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Fantastic Things To Do In Somerville, MA

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Things To Do In Somerville

Somerville is a city located near Boston and Cambridge in Massachusetts. The history of the city begins in 1842, when it was separated from the township of Charlestown. The city was known to be a industrial area in the past and as such there exist many relics from that time.

Somerville MA is known for its historical sites, eighty three in number listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some other major attractions in the city are the Somerville Museum and Dilboy Stadium. Somerville is known to be an educational center, with a number of universities in the area such as Harvard, MIT, and Tufts University.

While you are here in the New England area such as Boston, Somerville and Cambridge, you will find a number of things to do. Check out the history related to the invention of the Marshmallow Fluff. The annual Fluff Festival is a major attraction here for both tourists and locals.

Somerville is one of the most visited destinations in the Boston Area and one of the coolest cities you will ever see. Filled with welcoming neighborhoods, you will find a lot of stories in Somerville. See historical attractions and modern areas of interest, anyone can find a lot to do in Somerville MA.

This article is going to bring to you some of Somerville’s best things to do. Somerville MA is the most populous city in New England and the people you will find here will be welcoming and accommodating. Keep reading below to find out more about Somerville Massachusetts.

Davis Square

In Somerville, MA you will find many things to do in and nearby Davis Square with your friends and family.
Davis Square | Photo Credit – Tim Sackton

This place is always rife with people and life. You will be able to find crowds of people who are either locals or tourists much like you hanging out at Davis Square. The vibe in this spot is great owing to the live music and open areas.

This place can be really enjoyed by grabbing a cup of coffee and chilling here with a book to pass the time. Davis square’s open areas feature statues and sculptures that you can pose alongside for some great pictures. You will find many things to do in and nearby Davis Square with your friends and family.

Try going to the Museum of Bad Art, a location features some of the most unique museum items. It is located in the basement of the Somerville Theatre, and admission to the museum is free with a movie ticket. Be sure to try out both these classic Somerville locations.

The Davis Square Farmer’s Market is another place that is great for a visit. With great produce selling the freshest ingredients, you must visit this farmer’s market to make yourself a great evening meal. You will find a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars in and around here, making it a charm of a place with lots of activities to do. Try the Off the Beaten Path Food Tours while you are here, one of the favorites of tourists.

Minuteman Trail

This is one of the must see attractions in Somerville,MA.
Bikes | Photo Credit – Yzukerman

This trail is known to pass through an area that is historically known to be the spot where the American Revolution started. One of the most well known and popular rail trails in the entire country, the Minuteman Trail may be used to bike, skate or even walk.

You do not require special permissions to bring your bike to the Minuteman Trail in Somerville. Somerville has a number of other bikeways in the area and all of them connect to the Minuteman Trail. This trail is a major resource for the people of Somerville, and as such it is a very important area of the city.

The bikeway has been dedicated to a number of public figures and more. Make a day trip out of visiting the historical locations of Lexington and Concord by taking the Minuteman Biking trail there. This is one of the must see attractions in Somerville.

Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn Boulders is one of the most well known indoor climbing attractions in the United States. It has been offering activities since 2013 and was one of the largest of such sites in the country. When you enter the spot, you will see a painted graffiti saying, “exist to inspire”.

While you are at Brooklyn Boulders, you will certainly be inspired to bring out the climber in your. The place offers a lot of events and programs for both beginners and experienced climbers. Not just a climbing area, it is a center for fitness, arts, music and culture all at once.

Your trip to Somerville is going to be incomplete if you do not spend some time here at this fitness facility. They are located at 12A Tyler Street, Somerville MA.

Assembly Row Somerville

Assembly Row is a great shopping and entertainment center in the city of Somerville.
Assembly Row Somerville | Photo Credit – Todd Van Hoosear

If you are taking a trip to Somerville, then this is one of the spots that must be mandated in your itinerary. Assembly Row features something for everyone.

From the top brands and stores in shopping, to the finest restaurants and entertainment options such as the Legoland discovery center and Lucky Strike social. At the Legoland Discovery Center, you will find the ultimate playground for kids. There are LEGO rides, 4D theatre and more such areas for your friends and family to enjoy. There are a lot of amenities offered here such as barber shops, fitness centers, spas and cafes.

