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Things To Do In Mississippi

Things To Do In Mississippi
Mississippi | Photo Credit – edgrawes

The Mississippi is a fascinating place to visit in the southern state. It is home to several waterways that have got their name, from the longest of rivers in the country. It is also a vibrant cultural destination for historic buildings, friendly visitors, and warm coastal beaches. On top of it, lakes, gardens, and delicious Southern cooking make it a perfect place to be. 

Tourists can have fun on the beaches at the Gulf Coast, they can follow the Mississippi Blues Trail for a musical fun adventure. On top of it visit Elvis Presley’s birthplace. Enjoy their luck with peaceful fishing on a calm lake horizon. Certain places may require reservations in advance. The city of Southhavens is famous for its rich music and literature. On top of it has a rich and dynamic culture that includes raw history and heritage.

1.0 Oxford 

Oxford in Mississippi is a well-known educational institution
The Oxford Square | Photo Credit- Matthew Nichols

Oxford in Mississippi is a well-known educational institution. The University of Mississippi is more frequently known as “Ole Miss,”. Oxford city is known for its cultural diversity and creative community. Baily’s wood hosts hikers and cyclists with its gorgeous natural trails into the woods. Among other places to visit, includes farmland markets, live concerts, and music at the famous Lyric Theater. On top of it, mouth-watering delicious Southern cooking.

 2.0 Biloxi

Biloxi, Mississippi | Photo Credit – Domenico Convertini

Located along the state’s sun-kissed shoreline Biloxi is famous for its city’s nightlife, beautiful beaches, and ocean-facing casino. Biloxi is a coastal city located in Mississippi. It attracts several visitors throughout the year for its top-rated Casinos. Home to innumerable table games and slot machines.

Apart from gambling, and gaming, this place also has restaurants that host the best seafood. The restaurants offer some of the best oysters, fresh shrimp, and other amazing seafood eateries. On top, it is Biloxi sea beach which has the Biloxi Lighthouse nearby the Beauvoir Estate.

3.0 Gulfport

Gulfport, Mississippi | Photo Credit – Steve Shook

The city of Gulfport is located along the Gulf of Mexico. The city of Gulfport is located to the south of Florida and Mississippi. Gulfport is a beautiful city. In the city of Gulfport, people can visit the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum. For a more natural experience, Jones Park has some beautiful access to the waterfront, a quick ride to Ship Island brings access to the historic Fort Massachusetts. Seals and dolphins’ habitat in the water of nearby sea areas. 

Gulfport city has a wide beach trail that extends all along the coast. On top of it, the Barrier islands are the best destination for lots of soothing white sand beaches, the beautiful scenery hosts unturned, untold, outdoor recreational opportunities. The location of these remotely located islands makes it perfect for its breathtaking scenic beauty and sheltered settings. The islands have mostly remained untouched because of no human activities thus unspoiled. It has quick and cheap access via boat to remotely located nearby barrier islands. Stunning sea sand beaches with adjacent wild wetlands and thrilling forests cover. The park hosts a lot of excellent outdoor activities to enjoy, with cycling, hiking, and swimming at significant spots.

 4.0 Vicksburg

 Located on the top of the overlooking Mississippi River, the township city of Vicksburg is a perfect spot. Situated in the west of the border areas with Louisiana, it is famous for the site of a long battle that took place during the American Civil War. General Ulysses S. Grant’s great victory is still remembered in its traditions, artworks, and museums. There is so much more to enjoy in Vicksburg. Apart from its significant heritage and heritage, it also has a great well-preserved center full of beautiful old buildings and an attractive handful of museums.

5.0 Natchez

Highway 425 bridge over the Mississippi River at Natchez, Mississippi, US.
Mississippi River at Natchez | Photo Credit – Christian Collins

Located adjacent to the Mississippi River, right along with Louisiana and Vidalia. Natchez was initially the main capital of Mississippi due to its significant location. The Natchez name is derived from a Native American tribe. Today this town is well preserved for its gorgeous architectural Longwood estate including its decorated domed terrace. The Dunleith mansion stands all tall with its white pillars all around the veranda. Tourists can also visit the Grand Village of the Natchez to know more about the local Native Americans that lived around the 17th and 18th centuries. 

The Natchez Trace Parkway is one of the most dynamic places to visit in Mississippi. Stretching all along from Nashville to Natchez and finally to Mississippi. The seven hundred twenty-kilometer national Parkway is the perfect place to cycle, hike, or drive along. Besides its rich history and cultural heritage. The Natchez Trace Parkway has beautiful scenery, with splashing waterfalls, extraordinary landscapes, and dramatic views all along the trail. Riding along the highway in Mississippi, there are also several great townships and a few cities for tourists to stop and shop off, such places are Jackson, Natchez, and Tupelo. 

6.0 Jackson 

Jackson, Mississippi | Photo Credit – GPA Photo Archive

The capital of Mississippi is Jackson MS which happens to be a perfect metropolitan area. The life of the city has much to offer to its visitors. The city has been part of the Mississippi Freedom Trail, which symbolizes the place and people that took part in the Civil Rights Movement.

