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Amazing Things to do in Brickell

by Pankaj Upreti
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Things to do in Brickell

Brickell City
Brickell | Photo Credit – alex de carvalho

This article will bring to you tips on how to get the best vacation in Brickell City. This Florida town is known to be a financial center and is one of the most visited areas in Florida. This residential neighborhood is known to have many upscale buildings, apartment towers, and more. A well-known attraction here is Brickell Key, an island known for its luxury enterprises and hotels.

Brickell is South Florida’s financial district and has the most number of foreign consulates after Downtown Miami. While you are in the city, you will be able to find a lot of things to do and see. This article will bring to you what we think are the best things to do in Brickell, Florida.


Brickell City Centre
Brickell City Centre | Photo Credit – Phillip Pessar

Shopping in the city is going to be a really great experience. Start your shopping day at the Brickell City Centre and enjoy great brands as well as fine dining. A really famous place to eat is Luna Park. Some blocks down the road are Mary Brickell Village that is a neighborhood that hosts some good restaurants, areas to shop, and specialty stores to catch your eye.


Simpson Park Hammock | Photo Credit – Phillip Pessar

There are many parks and nature preserves in the city that you can take some time to see. Try the Simpson Park Hammock and the Alice Washington Park. The Southside park along with Allen Morris Brickell Park and Brickell park are great area choices to view.

Brickell Key Park at 805 Claughton Island Dr is still another great choice. The Simpson Park hammock is an 8-acre nature preserve that is home to many endangered plant and animal species. This is a great area for some outdoor picnic and offers a chance for you to explore nature in the middle of the concrete jungle.


Brickell is a city that is the center of art. There are many galleries you can drive to and take time to see. The Bojanini Art Gallery and the Beaux-Arts Gallery are a few of the many areas with an artsy view.

One of the best places for some art is SLS Brickell. This gallery features a really awesome collection of international artists. The Avant Gallery is an even greater gallery that features contemporary artists and their pieces.


Nightlife and bars in Brickell Miami
View from Sugar Bar | Photo Credit – Tim Snell

Nightlife and bars in Brickell Miami are a great way to enjoy your vacation. The fastest-growing neighborhood in Miami features bars and cafes offering happy hour times with delicious drinks. Try Sugar, a high rooftop bar that sells some of the most amazing cocktails you can find and the most delicious restaurant menu to try.

Enjoy the EPIC hotel that not only serves great cocktails but also features amazing views from their open outdoor patio. Take it all in while you drink some really cool and best of drinks. While you are in the area on your bar hunting tour, try Area 31 and El Tucan which is one of the best nightclubs in the city.


Vaca Frita | Photo Credit – Rich Kaszeta

There are a number of awesome restaurants in the city that you should try while you are in the city. Walk and explore the area and find a random building selling delicious food that you will most certainly like. An awesome and much-visited restaurant is Cantina La Viente, a restaurant selling traditional Mexican cuisine.

There is outdoor seating so you can enjoy the great view while you eat. Marabu Brickell is an eatery that serves people in Cuba cuisine. Their menu has not only traditional dishes but also modern cuisine with great twists. Try their roasted lemon, roasted black grouper, and vaca frita. Other great places to drink and dine are Quinto La Huella, Stanzione 87, Moxie’s, North Italia, and Osaka Miami.


Despite being a rather and new development, Brickell Miami still hosts a lot of the history of Florida. Try archaeological sites like Miami Circle Park in Brickell Point. The historic Tequesta Native American tribe makes Miami Circle the point for one of the oldest civilizations on the east coast.


MetroMover, the commute of choice for Brickell Miami
MetroMover | Photo Credit – Ed Webster

While not strictly being an attraction, do take a minute to admire the MetroMover, the commute of choice for Brickell Miami. The attractions in the city can be viewed from the train including Downtown Brickell, the Brickell City Centre, and the Adrienne Arsht Center.

Look at the rooftop bar areas with people taking drinks and take in the view from the high train. This is a free attraction and therefore is an awesome way to really explore the city.

