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Fun Things to Do in Ozark, Missouri

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Things to Do in Ozark, Missouri

Ozark is one of the most famous places in Missouri that makes for a perfect destination for a holiday. The following article aims to acquaint you with the many cool things that that you can do in this city.

Our emphasis on things that you can do at Lake of Ozark and Springfield. We hope that you have fun exploring these places and keep going back to this incredible place for more fun.

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Plan A Visit to The Lake of Ozark

Lake of the Ozarks
Lake of the Ozarks | Photo Credit – KOMUnews

A reservoir created by the impounding Osage River, Lake Of Ozark is the most famous place in the city of Ozark. Owing to its popularity, it has become a famous spot amongst tourists from all over the United States Of America.

There a number of places and things that you can do around Lake of Ozark. Here is a list of things that you can do to make the most of your visit to the Lake of Ozark. Read on to know more:

Things To Do At Lake of Ozark

Please check our list of things to do at Lake of Ozark.

Be a witness of the beautiful view of Bagnell Dam

Bagnell Dam, Ozark
Bagnell Dam, Ozark | Photo Credit – Jena Fuller

Fascinated with the Lake of the Ozarks? It owes its sustenance to the magnificent Bagnell Dam. Take out time on your trip to Ozark to witness this beautiful dam which spans more than 2,500 feet. A visit to this dam will make you appreciate the ingenious engineering that went behind its construction.

When you at Bagnell Dam, make sure that you visit the famous Bagnell Dam strip, which has a number of shops. Here you can shop for a number of items and feast on confectionaries and ice-creams.

Indulge In Outdoor Activities At Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Ha Ha Tonka - Ozarks
Ha Ha Tonka – Ozarks | Photo Credit – Richard Ricciardi

Ha Ha Tonka State Park is one of the most popular destinations in Ozark, MO owing to its historical significance and geological features. You should visit this park if you are looking to indulge in outdoor activities like hiking.

As you would hike in the park, you will find geological features like caves, sinkholes, sheer bluffs, and a natural bridge. Activities like fishing, boating, and swimming are also common at the state park. This is one of the coolest places to visit in Ozark with your friends.

Take a Picture at Swinging Bridges at Brumley

Swinging Bridges at the Lake of the Ozarks
Swinging Bridges at the Lake of the Ozarks | Photo Credit – MoBikeFed

Built-in the 1930s and located within the Lake of the Ozarks are two swinging bridges. These bridges have become a popular tourist spot owing to their historical importance and characteristic.

The first bridge, which goes by the name Grand Auglaize is 414 feet tall, whereas the second bridge, Miller Creek Bridge is 134-foot tall. Nestled between huge trees, the bridges make for a perfect place for a light stroll in the evening.

Find Some Raging Rapids At Big Surf Waterpark

Located south of Osage Beach, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Missouri: Big Surf Waterpark. As the name suggests, the park is dedicated to watersports. Here you would find raging rapids, lazy rivers, and a number of other water attractions.

One of the attractions of the waterpark is the 30-foot-wide Space Bowl and 3-storey-high Zambezi Falls. This is a must-visit place with your friends and family and you are bound to have a jolly time. While you are at Big Surf Waterpark, we recommend you to grab a bite at Surfside Grill. To know more about the waterpark and to check out its amenities, visit its official website.

Plan a visit to Springfield, Missouri

Known as the “Queen of Ozarks”, this is one of the most famous places that you must visit when you are looking for things to do in Ozark, MO. Springfield is a tourist’s paradise because there are a number of things that one can do in this city. Read on to know more:

Things to do in Springfield, Missouri

We have shortlisted things to do in Springfield, Pleases check our list below.

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

Battle at Wilson's Creek, near Springfield, Mo
Battle at Wilson’s Creek, near Springfield, Mo | Photo Credit – Mike Goad

The Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield marks the battle site of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek. It marks the site of the death of the first Union general who was killed in the action. In order to acquaint yourself with the history of Wilson’s Creek and the Civil War, you can opt for a guided tour.

You must also check out the bookstore and museum. You can also indulge in hiking or horseback riding on the Battlefield. A visit to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield is a tribute to the past legends and will help you understand your history in a better manner. Visit their official website to locate their exact address.

Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium

One of the top places to visit with family in Springfield, the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium has over thousands of live fishes. The museum cum aquarium is dedicated to conserving wildlife and has a lot of programs regarding the same.

Here you can experience the underwater world in a new way and built a new relationship with the environment. You can become a member of the museum or can function as a volunteer. The museum frequently organizes a number of exhibitions, which are extremely interesting.

Springfield Art Museum

Springfield Art Museum
Springfield Art Museum | Photo Credit – Cindy Funk

One of the top things to do in Springfield is to spend the day at the Springfield Art Museum. The museum showcases works from southwest Missouri and other spaces outside of the United States of America. The major focus of the museum collection is on American art.

