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Things To Do In Gainesville

by Pankaj Upreti
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Things To Do In Gainesville

Things to do in Gainseville
Gainesville | Photo Credit – Eric Fredericks

Gainesville is a small town located in Florida. We will introduce you to things to do in Gainesville. Wondering what Gainesville is famous for and why you should visit it? We offer you a whole list of reasons, and you just need to pack up and go. Gainesville is a noted destination for outdoor recreation.

If the weather is great while you are visiting Gainesville, then you have no excuse not to go out. There are so many activities you can try and that’s why we focused on them. As well as culture and education. You will also see why.

University of Florida

Things to do in Gainesville
University of Florida | Photo Credit – HAH Photography

If you’re wondering why we ranked the University of Florida in the first place, then you certainly don’t know that education is one of the things Gainesville is known for. That is why it is clear to us why one of the most famous and most recognized universities in the world is located here.

The Gainesville high school offers a good and quality education. For those who are ambitious and want to continue their training, there is the University of Florida. You can also visit this campus if you just want to enjoy a walk. The surroundings are pleasant, and the Gainesville weather is a good side of life in this city in Florida.

Baughman Center

Things to do in Gainesville
Baughman Center | Photo Credit – Gainesville Apartments

The Baughman Center is a stunning, elegant contemplation space in the heart of the University of Florida campus. Designed to bring the picturesque outdoor setting inside, the soaring windows and delicate natural materials echo the serene Florida surroundings. There’s no question why this is considered one of the most beautiful, peaceful spots in Gainesville.

Many married couples choose this place for photography. It is closed for visits during the weekend but is mostly used for private events. You need to be careful if you see a sign that some private party is going on. Then photography is not allowed so as not to violate the privacy of those present.

Black C Art Gallery

Things to do in Gainesville
Black C Art Gallery | Photo Credit – Simon Malz

Black C Art is a gallery and performance space featuring the work of dancer, photographer, and visual artist, Ani Collier, along with select guest artists. Ani grew up in Bulgaria and studied ballet behind the Iron Curtain. She arrived in the United States a few months after the Wall came down, and performed on stage for many years.

Photography and the visual arts came to capture Ani’s interest after many years of dancing professionally. We invite you to visit the Black C Art Gallery and see for yourself the magic that takes place there. There are various performances on offer that you can attend.

Boulware Springs Park and Historic Waterworks

Things to do in Gainesville
Boulware Springs Park | Photo Credit – Rain0975

Gainesville’s original city water source and you just can’t help but visit this place when you’re in Gainesville. The fact that it is entered in the National Register of Historic Places speaks best about its importance. Picnic facilities are available as well as an area for parking and unloading horses to ride along the state trail.

The trail is largely used by hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders. City staff and volunteers are actively restoring the degraded sandhill and upland pine forest north of the parking lot. When you arrive, you will notice that there are peace and quiet around you. The environment is like a set design for an old movie. We are sure you will enjoy every moment spent here.

Butterfly Rainforest

Butterfly Rainforest | Photo Credit – Osaka, Japan by Pedro Szekely

As we said at the beginning of this article, Gainesville is a place known for its activities in nature. A lot of attention is paid to nature, plants, and animals, and that is not so often seen nowadays. That is why we have decided to present to you another place where you will be in contact with nature and we can freely say – with ourselves.

Butterfly Rainforest is open to visitors and only here you have the opportunity to see various and rare species of butterflies. Tickets are affordable, prices for adults are around 10 dollars. Photography is allowed so you won’t be deprived of memories.

Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention

Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention | Photo Credit – Todd Van Hoosear

One of the things that are important in the Gainesville community is education. Not only formal education, but we have already seen that it is given a lot of importance. There are prestigious high schools, the University of Florida, but today we are talking about another type of learning. Out of school.

One such place is the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention located in Gainesville. Admission is free for members, and for other visitors, the ticket price is around 10-12 dollars. Admission is free for children up to four years old. You can use it and make a one-day trip for your little one that he will love. We know you will enjoy it too.

