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Best Things To Do In Warwick, New York

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Things To Do In Warwick

Things To Do In Warwick
Warwick | Photo Credit – Saxon Sky

Warwick is a famous township in Orange County, located 55 miles away from New York. With less than an hour and a half drive. It consists of three villages, which makes it old-fashioned but in a good way. The little township has a sense of hospitality, enthusiasm, liveliness, and it never lets go of its cozy and pleasant momentum. with its attractive countryside and its beautiful downtown streets, it couldn’t feel any distance away from the metropolis(NY). The vineyards and wineries are some of the area’s main tourist attractions and depending on the timing of the season, there are some estate family farms and orchards that host’s to pick your own pumpkins, apples, or strawberries.

Bellvale Farms Creamery is the most delightful place where you can have some homemade ice cream, but if you want something more considerable, there are some fabulous Italian restaurants, steakhouses, and bars/pubs. For wanders who want to get lost and found in the arms of mother nature, it is a great tourist destination. Thus on weekends, faces great competition for parking spots outside, small yet delicious eateries, classic-retro stores. As far as the sun is yet to settle, trip destinations go.

Orange County come up with a much-needed break from buzzing commercial centers and busy buzzing highways. It allows visitors to go on long walks, and let slip about everyday life’s schedule. Even if it is for a shorter time span. Biking along the quaint country roads with the beautiful Appalachians mountains is a great experience worth remembering for a lifetime. Horseback rides and golf courses are particularly famous in Warwick. The Fall Harvest and Applefest are celebrations worth waiting for. Let’s take a look at some amazing things to do in Warwick! 

Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery 

Things To Do In Warwick
Sunset over Warwick Valley | Photo Credit – Brian Logan

In the Hudson valley’s hillsides, the Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery is nested. They produce all kinds of delicious wines, ciders, brandies, and liqueurs made with fresh fruit plum grown right in the valley. They have mastered the art of transforming apples into wine and cider. All of the spirits and vintage wines are available for buying. It has a particular space in form of a tasting room that remains open round the year. On every weekend a live music concert takes place. In the fall seasons of September and October, there’s a u-pick apple contest. The on-site cafe offers grilled sandwiches and artisan pizzas. 

For their best vintage wines and other specialties please do check out this Warwick Valley Winery

Visit Masker Orchards, Warwick

Things To Do In Warwick
Masker Orchards, Warwick | Photo Credit – Richard Wentworth

The Orchards, Warwick, New York First established as a family-run business of apple orchard in 1913. Since that time it has been a “Pick-It-Yourself” orchard. There are 13 different varieties of apples to choose from. There’s also a special country store selling fresh apple pies, apple cider, jams, maple syrup, and other local products. The apple picking typically runs in fall seasons that are the end of August until mid-October, but different diversity of apples are ready at distinct time intervals.

The orchard’s website offers up-to-date information about which varieties are ready each week. This is a huge fruit plantation with many varieties of seasonal fruits. It is another must-visit tourist place located in Warwick. There is no parking or entry toll, so one can freely drive and explore the orchard. However, the road might be a bit too pebbly for certain cars, so a walk would be preferable. One can also buy cider, fresh apple pie, and donuts here. It is a favorite spot to pick apples among the New Yorkers and the people of adjacent states. This place has a magnificent local market, which is famous for its delicious jams and pies. However, it’s a hugely popular destination, it always becomes crowded, so an early visit is preferable before the sunset.

Wawayanda State Park

Wawayanda state park | Photo Credit – Mary Madigan

The State Park is huge 34,350 acres (139.0 km2) state park and about a 10-minute ride from Warwick. Located in between Sussex County and Passaic County in northern New Jersey. It’s so close you won’t be able to realize you’ve crossed a state border. There are hiking trails of about 50 miles in the park. The 20-mile (32 km) stretch of the Appalachian Trail. Wawayanda Park is part of the Northeastern Coastal Forests. It is the nesting ground of some of the exotic species such as the barred owl, the grand blue heron, and the red-shouldered hawk. Not only that, but the park also has the 1200-foot Wawayanda Mountain. Wawayanda Lake, primarily a beach on a lake. It provides a swimming beach, boat launch, paddleboarding on the lake, and group camping areas that are not to be missed.