You will find here over 10,000 artifacts, each better than the other. The artifacts range from watercolors to printmaking. This is a nice place to visit with your family and we highly recommend it.

Dickerson Park Zoo

Dickerson Park Zoo
Dickerson Park Zoo | Photo Credit – Jose Kevo

Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield is dedicated to conserving wildlife. The zoo also provides services like local animal hospital and rehabilitation services. If you are taking the trip with your children, you must visit this place as here you’d be able to spot a number of animals.

Some of them being, diamondback rattlesnakes, black bears, black swans, Asian elephants, spider monkeys, and Malayan tigers. The zoo organizes a number of events, so you must keep an eye out for them by visiting their website frequently. If you desire to become part of their volunteer program, visit their official website.

Discovery Center of Springfield

The Discovery Center of Springfield is an interactive museum which is dedicated to inspiring people of all ages to learn by indulging in interactive activities. The museum aims to create a learning environment for students by enhancing their imagination and creative skills. In order to achieve their aim, they have a series of programs for learners of all ages.

This museum makes for a perfect place for people who are looking to learn new things through indulging in indoor activities. If you are looking for things to do in Springfield along with your children, you must consider a visit. To know more about the kind of activities that you can anticipate here.

Gillioz Theatre

Gillioz Theatre | Photo Credit – whiterabbitart

A historic theatre which was built by M.E Gillioz, the Gillioz Theatre is a landmark in Springfield. If you are looking for things to do with your partner in Springfield, visit the theatre.

This could make for a perfect place for a date night with your partner. Make sure that you book your ticket online before you decide to visit them. To know more about the shows, visit their official website.

Fantastic Caverns

Fantastic Caverns Springfield MO
Fantastic Caverns Springfield MO | Photo Credit – Dean Souglass

The only caves in North America, which you can experience in entirety through a train ride. The Fantastic Caves make for an interesting place to visit on your trip to Springfield. In order to visit the cave, you simply need to hop on to a tram and sit back.

A visit to the cave is quite a unique experience because tourists are able to experience the path that has been carved by rivers over thousands of years ago.

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden
Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden | Photo Credit – Nikki Tegtmeyer

Spread over an area of 7.5 acres, the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden is one of the most famous places in Springfield. The garden was built in the year 1985 and since then has been a famous spot amongst tourists.

The attractions of the garden include a moon bridge, a koi lake, a meditation garden, a tea house, and a traditional Japanese garden. If you are looking to spend your time in the vicinity of nature, this is the most ideal place for you. Find out the admission fee of the garden here.

Stained Glass Theatre

Built by playwright and director, Ron Boutwell, the Stained Glass Theatre is one of the most unique places in Ozark, MO. The theatre aims to spread God’s love and message to the world. The theatre boasts of “serving Christ Through the Arts”.

The theatre works with the vision of bringing together people from various walks of life and uniting them under the banner of God. If you are looking for things to do in Ozark that involve interaction with likeminded people, this might be the right place for you. To know more about their past programs and location, check out their official website.

Places to eat at in Ozark

Your visit to Ozark would be incomplete without trying out its food. Here is a list of places in Ozark that serve some of the best food that you would find in entire Missouri. We hope you have fun exploring them.

Little Danube

Owned by chef David Pruneau, the Little Daube is one of the most famous restaurants at Ozark. The restaurant serves lip-smacking European food that is the finest in Ozark. You might want to consider this restaurant for a peaceful date with your loved one.

Iguana Roja

Famous in all of Ozark for being a Latin-American restaurant, the Iguana Roja is any food lover’s paradise. The restaurant is operated by Chef Brian Taylor who makes sure that all the ingredients used in making the dishes are procured from local farmers. All the dishes are hand-made from scratch are finger-licking tasty.

Apart from the amazing food, the restaurant has a beautiful ambiance which makes it an ideal place to be visited with one’s friends and family. If you wish to skim through their menu before deciding to visit there, check out their official website.

Salvatore’s Fresh Ristorante Italiano

True to its name, the Salvatore’s Fresh Ristorante Italiano is famed for its fresh Italian dishes. If you are craving some Italian food in Ozark, this is the place where you need to be. Here you will get everything from sandwiches to burgers. We recommend you to try out their special pasta, which will leave you asking for more.

Spring Creek Tea Room

If you are a sweet-tooth person, you must check out the food items at Spring Creek Tea Room. This place is famous for its soups, salads, quinches, and much more. Not to forget, they sell a variety of desserts which will only leave you asking for more.

Market House Cafe and Bake Shop

Looking for a quiet, little place to eat your breakfast or lunch, head straight to Market House Cafe and Bake Shop. We recommend you try out their famous Shrimp poboy, which a favorite among the locals of the area.

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