First Magnitude Brewing Co

First Magnitude Brewing Company | Photo Credit – Ted Van Pelt

First Magnitude Brewing Company is a craft brewery and taproom located in downtown Gainesville, Florida. After numerous suggestions on activities that you can try in Gainesville, we move on to suggestions for a vacation. One of the places where you will relax your body and mind is the First Magnitude Brewing Company.

If you are a fan of craft beer, then there is no need to explain to you what this place represents. If you are not knowledgeable, you can try the best beers in town here. It all started eight years ago when a group of several friends came up with the idea to open a brewery in their hometown of Gainesville. They will tell you the rest, we don’t want to spoil.

Gainesville Raceway

Things to do in Gainesville
Gainesville Raceway | Photo Credit – Joseph Thornton

Gainesville Raceway is a quarter-mile dragstrip just outside Gainesville, Florida. It opened in 1969 and is the most famous for hosting the NHRA’s prestigious Gatornationals event since 1970. This place is created for adrenaline lovers. And good sports, we have to admit. Because the two naturally go together. Each March, 135,000 fans come to Gainesville Raceway’s NHRA Gatornationals.

We think it’s always a good time to visit Gainesville, but this time we suggest a specific month. Let it be March, so you can attend this event. If you haven’t had a chance to watch something like this before, we are convinced that this will be magnificent.

Flip Factory

Things to do in Gainesville
Flip Factory zone | Photo Credit – Anders Ruff Custom Designs

Flip Factory zone is an incredible family fun center located in Gainesville. This is a place where the whole family will be able to have fun. If you have small children, then we recommend that you include Flip Factory in the list of places you should visit together and discover all fun things to do in Gainesville. They offer various attractions.

There are trampolines, a ninja course, a foam pit, a 2 story laser tag as well as a toddler zone. Their space is adapted to all ages. The newest attraction they have is the Jungle Gym. There is no doubt that your children will love this place so much that they will want to come again. They may not want to go home, but when they get tired, they will sleep better.

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Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation

Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation | Photo Credit – Photostream

They are primarily a conservation and educational facility and they rescue exotic animals in need. In Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation they have very strict protocols for safety, optimal animal care, and their enclosures far exceed the minimum standard. Nowadays, we are witnessing a large number of animal species becoming extinct before our eyes. We are unable to do anything, and we have not taken enough care of them in the past.

Today we only pay the price for our negligence and that is why this place is even more valuable. People who have a noble mission to preserve the animal world around us are real heroes. You can help them by booking a tour, and they will invest the money raised for the right purposes. There are no specific dates for tours, but dates are formed according to the interest of visitors.

Hippodrome Theater

Hippodrome Theater | Photo Credit – Christian Hornick

The Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville was founded in 1973, almost half a century ago. The local actors are responsible for that and we owe them the greatest gratitude that this place exists today. Hippodrome building also has one of the oldest working elevators in Florida which requires the operator to manually close the screen, the door, and then pull a crank to operate.

The interior of the building is well preserved and today it is maintained so that it can still be used. This space is not large, it can accommodate about 300 people.

 The Hippodrome uses professional actors and has its own set of designers, costume designers, sound engineers, and lighting engineers for each of its main stage productions. It also provides youth theater, education classes.

The Hippodrome features Broadway and off-Broadway productions and art house films. The Hippodrome provides arts education for all ages, including classes & camps, in-school programs, workshops, and behind-the-scenes opportunities for adults.

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Butler Enterprises

Butler Enterprises | Photo Credit – Bex Walton

Locally owned by the Butler family, Butler Enterprises has been in business in Gainesville for over 75 years. Butler Plaza first opened Butler Plaza West in the 1980s and added section by section along Archer Road during the 1990s and early in the new decade.

Through good times and more challenging periods, Butler Enterprises has continuously grown as greater Gainesville has progressed, meeting community needs, bringing new concepts to the market, and pursuing a grand vision that is now evident to everyone. This is an interesting story about a family business, but also about how it all started with one man.

In Gainesville food is delicious, and it is at Butler Enterprises that you can choose where to eat. So many restaurants with delicious food, we believe that the choice will not be easy. Whichever you choose, the food is first class.

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