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Things To Do In Lasithi, Crete – Top 15 Attractions Listed.

by Pankaj Upreti
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Things To Do In Lasithi

We have suggested a few places where you could stay during your stay in Crete, and now it’s time for what is special about the fact that tourists are returning.

Now you will surely say that it is nothing special and that you are vacationing several times in the same destination that you like. But that’s not the point. Tourists return here and stay to live, together with the locals.

Increasingly, this part of Crete is becoming their new home. We researched what sights Lasithi has to offer and we bring you a list of 15 things you can do & see in Lasithi while on vacation. If you decide to move, let us know.

1. Psihro Cave or Diktaion Andron

Things to do in Lasithi
Psihro Cave or Diktaion Andron is ancient Minoan secret cave in Lasithi | Photo Credit – Adobe stock Image

We all know who Zeus is, of course. Even children know that they met him by watching cartoons and maybe even reading fairy tales.

His home was Olympus, and we have already mentioned this in our list of best things to do in Heraklion, Crete & why he chose Mount Juktas as the place of his eternal rest.

And do you know where, according to the legend, Zeus was born and raised? If the stories can be believed, then it was in the village of Psihro, maybe in the cave of the same name.

For a long time, it was considered sacred and people came on pilgrimage. It is definitely one of the most famous and attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world.

When you enter the cave, you will see a small turquoise lake, and as the legend says, if you toss a coin and imagine a wish, Zeus will fulfill it.

2. Gournia Minoan Town

Things to do in Lasithi
Gournia Minoan Town | Photo Credit –

If someone took your hand and asked you to go with him, without asking where, would you go? If I just told you to go to a place surrounded by olive trees where time stands still, would that be enough?

It only takes a little adventurous spirit to agree, and we reveal to you where you will end up. This town might look like any small town in Greece, but it is more than 3,500 thousand years old. It is very well preserved and when you arrive, you will have the feeling that with a little maintenance, you could even live there.

But still, it is better for everything to remain as it is, as a witness of a time that tells its story with these signs made of complex stones.

3. Sarakina Gorge

Things to do in Lasithi
Sarakina gorge | Photo Credit – Konstantinos Mavroudis

When the city has high temperatures and crowds, then it is good to spend some time away from that noise. Fortunately, nature in Greece is rich, and the vegetation is lush, which enables a pleasant stay during the summer.

If you are a fan of mountains and staying in the woods, then you can go on a trip or even rent a hut and spend some time there. But if you want to feel the adrenaline, then Sarakina Gorge is perfect for you.

In this gorge, you will find everything you need, and that is inner peace. The daily dose of adrenaline and serotonin goes in a package, so it is certain that you will feel fulfilled after one day.

This walk is not very simple and it is desirable to be in shape in order to get the maximum.

4. Milatos Beach

Things to do in Lasithi
Milatos | Photo Credit – Adobe Stock Images

If we tell you that you have the opportunity to swim in the sea on the same day, sunbathe and visit the cave that bears the name as well as the beach where you were a couple of hours earlier, would you believe us? Maybe you are one of those tourists who like to get the most out of their vacation, but don’t know how?

Today, Milatos is considered one of the smaller places with a rich tradition. Pure, untouched nature, olive trees, and the smell of the sea, that would be the simplest way to describe this place.

There are several beaches here and you can choose where to spend your time. Whether you prefer calmer variants or those beaches that are lapped by the waves, choose for yourself what is best for you.

5. Amazonas Zoo

1024Amazona albifrons at Amazonas Zoo | Photo Credit –Paul Korecky

If you go on vacation together with your little ones, then you know that you should listen to their wishes as well. Bathing and making sand towers will be fun for them for a while, but you shouldn’t expect them to be able to spend time in peace like you.

You may be tired from hard work and it is really enough for you to lie on the beach, but they have different needs. One of the places we recommend you to visit together is Amazonas Zoo. Toddlers simply adore this place! This is a private zoo that has existed for almost ten years.

Rare animal species from South America can be seen in it, and among them, parrots are especially interesting. The ticket for adults is around 10 USD, and for children it is slightly lower, depending on age.

This place is worth a visit because it guarantees fun for the whole family. And you’re still helping to preserve rare species, so isn’t that enough?

6. Spinalonga – Ghost town

Things to do in Lasithi
Spinalonga, Elounta | Photo Credit – George M. Groutas

It is interesting how people are not only attracted to those tourist attractions that are beautiful. On the contrary, they are increasingly attracted to those places that have a dark past and which are almost completely abandoned today.

One such place is the uninhabited island of Spinalonga and it is the second most visited attraction in Crete. The first is of course the palace at Knossos. This island is known for the tragic story of lepers who were housed here. They were left to fend for themselves, no one could take care of them, and there was no cure for the disease.

They were brought there by boats and left there, but soon after, a sanatorium was built to help them. Even a settlement was built so that the locals could help, and only one priest lived on the island. He served liturgies for the deceased until a cure for leprosy was discovered, and the island was completely closed.

You can reach it by boat, and the prices generally range from 10 to 25 USD.

7. Waterfall of Milonas

1024Waterfall of Milonas | Photo Credit – Facebook Page Waterfall of Milonas

When you are at sea, it is enough to look into the open sea and be relaxed. The sound of a few waves reaches you, but everything seems so far away, and yet so close at the same time.

