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Things To Do In Durant

Durant Oklahoma Aerial
Durant Oklahoma | Photo Credit – formulanone

Don’t be fooled by Durant’s lack of popularity in comparison to other American cities. Durant is a modest, but lovely, up-and-coming tourist spot worth visiting. Some of the interesting things to do and places to see at this secret getaway will astound you. It’s a fantastic vacation spot for your family and friends.

While flying to Dallas, you should definitely schedule a few hours for a side excursion here. You might want to return sometime to Durant to take a vacation and unwind.

Continue reading if you’re planning a trip to the United States and aren’t sure if Durant should be on your itinerary. We have the following items on this list.

We’ve compiled a list of things to do in Durant and the surrounding area. We have a feeling you’ll be glad you included this city in your vacation plans if you do. In addition, it will enhance your wonderful vacation.

1.0 Choctaw Casino Resort

During your stay in Durant, the Choctaw Casino Resort will meet all of your entertainment demands
Choctaw Casino Resort | Photo Credit – World Poker Tour

The Choctaw Casino Resort, a platinum-rated casino with a four-diamond entertainment destination, provides guests with endless entertainment options, including restaurants, slot machines, table games, and poker rooms. During your stay in Durant, the Choctaw Casino Resort will meet all of your entertainment demands. The Spa Tower, which has over three hundred plus rooms and a luxury spa, is one of the resort’s key features. It also boasts an Oasis Pool, which is the epitome of luxury.

The Choctaw casino is the finest place to go if you enjoy gambling and playing games. It is not, for example, overcrowded. In addition, the modern electronic blackjack, craps, and roulette machines will appeal to you. It offers a fantastic soda selection, with a variety of flavors to pick from.

Please keep in mind that the casino restaurant delivers excellent meals. In addition, the menu offers a wide range of options. Barbeques are the most well-known among the general public.

To know more about amenities available in casino please check this link Choctaw Casino Resort

1.1 Private Limousine Casino Tour

LIMOUSINE PRIVATE Tours to the WinStar World or Chowsaw Casinos are available on an hourly basis. We can provide a Casino Limousine to just WinStar World and Choctaw Casinos, which showcase some of the hottest Artists for Concerts, the Biggest Acts for Entertainment, and the greatest Gambling Tables and Slots in the US, only a short ride from Dallas.

2.0 Fish Tales Winery and Vineyard

Sir Walter Raleigh discovered it in 1584. Although the muscadine is considered America’s first grape, it is also known as the “grape of the south.” Muscadine vines can be seen growing along country roadsides that have been forgotten. It can be found in the odd opening of an overgrown woodland or at an abandoned farmstead. When late summer hits, you might be able to spend your leisure time here.

The greatest black grape pulp juice for making jelly and homemade wine comes from the front porch and the woods. Because the vineyard is so huge, it offers lovely lengthy paths.

This location allows visitors to witness all of the harvesting operations during the harvesting season. The routes through the harvesting regions are well-paved and scenically pleasing.

The Grand Opening of Fish Tales Winery is now taking place. They’re in the picturesque Hochatown tourism area, across from Beaver’s Bend Park’s main entrance, in what used to be Three Rivers Fly Shop.

The winery boasts a fantastic distillery that dates back to the 15th century. When it comes to wine and other fermented beverages, there is a lot of variety and variety.

3.0  Heavener Runestone Park

things To Do In Durant
View from Heavener Runestone State Park | Photo Credit – Marc Carlson

Heavener Runestone Park (pronounced Heavener Runestone Park) is a fifty five acre park in Le Flore County, Oklahoma. It’s close to the Oklahoma city of Heavener. Previously, it was an Oklahoma state park. In the year twenty-eleven, it was transferred to the City of Heavener and is currently run by the Friends of Heavener Runestone, a non-profit organization. The Festival, which takes place at the park twice a year, is fundraising for the park’s operation and maintenance.

Around the Heavener Runestone, the park was build. The discovery was made in 1923 of the park. was most likely engraved in the 19th century, maybe by a Swedish immigrant. The stone may be found on Poteau Mountain, just outside of downtown.

Red, white, sweet, semi-sweet, and semi-dry wines will be available, including Muscadines from our own vineyards. In a variety of ways the Juice that isn’t alcoholic will be accessible in many ways. A visit to our Tasting Room will allow you to sample our wines as well as the enchantment of Southeast Oklahoma and the Hochatown area. Our wines, juices, wine accessories, and other items will be available at our gift store.

4.0 Three Valley Museum

Durant has a long and distinguished history. The Three Valley Museum is one of the venues where these relics may be seen. It has historical collections regarding Bryan County. The museum was named after a novel about Durant authored by Henry McCreary called “Queen of the Three Valleys” when it first opened in 1976 under the auspices of the Durant Historical Society. When you visit the museum, you will be able to see displays that depict Bryan County’s growth from 1873 to the present day. It also has displays on the history of transportation as well as information on Oklahoma’s Indian nations.

