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Fantastic Things To Do In Amish Country, PA

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Things To Do In Amish Country

The Pennsylvania Amish are America’s oldest Amish settlement. This makes for a great tourist destination as here one has the opportunity to taste the fun of living a simple life, away from the hustle-bustle of towns.

This article has been designed to enable you to discover the authentic Amish Country experience. We hope you have fun on your visit and keep coming back for more.

1.Shady Maple

If your idea of a vacation in Amish Country, PA then it  involves eating and shopping, there is no place for you like the Shady Maple.
Smorgasbord. | Photo Credit – matty hick

If your idea of a vacation involves eating and shopping, there is no place for you like the Shady Maple. The Shady Maple is famous all over the Amish Country for its exquisite Smorgasbord.

The place is home to a farm market, where you can shop for fresh products that are grown in the nearby farms. Here you will everything like dips, soups, cereals, baking products, etc. Once you are done with the shopping you can relax in their restaurant and treat yourself to some home-cooked Amish delicacies.

2.Turkey Hill Experience

 The Turkey Hill Experience in Amish Country Pennsylvania  is more than an ice-cream parlor, and as they say it in their name, it is an "experience".
Turkey Hill Experience | Photo Credit – Dustin

If you are taking the trip with children, make sure that you stop by at the Turkey Hill Experience. Famous for its ice creams and ice tea, this place has managed to win the hearts of both tourists and localities alike.

Here you will have the opportunity to taste some of the most exciting flavors of ice-creams that you will come across in the area. Not just this, the place organizes interactive exercises to help build a connection of the visitors to the product that they are consuming.

For instance, they have programs like “milking a cow”, and creating an advertisement for the ice-creams. The Turkey Hill Experience is more than an ice-cream parlor, and as they say it in their name, it is an “experience”.

3.Dutch Wonderland

 A visit to the Dutch Wonderland will be one of the top experiences in Amish Country PA and we highly recommend it.
Dutch Wonderland | Photo Credit – Jim, the Photographer

Spread across an area of 48 acres, Dutch Wonderland is every kid’s paradise. The theme of the place is “Kingdom for Kids”, as it has been designed keeping the young in mind.

The entrance of the amusement park is built in the shape of a castle and will be enough to thrill your young ones. Inside the park, you will find around thirty -two rides. Not just this, the park is also home to a theme-based water park by the name of ‘Duke’s Lagoon’.

The Dutch Wonderland comes alive during the holiday season, so it might be a good idea to visit them around Halloween or Christmas. Apart from this, the park also has an entertainment and dining area for adults.

There is also a conference room, so you need not worry about any urgent work call. A visit to the Dutch Wonderland will be one of the top experiences in PA and we highly recommend it.

4.Green Dragon Market

In Amish Country,PA good place to visit is the Green Dragon Market.
Green Dragon Market | Photo Credit – Bossi

PA is known for its Farmer’s Market and one such is the Green Dragon Market. This market operates every Friday( even on Good Friday) from eight in the morning to eight in the night.

This makes for an authentic Lancaster experience as here you would find a number of sellers who have a wide variety of products to offer. The market is spread over an area of 60 acres and is known to one of the largest flea markets on the East Coast.

5.Wolf Sanctuary

Wolf Sanctuary | Photo Credit – Brian George

Are you fascinated by wolves? Take out some time in PA to explore intimately these formidable creatures at the Wolf Sanctuary.

The best way to experience the place is to opt for a guided tour, where you would be introduced to the wolves and their habitat. The place also has a gift parlor, so before you leave, make sure that you buy some souvenirs for your friends and family.

6.American Music Theatre

Do you like watching live music shows and cannot get enough of them? Here is your chance to experience a live music show in PA at the American Music Theatre. The theatre is massive with a seating capacity of one thousand and six hundred sets.

It hosts almost three hundred live shows on a yearly basis- right from rock concerts to Broadway shows. This is an ideal place to visit with your friends in PA. The American Music Theatre comes with the promise of good times and we highly recommend it.

7.Sights and Sounds Theater

Do you love theatre but feel that it lacks a moral message? Sights and Sounds Theater is just what you have been looking for. This place is ideal to visit with your loved ones for an evening immersed in watching a play.

The plays that are staged here derive their story from the life of Christ and Biblical stories. The theatre works with the aim of imparting the message of Christianity by dramatizing it. The theater has been in operation for over forty years and is a huge sensation among the visitors of PA.

8.Strasburg Railroad

Strasburg Railroad | Photo Credit – Fred Schroeder

One of the experiences that you must not miss out on is exploring the Amish Country through a train ride. The Strasburg Railroad provides a forty-five-minute ride through the Amish farms which will enable you to sit back and enjoy the landscape.

The railroad offers a number of different trains, so you can choose the one that works best for you. Not just this, in order to make the experience more enriching, the railroad provides a number of events, like Thomas the Train, Santa’s Paradise Express, and the Great Train Robbery.

9.Buggy Ride

Amish Country | Photo Credit – Robert Elzey

Nothing makes for an authentic Amis Country experience like taking a buggy ride through it. This will not just take you back in time but will also allow you to cherish and understand the culture of the Amish country. There are a number of buggy ride tours that you can choose from in the Amish Country.

You could choose the AAA Buggy ride which is located at Kitchen Kettle Village. They offer three different kinds of tours throughout the Amish Country. If you happen to be around Round 896, you could opt for Ed’s Buggy Rides who offer a forty-minute tour on a 3.5-mile long route throughout the Amish Country.

10.Kitchen Kettle Village

One of the best places that you visit on your trip to Amish Country, PA is the Kitchen Kettle Village. There is a lot to explore in the Kitchen Kettle Village as it is composed of forty-two shops, two restaurants, and a hotel.

If you love jelly, you must check out their famous jellies. There are a lot of shops that you will find here that will take you by surprise- like the olive oil store and pretzel store.

11. The Old Candle Barn

Experience the uniqueness of the Amish Country with a visit to The Old Candle Barn. Here you can shop for a variety of traditional candles be it pillars or votives. This is an excellent way to explore the nuances of the handicraft of the local people in the Amish country.

Apart from the candles, the place also sells a number of home decor items. This is an ideal place to shop for something unique to take back as a relic from the Amish Country.

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