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The Top Best Hotels In Toronto

by Tanishqa Saraf
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25 Best Hotels in Toronto

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The key takeaway of traveling to a new city is experiencing the multiplicity of cultures that it has to offer. In fact, one of the most attractive qualities of your travel destinations is the interactions you have with people. Along with the new things you get to observe and imbibe. 

We are talking about one such city in Canada, which if you are visiting Canada – you definitely can’t miss! Known for its enormity, population, and sights that draw tourists in, Toronto is one of the most beautiful, lively, and eventful cities in the world. Be it a business trip or a leisure vacation, the city will have you mesmerized.

Toronto has cool things to offer, known for having the tallest skyscraper in the world for a long time. It is also just a hop to Niagara falls. It has free museums for you to explore. With over eight thousand restaurants with flavorful cuisines waiting to fill you up. And some of the most comfortable, luxurious, and budget-friendly hotels that you can stay at.

This article will introduce the 25 Best Hotels of Toronto to you. You can stay alone or with family, on an office trip or on vacation. Have the best time of your life, in Toronto.

1. The Hazelton Hotel

The Hazelton Hotel is among the finest and best luxury hotels in Toronto. It is located at the center of Yorkville. For those of you who don’t know this, Yorkshire is where the Toronto Fashion Week nests. It is one of the rather stylish neighborhoods to visit.

Another specialty of this hotel is the “ONE Restaurant” which is Chef Mark McEwan’s signature. Food that will fill your soul and a beautiful dining place to make a memory out of your trip. 

The best thing is, there are places and luxury shopping districts such as Yorkville Village to explore just nearby. If you do find yourself here, don’t forget to visit the Royal Ontario Museum and the Gardiner Museum. 

2. Four Seasons Hotel

Best Hotels in Toronto
Four Seasons Photo Credit – Danielle Scott

The Four Seasons Hotel serves as the perfect accommodation if you are traveling with family. Situated within the Yorkville quarter, this infrastructure is wonderful. It is an impeccable creation of modern architecture that will leave you speechless at your first glance!

The place offers you impeccable French cuisine alongside a bar that serves the very taste of Jesus’ wine. The entire menu is inspired by Chef Daniel’s grandmother’s recipes. It is the very taste of home served on a plate with luxury and style. 

Yorkville is again an incredible shopping district to explore. The hotel also has a facility to arrange a tour for you and your family to the amazing waterfalls. 

3. The St. Regis

311 bay street Toronto is an address you will always remember. Why? Because it is the direct view to the Toronto Skyline which is indeed an unforgettable sight. This is why many are drawn to St. Regis but we can assure you it is not all this place has to offer. The place is highly known for its great hospitality and awe-striking architecture. It also comes with captivating butler service and a bar that serves your drink just right.

Best Hotels in Toronto
Photo Credit: Nigel

4. The Fairmont Royal York

When you ask about The Fairmont Royal York you are in for an unexpected treat! Their welcome tagline is “It’s time to come home”. Is that not all we look for in a hotel when we are away from home? This hotel takes care of you warmly and sufficiently while giving you access to all your basic amenities.

Anything that you’d want in a world-class hotel; they have it all! It is especially suitable for you if you are traveling on business. But most importantly, as your leisure goes – Fairmont partners with The Immersive Van Gogh Package. This gets you 25% on the tickets to the exhibit! So what are you waiting for?

5. Windsor Arms Hotel 

Your traveling is not just about experiencing the city, but also experiencing what is in the city. Like this hotel. The Windsor Arms Hotel is known for its elegance and precision to detail! The infrastructure will amaze you if not inspire you. Be a part of what the aristocrats, bureaucrats, and other important citizens of the state have earned a right to!