The city is overall filled with such places, including at the Mississippi State Capitol Building. On top of it, Jackson has a zoological park with the Natural Science Museum, which has an aquarium, and a Civil Rights Museum. The city also hosts over two hundred plus fine-dine restaurants. Some of these dining places serve the best delicious Southern comfort food.

7.0 Arkabutla Lake

Lake Arkabulta is situated in the north of Mississippi. Which is only about half an hour drive from Memphis, Tennessee. It is a great destination located on the outskirts, for a soothing escape into nature. This Arabutla lake is a subsidiary part of the Coldwater River. Lake is a fabulous place to be when one happens to be on vacation or short trip.

Arkabutla trails run all around the edges of the lake. Which has a perfect place for biking and hiking, beach-type sunbathing, picnics, swimming. This place has a perfect variety of fishes to catch for like largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, and rohu. Lake also hosts recreational grounds for children. The place also includes beautiful campgrounds for guests. In order to stay overnight and wake up with the sounds of morning vibes. 

8.0 Bay St.Louis

Bay St Louis Beach | Photo Credit – Marty B

On the Mississippi coast Bay St.Louis. Located adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. The place has its type of coastal charms that serve as a perfect place for a vacation. Sandy beaches provide fabulous surroundings for playing in the sand and sun-basking. On top of it, the bay Area has many piers. Which are great for people sailing or having water-related adventures. Bay St. Louis serves as a splendid venue for all those who are into swimming, water fishing, or water skiing. On top of it, the city itself has many old town areas for visitors with several shops and great cuisine serving restaurants. 

9.0 Clarksdale 

Located on the side banks of the Sunflower River. The small township city is very popular among visitors. Clarksdale is located at the center of the Delta blues scene. At the starting of the 20th century, several African-American musicians created Jazz music here. Then spread across all north and started performing in other metro cities like New York and Chicago. 

Clarksdale’s thriving past is now visible in greater depth at the Delta Blues Museum. 

While monuments and famous places with distinguished jazz music are most famous around town. In addition to clubs and bars, a few cultural fests and events take place in the month of October. Clarksdale is a perfect stay out in order to visit the Mississippi Blues Trail.

10.0 Columbus

Mississippi Columbus Welcome Center | Photo Credit – Visit Mississippi

In Tennessee’s northeast, Columbus City is located. Nearby Tombigbee Waterway, at which tourists can enjoy fishing, boating, and swimming or walk around many river trails. The city is famous and historic, with several buildings and houses that amplify its beauty. The Southern architectural style is the landmark for this city. A variety of fishes are available for the catch in these rivers.

In Columbus twenty-three of the buildings are included on the National Register of Historic Places. That also includes Mississippi University for Women, which was one of the first state-funded schools for women in America. Famous American playwriter Tennessee Williams also has its home in Columbus. Tourists can go to explore and know more about his lifestyle and works. 

11.0 Crystal Springs 

Crystal Springs is a small township, located on the outskirts of the state-city capital. This beautiful destination has a small city aura, with its historic main district. That includes genuine and old buildings that are home to restaurants, cafes, shops, and old churches. For instance, the restaurants of Springs offer great cheese grilled sandwiches with fish and chips. Crystal Springs is home to many small parks. 

The Robert Johnson Blues Museum and library are among many places to go for in this city. On top of that, a good walk around the tree-paved sidewalks of the local neighborhoods, which has many sweet old houses and residence. Every year, in and around June, Crystal Springs conducts an annual Tomato Fest, with many contests, celebration parades, live music, a food fair, art, and craft. 

12.0 New Albany

New Albany township was established as a town dedicated to mill and textile work. The town was set up in the early 19th century. During the Civil war, it was significantly destroyed by fire. In the 1880s, The railroad connectivity in 1880s brought this township back to life. As a result of which it is a beautiful town today.

Famous writer William Faulkner was from New Albany. He won two Pulitzer Prizes for his marvelous work. Namely, on The Sound and The Fury. New Albany hosts the Tanglefoot Trail. Today Tanglefoot pathway was once a road-rail track. Basically now serving a perfect scenic path for hikers and cyclists. 

13.0 Holly Springs 

Walter Place, Holly Springs | Photo Credit – Visit Mississippi

Holly Springs is located in the north of Mississippi, right along the state border of Tennessee. This township initially began as a prominent seat for cotton plantations. In the later part of the years, it served as a supplier to the Confederate army eventually during the Civil War. To this day, the city hosts at least two hundred plus homes that are included in historical homes and buildings of interest. It is the best place for every History lover.

Among these buildings, many are open for visitors to take tours in and around the premises. The Holly Springs has Ida B Wells Museum, which is dedicated to the life and work of a famous activist. The locality has Strawberry Plains Audubon Center that offers educational programs with natural trails to know more about the flora and fauna of the place. Please note the guide offering the Tour might charge you some fees.

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