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Things To Do In Zanesville

Things To Do In Zanesville
Zanesville | Photo Credit – marada

Zanesville may not be as well-known as other American cities, but don’t let that mislead you. This city is a modest, but lovely, up-and-coming tourist location worth visiting. Some of the interesting things to do and places to visit at this secret getaway will amaze you.

While heading to Columbus City or Dublin, you should definitely arrange a few hours here as a side trip. You might want to return sometime to Zanesville to take a break and unwind.

Continue reading if you are planning a trip to the United States and are unsure whether Zanesville should be on your itinerary. We’ve compiled a list of things to do in Zanesville and the surrounding area. We have a feeling you’ll be glad you included this city in your vacation plans if you do.

1.0 Mission Oaks Gardens, Zanesville

Mission Oaks Gardens is a beautiful urban landscaped park with free admission, specific areas, workshops, and a variety of guided tours. Hundreds of odd and rare plants are displayed across seven acres of the garden, including a vast collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, conifers, magnolias, and much more.

The garden is filled with wildflowers and perennials throughout the year. A natural bog, two waterfalls, pedestrian walkways, a gazebo, a creek, are among the most popular things. For instance, gorgeous conifer gardens can all be found in the park. Each of the gardens, from the woodland garden to the Conifer grove, the perennial landscape to the fairy garden, the gale garden to Olga’s Children’s Garden, has been meticulously maintained and is breathtaking.

2.0 Hocking Hills State Park, New Plymouth

Things To Do In Zanesville
Hocking Hills State Park | Photo Credit – Steven Miller

Natural splendor abounds in Hocking Hills State Park, from gorges to waterfalls, rock shelters to cliffs. Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave, Cantwell Cliffs, and Rock House are the names of the five areas that make up the vast park.

The most well-known, Old Man’s Cave, is a deep gorge named for one of the cave’s first residents, recluse Richard Rowe, who lived there in the late 1700s. Canoeing, horseback riding, and ziplining are just a few of the planned activities available. There are also numerous hiking paths, fishing areas, and fully prepared campers to pick from.

3.0 Alpacas of Spring Acres

Take a tour of this family-owned farm, which is home to more than 80 Suri alpacas and other farm animals, attracting tourists from all over the world. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to learn more about animal breeding and interact with some of the animals at this farm.

You may also schedule to sleep in and have a full farm experience with your family, which comes with the utmost peace and provides you a nice relaxing sensation. You’ll also get the opportunity to go fishing in a nearby lake, and don’t forget about the farm feeding time, which will send you into a frenzy.

4.0 St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Zanesville

Things To Do In Zanesville
St. Thomas Aquinas Church | Photo Credit – bertknot

The St. Thomas Aquinas Church is a historically significant church that was founded in 1842 with the goal of forming a community of Christians who love God and trust in His grace.

The church itself is beautiful, the surrounding area is serene, and the people are friendly. The St. Thomas Aquinas Church would be an excellent site to come if you are searching for a quiet place to pray, acknowledge your sins, or thank the Lord.

5.0 Howdy Garage, Markem Out Paintball, Zanesville

Prepare for an exciting day at Howdy Garage – Markem Out Paintball, which is a must-do on many Zanesville bucket lists. You may play paintball for a few hours here. The team will ensure that you have a good time while also taking the essential safety precautions. There is a nearby chapel where you may go before or after your visit to this gaming location, which has not one but various configurations.

6.0 Perry’s Glo Putt

Things To Do In Zanesville
Pinball Games | Photo Credit – Lee Dyer

Visit this incredible arena with your friends and family for an unforgettable experience that includes an 18-hole miniature golf course as well as a laser tag game. Enjoy a wide variety of pool and pinball games, as well as other games, where you can unwind and compete while having a fantastic time. If you’re searching for a unique way to provide your children with a memorable and enjoyable adventure, this is the place to go.

7.0 Colony Square Mall, Zanesville

Colony Square Mall, which first opened its doors in 1981, is a huge shopping mall with a variety of businesses and movie theatres to keep you engaged. From TJ Maxx to Show Carnival, Planet Fitness to a whole lot more, there’s something for everyone.

There is a lot of diversity here, and there are also locations where you can get decent meals. At the Mall, you may see a movie, shop to your heart’s content, and eat delicious food. If you’re searching for a fun spot to spend a day with your family, the Colony Square Mall is the place to go.

8.0 Zanesville Museum of Art

Sample some of Zanesville’s greatest works at this fantastic museum, which houses some of the city’s finest pieces of art from a variety of painters. You’ll also get the opportunity to participate in an art session with an instructor who will help you through the process of creating your own work of art. Also, don’t be afraid to inquire about the numerous art pieces you’ll see because you never know what type of mysteries you’ll uncover here.

9.0 Zanesville Masonic Temple

Zanesville Masonic Temple | Photo Credit – Paul Sableman

This lovely seven-story structure is on the National Historic Register and boasts a number of unique elements, including Zanesville-style mosaic tile floors. The structure houses a number of local companies, artist studios, professional offices, and Masonic groups.

10.0 The Clay Center Of Ohio

Pottery from southern Ohio is on display at the Clay Center of Ohio (previously The National Ceramic Museum). There is a good mix of early practical ware, art pottery, and modern produced ware. Pottery from regional potteries and local potter artists may be found at the Museum’s gift store. Visit this location for local tourism details, such as instructions to pottery shops and galleries. Picnic areas and shelters for meetings and gatherings are available on the museum grounds. Overnight guests can stay at a campsite with power hookups or The Ceramic Hide-Away cottage.

11.0 Decorative Arts Studio

Decorative Arts Studio specializes in the design, marketing, and manufacture of artisan items for the home décor, tabletop, and personal accessory industries on a national and worldwide scale. Expertise in creating consumer-facing brand stories and merchandising assortments. Please note that it is only available for consultation by appointment.