5.0 Robbers Cave State Park

things To Do In Durant
Robber’s Cave State Park | Photo Credit – OakleyOriginals

Robbers Cave State Park is a state park in Oklahoma’s Latimer County. It is located on State Highway Two, five miles north of Wilburton, Oklahoma. Note the Park has great scenic views that include dry mountains. For instance, at some trails, it has caves and other things. Mountainous forests of southeast Oklahoma’s Sans Bois Mountains are also viable from distance. Rappellers, equestrians, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts flock to this park.

 The park and adjacent wildlife conservation area encompass more than eight thousand acres and three lakes. It has acres of discovery and fun for tourists, including trout fishing in season, boating, hunting, mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding paths, sandstone cliffs for climbing and rappelling, and autumn foliage watching. Robbers Cave is also historically significant as a past hideaway. The caves served as a hideout to smugglers at times.

6.0 Beavers Bend Resort Park

Beavers Bend State Resort Park provides all you could desire and more, whether you’re looking for a quiet escape or a thrilling adventure, a place to celebrate with loved ones or commune in isolation with nature. Cabins for rent across the resort area vary in size and design, and they come with all of the conveniences and comforts you’d expect from a five-star resort.

Lakeside Lodge provides accommodations and suites with breathtaking views of Broken Bow Lake, and golfers may take advantage of “stay and play” packages at Cedar Creek Golf Course. The Forest Heritage Center, a museum and learning center in the heart of the Ouachita National Forest, welcomes visitors to learn about humanity’s ongoing relationship with the forest.

For those seeking a more rustic travel experience, RV parks and tent camping locations exist. Water and power connections are available at 110 RV sites, while water and comfort stations are available at fifty or more tent sites. Since park, this park is the best place to be in the whole city. The park has great scenic scenes that include sound boxes and lighting effects. Come experience for yourself what the Beavers Bend has to offer.

7.0 Broken Bow Lake

Broken Bow Lake | Photo Credit – Brad Holt

The Endangered Ark Society is a corporate non-profit organization. This organization is basically devoted to preserving Asian elephants in North America by providing a retirement ranch for circus elephants and informing the community about this endangered animal.

8.0 The Endangered Ark Foundation

Broken Bow Lake is a reservoir in southeastern Oklahoma, nine miles northeast of Broken Bow in McCurtain County, on the Mountain Fork River. It is one of Oklahoma’s largest freshwater lakes and a major tourist attraction for staff and tourists from neighboring Texas and Arkansas.

The lake runs thirty five kilometers back into the Ouachita Mountain area, enticing all kinds of nature lovers with its remarkable beauty and picturesque appeal. The mountain topography is richly wooded, and birdwatchers will appreciate the various types of birds unique to the locality.

9.0 Fort Washita Historic Site

Fort Washita, founded in 1842, was a fortification that patrolled the Texas frontier as well as kept dangerous people out of the Chickasaw Nation. Today, the site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the state’s most popular tourist destinations for Americans interested in history.

During the Mexican War, Fort Washita served as an important post for the US Army.

During the Civil War, federal forces departed the location in 1861, allowing the Confederate Army to assume control.

The Oklahoma Historical Society took possession in 1962 and repaired the fort before turning it into a museum. Tourists come to the Fort Washita Historic Site to see the museum and to attend activities.

10.0 Lost Street Brewing Company

Craft Beer  | Photo Credit – 5chw4r7z

This restaurant offers not just fantastic beverages but also a terrific eating atmosphere. It has a selection of specially crafted beers on the menu.

Note this restaurant allows you to enjoy their distinctive brews. Since you don’t have to worry about your children or pets since they have board games that you can rent to play with them. Apart from that, patrons enjoyed the restaurant’s lively environment, with one diner remarking on how much fun she had conversing with the company owners.

To know more about what is on the menu please check this link Lost Street Brewing. Company.

11.0 World’s Largest Peanut

World's Largest Peanut Durant, Oklahoma
World’s Largest Peanut | Photo Credit – Chuck Coker

Seeing this charming monument and taking a photo with it is still something to brag about when you write about going Durant, even if the claim “World’s Largest Peanut” turns out to be bogus. This cast metal peanut atop a granite monument is nine hundred centimeters in length and forty five cm in diameter. This memorial was erected to honor all of Bryan County’s peanut farmers. The peanut cultivated here servers as a very important raw material in the making of different types of food sauces. It also helps in making of protein rich foods like peanut butter. Plus in cooking oil like peanut oil.

12.0 Theater at Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Stop visit the Theater at Southern Oklahoma State University if you have time to catch a theater show. The genres and subjects of the shows vary, so check the schedule and featured performances before going. You will be able to see high-quality performances of classic literature as well as discussions on a variety of social issues. Dress up and expect to be wowed by the performances.

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