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Enchanting Wonders of Peru: Top Things to Do in Peru

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Things To Do In Peru

Things to do in peru
Peru | Photo credit- Alexander Schimmeck

Where can one find excursions that seamlessly integrate history and natural allure? Peru has it all! Peru’s diverse history and stunning vistas create a thrilling journey for those brave enough to discover its many wonders, starting with Machu Picchu and Lima.

1. Machu Picchu’s Enchantment: A Journey to Remember

Machu Picchu, One of the best place to visit while in Peru
MAchu Pichu

The lasting impression of Machu Picchu on my travels drives my desire to share its splendor. The Andes provided a breathtaking backdrop as I beheld those ruins, inducing a surreal sense of wonder. The eerie atmosphere, born of history and mystery, gave me a chill.

As I watched Inti Raymi in Cusco, my luck remained steadfast. Peru’s rich culture was on full display through its vibrant parades and traditional dances, which enveloped me during the festive occasion.

The taste was truly extraordinary, taking me on a culinary odyssey. A culinary journey through Peru’s soul awaits at “La Bodega 138,” with their ceviche bursting with flavors and Lomo Saltado a savory delight.

The exploration beyond Machu Picchu significantly augmented my adventure, expanding its scope. With a cultural identity that weaves together history, food, and festivities, Peru is a destination for all.

2. Hike The Inca Trail while visiting peru

Do Not forget to take a hike in Inca trail while visiting peru.
Inca Trail

Totally excited to share my amazing experience climbing the Inca Trail in Peru! The excursion was a remarkable experience through amazing scenes. The very much kept up with trail drove us through different landscapes, from lavish wildernesses to high mountain passes. En route, we drenched ourselves in the rich culture, experienced neighborhood networks, and savored conventional Peruvian cooking.

One of the most enthralling “things to do in Peru” was seeing the antiquated structural wonder settled on the Andes. The feeling of achievement after finishing the path was genuinely satisfying. This undertaking was a flat out must for any devoted explorer looking for a legitimate Peruvian venture. Inca Trail awards are totally limited to 500 voyager consistently; around 300 of these are used by cooks, Porters and guides, The best way to buy your Inca Trail permit is through an Endorsed Inca Trail visit association or you can check inca trail reservation website for reservation information. The most essential point on the Inca Trail is Dead Woman’s Pass (Warmihuañusca), staying at 4,215m.

3.Hiking the Rainbow Mountain must to do thing in Peru

Hiking the Rainbow Mountain must to do thing in Peru
Rainbow Mountain

Leaving on the trip to Rainbow Mountain was an entrancing excursion through Peru’s rough magnificence. The very much kept up with trail offered staggering vistas of the Andean scenes. As I journeyed, I wondered about the energetic tones that painted the mountainsides.

The experience was made significantly really improving by the cooperations with nearby networks, finding out about their way of life and lifestyle. Arriving at the culmination, the all encompassing perspective left me in stunningness. Investigating this unlikely treasure was obviously quite possibly of the most compensating thing to do in Peru. An update that nature’s miracles reach out a long ways past the well known locales. Arranged in the Peruvian Andes in Cusco just 3 hours from the valid concentration, Rainbow Mountain is transforming into the vital appreciation for see later or before Machu Picchu. As you could figure, the mountain is well known for its generally expected, multi-concealed gloriousness at a dazzling 5,200m above sea level.

4. Exploring the Mystical Beauty of Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

During my unimaginable excursion to Peru, investigating Lake Titicaca was an outright feature. The second I ventured onto the reed islands created by the Uros public, I was moved to a universe of exceptional practices and craftsmanship. Finding out about their lifestyle and the clever techniques they use to build their homes was genuinely rousing.

A visit to Taquile Island was another extraordinary experience. The island’s tranquil magnificence and the warm cordiality of local people had an enduring effect on me. I was lucky to observe the multifaceted craft of winding around, went down through ages, and, surprisingly, took a stab at it. Kayaking on the perfect waters of Lake Titicaca while encompassed by stunning mountain sees was a little glimpse of heaven.

Lake Titicaca is a huge freshwater lake in the Andes mountains on the line of Bolivia and Peru. It is by and large called the most raised safe lake on earth. Lake Titicaca has a surface ascent of 3,812 m (12,507 ft).