12.0 Weasel Boy Brewing Company

Beer & Pizza | Photo Credit – Ruth Hartnup

Weasel Boy Brewing Company is a great place to unwind with freshly brewed craft beer and pizza while listening to live music in a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy happy hour, when beer is available for outrageously low costs.

Make a point of visiting this establishment, which serves freshly brewed house ales and lagers, as well as artisan-style pizza and salads. Relax in the pub’s living room-style seating, dine in the dining sections, or take in the views from the riverbank terrace. Other seasonal and specialty beers are also available. To know more about the wines please check this link Weasel Boy Brewing Company.

13.0 St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicolas Catholic Church is a beautiful municipal landmark that was established in 1898 and has well-preserved architectural architecture and ornamentation. The cathedral organ, like the stained glass windows, is awe-inspiring. The inside of the church is highlighted by beautiful lines. This location will instill in you a deep respect for religion.

14.0 Julie’s Artery

Children’s art sessions are available in both group and private settings. Situated in the Masonic Temple Building’s basement.

15.0 Divine Bliss Spa

Step into this spa for a relaxing massage that will leave you feeling rejuvenated after a long day of sightseeing. Set aside some time from your hectic schedules to visit this beautiful location for a unique wellness vacation. If you’re stiff and hurting, one of the best spa treatments this city has to offer can be just what you need.

16.0 Muskingum River Y Bridge

Y-Bridge | Photo Credit – David Brossard

Visit this renowned bridge, which is known for its architectural design and is a popular tourist destination. The middle pier of the bridge splits the bridge in two, offering you a magnificent perspective.

Built in 1814, this Y-shaped bridge is noted for its unusual form, with the was featured on the show. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not even included it. Carry a camera with you as you visit the area since it will be a moment you will want to reflect about long after you return home from your vacation.

17.0 The Wilds

The Wilds | Photo Credit – Alan Witzke

Muskingum County is home to one of Ohio’s most distinctive places. A location where rhinos, giraffes, antelope, and now cheetahs — critically endangered creatures from all over the globe – live in mixed-species groups, traversing vast natural environments. A place where scientists and educators collaborate to learn more about and protect the world’s animals and natural resources. A location where tourists may interact with the environment and learn about animals. The Wilds, to be precise.

At the Wilds, two new attractions are available: ziplining and horseback riding.

Walking routes, elevated boardwalks, and viewing decks provide breathtaking views of the cages that house these very gregarious creatures. You may also go inside specialist veterinary clinics to learn more from the personnel.

The Wilds is a 14-square-mile wildlife conservation facility that promotes conservation via research, education, and personal experience. It’s a living laboratory where every feature of nature gives one-of-a-kind chances for close interactions.

17.1 The Wild’s Lake

Within the animal area, Lake Trail is a five-acre enclosure. A walkway leads to a pier on Spillman Lake, the largest of the property’s more than 100 lakes. A variety of workshops near Lake Trail demonstrate some of the restoring ecology initiatives and scientific investigations that the Wilds is working on.

With panoramic views of rolling meadows, the Outpost is located in the heart of the wildlife area’s biggest part. Visitors are welcome to remain as long as they like, seeing herds of rhinos, antelope, and other species behave as they would in the wild. The Outpost provides excellent photographic possibilities as well as another opportunity to engage with and learn from the Wilds’ employees.

17.2 The Wetland Trail in Wild

The Wetland Track includes a walking trail and observation platforms for viewing one of the world’s most significant, though rapidly diminishing, ecosystems. Discover the flora and creatures found only in swamps, marshes, and wetlands. Naturalists guide tours and activities, answer questions, assist with plant and animal identification, and educate visitors about this unique environment.

17.3 Wild’s Safari

However, the Wilds have much more to offer than rhinos and cheetahs. The Birding Station at Jeffrey Point on State Route 284 is available to the public. It has wide grasslands teaming with ground-nesting songbirds and raptors, as well as lakes frequently bursting with waterfowl. The Butterfly Habitat, an important Restoration Ecology project, is located just across from the main parking lot.

Custom safaris employing open-air transportation are also available on a regular basis. This popular choice provides a unique experience, with excellent possibilities for wildlife viewing and photography. As well as stops at several of the above-mentioned attractions.

They offer habitat for a variety of butterfly species. A walking track winds its way through the region.

For people looking for a unique retreat, Nomad Ridge at the Wilds offers a premium tented-camp adventure package.

Members of the Wilds can also reserve a stay. At the Wilds Lodge, a private getaway nestled among one of the property’s most beautiful lakes. This luxurious cabin sleeps 12 people and is an ideal location for meetings, special gatherings, and family vacations.

If you are planning to explore more of the places please also check Best Things To Do In Hurricane Utah.

Best Things To Do In Zanesville, Ohio: FAQs

What are the must-visit attractions in Zanesville, Ohio?

Some must-visit attractions in Zanesville include the Y-Bridge, Zanesville Museum of Art, and The Wilds.

What are some outdoor activities to enjoy in Zanesville?

From hiking at Dillon State Park to experiencing a safari adventure at The Wilds, outdoor enthusiasts have plenty of options to explore.

What is the significance of the Y-Bridge?

The Y-Bridge is a historic landmark where two rivers converge, offering panoramic views and reflecting the city’s architectural heritage.

What is unique about The Wilds?

The Wilds is a vast conservation center where visitors can embark on safari tours and encounter rare wildlife species from around the world.

Where can I enjoy local treats and shopping?

You can indulge in local treats at Weasel Boy Brewing Company, Adornetto’s Pizzeria and Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl and explore Colony Square Mall for a mix of local and popular shops.

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