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Things to do in Mankato MN

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Things to do in Mankato MN

Mankato may be unfamiliar to many people’s ears. Even though there are lots of interesting things here. One of them is a tourist spot with many types. If you want to have a vacation here, there are several things to do in Mankato.

1.Minneopa State Park

Things to do in Mankato
Minneopa State Park | Photo Credit – Tony Webster

This park has been in Minnesota since 1905 and boasts a number of trails and hiking paths for you to travel. While in Minneopa State Park, be sure to visit the Minneopa Falls among many other waterfalls. Complete with hills, rivers, and prairie grasslands, the Minneopa State Park is a destination worth centering your trip to MN around.

While you’re here, be sure to visit the Seppmann Mill, an old landmark mill built in German style. The Minneopa state park also provides facilities such as bike, hiking and cross country ski trails.

2.Mount Kato

Mount Kato is a really great place to visit while in Minnesota. A family friendly location, Mount Kato is best for all age groups. Visit the Kato Cafe and the Lift Bar and Grill to grab a bite to eat. There are loads of fun activities to do here such as skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking.

This site is also home to a number of events throughout the year such as Spring Fling, Duct Tape Derby and Mogul Mash. Equipment to enjoy the said activities are available on rent.

3.Sibley Farm

Things to do in Mankato
Sibley Farm | Photo Credit – Greg Gjerdingen

Since 1893, Sibley Farm has been the site for many fun filled events for the entire family. The building is a red barn that has a number of farm animals. Cows, horses, lambs, goats, alpacas, peacocks and fishes, Sibley Farm is a really great way to spend your time in Mankato.

There is a children’s park here along with a pavilion to host events. Spread a sheet at the picnic table and bring your barbecue grill for the summer months.

4.Mankato Brewery

Mankato Brewery Mad Butcher | Photo Credit – Peter Anderson

There are many things to do while at Mankato. Visiting Mankato Brewery is one of them. The traditional brews of the area are celebrate here in their authentic beers. Be sure to visit the taproom, a place to socialize with the town and trying great drinks.

The brewery has been operating since 2012, serving the best of Minnesota for long. There is a merchandise shop nearby as well as live music. If you’re into knowing more about the process, sign up for one of the tour of the brewery that happen every Saturday.

5.Twin Rivers Arts

If you’re a budding artist or just an appreciator of fine arts, then the Twin Rivers Arts center is the place for you. This place has been created as a hub to connect the community with the diverse currents of art in play.

The Twin Rivers is known to hold many events throughout the year along with workshops and exhibitions. Located at 523 S 2nd St. Mankato, MN, the Twin Rivers Arts center helps artists work on their technique, acting, music along with providing services for private events etc.

6.Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

Things to do in Mankato
Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail | Photo Credit – Tony Webster

The Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail is one of the best things to do in Mankato Minnesota. The trail has around 40 miles of paved trails that may be accessed even by wheelchair. One of the key attractions in this place is horseback and snowmobile riding.

Although, you require a permit beforehand in order to do so. Start your explorations at Lime Valley Road and course through the Minnesota River trail to finally end your walk in Faribault. There are a number of picnic grounds and campsites along the Sakatah Lake State Park.

7.Reconciliation Park

Things to do in Mankato
Reconciliation Park | Photo Credit – Lorie Shaull

This is an important historical landmark for Minnesota. The story goes that around 38 Dakota men were hanged for a transgression against New Ulm settlers. There are a number of statues and sculptures in the area that mark this important memorial site. Be sure to visit the Blue Earth County Public Library for a quick history lesson regarding the site.

8.Carnegie Art Center

A visual art museum dedicated to preserving and documenting art since 1981. The Carnegie Art Center is the largest permanent gallery exhibition in Mankato Minnesota. The works of regional artists are also given importance here by the use of monthly gallery displays.

Each year, the Carnegie Art Center receives thousands of visitors to witness the great flourishes of art in the form of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, street art and even digital works. While you’re here, be sure to visit the gift shop to grab the perfect souvenir for your visit.

9.Seven Mile Creek Park

The Seven Mile Creek Park comprises of 628 acres of lush valleys, forests and the Minnesota River. The trails in the park are perfect for jogging, walking, cycling etc. The park is full of stunning and gorgeous views and locations that are lined with picnic tables and shelters.

One of the best way to spend time here is to  spread a sheet and lay out a picnic here with your family. Wild animals like turkeys, deer and birds are common sightings here, so be sure to have your camera with you. Enjoying at the volleyball court is another one of the parks attractions.

10.Blue Earth County Historical Society

Things to do in Mankato
Blue Earth County History Center and Museum | Photo Credit – Minnesota Historical Soci

This society was founded to commemorate 50 years of the settlement. In 1901, several exhibits were put up which later became a collection of work that celebrates the lands history. This landmark is educative and informative, and as such, is a wonderful thing to do while at Mankato with your family.