Investigating the archeological marvels of Puno permitted me to interface with Peru’s rich history. Also, as the sun plunged beneath the skyline, I enjoyed customary Peruvian dishes, appreciating the flavors while looking out over the quiet lake. From embracing old societies to submerging myself in normal magnificence, Lake Titicaca offered a scope of encounters that really epitomized the pith of thins to do in Peru.

5. Wonders of Peru’s Sacred Valley

investigate the charming Sacred Valley in Peru
Sacred Valley

Good tidings individual explorers! I as of late had the joy of investigating the charming Sacred Valley in Peru. The sheer excellence of the scenes left me in wonder. From the lively neighborhood markets overflowing with brilliant materials and specialties, to the old vestiges settled among the mountains, each second was a fortune. Engaging with the cordial local people gave me a significant knowledge into their rich culture and customs. A feature was the invigorating journey to a secret perspective that compensated me with stunning scenes. Investigating less popular destroys and enjoying bona fide Peruvian cooking were unmistakable features. For anybody looking for charming encounters, the Sacred Valley is an outright absolute requirement on your rundown of things to do in Peru!

The Sacrosanct Valley extends between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, northwest of Cusco city. Rises change from 9,000 ft (2,790 m) on the valley floor to 16,000 ft (5,000 m) or more at the most elevated mountain culminations

6. Rich Heritage of Cusco

Explore history and culture of Peru by visiting Cusco.
Cusco | Photo credit- Theo Topolevsky

Hello! Thus, my outing to Cusco was totally astounding. The city is an energetic mix of history and culture. I was floored by the staggering engineering, vivid business sectors, and kind local people. Investigating the Inca ruins around Cusco was an interesting excursion into Peru’s rich past. One of the features was the mind blowing journeying open doors in the encompassing Andes mountains. The nearby food was a magnificent experience all alone – attempting conventional dishes and flavors was a treat. Cusco really offers an extraordinary encounter loaded up with valid Peruvian appeal and a horde of things to do in Peru.

Cusco is arranged in the Huatanay valley in southeastern Peru and enveloped by Andean apexes. The city is the capital of the domain and locale of Cusco, and a super place point for explorers going to and from Machu Picchu.

7. Dune Hiking

Dune Hiking | Photo credit- Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Totally excited to share my ridge climbing experience in Peru! The immense desert scenes were remarkable, and the test of climbing up those transcending ridges was both invigorating and fulfilling. The steadily moving sands made a strange air, and the perspectives from the top were basically stunning. I got the opportunity to associate with nearby aides who shared their profound information on the area’s biology and history. Sandboarding added an additional layer of fervor to the experience. Ridge climbing is without a doubt quite possibly of the most extraordinary things to do in Peru, offering a one of a kind mix of experience and normal magnificence that is difficult to come by elsewhere.

Cerro Blanco Is Seen as the Everest of the Desert,Since it is the tallest sand slope at 6,824.147 feet (2,080 m) in the Nazca Valley, it is the most raised sand transcend sea level making it incredibly high to climb and a noteworthy test for those anticipating sandboarding down the sandhill.

8. Dune Buggy Adventure

Dune Buggy best adventures things to do in Peru
Dune Buggy Adventure | Photo credit – Alvaro Palacios

Hi folks, I as of late had this unimaginable experience in Peru – a ridge buggy visit that completely took my breath away. Picture this: we zoomed through the entrancing desert scenes, feeling the surge of the breeze against our countenances. The adventure of exploring those sandy ridges was stunning! The visit likewise incorporated some refueling breaks where we got to encounter the nearby culture and evaluate tasty Peruvian cooking. I was flabbergasted by the variety of things to do in Peru – from investigating lively business sectors to relishing true dishes. This hill buggy visit was certainly a champion encounter, exhibiting the astonishing assortment of undertakings this nation brings to the table.

A Rise buggy in any case called ocean side buggy — is a brandishing unpleasant landscape vehicle with gigantic wheels, and wide tires, planned for use on sand slopes, coastlines, harsh territory or desert diversion. The arrangement is typically a topless vehicle with a back mounted engine. An edge buggy can be made by changing an ongoing vehicle or custom-building another vehicle.

