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Things To Do In North Bay

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Top Things To Do In North Bay

North Bay | Photo Credit – Ylliab Photo

North Bay, also known as the Gateway of the North, is located in the Northern part of Ontario. This is the most popular tourist attraction among the visitors who are planning their vacations in the winter season. This wonderful city is the perfect getaway place for all your adventure cravings. Not only that, but the city also has a very vibrant culture and lifestyle which is another aspect that must be experienced. The most amazing way to explore this city is taking a cruise where you can get the most surreal views of the cityscape and the shores. The city also hosts various festivals around the year and the most popular one is their winter carnival.

If you are planning to visit this place in summer, they have got you covered. Not just in the winter, but this place has the most beautiful forest and blue skies that you must explore in summers. From sandy beaches to great green forests this place offers endless possibilities for everyone. 

If you are planning to visit this place make sure you also include another famous town Toronto, which lies just 3 hours away. Check out our post Things To Do In Toronto here.

Now let’s get straight into North Bay and discover what are the best things to do here.

Duchesnay Falls Trail

Top Things To Do In North Bay
Duchesnay Falls | Photo Credit –michael_swan

This a 3 miles long trail along with serene forests and streams. This is the most preferred destination in North Bay for tourists and locals alike. This beautiful area is covered with unique trees and vegetation that gives a scenic view of the whole place. There is also a waterfall in the area and many beautiful streams that run across the forest. Duchesnay Falls Trail is the perfect place to start your trip and enjoy the beauty of North Bay to its fullest. The trail is well paved and not too difficult. You can come here with your entire family and have a nice relaxing daytime while enjoying the breathtaking views of the waterfalls.

Make sure that you check out the cascades and the rocks which are made up of different colors! It is a spectacle to watch and the vistas are absolutely stunning.

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: go for a walk. Spend a day hiking, trekking, and picnicking. Go sightseeing.

North Bay Heritage Train and Carousel

Things To Do In North Bay
North Bay Railway | Photo Credit – XPinger (Chris Sutton)

This unique recreational park is a fun way to spend your day. If you are looking for something that your whole family can enjoy then this is just the right place for you. This park has a lot of fun activities for every age group. You can take a ride on the miniature train and ride the beautiful carousels. The place is also very rich in heritage and culture that will give you a very informative tour. 

Make sure to also check out the famous Opera Bakery which is located right beside the heritage center. It serves the best snacks and coffee so do try and make the most of your visit.

Timings: Open only in the summer season. 

Things to do: take a self-guided tour of the heritage center. Enjoy the rides and try new food.

You can book your tickets in advance on their website here.

Laurentian Ski Hill

Things To Do In North Bay
Ski Hill | Photo Credit – DaMongMan

Laurentian Ski Hill is the perfect overall travel location that you should definitely put on your list. They provide the best services in the area for all your adventure cravings. If you are planning to spend your winter in North Bay make sure to visit this place for skiing and skating. Apart from the major activities, they also have multiple other sporting activities for people of all ages. You can try out various different skiing terrains according to your skills and also try out lifts. There is also a very beautiful cafe in their location where you should make a stop. 

Timings: Open only for the winter season. Monday to Friday. 9 am to 4 pm.

Things to do: Go skiing and try out other adventure sports. If you are a beginner, make sure to check out their learner’s program. Find out more information about their facilities and plan your trip by visiting their official website.

Marten River Provincial Park

Things To Do In North Bay
MARTEN DEYMANN | Photo Credit – Lutz Blohm

When you are visiting North Bay, we recommend that you also take small road trips around the major cities. Therefore, we bring to you our next pick, the Marten River Provincial Park. This park is located in the Temagami District of Ontario which is just 30 minutes away from North Bay. This beautiful garden is located on the Marten River and offers so many recreational activities that you should try out. 

There is a place for all kinds of fun activities here. You can go and relax on beaches or spend your time in a garden. The place has so many breathtaking views, especially during the sunset. You can also come here for camping and a bonfire. 

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: Plan a day trip to Temagami. Go picnicking, camping, and fishing. They also provide rental facilities to their visitors so you can easily find a boat or a kayak to spend your day.