Try the Smoke Shop BBQ, an award winning barbecue place for some delicious and savory food. Drink great coffee at the Capital One Cafe. Assembly Row is also known for hosting events as part of its attraction.

Aeronaut Brewing

If you are visiting Somerville, then a day trip to Aeronaut Brewery is perhaps the best thing ever.
Union Square | Photo Credit – Darcy

Aeronaut Brewery is a beer taproom known to serve delicious beers of all time. Located at 14 Tyler Street in Somerville, half a mile away from Union Square.

The Taproom remains open on weekdays, (Monday to Fridays) from 5 to 9 30 PM and from noon to 9 30 and 8 PM on Saturdays and Sundays respectively. You can delicious wines to taste here at the company Tasting Counter (rights reserved) without reservation during late nights from Wednesday to Saturday.

The Aeronaut Brewery company is known to host and accept reservations for private gatherings. They also have live music set up on most days. If you are visiting Somerville, then a day trip to Aeronaut Brewery is perhaps the best thing ever.

Museums In Somerville

Day trips around Somerville can be particularly rewarding. Especially if you are into culture. The area around Somerville has a special place in history as the site of the American Revolution.

The Boston area and Cambridge are known to be repositories of the past and there are many museums here to showcase it all. This section of this article will list a number of museums in Somerville that you can visit:

Museum Of Bad Art:

Somerville Theatre | Photo Credit – aj magoo

This place is located at Davis Square and is an extension of the Somerville Theatre. Admission to the museum is free (buy a ticket at the Somerville theatre and you can visit the museum). The place makes for a really good detour for a number of reasons.It is a really short visit as you can walk the entire museum in around 15 minutes.

Secondly, the pieces on display here are really fun (as the name suggests) and you can have a lot of laughs as you walk around. Tone down the seriousness of your walking tour of the city by coming to the Museum of Bad Art.

Museum Of Fine Arts:

For people visiting in Somerville, MA this place can be a really informative and educational experience
Sculptures | Photo Credit – Darcy

 Located at 465 Huntington Avenue. Come here to take a look at the sculptures, paintings and exhibits that earn the moniker of the fine arts.

For people visiting the city this place can be a really informative and educational experience. You can learn about the fine arts in different periods of the past.

Harvard Museum Of Natural History:

This place features a huge collection of fossils, ancient rocks, plants and more which number in the tens of thousands. You can take multiple trips to Somerville and each time the HMNH will have something for you as a takeaway.

A specialty of the museum is a giant fossilized Kronosaurus, which is a 42 ft long marine reptile. Find fossils of triceratops and more. There is an exhibit featuring a large collections of glass flowers from the early 20th century. Find the museum in the campus of the Harvard University.

Somerville Museum:

Located at Central Streets corner and was opened in 1988. It houses the collections of the Somerville Historical Society. Do come here if you’re out on your museum day trip.

The Harvard Museum Of The Ancient Near East:

Enter this museum at the price of $0. This free attraction features Mesopotamian monuments and artifacts such as mummies and tablets.

It was established in 1889.It was earlier known as the Semitic Museum at Harvard and took its new name in early 2020. A must visit place when you find yourself in the city.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum:

Flowers | Photo Credit – Carly Cassano

This museum houses art spanning over thirty centuries of artworks and was established by Isabella Stewart Gardner in 1903. There are three floors of galleries filled with flowers and pieces of art.

MIT Museum:

Located at Central Square and offers programs on science and technology to visitors. Find exhibits on holograms, robots and more at the MIT Museum.

This was our listing of the best museums in Somerville. There are enough of them in the city that you can make a day trip out of visiting them.

The Burren

The Burren is a really great location in Somerville.
Boston Food | Photo Credit – digboston

Included by Thrillist into their ranking of the 21 best Irish pubs in the United States, the Burren is a really great location in Somerville. They serve the most delectable meals out on their outdoor patio with drinks and live music.

One of the most unique spots in Boston. Enjoy the best food at an affordable price. They feature an extensive menu of sandwiches, appetizers, entrees, drinks and more.

