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Things To Do In Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is the third most populous city of the Greater Toronto
Richmond Hill | Photo Credit – Richard P J Lambert

Richmond Hill is the third most populous city of the Greater Toronto Area and one of the most rapidly growing communities. It is located only 22 minutes away from Markham which makes it a perfect place for road trips. If you ever find yourself in the area make sure to visit this city. Find out more about Markham on our latest post Things To Do In Markham. 

Richmond Hill is mainly a residential town with commercial areas and high-end brands yet it has a charm of its own. It attracts hundreds of tourists throughout the year and offers some of the most famous tourist destinations. The city is known for its arts and culture and has beautiful art galleries and exhibitions. There are few galleries for independent artists, which is a very good place if you want to shop for some art and crafts. Public Art is also another attraction that is best explored by a walking tour. It can tell you a lot about the history and heritage of the city and is a must-watch. There are also a number of museums and performing arts centers which you should definitely check out. 

Apart from this vibrant art scene, the city also has some great parks. Let us find out all this and more in our list below.

David Dunlap Observatory 

Things To Do In Richmond Hill
David Dunlap Observatory  | Photo Credit – Marko Kudjerski

The famous astronomical observatory is known to have discovered Cygnus X1, the first black hole ever identified. If you are still not fascinated by this wonder, let us tell you that it includes Canada’s largest telescope and is the central astronomical institute of Canada. If you are slightly interested in stargazing and exploring the unknown world, we highly recommend that you check out this amazing place. They offer various package tours and programs that provide a wonderful experience to all its visitors. 

The Observatory tower is surrounded by gardens and park benches where you can spend your time after visiting the building. It is a lovely walking spot and also the place where the shooting of a famous Netflix show The Umbrella Academy took place.

Timings: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Things to do: take a guided tour of the Observatory. Look for some ongoing events and programs. Take a walk around the place. 

Discover more about the history and book your tickets online on their official website here. 

Richmond Hill Heritage Center 

Opened in 1840, this Heritage center is the perfect place to start your trip to Richmond Hill while also exploring the local culture. This interactive place offers various activities and walking tours that are a perfect way to explore any city. You can easily book their heritage walks and it usually takes up to 2 hours to complete the entire walk. 

They gave various programs to choose from and you can pick the one you like according to your interests. They also host exhibitions which are a wonderful spectacle. 

Their most famous package is the heritage program which offers various unique activities to choose from. The best part- it is open throughout the year and they have special programs according to the seasons. If you ever go down here, make sure to check out Lights Around The World and explore the different cultures of the world.

Timings: depends on the program you choose.

Make sure to visit their website and find out about the latest information. 

Wilcox Lake

Things To Do In Richmond Hill
Wilcox Lake | Photo Credit – Andy Arthur

The Lake is a wonderful recreational park located in the Oak Ridge Community. It not only offers a variety of outdoor activities like splash pads, parks, and paved trails but also is home to a variety of wildlife and plants. 

It is a great place if you are looking to spend your day trying out fun activities with your friends. They provide a number of awesome things like fishing, boating, and water sports. There are also four beautiful parks in the area which are accessible every season. 

The most famous park is Jesse Vanek Park which is perfect for spending your day and enjoying picturesque views.

They also provide rental boats and other fishing equipment, so if you are interested in learning more you should definitely visit this place.

Timings: Monday to Friday. 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Things to do: go for a picnic. Visit the North Shore Park. Go swimming, boating, and sightseeing. 

The Burr House Craft Gallery

Pottery | Photo Credit – Matthieu Lelievre

This cozy little place is the perfect getaway to hang out with your friends while also enjoying the local art. Burr House Craft Gallery is a pottery and art gallery that displays handcrafted one of its kind items. You should definitely give this place a visit and learn about the art and practices from the local artisans. 

It is located on Carrville Road and can be easily accessed by a car. 

The major attraction is the small Cafe and tea room that serves the best snacks. We highly recommend that you visit the gallery and try out some tea and scones.

Timings: Open from Friday To Sunday. 1230 am to 430 pm.

Things to do: take a guided tour of the gallery. Visit the tea room. Snack and enjoy a great time with your friends. You also shop for anything that you like.

Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts 

Richmond Hill attracts hundreds of tourists every year because of its vibrant culture and diversity of art forms. To get a first-hand experience of all the vibrancy, we recommend you to visit Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts. The theatre is considered one of the largest auditoriums in the York region and produces various performances every year. There is also a Lobby Gallery in the center which exhibits a wide range of visual arts.

Whenever you plan your trip to Richmond Hill, make sure to book a ticket for one of the performances here. 

Timings: check out their website to get a detailed schedule of all the events happening in the year. 

You can also book your tickets for the concert in advance. 

Mill Pond Gallery

Mill Pond Gallery is a charming new place away from the hustle of the city. It is a small art gallery started by a group of local artisans with a love for arts and crafts. They set up local exhibitions and conduct various art programs throughout the year. If you are even a little bit interested in arts and culture, then you should definitely check this out. 

The Gallery is very beautifully built and has an old cottage vibe to it. 

Make sure to stop by the gallery and visit the stunning scenery of Mill Pond right across the gallery. 

You can also shop for gifts if you like any item. 

Timings: Saturday and Sunday. 11 am to 5 pm.

Things to do: if you find yourself in the area make sure to visit the Mill Pond. Also, attend some of their events while you are there.

Richmond Green Sports Center and Park

Located at the Elgin Mills Road on the eastern part of Richmond Hill, this sports center is the largest park in Richmond Hill. It offers various sports facilities that are considered the best in Ontario. Apart from the amazing sports, this place has a lot going on in terms of events and annual festivals. 

It also hosts the famous Richmond Hill Winter Lights annual festival which is a great mystical experience.

Make sure you plan your trip and include this amazing place. For information about the latest events, visit their website here.

Timings: Monday to Friday. 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Oak Ridges Corridor

Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve is a place of ecological importance in the Ontario region. The Corridor is spread across an area of 175 hectares and is filled with unique flora and wildlife. The trail in the region is extensively used by the locals and tourists for sightseeing and walks. 

Visit this place to capture the amazing views of the city and explore the natural environment of the city. 

Timings: Open all days.

Things to do: go hiking, trekking, and enjoy the picturesque views. 

Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park | Photo Credit – Derek Winterburn

This park is one of the most famous parks in Richmond Hill and offers various outdoor activities. There are playgrounds, boardwalks, and so many areas to sit and relax. This park is a perfect place no matter what season you are visiting the place.

Timings: Open all day.

Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market | Photo Credit – Mr.TinDC

Almost every town in Ontario is famous for its Farmer’s Market that is set up once a week in the major district of the town. It is most specifically known for the farm-fresh and home-baked products that are the specialty of the Canadian market. People gather here from all over the town and even the neighboring cities to enjoy the fresh and organic products, grown with care and love. Farmer’s market is a must-visit tourist spot for anyone who wants to take away a piece of Canadian flavor back home.

Richmond Hill has more than ten such markets and every market has its own charm. The most famous one is the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market and you should try visiting it when you are there.

Not only is the market famous for its vegetables and other seasonal goods, but it is also a great place to shop for herbal and organic medicines that are used for curing various illnesses. 

Timings: Open from June to October, Every Tuesday from 4 pm to dawn.

Things to do: shop for products, get familiar with the local farming practices, enjoy the local culture and cuisines.

The whole market gives a very small-town feel, which is very different from the ever hustling town. So make sure you enjoy every feel of it.

Bridgeview Park

If you are visiting Richmond Hill with your family, we recommend you to visit the famous Bridgeview Park. It is a beautiful park specially built in a way that your kids will enjoy and love to visit again. It offers various rides, swings, and playgrounds. 

There is a splash pad too and a mini track if you are looking for a nice quick walk. There are also various cafes and restaurants in the area where you can stop for a bite. 

It is a good place for a small road trip or if you are looking to spend a fun day out.

Timings: Monday to Friday. 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Things to do: go for a picnic. Enjoy the various sporting activities.

Richmond Hill Art Walk

For everyone who is interested in exploring the local art forms and discovering new artists, this is the perfect place to start your trip. Richmond Hill Art Walk is a special program that has been running successfully for the last 16 years. As a part of its tours, it conducts various events and exhibitions that showcase new artists. You can also support these artists by buying their work. 

It is a fun place to spend your day and explore the local culture. 

Timings: Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 6 pm.

Make sure to read our other posts about the Ontario region if you’re planning to visit the place. Check out Things To Do In Toronto and Things To Do In Milton.

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