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Best Things to Do in Salisbury, North Carolina

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Things to Do in Salisbury

 Things to Do in Salisbury
Salisbury | Photo Credit – Eric Bardes

Located in North Carolina and is known for its preservation of History. Salisbury is well placed in between two major cities of Greensboro and Charlotte. Rowan County’s hot seat is pinpointed at Salisbury and is often mentioned for its presence in history. Apart from its historical treasures and great history, it serves as a delightful destination for lakes, natural parks, and beautiful landscapes. 

Salisbury is a great place for all those who are seeking a quick break from urban chaos. One part of the city buffs about its numerous historical sites while the other part landmarks its natural sites with the countryside. Not only that but the city has more to offer through its sub-urban life and style. Many of the local places such as museums, shops, theaters, and sports arenas have plenty of things to add to. Certain above-mentioned places require a reservation in advance.  Some restaurants are operating with drive-through and pickup options only.

In Salisbury, you easily have the advantage to blend your vacation with both spheres of city life and countryside fun.  

1.0 Rowan Museum, Salisbury, North Carolina

The Rowan Museum is one of the best landmark architectural places belonging to the pre-Civil War era. Located in Salisbury, the historic state of North Carolina. The museum is placed inside the Courthouse that survived the attack. General Stoneman held the charge and attacked this building during the Civil War. 

The museum’s collection of historical items and other artifacts are exhibited throughout the building’s old grand rooms. That also includes the beautiful courtroom, gathering space, and a well-decorated second floor. Tourists can learn more through the history and life of Rowan County. 

2.0 Beacon Hall

Things to Do in Salisbury
Guitar | Photo Credit –Dejan Krsmanovic

Beacon Hall is a perfect place to be for visitors who are in love with musical things. Beacon Hall is a remarkable academy and an institution in itself. Salisbury’s music theatre is best known for hosting various plays in multiple musical genres. During no concert sessions. When there are no musical events or concerts at Beacon Hall, tourists can take part in all kinds of classes and workshops. 

Beacon Hall is a non-profitable musical concert venue offering its valuable expertise in the area of music. These workshops are great for any skill level. For example, Beacon Hall gives free masterclasses and concerts on guitar workshops. With other popular instruments with similar events for musicians and music lovers in days to come.

3.0 Bell Tower Green Park

Bell Tower was initially known as the Presbyterian Bell Tower. The Bell Tower Green Park is well placed in Salisbury’s busy and historic downtown area. The park has been an epicenter for engagement, connection, and community-based activities. Not only that but there are a few playground areas for kids to enjoy. The Bell Tower Green Park is well known for its large-open green spaces. You may have a picnic with family members and friends. On top of that, you can also have fun at the park’s amphitheater, or spend some quality time in the gazebo’s shade. Do make sure to visit the First Presbyterian Church which is across the Bell Tower.

Located on the adjacent side of South Jackson Streets and West Innes. Bell Tower Park is a 1 full city block located in historic Downtown Salisbury across from First Presbyterian Church. Bell Tower green park is now privately owned. The park has its true spirit of homegrown character. With build-in character to serve and strengthen the community engagement and encourage growth. 

4.0 Ellis Park

Things to Do in Salisbury
Ellis Park | Photo Credit –North Charleston

Ellis Park is a recreational park spread across twenty-five acres. It has both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities available.  a beloved In addition to that, it has perfect places for full-day activities. Rowan County park has a big playground with many fun slides, swings, and also a merry-go-round. Ellis Park is located a couple of miles from Salisbury. In addition to the playground, there are many musical instruments which children can try. 

Park also has many trails and sporting arenas available for use. Sporty people can utilize a broad spectrum of the park’s tennis courts, two ball fields, one volleyball court. Other recreational games include a bocce court, horseshoe pits, a disc golf course, and a gaming room to have fun.

5.0 Blue Waters Pool

Swimming space | Photo Credit – Rodrigo Soldon Souza

In Rowan Country to enjoy the best of your summertime, you have to visit Blue Waters Pool. A perfect summer pinpoint spot for locals. The Blue Waters Pool flexes in an area of 20,000 square foot swimming space with several depths across its pool. To host swimmers of all age groups. 

The main central area of the Blue Waters Pool has two jump boards and two tube slides. There are also slides for kids and for the younger ones. Which splashes them around the shallower portions of the swimming area. In order to have overall fun from A to Z slides you need to make a full day plan. Beverages and Refreshments are available at the pool’s snack cafeteria. 

6.0 Dan Nicholas Park, Salisbury

Dan Nichols Park is widely spread across 425-acre and it is a perfect place to go out with family and friends. With Campground available for picnic and sleep under the night sky including wooded and spacious camping locations. In Salisbury it is located to the southeast, the park is the homeland of many of the Wildlife Adventures. With hundreds of fun things to do all on its own. 