6. The SoHo Hotel & Residences

Located in Downtown Toronto, and if you are looking for something big and spacious. The SoHo Hotel & Residences is the place to go! The rooms are double the size of other deluxe and luxury hotels in the area. Enjoy the freedom and space to relax/explore your time here! This personalized service is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

Photo Credit: tsaiproject

7. The Omni King Edward Hotel

The Omni King Edward Hotel is actually known as Toronto’s First Luxury Hotel. It was constructed in the year 1903 and re-innovated for the modern-day. The aura of the old-world charm of this city begins the moment you hop onto King Street. Right in the heart of downtown Toronto.

This hotel’s location in the financial district gives you comfortable access to the city’s top attractions. These include the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Sony Centre, Eaton Centre, Distillery District, etc. Some of Toronto’s best restaurants, shopping, and more are here.

8. Old Mill Toronto

This hotel is your go-to for a great stay. Old Mill Toronto is a great location with fancy dining, cozy space and is especially loved by couples. If you are traveling with your partner or better half, then this is the place to get that romantic getaway. It is also one of the rather affordable hotels but is clean. A well-kept and comfortable experience for the cost that you pay!

9. Cambridge Suites Hotel

Best Hotels in Toronto
Cambridge Suites Hotel | Photo Credit – d.neuman

This hotel is a convenient walking distance from Massey Hall and St. Michael’s Cathedral. Being a 4-star hotel Cambridge Suites Hotel has all the amenities you want for a deluxe stay experience.

If you are on a workstation, you can get instant internet access here. The food is delicious and in case you want to stay in and look outside the window – you will find everything from mini-refrigerators to microwaves in your suite!

10. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto is a perfect blend of the modern and advanced edge of the city And one of the best hotels in Toronto. While retaining its own legacy that offers an elegant stroll inside the heart of downtown. If you stay here, you can explore traditional Italian cuisine and Canada’s only hotel-based cheese cave! You can also spend time pampering yourself at Spa My Blend by Clarins. And enjoy Toronto’s biggest attractions, from professional sports to the CN Tower, which are all nearby.

Best Hotels in Toronto
Photo Caption: andrewarchy

11. Shangri-La Hotel

One of the rather noteworthy things about Shangri-La Hotel is that it is among Toronto’s tallest buildings. Highly recommended if you are looking for an urban and advanced break from your life. It is convenient as it is a mere 6-minute walk from Queen Street West on University Avenue. Located in a place from which all the best things in the city are of easy access to the traveler. Staying here means don’t miss the nearby Art Gallery of Ontario, the waterfront, and the enthusiastic culture on Yonge Street.

12. Le Germain Hotel Toronto Maple Leaf Square 

Hotel Le Germain Toronto | Photo Credit – davitydave

In case you don’t know, Le Germain Hotel is one of the most wholesome places to stay at. Not only is it close to the stadium, Union station, Scotiabank center, and the aquarium but! It will have the warmest staff that greets you, spacious rooms, and the best location. It is a highly recommended hotel by all its customers, And they have always come back here on a second trip because of how much they loved it!

13. Hotel X Toronto by Library Hotel Collection

Hotel X Toronto by Library Hotel Collection is a hotel that will win you over with its resort energy! From the gym to the swimming pool, rooftop experiences, great food, and everything you need on a vacation. This stay that relaxes the mind and body is present here! Looking for a change of view in your work-from-home situation, book this for a vacation! 

14. Delta Hotels Toronto

The Delta Toronto Hotel | Photo Credit – JasonParis

Delta Hotels Toronto is the one place to go to if you are planning a long-term stay. Hotels are equipped with kitchens allowing you the chance to cook fresh meals. There is complimentary grocery shopping as well as free wi-fi.

15. InterContinental Toronto Centre

A center? That must be confusing I know! But! InterContinental Toronto Centre is actually a hotel and offers you a wonderful stay. Keeping in mind the Covid-19 norms and protocols, you can take advantage of the luxurious amenities.

There is an indoor saltwater pool, hot tub, bar & lounge, spa, fitness center, business center, etc. This place has an incredible fitness center that will make you want to work out! Someone will help you out and take care of all you need at any minute of your stay! 

