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Things to do in Muncie, Indiana

by Sid Narula
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Things to do in Muncie

Muncie, Indiana is a quaint little town in East Central Indiana, earlier known as Buckongahelas Town, for the famed Delaware chief. Muncie used to be a trading post and later became a manufacturing center. The Ball State University calls Muncie its home.

This article will bring to you a list of all the coolest things to do while in the city. We will go over all the best things you can do here and tell you about all the attractions that Muncie has to offer.

There are many things to do in the city, such as visiting its museums and its cultural centers. The David Owsley Museum of Art is one such prominent center. There is also the Minnetrista Cultural Center which is museum exhibiting nature, history and art. All of these attractions and more will be explored in this article focused on the best things to do in Muncie, Indiana.

With no further ado, let us begin.

Visit the David Owsley Museum of Art

The campus of Ball State University houses the spectacular David Owsley Museum of Art. This classical Muncie attraction features over 11,000 works of art from all around the world. The David Owsley Museum will take you around the globe through its exhibits bringing together cultures from six continents. Visiting the museum is absolutely free and it stays open all year.

The museum has an ever growing collection, with new artworks being added continuously. You will be able to appreciate artworks that hail from Japan, India, China and even the Pacific Islands while you are here. Take a trip to the other side of the museum to find artifacts representing the western cultures.

Visiting Hours for the David Owsley Museum of Art are as follows:

  • Weekdays (Monday to Friday) : 9 A.M. to 4:30 PM.
  • Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) : 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

The Museum is located in the fine arts building of the Ball State University. Follow the link to find 2021 W Riverside Avenue in Muncie via google maps.

Stroll around the Campus of Ball State University

The David Owsley Museum of Art isn’t the only place that visitors may find in the Ball State University campus. The aesthetic of the campus is quite pleasing, with brick façades and Gothic architecture. As the university expanded, more styles were incorporated and added. The university has a ton of attractions within itself and it is quite worthwhile for tourists to come here. This section of our article on the best things to do in Muncie will tell you about all the places to enjoy within the BSU campus.

Emens Auditorium

Enjoying a show at the Emens Auditorium must be on your list of things to do in Muncie. This auditorium has featured performances from the biggest stars in the world, including Bob Dylan and David Copperfield. Since its completion in 1964 has hosted millions of visitors. The Emens Auditorium is the result of the vivid imagination of John R. Emens, a president of the university.

Charles W. Brown Planetarium and Observatory

The Ball State University is proud to host one of the best observatories in the country on its campus. They offer a lot of programs and shows at their location which are free and open to everyone. If you have ever felt intrigued by the night sky, then an evening at the Charles W. Brown Planetarium is going to light up your trip to Muncie. The theater at the planetarium is a 52 feet dome transforming into a simulation of the sky. Enjoy the show and have an evening to always remember at the Observatory.

You can find the Planetarium at the Cooper Science Complex within the university.

Catch sports at the University

The Ball State Campus features a great sports culture and is the pride of Muncie. If you are into sports and wish to spend an evening at a game, Muncie will not disappoint you. Call 888-BSU-TICKET to book your seats and also visit their webpage for all the information you need.

Take some time to find the Muncie Visitor’s Bureau

Muncie Visitor's Bureau

Once you are done with famous attractions in Muncie such as the Ball State Campus and the D.O. Museum of Art, a trip to the Muncie Visitor’s Bureau might be really worthwhile. The Visitor’s Bureau will provide you with quality information on attractions to visit in and around the town. Invest in a map or a city guide while you are here. If you are looking for a souvenir to remember your trip by, check out their collection of items for sale.

This will be a stop that will really help you make the most out of your trip to Muncie. Find it on 421 S. Walnut St. Street 100 in the city.

Attend a Show at Muncie Civic Theater

The Muncie Civic Theater is the place to be if you are an avid enjoyer of live performances. The MCT is known to feature musicals, theatrical performances and also plays of many kinds. This is one of the best things to do in Muncie so be sure to book a seat and enjoy a show here. The Muncie Civic Theater has been serving its community for over 77 years and continues to do so. Find it at 216 East Main St. Muncie.

Learn at the Muncie Children’s Museum

The Muncie Children’s Museum has been a place of learning for children since 1977. This educational institution has maintained its philosophy of participation and interaction from children since its inception. The museum also underwent a location change and expanded to serve the community better, and since 1996 has been exceptional.

There are many fun and interactive exhibits here at the museum. Find a detailed list of them by following this link. However, we will certainly go over some of them for you:

  • Discovery Park: If you are visiting Muncie with kids who have inquisitive minds, come to Discovery Park. This exhibit will help them learn a lot about science and the wonders of it in everyday life.
  • Tot Spot: This place has been specifically created for very young kids. Things here include periscopes and tugboats.
  • The Big Rig: This interactive exhibits helps children learn how truckers live on the road.
  • Water Works: This exhibit helps children understand literally how water works. Learn how water is a fluid force with many interactive exhibits here at Water Works.