Sometimes you are lazy even to look into the water, and the next moment you are swimming to the buoy. The sea affects people differently, but one thing is for sure, it takes away all your worries. Water has great power, and we recommend that you take at least a few hours for a trip to the Waterfall of Milonas.

Before you go, ask if there is water then, not to be disappointed when you arrive. The way to get there is not required, so children can join you.

8. Seli Ambelou Restaurant

One of the restaurants you should visit is Seli Ambelou because their food awakens all your senses. Don’t be surprised if you start thinking about what you would order before you go inside. And then when you look at the menu, you are in a dilemma.

Everything seems so tempting, and you don’t know what to try first. Their food is prepared according to traditional recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. It is prepared in a wood-fired oven, and we recommend that you try roasted pork.

There are also plenty of options for vegetarians on the menu. While you wait for the food to arrive from the kitchen to your table, order a bottle of homemade wine and indulge in the magic of Crete.

9. Archaeological Collection of Ierapetra

Photo Credit –Hyspaosines

People have created various inventions so far, but the one we often dream about is not yet. The only question is, would he bring more good or would we just have trouble with him. Of course, it is a time travel machine.

If we could go back a couple of years and look at our lives from a different perspective, it would be an experience to remember. Surely some of us would be tempted to change something, like the boy Marty in the movie “Back to the Future”.

However, the good news is that there is one place where it is possible to go back in time. It is a museum in Ierapetra. Their collection contains everything you need to lose track of time for a couple of hours, so we suggest you set aside one afternoon for a tour.

10. Choose A Beach Or Two

Things to do in Lasithi
Beaches in Ierapetra | Photo Credit –
Ken Curtis

Lasithi is one of the most beautiful parts of Crete because it has a favorable position and every decision you make is good. When you are in a dilemma, which beach to go to, what do you usually think about?

Is it close to your accommodation, how will you get there, on foot or by car? Where will you park, is there a restaurant nearby? These are all questions that are in place, and the good news is that the beaches in Lasithi are ready for tourists. The water is clean and all the necessary furniture is available nearby.

The beaches in Ierapetra are very good, over 50 kilometers long. If you go from Mirtos to Megali Paralia in Fermi, you will surely find something for yourself. You can even go to a different beach every day!

11. Water tanks

When we think about what we can’t live without, we usually start listing a lot of things.

It is true that we do not need all that, but it certainly makes our life easier and more beautiful. The little things that we don’t pay attention to, so to speak, we take for granted are the ones that mean the most. What we really could not function without are water, air, and food. That is basic, everything else is an upgrade, and we would be surprised how advanced the peoples who lived before us were.

We often think that we have reached the peak in all areas, but if you look at water tanks, you will be pleasantly surprised by what systems they had. Some of them could even today serve as good examples of the synthesis between man and nature.

12. Juniper Bar

There are many dilemmas about what is the most important thing in the world. For some it is health, for others, it is love, for some it is money, and yet there are those people who cannot decide and say that life is the most important thing.

Simply the fact that we are present in the world, right now, at this time, is quite enough. However, there is no dispute about one, the most important side thing in the world is definitely football. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should be deprived of that pleasure.

Whether you like to play or “just” watch matches and cheer, we have a solution for you. Juniper Bar is one of those places where you feel at home. Even though you speak different languages, you understand each other perfectly well.

They offer different types of cocktails, and they also organize karaoke. Sounds ideal to us for a summer evening.

13. Havgas Gorge

When you chose to visit Crete, and especially Lasithi, you could not even imagine how many positive surprises await you in just one place.

One of them is Havgas Gorge, a canyon that we recommend you visit. It would be good if you are already experienced in this type of adventure. Although not too demanding, it will be quite a mitigating circumstance if you have had experience before. Even if you are in shape and like to walk, that is the right combination.

It will be enough to set aside a couple of hours because the canyon is about 4 kilometers long. There aren’t a lot of people walking this way, and it’s especially nice in the morning when you hear the sound of birds and watch the perfectly clear water in front of you.

It would be good to have a guide because the canyon is very narrow in some parts. In order not to panic, someone who has experience with that field will be useful.

14. Retro Restaurant

This time we take you to an unusual place. In a good way, of course. Restaurant Retro is a small, blue, family restaurant.

This is the most accurate way to describe it. When looking for a place where your children will enjoy as much as you do, it is often not an easy task. Here you will get a portion of delicious, fresh, and healthy food. The atmosphere in the restaurant and the whole ambiance exudes positive energy. It can be seen that someone took care of the arrangement to the smallest detail.

It is always good to come to the place where you feel desirable and accepted. If you are not sure what to try from the menu, you can ask the chef, you will not regret it. Try yogurt with fruit, it sounds simple, and it’s so delicious!

15. Skisma Beach

You know how they say, the best is always left for the end. So it is with dessert, but also with our suggestions for what to do at Lasithi.

We decided to single out this beach for several reasons. All the activities we have listed are mostly for adults and slightly older children. Of course, your little ones will enjoy delicious food, but we have also chosen something that will further entertain them. Skisma Beach is one of the most beautiful in this part of Crete, and it is especially popular among children.

Wondering why? What is it that children love the most, and we adults often defend them? Of course, these are sweets. Here, in addition to swimming in clear water and playing in the sand not far from the beach, they will find healthy and delicious sweets. Ice cream, snacks, everything that only children can enjoy.

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