Urban Axes

This is one of the really fun things to do at Somerville. The founders started the company after learning just how fun throwing axes is in Canada.

They started by opening one back home in Philadelphia and later in other cities.The best part about Urban Axes is that they allow you to be drunk while throwing them axes. There is a coach provided to you to help you learn. Urban Axes is located at Union Square.

New England Aquarium

Aiming to connect Boston to its waterfront, this aquarium provides a underwater experience to  visitors. One of the best things to do in Somerville. There is a giant ocean tank and a theatre opened in 2001. The aquarium is known to work with scientists in order to promote conservation efforts for marine life.

Their most recent exhibit is the shark tank known as the Science of Sharks. Featuring a number of shark species in tanks and alongside, informative creations by renowned researchers focusing on marine life. Check out also the penguin exhibit along with sting rays, sea turtles and other such marine animals. You must visit the New England aquarium the next time you are in Somerville.

Better Off Bowling

Better off Bowling is a bowling alley that you must visit while in Somerville.
Bowling | Photo Credit – Juhan Sonin

Located just outside of Cambridge in Boston, Better off Bowling is a bowling alley that you must visit while in Somerville. Take your friends and compete over bowling pins while drinking the best beers and eating the best snacks. Find Better off Bowling at 50 Dalton St. Boston.

The Fluff Festival

Festival | Photo Credit – dietrichphoto

Find the Fluff Festival in full swing at Union Square once a year. This event is marked by dress up, eating contests, cooking contests all happening when streets are closed to traffic.

This event celebrates the invention of Marshmallow fluff. Try out delicious treats while partying in costume.

This is among the things that Somerville is known for and if you find yourself in Somerville during the festival, do not miss it at any cost. It will be among the best experiences you will have here.

Odyssey Cruises Boston

Weddings | Photo Credit – Jason Corey

This Boston attraction offers boat tours and cruise services. Excellent for a day trip out from Somerville, you can get out to the sea and enjoy a drink while on deck.

Odyssey Cruises Boston is known to feature fine dining, event banquets, fundraising and even weddings.

The views of the Boston skyline at sunset are especially gold and you must have you camera ready in order to take pictures. This cruise from Somerville makes for a really fun outing and gets you a change of pace from your hotel.

Universities In Somerville

University | Photo Credit – Josh Graciano

Somerville is a university town and you can make it a day trip out of visiting the many university campuses in the city. From Harvard to MIT and Tufts University, this can be a really rewarding day trip as there are many museums and exhibits on campuses.

The campuses can be really scenic and you might run into very smart people to hold your conversation. Certainly a thing to try while you’re here at Somerville.

Trapology Boston

Your trip to Tropology Boston in Somerville is going to be great in any case and you will come back with a head full of memories and a camera full of pictures.
Cambridge | Photo Credit – Carly Cassano

This unique attraction is known to trap you and your group inside a box and you need to escape it within 60 minutes. There are a number of interactive games here and each of them are found to be really interesting by the participants.

Explore the room to find clues and solve riddles and puzzles to finally break out triumphant. A great exercise in teamwork for your group, Take an evening of your Somerville trip to come and explore Trapology Boston and have an hour of guaranteed fun. Afterwards, go for a drink to celebrate your prison break. A great suggestion for the evening is the craft beer famous in Boston and Somerville.

So this was our article on the best things to do in Somerville. This Boston area city is a great attraction to visit where you can enjoy things at a low price compared to other locations.

While there is enough for a trip within the city of Somerville, you can expand your trip by visiting nearby areas such as Boston, New York, and Cambridge. Somerville is a welcoming city and you will most certainly enjoy it.

While you are here, be sure to take care of all safety precautions and personal hygiene norms in light of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. Ensure that you maintain social distancing and wear masks. Take care about precautions in the attractions that you visit and avoid crowds.

Your trip to Somerville is going to be great in any case and you will come back with a head full of memories and a camera full of pictures. The best things about the city is that a cafe is always nearby and that you might run into marching bands anywhere in the city.

The city has undergone a lot of change in the past few decades and has since transformed into a modern area with the best in everything. Find here a tourist paradise as you take walking tours and go into museums and whatnot. Wishing you a really great trip to Somerville.

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