9. Navigating the Enchanting Beauty of Isla Ballestas

Isla Ballestas | Photo credit- Giancarlo Revolledo

Hi! Just returned from a mind boggling excursion to Isla Ballestas in Peru. Try to keep your hat on, it was a genuine experience! The boat ride to the island was a piece rough however absolutely worth the effort. When we showed up, seeing that large number of charming ocean lions and penguins just blew me away. The bird watching open doors were incredible as well, with such countless species taking off above us. Snapping photographs of the old geoglyphs was a feature, and the nearby aide shared intriguing bits of knowledge about their set of experiences. Most certainly a must-do while investigating things to do in Peru.

The Ballestas are organized in the expanse of Paracas, among Lima and Ica divisions. 30 minutes by boat from Pisco domain, 240 kilometers south of Lima, the capital of Peru, and 80 kilometers northwest of the Ica Division.

10. A Guide to Visiting the Cathedral of Lima

Visiting the Cathedral of Lima was a particularly noteworthy piece of Peru
Cathedral of Lima | Photo credit- Eduardo Garcia

Visiting the Cathedral of Lima was a particularly noteworthy piece of my outing to Peru! The design left me awestruck, with its multifaceted itemizing and authentic importance. Investigating its stupendous lobbies and houses of prayer was like venturing into an alternate time. While in Lima, I ended up fascinated in the rich culture and lively business sectors, enjoying tasty Peruvian cooking and wondering about the lovely shoreline. The neighborhood craftsmanship scene and pioneer history likewise enamored me. It’s really one of the top “things to do in Peru” for anybody looking for a profound plunge into the nation’s legacy and culture.

Planned by Francisco Pizarro, the Basilica of Lima’s development started in 1535, with the Spanish conqueror formally setting the primary stone. Engineers have added considerable embellishments throughout the long term, for example, the twin neoclassical pinnacles raised during the 1790s.

11. Trekking the Huayhuash Circuit

Things to Do In Peru
Huayhuash Circuit | Photo credit- Urip Dunker

Trekking the Huayhuash Circuit was an extraordinary experience during my time in Peru! The rough scenes and staggering mountain vistas blew my mind every step of the way. The test of the path was both thrilling and fulfilling, as I propelled myself through high passes and far off towns. En route, I associated with individual adventurers and encountered the warm cordiality of local people. The feeling of achievement I felt after finishing the circuit was mind boggling. Unquestionably, the Huayhuash Circuit positions high on the rundown of mind blowing “things to do in Peru” for those looking for an off in an unexpected direction investigation of this amazing country.

Huayhuash is a mountain range inside the Andes of Peru, in the limits of the districts of Ancash, Lima and Huánuco, The Huayhuash range is 30 km long north to south and incorporates seven tops north of 6000 m including Yerupaja, which at 6,617 meters (21,709 ft), is the second most elevated top in Peru.

12. Decoding the Enigma of the Nazca Lines

Things to Do In Peru
Nazca Lines | Photo credit- Seiji Seiji

The Nazca Lines were awe-inspiring, those enormous old geoglyphs scratched into the desert floor. I learned they were made by the Nazca public, likely for stately purposes. The secret encompassing their motivation actually gets me. Other than the lines, investigating Lima’s dynamic culture and enjoying ceviche was a treat. The Hallowed Valley’s excellence and Cusco’s appeal were remarkable. Also, obviously, climbing to high-elevation Andean lakes was amazing. Thus, in the event that you’re pondering things to do in Peru, most certainly put the Nazca Lines and the social lavishness of Lima, Cusco, and the Consecrated Valley on your rundown, They originate before the Incas by however much 2,000 years yet Nazca’s outrageous climate has limited disintegration and assisted with safeguarding the lines.

The Nazca Lines comprise of in excess of 800 scratched straight lines, 300 mathematical figures, and some genuinely dumbfounding adapted creature and plant drawings.

13. Apurimac Water Rafting in Peru

Things to Do In Peru
Water Rafting in Peru

Wild drifting in Peru is cheering and stunning. Streams that start as streams, high in the Andes, amass in power and size as they advance towards the Amazon, slicing through spiked mountains and through wonderful gorges.

One of the most empowering sailing trips open takes you along Rio Apurimac, as it slices through a significant gorge, simply near Cusco. Starting at a rise of 3,400m, the drifting starts at a sensitive speed as you meander through the more settled stretches of the stream. Ensuing to getting a charge out of lunch on a sandy sea side nearby the stream, the silliness genuinely begins, with a movement of testing rapids in the shadow of feigns.