The list for the exhibits at the Muncie Children’s museum goes long. There are many of them featuring the science behind many facets of everyday life. Be sure to spend some hours checking out this great Muncie attraction.

Located at 515 South High Street, Muncie, the Muncie Children’s Museum would be a great stop in your trip.

Also, some information regarding visiting hours and admission:

  • Closed on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Wednesday to Saturday (10am – 5pm).
  • Sunday (1pm – 5pm).
  • Every 3rd Saturday of each month admissions are free.
  • Admission fee is $7.

Find inspiration when viewing the art display at Minnetrista

Minnestrista is the place to be at for trying out the Bob Ross experience. Minnetrista displays many of the artworks painted by Ross as well as his life and way of living. This art exhibit is one of the premier attractions of Muncie and you must make time to be here. Being here is absolutely inspiring because of the creative and fearless life that the artist has led. You will be able to find many paintings here which you broaden your appreciation of art. Also, for people who are already fans of Bob Ross, you should definitely check out the site of “the Joy of Painting”. This masterpiece was created inside this historical home which has been well preserved for the public.

Visiting hours for Minnetrista are as follows:

  • Monday through Saturday: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Admission prices to enjoy Minnetrista have also been listed below:

  • If you are already a member: Admission is free of cost.
  • Local Residents: $8 per person.
  • Locals aged 4 to 12 years: $6 per person.
  • Non Residents: $15 per person.
  • Non Residents aged 4 to 12 years: $12 per person.

Minnetrista is definitely going to be a great way to spend a day in Muncie so be sure to make the most of it. Apart from the artworks, they also keep hosting a lot of events so keep your eyes open for them. Find the place at 1200 N Minnetrista Parkway.

Visit Mansfield Park for a relaxing afternoon

Mansfield Park is an attraction that you might miss when you are in Muncie. That is because most people spend their trip looking for things to do and see. In contrast, Mansfield Park is a place for absolute relaxation. Great for picnics and sightseeing, Mansfield Park will grant you a beautiful day. Play tennis on one of the many courts, or fish or just relax. The park is a hidden gem because many tourists miss it. Find the park at 2801 South Eaton Avenue, Muncie.

Check out the Academy of Model Aeronautics

The Academy of Model Aeronautics is one of the most unique places in Muncie. It is the largest organization of its kind in the world and features many events for people to enjoy. Not only will you be able to fly model planes here, but also learn about the nuances of radio control and aviation. A really fun thing that you can try out here is to build your own model plane and test it out. You can either visit to enjoy or become a member. For more information about the Academy of Model Aeronautics, visit their official website.

The Academy is located at 5161 East Memorial Drive in Muncie. Their visiting hours are weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Try out pottery at Made in Muncie Pottery

Spend some time trying your hand at making and painting pottery here. Located at 313 South Walnut Street, Made in Muncie Pottery will allow you to be as creative as you can. There are instructors for the novices who will help you out willingly. They will also send you what you created here if you are just a visitor. Check out their official website here.

Food in Muncie

This section of our article will explore the best things to eat in Muncie. Because food is an essential part of any trip, we try to include this section in most of our travel guides. Also, we will tell you about what are the best places to eat as well as the best dishes to try out. Let’s begin:

Amazing Joe’s Grill

This place is where you should go if you crave some grilled food. From steaks to ribs, you will find it all here at Amazing Joe’s Grill. The place is friendly and has great ambience. Because of this reason, Amazing Joe’s Grill is beloved by locals and tourists alike. Try the famous grilled steak while you are here. The restaurant is located at 909 Wheeling Avenue in Muncie

Roots Burger Bar 

Burger restaurant Roots Burger Bar emphasises using products that are acquired locally. They use fresh Angus meat to make their burgers, and there are several topping options available, such as bacon, cheese, mushrooms, and onions. A comprehensive bar with a variety of beers, wines and cocktails is also available there.

Charmed Cupcake Company

Desserts are a wonderful end to every meal. Muncie has its own Charmed Cupcake Company that will live up to its name. Be sure to check it out.

In conclusion

We hope that you enjoyed reading about all the best things to do in Muncie, Indiana. Muncie is a quaint little town that will make sure to win your heart. You will also find welcoming people and a lot of things to do while you are here. We hope that this article has been informative and helpful to you in making an itinerary about the best things to do in Muncie.

Leave a comment telling us about your thoughts about this article on the best things to do in Muncie, Indiana. If you have already been to Muncie, then we highly recommend you to let us know about your experience. Also, comment if you feel like we have missed something that is one of the best things to do in Muncie. Also, you can read about things to do in other places in Indiana at our official site. Read about the best things to do in Indianapolis here.

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