A window into history, be witness to a diorama of downtown Mankato in the 1880s. There are Native American tools and artifacts here, along with a children’s area. There are art galleries, exhibits and travelling exhibits to enjoy here. Blue Earth County Historical Society is located at 424 Warren St, Mankato.

11.Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota

Things to do in Mankato
Minnesota Children’s Museum | Photo Credit – minnemom

Visiting the children’s museum of southern Minnesota is a great location for you to explore. However, it is temporarily closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Regardless, it is one of the most prominent of things to do in southern Minnesota.

There are fun filled exhibits as well as interactive activities to do here at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota. The address is 224 Lamm St. Mankato.

12.Walking Sculpture Tour

Things to do in Mankato
White Buffalo Sculpture | Photo Credit – Kurt Haubrich

There are many outdoor sculptures in Mankato and the Walking Sculpture Tour is one of the best things to do in southern MN. Artists induct their sculptures into the exhibit once a year and win cash rewards through a voting system.

Their sculptures can also be purchased by CityArt for a permanent installation. Head to this site to vote for the sculpture you find best. This year round tour is best for appreciating the city with your family.

13.Red Jacket Trail

The Red Jacket trail in southern Minnesota has been built over an old railway line and is part of the Red Jacket Trail Park.  Enjoy a canoe launch while taking in scenic views of the Le Sueur River.

There is enough here to do for your entire family, such as Boating, Picnic shelters, Primitive Restrooms, Fire Rings and hikes into nature.  The trail begins in Mankato and crosses via the Red Jacket Railway Bridge ending at Rapidan.

14.River Hills Mall

No trip to a city is complete without a great shopping experience. The River Hills Mall is the best way to spend your day with many stores, restaurants, and kiosks. There is a children’s area if you’re here with your family. The mall also has an eight screen theater that features latest releases.

From the latest in fashion trends, to the top releases in technology, the River Hills Mall is the place to visit while you’re in Mankato city. The shopping center is located at 1850 Adams St, Mankato

15.The R.D. Hubbard House

 The family home of R.D. Hubbard who was the founder of the Hubbard Milling Company. The Historical Society purchased it after the Hubbard family vacated the house in 1938. The house has been preserved in its original form complete with the actual pieces of furniture and decor used by the family.

The place has been designed in the classical Victorian architecture and is located in the ambient setting of the South Broad Street. Be sure to visit the RD Hubbard while you’re in the city.

What is There to do in Mankato MN This weekend?

things to do in mankato
Mankato | Photo Credit – John Lustig

Weekends at Mankato are filled with fun events to do. Your stay in this city would be quite worthwhile if you register for a few weekend Mankato events. Here are some of them:

  • St. Peter MarketFest: Starting on Saturday, September 12 at 8 30 AM.
  • 5 PM Sunday Cycling: Starting on Sunday, September 13 at Owatonna Fitness.
  • Sever’s Stories, Riddles & Rhymes: Starting on Saturday, September 12 at 10 AM at 3121 W 150th St.
  • Mandala Rock Painting: Starting on Sunday, September 13 at 10 AM at Minnesota Makers Excelsior Location
  • DIY Cutting Boards: Starting on Saturday, September 12 at 5 PM.
  • The Van Deusens: Starting on Saturday, September 12 at 7 30 PM at the Parkway Theater.
  • Outdoor Yoga at Lake Hiawatha: Starting on Saturday, September 12 at 10 AM at Lake Hiawatha

What is there to do in Mankato today?

There are events happening in Mankato everyday. Here are some of today’s events.

  • Daily Mass
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • Rosary Mass
  • TOPS Leader’s Meeting
  • Piano Lessons with Roslyn Seih

What is Mankato MN famous for?

things to do in mankato
Metropolitan State University | Photo Credit – Tony Webster

Mankato is known for being a popular tourist attraction. Thousands of tourists come to Mankato every year for its events and attractions.  Here are some of the things that Mankato is famous for:

  • Mankato is known to be a college town. There are a number of colleges and universities here with the Minnesota State University being the most famous. More famously, Minnesota State University is home to the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Mankato in August is home to the Annual Ribfest.
  • Mankato also makes a TV appearance in Little House on the Prairie.

Mankato is a landmark site for Native American history. In December 1862, 38 Dakota Native Americans were hanged for taking part in an uprising. The location is now known as Reconciliation park located in Mankato.

Is Mankato MN Safe?

Provisions for Public Safety in Mankato MN include Police, Fire and Emergency Services. While Mankato is a city which is frequented often by tourists, it is also known to be problematic when it comes to crime.

Recent efforts have resulted in some success in reducing crime. However, it will be worthwhile if you look over your shoulder while in Mankato. Be sure to keep your cellphone handy at all times and always be careful of where you are at.

Those are some of the things you can do at Mankato. Everything is interesting and you can try one by one. Have a good vacation.

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