The best an open door to go sailing in Arequipa is June and July. Certain streams, for instance, the Apurimac and Tambopata are best in the dry season, as they are too huge and unsafe in the tempestuous season (January, February and Walk). Various streams in Peru are best in the blustery season, as they are excessively low to try and contemplate drifting in the dry season.

14. Enigmatic Beauty Paracas National Reserve

Paracas National Reserve | Photo credit-Willian Reis

Paracas National Reserve in Peru was a flat out diamond! Investigating the old archeological locales in the midst of the desert scenery resembled venturing back in time. The leftovers of the Paracas culture were so interesting. Furthermore, the untamed life there, goodness! I spotted lively flamingos, pelicans, and even ocean lions relaxing on the shores. Sandboarding on the rises was an invigorating encounter. By and large, Paracas was a heaven for nature devotees, history buffs, and experience searchers. Most certainly a must-visit while investigating things to do in Peru!

The Paracas Public Hold covers 335,000 hectares and is home to up to 200 kinds of birds, among other marine species. This spot’s picturesque magnificence is extraordinary, particularly for voyagers who come to Red Ocean side, one more of the obligatory stops on the visit.

15. Unveiling the Allure of Mancora

Allure of Mancora | Photo credit-Creators Brand

My journey to Mancora was an outright joy! The sun-kissed sea shores and lively environment were just dazzling. I went through my days enjoying water sports like surfing and swimming, taking in the dazzling marine life and brilliant coral reefs. The neighborhood markets offered a sample of credible Peruvian culture and specialties. Furthermore, the fish – goodness, it was a culinary enjoyment! Watching the dusk over the Pacific was really mystical. Mancora is a secret fortune for those looking for unwinding, experience, and a sample of seaside Peru. A must-add to your rundown of things to do in Peru!

Máncora is a town and sea side retreat in the Piura Region, in northwestern Peru. It is arranged in the Talara Area and is capital of the Máncora District. The town has 10,547 inhabitants.

16. Majestic Beauty of Cordillera Blanca

Cordillera Blanca | Photo credit-Javier Sobrado Ortega

My undertaking to Cordillera Blanca was a flat out dream! The transcending tops, cold glacial masses, and completely clear lakes left me absolutely enchanted. Traveling across the rough paths was both testing and amazingly fulfilling, offering stunning vistas every step of the way. Investigating the neighborhood towns, I got a brief look at the energetic culture and warm cordiality of the Peruvian public. The adventure of ice climbing and the serenity of setting up camp under the ritzy sky were beyond anything that can be described. Cordillera Blanca is a globe-trotter’s shelter and a fundamental piece of the assorted exhibit of things to do in Peru.

Found 100 km from the Pacific coast and estimating 180 km long, The Cordillera Blanca structures a characteristic obstruction between the coast and the Amazon wilderness

17. Navigating the Depths of the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest | Photo credit-Ulrike Langner

The Amazon Rainforest in Peru is a dazzling natural marvel, overflowing with biodiversity. While investigating this fantastic area, you can leave on directed untamed life visits to detect novel animals like pumas and toxic substance dart frogs. Take quiet boat rides along the Amazon Stream, visit native networks to find out about their lifestyle, and take a stab at conventional specialties. For experience searchers, there’s kayaking, covering strolls, and birdwatching in the rich treetops. Remember to appreciate the nearby food and drench yourself in the energetic societies that call the Amazon home – it’s a remarkable encounter for anybody searching for things to do in Peru.

In the Peruvian rainforest, guests get to notice the location of the greatest shielded overpowered forest on earth, the Pacaya-Samiria Public Hold. There, more than 1,204 plant species, 449 bird species, 256 fish species, 102 all around advanced animal species, 69 reptile species, and 58 land and water capable species can be found.

18. Arequipa Unveiled

Arequipa | Photo credit-Megan Kotlus

Totally! Arequipa, known as the “White City,” is an enrapturing objective in Peru with a rich social legacy. Guests can investigate its staggering memorable focus, developed from particular white volcanic stone. The St Nick Catalina Cloister is a must-visit, displaying provincial design and lovely patios. Outside aficionados can dare to the Colca Gulch, one of the world’s most profound ravines, for stunning climbs and the opportunity to recognize Andean condors. The Yanahuara region gives beautiful perspectives of the city and encompassing volcanoes. Arequipa‘s cooking is additionally a feature, including delectable nearby dishes like rocoto relleno and alpaca meat. The city’s mix of history, nature, and gastronomy makes it a charming stop for voyagers investigating Peru.

