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Cool Things To Do In Princeville

by Pankaj Upreti
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Things To Do In Princeville

Take some time off and escape to Princeville, to spend the most fulfilling time
View from the Princeville | Photo Credit – Jeff Muceus

Take some time off and escape to Princeville, to spend the most fulfilling time you can spend in all of the United States.  Come to this stretch in the North Shore of Kauai that offers the best beaches, great waves for surfing, and cute towns to explore, the most high-end hotel and resort of Kauai for the best Hawaiian experience you can have.

As popular as the south shore may be, Princeville on the North Shore is your place for all the beachside fun that you’ve been planning to have all this while.

Where is Princeville?

Hanalei Bay | Photo Credit – Jennifer Kramer

Princeville is an area of master-planned homes and condos, located on the north shore of Kauai in Kauai county of Hawaii, about 45 minutes from Lihue Airport.  It is located near the town of Hanalei in Hawaii which has some really scenic views one can have.

The town is known to be the coolest and hippest town in all of Hawaii and has some of the classiest resorts, condos and high-end homes that organize some of the craziest parties.

What are the things you can do in Princeville?

Princeville used be the haven of Hawaiian royalty
Hanalei surf | Photo Credit – Mary and Andrew

Princeville used be the haven of Hawaiian royalty, and is now known to be the only place in the US to have cliffside views, beaches, lush green lawns, make up golf courses, shopping center boats for shopping and eating, master-planned high-end condos and housing complexes which offer some of the most beautiful views of the ocean and forests.

Kauai has been nicknamed the Garden Isle because of these lush green lawns and tropical rain forest and that’s why Kauai’s North Shore has been used as a location for a number of films. Most of Jurassic Park’s dinosaur scenes were shot around Princeville and Hanalei, as well as the scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first Indiana Jones film.

Get a zip ride

The zip line happens to be the coolest way to view  Princeville's beauty
Zipline | Photo Credit – Cody McLain

Out of all the outdoor activities that the island of Kauai offers, the zip line happens to be the coolest way to view  Princeville’s beauty. You would definitely want to have one of these zip line adventures for yourself.

What would be better than zooming across Princeville, over the lush green lawns, and with the tropical ocean breeze running through your hair? The zip line tours are available for everyone as per their needs, age, and skill level.

A swing at the Makai Golf Club

Makai Golf Club Princeville Kauai Hawaii
Makai Golf Club | Photo Credit – dronepicr

Feel free to check out the very popular Makai Golf club, a world-class golf course that is among the top attractions in Kauai. Out of the many things that the island of Kauai offers, this may be the best for you if you wish to feel like royalty. Try one of their famous sunset golf games for an extra special time on the green.

Tour the Princeville Botanical Gardens

Allerton Garden | Photo Credit – tdlucas5000

Princeville offers you the chance to check out the rarest of rare plants in its many botanical gardens like the Allerton Garden. Spoil yourself in the course of your time here with treats of the rarest fruits, chocolates, and coffees you can find in Hawaii.

Shop at the Ching Young Village

Princeville may be known for the adventures and beautiful and rare things to see, but do not mistake it to not be a center for shopping. Go on a shopping spree in the Ching Young Village full of unique and exotic gift shops while having the ocean breeze blowing around you while you shop.

Bathe at the Queen’s Bath

Queen’s Bath | Photo Credit – Eric Richardson

You should not mistake the island of Kauai to just be the “Garden Isle” as you can also go relax in the hot springs of the Queen’s Bath and the Prince Albert’s Bath. These springs are enclosed with lava rocks and the best places for you to bathe and relax during the course of your stay in Princeville

Get a helicopter tour

Fly higher than the top of Princeville and witness the island and the Princeville area in its full beauty in a bird’s eye view. The seasoned helicopter guides offer the most wholesome tours of the tropical paradise that Princeville is, answering all your questions and pointing out everything you want to see to make your day an amazing one.

Stay at the best resorts

St. Regis resort | Photo Credit – Nan Fry

Stay half way from both North and South Shores of Kauai at the Waipouli Beach Resort and Spa, and take a drive to the North Shore and stay there for a week and on some other day drive to the South shore and explore all of Kauai while also enjoying amazing activities both indoor and outdoor in this Resort. You may also choose to stay at the paradise that St. Regis Princeville Resort in Princeville is.

The resort offers studio accommodations to three bedroom accommodations with luxurious facilities in this quaint town. You may also give yourself the views of the lush green lawns and beaches and serene scenes overlooking the Hanalei Bay by staying at St. Regis or by staying at Paniolo, Sea Lodge, or the Cliffs or some other hotel of your choice.

Have the craziest parties

Once you are here, you have your rights reserved for the craziest parties at the coolest villas and resorts in all of Kauai. The parties are flamboyant and lively and just the perfect thing you want to have on a long weekend.

If you stay at the aforementioned hotels, you get to witness the sunset across the Hanalei Bay while you are served sushi, snacks and cocktails and are getting to enjoy unique music and dance performances.

The south shore is not off the charts

Hawaii – Kauai – Hanalei Bay | Photo Credit – Harshil Shah

Princeville is a center for people with the traveler-hearts looking for the perfect travel destination to quench their thirst for adventures. You can go hike, or spend the day at the beach, visit the multiple extravagant attractions like waterfalls and the Hanalei Bay of course, or spend some moments with nature or just have a fun trip with your friends!

Well, all your wishes are well taken care of first by Princeville, which opens the doors to the north as well as the south shore of the island, which is as near as an hour or so and has numerous adventures to offer. Your search for a must-visit travel destination is over. Where are you going next?

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