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Amazing Things To Do In East Tennessee

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Things To Do In East Tennessee

East Tennessee is a region in the Appalachian Mountains. The states of Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia border it. There are around 33 counties in East Tennessee. While you find yourself visiting the beautiful area that is East Tennessee, you will find that this place has a lot to offer.

From cities known for their culture such as Chattanooga and Knoxville Tennessee, and scenic natural locations such as the Great Smoky Mountains and Ruby Falls. With no delay, read more below to find out about the best things to do in East Tennessee.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A trip to East Tennessee is incomplete without this place being on your itinerary.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park | Photo Credit – Ken Lund

The most visited national park in the country, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has a lot to offer to its visitors. There are a number of attractions in the park such as Cades Cove and the Roaring Fork Motor trail. The park features lots of open areas which are great hotspots for finding wildlife in their natural habitat.

You will find a lot to do while you are here. from hiking, fishing and camping. The park area features over 800 miles of hiking trails and around 700 miles of fishing areas and streams. If you are lucky, you will be able to see raccoons, black bears and deer. The Roaring Fork Motor trail is a car trail that loops around the park, featuring scenic views and great places to stop and take pictures.

Speaking of pictures, you must have a camera ready when you visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in East Tennessee. You will find gorgeous natural attractions such as streams, waterfalls, forests, ridges and more. All in all, a trip to East Tennessee is incomplete without this place being on your itinerary.


This place in East Tennessee is a really great place for coming with your family.
Dollywood | Photo Credit – White Wolf

The Dollywood is a theme park in the tourist hotspot of Pigeon Forge. This is a really great place for coming with your family. It features amazing rides such as the “Thunderhead”. This attraction is a wooden roller coaster that features a 100 foot drop and speeds of over 50 mph. If you are here with kids, then you will find it to be a great fit as there is an interactive play area for children here.

It was created by popular singer Dolly Parton. While you are at this place, there is a lot to do apart from rides. The place features a bald eagle sanctuary, the Southern Gospel Museum and a 19th Century one room schoolhouse. It is also known to offer live shows and concerts for its guests. As far as your Tennessee visit goes, coming here it is the one of the best things to do.

Tennessee River Ruby Falls

Crossing the Tennessee River | Photo Credit – Andy Montgomery

One of the best things to do in East Tennessee is to come see the Ruby Falls. It is one of the country’s deepest and largest underground caves. It is a part of the Lookout Mountain Cavern and finds itself around 1120 feet below the ground. The waterfall is itself around 145 feet in height and features a lot of unique rock formations. A really scenic location, Ruby Falls is responsible for a lot of tourism happening in East Tennessee.

It was discovered by Leo Lambert in 1928 while he was exploring the Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga. It has been a public attraction since 1929. You will be able to reach Ruby Falls by using a underground elevator that falls around 260 feet.

Out on the ground, you can climb the Lookout Mountain Tower and admire the scenic views of the Tennessee river, the Cumberland Plateau and Chattanooga. There is also a zip line activity here that you most definitely must try. After seeing all Ruby Falls has to offer, you can grab a bite to eat at the Cavern Cafe.

Abraham Lincoln Library And Museum

Located on the campus of the Lincoln Memorial University, it is the result of the efforts of the school collecting the President’s memorabilia over the years. A really great place to visit, it features a great number of personal items of Abraham Lincoln, over 30000.

This place gives you a window into the history of Lincoln and the Civil War. There is even the cane he was using the night he was assassinated and a tea set used by him and his wife. The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum is located at 6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway Harrogate.

We hope you enjoyed this short article featuring the best attractions in East Tennessee. From nearby cities such as Chattanooga, to scenic areas teeming with wildlife and natural beauty, East Tennessee has it all. Come here and find many things to do. Tn is a really great place for a visit and you will be really delighted upon coming here. With so much to offer, from the largest underground waterfall to the most visited national park, Tennessee is a veritable tourist destination.

Most of the things you will see in East Tennessee are going to be out in the wild and away from crowded areas. As such, you will find your Tennessee trip to be safer than your average tourist hotspot. Regardless, while you are here, you should certainly take care of all the safety precautions and your personal hygiene in light of the COVID 19 Pandemic. Go ahead and check off as many things to do in East Tennessee from your list as you can. Happy Travels to you.

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