The city is arranged at a rise of 2,328 meters (7,638 ft), Arequipa city is a respectable spot to conform to the level of Cusco and Puno, moves its visitors with an experience stacked with disclosures, to finally leave them fascinated by the grandness of its volcanoes, the Misti, Chachani, and Pichu, all of them arranged inside the brilliant Peru Andes.

19. Tranquil Beauty of Glacier Lagoons

Glacier Lagoons | Photo credit- Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Visiting the glacial lagoons in Peru was a genuine feature of my outing. Climbing through the rough paths and arriving at those perfectly clear turquoise tidal ponds was absolutely dazzling. The dynamic tones against the setting of snow-covered tops were stunning. The actual journey was a remunerating experience, and the opportunity to plunge my toes into the crisp waters was empowering. The serenity of the environmental factors and the feeling of distance caused it to feel like an unlikely treasure. On the off chance that you’re searching for one of a kind things to do in Peru, investigating these glacial mass tidal ponds ought to be on your rundown!

20. Chaparri: A Sanctuary for Peru’s Wildlife


Accumulate ’round, let me enlighten you concerning my time at Chaparri. As I wandered into this unlikely treasure in Peru, I ended up drenched in a universe of nature’s miracles. From the second I set foot in the dry woodlands, dynamic bird tunes invited me. The opportunity to detect imperiled spectacled bears right at home was a blessing from heaven. Traveling across the rough scene, I found remarkable plant species and, surprisingly, experienced perky foxes. The protection endeavors of the neighborhood local area were motivating, and the dusk sees over the mountains were essentially stunning. Assuming you’re looking for uncommon things to do in Peru, Chaparri ought to be right at the first spot on your list.

21. Unwind and Sunbathe on Peru’s Northern Beaches

Peru’s Northern Beaches

The sun-doused sea shores of northern Peru. As I loosened up on the warm sands, the delicate waves made a mitigating soundtrack. The brilliant sun kissed my skin, and the sea’s shades of blue extended to the skyline. Whether it was the energetic town of Mancora or the peaceful magnificence of Vichayito, each ocean side had its own appeal. I enjoyed new fish at beachside shacks and went for long strolls along the coastline. The mix of unwinding and investigation was an ideal break. On the off chance that you’re looking for remarkable things to do in Peru, the North’s sea shores offer a heaven of unwinding and experience.

22. Paragliding Over Lima’s Stunning Coastal Beauty

Paragliding Over Lima | Photo credit-Jorge Luis Llaury

You will have a hard time believing the surge of paragliding over Lima! As I took off over the city, the shoreline loosened up in a stunning scene. The breeze underneath my wings, I felt both thrilled and quiet. The vivid parasail against the reasonable sky was something else. From up there, I could see the clamoring city life beneath and the huge Pacific Sea past. The adrenaline of departure liquefied into a quiet float, making a momentous equilibrium of feelings. On the off chance that you’re up for exceptional things to do in Peru, paragliding over Lima ought to be right at the first spot on your list!

23. colca canyon

Colca Canyon | Photo credit-Nad Hemnani

We should discuss an outright jewel with regards to things to do in Peru – Colca Gully. This regular miracle is one of the most profound gullies worldwide, settled in the Andes. At the point when I set foot there, I was amazed by its sheer extent. Climbing its paths was an undertaking that could only be described as epic, uncovering amazing vistas and lively nearby culture. The feature? Spotting grand condors coasting through the gorge’s territory. Submerging myself in neighboring natural aquifers was the ideal method for reviving, while at the same time interfacing with local people offered a brief look into their entrancing lifestyle. In the event that you’re looking for an off in an unexpected direction Peruvian experience, Colca Gully ought to be an ideal decision for you!