New Ontario Brewing 

Things To Do In North Bay
Beau’s Brewery | Photo Credit – Warren Layton

New Ontario Brewing is a famous Brewery in North Bay that offers great food and beverages. It is slowly becoming one of the most popular spots in North Bay and attracts hundreds of visitors every month. Apart from serving world-class beers, they also organize live events throughout the month. They host various local talented artists to complement their delicious food and beers. It is a perfect place to go with your loved one. 

Their most popular beer is the golden ale which you should definitely try. There are various other options to explore as well.

Timings: Monday to Friday. 12 noon to 8 pm.

Make sure to visit the place in the evening and attend one of their live music events.

Laurier Woods Conservation Area 

Things To Do In North Bay
Laurier Woods | Photo Credit – Ken Ratcliff

This Conservation Area is a great spot for outings and picnics with your family. This beautiful park is located in the heart of the city and covers an area of 97 hectares. From lush green gardens and beautiful trees to pretty trails and many lakes, this place makes a perfect destination for a relaxing trip. Laurier Woods is also a great place for hiking. There are approximately 10 kilometers worth of paved trails that will give you the most scenic view of the city. It is a great way to explore the park while also enjoying the wildlife of the area. There is so much to appreciate in this beautiful park and we encourage you to take a self-guided tour of the park. 

Also, do not forget to catch a glimpse of the migratory birds and aquatic life. 

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: go hiking, trekking, and exploring the park. Do not miss climbing up the top and visit the Haist Lookout. It offers a bird’s eye view of the entire park that is worth your time.

Marathon Beach

Marathon Beach | Photo Credit – Guillaume Bonastre

This is another beautiful place to enjoy the wonderful shorelines of North Bay. Located on the far end of the city, this place has some of the most magical views that you can witness in this city. This Beach has beautiful gardens that are well kept and known for their scenic beauty. There are lots of other activities that you can enjoy here. You can go swimming, fishing, and kayaking in the sea. The evening is the perfect time to visit this place and we will highly recommend that you stay and watch the sun go down as well.

Do not forget to enjoy quick walks sideways and enjoy the turquoise waters of North Bay.

Timings: Open all day. 8:30 am to 10 pm.

Things to do: Go swimming and boating. This place is also a very cozy spot for picnics and camping. You can also go hiking on the trails.

Lee Park

Lee Park is another famous attraction that will definitely be worth checking out. This park is perfect for everyone and you can find various fun ways to enjoy your time here. We recommend this park to every tourist who is looking for a fun place while also getting to know about the heritage and history of the town. The park offers a beautiful green playground with many unique swings for the children. There are also special campsites, built just for picnics and bonfires. 

It is a place worth visiting no matter which season you find yourself in North Bay. You can also find various pretty cafes in the area which you should definitely make a visit to. 

Timings: Open 24 hours.

Things to do: go picnicking or camping. Visit the museum. Explore the park by taking a self-guided tour.

The Cove

THE COVE | Photo Credit – Tony Armstrong-Sly

The Cove is a beautiful and isolated beach which makes for a perfect destination if you want some peace and quiet on your vacation. It is also a perfect getaway for couples who are looking for something different. 

The park is very well maintained and also has a dock where you can swim and relax.

Make sure to take some time out and enjoy the natural scenery of this wonderful city. Timings: Open all days. 8 am to 10 pm.

Manitou Islands Provincial Park

Manitou Island | Photo Credit – Mike Goad

These are a group of Islands located in Lake Nipissing which is located 10 kilometers away from North Bay. It is another good destination for a perfect road trip. We highly recommend that you check this place out by renting a boat which is easily available in the nearby shops. 

Apart from the islands, there is a Provincial Park which offers various recreational activities to its visitors. You can spend a nice relaxing day here while enjoying the scenic views and the wildlife. 

There is always something that you can do here and is a perfect retreat from the hustle of city life.

Timings: Open all days. 8 am to 11 pm.

For more information about their latest timings and amenities, you can visit their official website here.

In Conclusion

There are so many other exciting things to do in Canada and we have covered all of them for you. If you are still confused about your next trip then you should definitely check out our post Things To Do In Canada. You can also find various other information about the best hotels in the area and the most famous destinations for road trips here. While you are visiting North Bay, we recommend that you check out the neighboring cities like Parry Sound District. This wonderful city is home to many beautiful parks and beaches that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Make sure to check out Things To Do In Parry Sound here. Also, read our blog post about Best Things To Do In Markham. To discover more top attractions in the area and the best things to do check out our blog here.

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