16. The Yorkville Royal Sonesta Hotel Toronto

Looking for a place to chill? There is an indoor rooftop pool at the Yorkville Royal Sonesta! Finding a place for business gatherings, reserve up to 7700 square feet of meeting space with this hotel! Never compromise on your productivity and chill when you travel! Oh, and did we mention that the Royal Ontario Museum and other top attractions are just across the street! 

17. Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre

Hotels that are entertaining and a good fill to plan a celebration are the best kinds! Not only is this one of the rather fancy airport hotels, but it is also a mesmerizing place to unwind. Located at a primary distance from Downtown Toronto (20 minutes only!) There are many wedding venues nearby if that is something you are looking for. All in all, you won’t regret this stay at all!

18. Hilton Toronto

Hilton Toronto | Photo Credit – Open Grid Scheduler / Grid EngineFollow

An indoor pool, a concierge, executive lounge, and excellent room service is THE MOST IMPORTANT in any hotel. But what is that one thing most hotels lack? Pet-friendly rooms! Are you the single-handed parent to your pet? If you choose to travel with them, you should not be forced to leave them behind! Just because you can’t find a hotel that hosts the both of you! Good for you, this does!

19. The Westin Harbor Castle

Do you ever feel like escaping into the views of serenity and places that enable mental wellness? Then this is the place for you! With multiple fitness options to keep you on track while you are away from home. This allows you to have a fulfilling hotel experience. The Castle as you would think it really is will grant you a chance at luxurious and soulful living. Stay as long as you choose to stay here!

20. Bisha Hotel Toronto

What is a room on a vacation without a flat-screen and a minibar? There is no need to find out or to be bored with the 96 amazing air-conditioned rooms at Bisha Hotel. They will provide you with these amenities.

The hotel is quite literally in the heart of the entertainment district of Toronto. And is definitely a worthy place for your stay! 

21. Pan Pacific Toronto

Clean rooms and courteous staff! This hotel is worth exploring as some guests really appreciated an opportunity to play the piano. A real one that sits waiting for anyone in the hotel lobby! This hotel is really the best of both worlds because it offers you a calming and serene atmosphere for relaxation.

Though it stands amidst an urban cityscape. Located in the north of Toronto it isn’t too far away from the city. But just far enough to give you the break you need!. One of the best Hotels in Toronto.

22. Kimpton Saint George

Everyone has different objectives to travel. Some people are convinced that they want to be entertained with clubs and parties, while others maybe want to see museums and historical places. As Kimpton Saint George remains a hotel that is closer to the University area and also one of the best hotel in Toronto, it gives you easy access to many historical sights and museums while covering the cultural values that the city holds!  

23. The Broadview Hotel

Broadview Hotel | Photo Credit – Special Collections Tor

Are you a fan of vintage amenities? Like those artworks on the walls and a record player in your room that gives the feeling of having traveled back in time! Well then, unravel the era of class, culture, art, and more with The Broadview Hotel! The other standard amenities are obviously involved with these cherries on top and you won’t face any issues of discomfort in your stay here!

24. The Anndore House 

This property has a mobile app that allows guests to control their room temperature, isn’t that fascinating? This hotel is a proper blend that was renovated in recent times but originally opened in the 1950s! You will find beautiful cafes in the surrounding areas, the most marvelous coffee to drink and desserts to cherish! The Anndore House is a must-visit for any explorer! 

25. Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport

Last but not the least, this affordable and one of the best hotels in Toronto is the opposite of happening and the definition of peaceful. While some of us only travel for work and business meetings, fairly close to the airport this place will allow you a complete rest away from all noise. No children, pets, or families making a fuss! Even the housekeeping hours are kept to a minimum during the day so you can relax!

These hotels go as far as staying is concerned but if you are looking for a mapped-out plan for how to visit Toronto and cover all the good spots then we have you covered for that as well. Find out Cool things to do in Toronto with us! 

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