24. Transportation in Peru

Transportation in Peru

Peru’s been an impact! Getting around has been an experience as well. The neighborhood colectivos – those common minibusses – resemble a brief look into nearby life, crisscrossing through the roads of Cusco. Furthermore, the significant distance transports? All things considered, they’re comfortable and an extraordinary method for absorbing the dazzling scenes as you travel between urban communities. Goodness, and I could go on and on all day about the mototaxis – zooming through the thin roads of Iquitos was both exciting and somewhat nerve-wracking. In general, investigating Peru’s not just about the attractions; the actual excursion is an extraordinary piece of the experience!

25. Peruvian Rich Flavour Cuisine

Peruvian cuisine

This local cooking is a culinary enjoyment that is a must-encounter among “things to do in Peru.” With its combination of native, Spanish, African, and Asian flavors, it’s a gastronomic experience. Try not to pass up attempting ceviche, a lively dish produced using new fish marinated in lime squeeze and peppers and afterward there’s the flavorful enjoyment of lomo saltado, a sautéed food of meat, veggies, and flavors. To genuinely enjoy the neighborhood flavors, investigate conventional business sectors like Mercado Focal in Lima. For an upscale feasting experience, look at Focal in Lima or Maido for first rate Peruvian-Japanese combination. From road food to high end food, Peru’s food scene is an excursion in itself!

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Day 1: Arrival in Lima

As you arrive in Lima, a new adventure’s rush awaits you.

Allow the historic center to envelop you, as you embrace the harmony of old and new.

Savor the authentic Peruvian flavors during dinner.

Day 2: Paracas, Isla Ballestas, and Huacachina

The prospect of breathtaking coastal views in Paracas has me eager to depart.

As you sail to Isla Ballestas, the penguins and sea lions will entertain you with their curiosity and liveliness.

My heart races at the prospect of navigating Huacachina’s immense dunes via dune buggy and sandboarding excursion.

Day 3: Nazca Lines and Arequipa

Witnessing the Nazca Lines in morning flight – an incredible mystery.

Discover Arequipa, become disoriented in the complex streets of Santa Catalina Monastery.

Allow yourself to sample the city’s native culinary treats.

Day 4: Colca Canyon and Condors

Allow nature to mesmerize you at Colca Canyon, its masterpiece.

Witness the poise of Andean condors as they gracefully float through the air.

Allow the tranquility to wash over you in the natural hot springs.

Day 5: Puno and Lake Titicaca

Head to Puno with excitement for Lake Titicaca.

Encounter the Uros, whose island homes hover gracefully on the water.

The peacefulness of the sunset is accentuated by its tranquil overtaking of the vast lake.

Day 6: Cusco and Sacred Valley

The Inca heritage ambiance envelops you upon arrival in Cusco.

The Sacred Valley beckons you to discover its historical treasures.

Diving into Cusco’s culture, I revel in its historical significance.

Day 7: Machu Picchu

The day I’ve been waiting for: Machu Picchu!

Along the Inca Trail, face its obstacles and savor its accomplishments.

With a sense of history’s weight upon them, one faces the iconic ruins.

As we journey through Peru, a new layer of its splendor is revealed each day, creating an unforgettable experience. Keeping an open mind, engaging with locals, and savoring each moment as a curious traveler is essential. Best wishes on your incredible journey! 🌄🌊🏔️🗺️

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What are the must-visit places in Peru?

Machu Picchu


Amazon Rainforest

Lake Titicaca Nazca Lines

2.What are some adventurous activities in Peru?

Inca Trail trekking

Sandboarding in Huacachina

White-water rafting

Mountain biking

3.What is unique about Peruvian cuisine?


Lomo Saltado

Pisco Sour


4.Are there cultural experiences to enjoy?

Andean festivals

Indigenous community visits

Spanish colonial architecture

5.Can I explore the Amazon Rainforest in Peru?

Yes, Peru offers Amazon Rainforest tours for wildlife spotting and cultural experiences.

6.What’s special about Lake Titicaca?

Floating reed islands

Indigenous culture

Scenic boat tours

7.When is the best time to visit Peru?

April to November for dry weather (May to August is peak tourist season).

8.Is Machu Picchu accessible by hiking?

Yes, the Inca Trail is a popular hiking route to Machu Picchu.

9.What’s the significance of the Nazca Lines?

Ancient geoglyphs visible from the air

Mystery around their purpose and creation

10.Are there opportunities for adventure sports?

Yes, Peru offers various adventure activities like zip-lining, paragliding, and more.

Remember to research further and plan according to your interests and travel preferences.

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