6.1 Hurley Family Water Plaza

Miniature train ride | Photo Credit – Paul Cunningham

The Hurley Family Water Plaza is also located within the Dan Nichols Park, including as many as seventy camping grounds that double the outdoor adventure. At the park, there are a freshwater aquarium, a fun-loving miniature train ride,mini-golf, and gem mining activities. Many sports fields are also there for public use at the park.

This park has a complete wide array of fun and attractions that children will surely fall in love with. Definitely, Salisbury, North Carolina vacation tour is an inexpensive way to spend a couple of days with family and friends.

7.0 Salisbury National Cemetery

Garden of Stone | Phto Credit – Donald Lee Pardue

A cemetery may not be among the best place to visit during a recreational leave. But for historical fans, it is an ideal place to be. The Salisbury National Cemetery is dedicated to all those soldiers who lost their lives during the Civil War. The site is the resting place of ten thousand veterans.

The Salisbury National Cemetery is the final resting place for veterans from all wars, build in the year 1874. 

8.0 F&M Bank Trolley System

F&M Bank Trolleys are available for rent throughout the year for reunions, weddings, meetings, or occasions of any other kind. Throughout the Piedmont region and Rowan, Country trolleys are available for all types of events.

Without a ride on the Bank Trolley System, no vacation trip is complete. The Historic Salisbury Trolley Tours owns and operates the whole F&M Bank. Guests are taken through these trolleys for iconic and historic downtown areas which also include Civil war prison. This park in fact is the nearest nursery to various TV shows and shooting locations of films and TV shows.   Tours on the trolley are functional only on Saturday between the months of April and October.

9.0 Eagle Point Nature Preserve

Cove Trail View | Photo Credit – Buddha Dog

Among many of the beautiful outdoor spaces to explore in Salisbury. The Eagle Point Nature Preserve is one of those which has an area of 200-acre. Eagle Point is nestled on a remote part of High Rock Lake. Which also provides its visitors an opportunity to hike along the three miles of trail and to observe the wildlife of that place. 

While hiking these trails through the Plant Loop Trail and the Goldeneye Cove Trail, visitors can potentially spot the native wildlife. That also includes kingfishers, barred owls, egrets, bald eagles, wild turkeys, and more. Nature trails are also present for visitors who want to have a more adventurous walk throughout the preserve. The place also hosts water-related activities like fishing and canoeing on a seasonal basis in and around its lake.

The reserve forest consists of a variety of trees, that are specific to central North Carolina.  The trail is perfect for motorbiking that has fat-tired bikes. The biking trail system is designed in such a way that there are three back-to-back loops. The trails for hikers are also three miles.  The Plant Loop Trail is just one mile in a stretch, and the Goldeneye Cove Trail is about 1.5 miles.

10. Dr. Josephus Hall House, Salisbury, North Carolina

The Dr. Josephus House was established in 1820. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Dr. Josephus Hall House was initially a classroom for the Salisbury Female Academy from 1820 to 1825. The Hall House later became a residential home in 1825 when locals purchased the property. In later years to come, Dr. Josephus Hall brought this home in 1859 and changed it into a Marvelous Southern residence. The house was home up to four generations to the Hall family before its was purchased by the Historic Salisbury Foundation. 

Visitors can take a tour of the Dr. Josephus  House from early March to late December with timings, Saturday from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm and on Sundays from 1:30 pm until 4:00 pm.

11.0 Gold Hill Mines Historic Park

Biking | Photo Credit –Andy Harbach

The Gold Hill Mines Historic Park is a fabulous 70-acre green park. Which is open all seven days a week till the sunset. In the east of the Mississippi, it is one of the richest mining properties. The Historic Gold Hill and Mines Foundation owns and operates these hill mines. The green park area can be used for recreational purposes for all types of normal park activities. For example biking, hiking, and even hiking trails.

Other Landmark places located in this park can be visited. Which also includes the Gold Hill Assay Office Museum, Russell-Rufty Memorial Shelter, the Miller Miner Shaft, and the Bernhardt Log Barn. Along the hiking trail, tourists can also visit the Powder House. Which is built along the hillside and was designed to store explosive materials like dynamite from the mining ages

12.0 Go Burrito, Salisbury, North Carolina

Go Burrito is a dynamic destination among the locals. A place where people can chill and chit-chat with their friends. The place offers great delicious food and refreshing drinks. The restaurant is famous for its special California-style burritos. On top of that, it offers its customers more than fifteen fresh foodstuffs to choose from. It also includes many specialized Burritos, tacos, chicken tortilla soup, and nachos. Its own RumBar makes this place a perfect fun spot.

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