The Adrienne Arsht Centre

The Adrienne Arsht Centre | Photo Credit – Phillip Pessar

Catch awesome performances while at the Adrienne Arsht in the city. There are ballet and symphony performances to look out for. Music and arts come alive at this place and this is one best places that are not to be missed. Located at 1300 Biscayne Bay Boulevard.

The Miami Book Fair

Miami Book Fair | Photo Credit – Bob B. Brown

Every November, find the largest book fair in the country and spend your time browsing hundreds and thousands of books. Find stuff here on music, comics, and even writers can come to this place. Have them sign your copy. 

History Miami

This is one of those museum’s that are dedicated to the home city of Miami. One of the best attractions the city has to offer. Located at 101 W. Flagler St.


This is a place that offers exhibits on the 20th and 21st centuries. An amazing location, home to the beautiful view of the much visited Biscayne Bay. PAMM has a lot of amazing exhibits on the arts, music amongst other things. Located at 1103 Biscayne Boulevard.

Frost Aquarium

Frost Aquarium | Photo Credit – Dan Lundberg

Look at sharks in the water at the Frost Aquarium. Home to a number of other species of fishes, the most famous of the Frost Aquarium are the sharks. This is South Florida’s major shark tank and one of the best locations you can walk to. Located at 1101 Biscayne Boulevard.

Seybold Building

Seybold Building | Photo Credit – Phillip Pessar

Located at 36 NE First St. This is the place that the people of Miami go to find the best engagement rings. Well not the best thing to do to spend your day but it can certainly be enjoyable to look at diamonds.

Day Trips

Nearby Miami is one of the world’s most traveled destinations and as such makes for an awesome destination for a day trip from Brickell. Get wet at the beach and dive into the water or hop on a boat out to the sea. Whatever you do, you will find something to like in Miami making it one of the best day trips you can embark on. Miami Dade is an awesome area with nice and welcoming people.

There are a number of free attractions in Miami with food, music, and drink. With awesome beach view and get even with free stuff to do and things you like. Even greater is a trip to the Everglades national park where there are dolphins, alligators, and water boat tours. A picnic in the everglades is going to be a marvelous addition to your day trip from Brickell.

What is Brickell known for?

Brickell is known to be the financial center of South Florida. There are many upscale areas in Brickell along with high-end luxury towers and residences. The area is quite easy to navigate and the mode of transportation that is most common is Taxi. The most well-known places in Brickell are its apartment towers, Office towers, and areas such as parks and more.

While you are in the city, you will be able to experience luxury in form of the best bar and restaurants, food, beach areas and drive outdoor to enjoy new things. Nearby Miami is a great city to visit and the district of Brickell offers great opportunities for shopping, and more areas to see such as open parks and beaches.

What is there to do in Brickell for kids?

Spending time in Brickell with kids can be a really fun way to get around your vacation. The place is very kid-friendly and there are a lot of attractions for you and your kids to enjoy.

Some of these are the Miami Children’s Museum, the Coral Way Community Center Playground, Jungle Island, Fun Games, and Just Bounce Miami. All these places are really great for kids and you are bound to have fun when you visit Brickell with your family and kids.

Is Brickell safe at night?

Brickell, notwithstanding the fact that it lies in Downtown Miami, is known to be one of the safest areas around. Walking around Brickell and Mary Brickell Village can be very safe during the night and there is no reason to feel concerned if you keep your wits about you. Traveling around Brickell during the day is even safer. People are welcoming and helpful

We hope you enjoyed our article about things to do in Brickell. Brickell is a very upscale location and therefore your vacation here is bound to be post and luxurious. If you have been to Brickell then do let us know how your experience of the town was. Did you go to the beach and have free stuff to do? Let us know your thoughts and comments about the article in the comment section below.

While you visit Brickell, do take care of all the safety precautions and social distancing norms in light of the COVID 19 pandemic. If you take care of all the precautions, then there is no reason why your trip to Brickell or any other travels should be problematic. Be safe and enjoy your vacation.

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