, fought in the year 1776. This war was significant as it led to America’s victory in the war of independence. Once you have explored the monument, you can take a stroll in the gardens and relax on its benches. 

Rejuvenate at the Trenton Free Public Library

Public Library | Photo Credit – bill lapp

Trenton Free Public Library is the oldest library in New Jersey. All visitors are welcome to read and explore the library free of cost throughout the day. However, only residents of Trenton can issue library cards with their valid identity cards.

This library offers a wide collection of books and free WiFi. If you are looking for a place for peace and quiet, head to Trenton Free Public Library. Senior citizens are welcome to join computer classes provided by the staff in order to improve digital literacy. 

The library hosts several book launches, book club readings, events for children, and tutoring for people of all ages. You can also enroll in these programs and engage with the local community of Trenton, New Jersey. 

Address: 120 Academy Street, Trenton, New Jersey, 08608

Phone number: 609 392 7188

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