This lake is both glacial and rain-fed, which makes it an important place to visit in this park. The Bearfort Mountain Area comprising 1225 acres of land is also here with a Terrace Pond at 1300 feet. The park is operated and maintained by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry. The hiking trails are maintained by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. It’s a perfect place for children to have fun. The park has many food trucks for snacks (hotdogs, etc). The lake has canoes and Horse-Shoe trail riding on some of the trails. An easier trail that goes around the lake with an easy flat hike basically starting from the right side of the parking lot. Admission cost is based on per car, it usually costs more on the weekend, holidays, and more for out-of-state guests.

Glenmere Lake

Things To Do In Warwick
Glenmere Lake | Photo Credit – Adam Jones

The Native Americans who lived there called this lake as “Quampium”. Lake usually served as a colonial mill pond or reservoir for Orange County. It is New York State’s largest habitat for the Northern Cricket Frog, listed among endangered amphibians by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Europeans named it “Greenwood Lake” which settled the region around the 18th century for agriculture and to provide recreational spaces. It also fulfills and serves its purpose even today. It has an attractive alluring lake with geese, ducks, turtles, owls, squirrels, and other wildlife to admire. With a beautiful gazebo. It hosts lots of local fairs and even has a fishing pond exclusively for kids. Glenmere Park is a lovely natural park in the middle of Greeley. It’s a fabulous place to go for walk, with ample shade-providing trees accompanied by beautiful landscaping, a lake, and a smaller pond.

Lake pond

Migratory birds | Photo Credit – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters

The large pond also attracts many different migratory birds. It also has a pavilion that goes on rent for parties and events. Lake also hosts a seaplane area for a few large marinas and lakeside restaurants with docks. Greenwood Lake Airport, located south of the lake. Has a runway long enough to handle charter jets.

Make sure to see

The film “The Magic of Belle Isle” starring casting Morgan Freeman was filmed along this lake. This park is located in a pleasant neighborhood. There is a shelter house on the pond, as well as a recently renovated play area. There are a few pieces of artwork on the property and there are sidewalks all around the perimeter of the park.

Historical Society Museum

The Historical Society Museum is a group of many structural mansions that features household items like furniture. Including furnishings representing 130 years of family life in the district. The most attractive is the sandstone bungalow which was built in 1870. Historical Society Museum is listed among the National Trust society.

Make sure to see

This is a fabulous place to know about the contributions of iconic historical figures. Not only that, but it also has collections of personal belongings, photographs, and historical artifacts. Museum also includes farming equipment, vehicles, and machinery that are displayed in and around several buildings.  The Warwick and District Historical Society also serves its tourist with a guided historical tour of Warwick. One of the local historians can help you coach and highlight the historical points of this place.

Anybody with an interest in history would find this museum very absorbing. There is something for everyone from interior furniture to ancient farming implements. It includes a variety of horse-drawn buggies, an old shepherd’s shack, a printing workshop, a variety of old engines, and fire engines.

Mount Peter

Skiing | Photo Credit – Jonathan Fox

Mount Peter has been a ski destination since the 1930s. In New York State it is one of the oldest ski destinations. The landscapes, inclines, and slopes are very much family-friendly. About 71 percent of the skiing, trekking trails are blue or green which makes it very user-friendly. On top of it, free sessions are conducted for amateurs on weekends and on holidays.

Private and batch lessons are also available during the weekdays as well. But if you happen to be a professional in some of the most common snow sport like ski or snowboard. Then you can encash a 600-foot tubing run for your fun. Adventure gears are available on a rental basis if one requires them. There is a resort that offers souvenirs and hosts a friendly bar that entertains with live music concerts on the weekends.


Mount Peter is a 1,250-foot peak nested in the New York-New Jersey Highlands, Bellvale Mountain, in the U.S. state of New York. The peak is located along the Appalachian Trail in the Town of Warwick. Placed just south of New York State Route 17A, 38 miles northwest of New York City, 2 miles east of Bellvale, New York, and north northwest of Greenwood Lake, New York.

Peter Conklin was among the earliest pioneer to climb this mountain, thus named after him. A bird watchtower is placed just north of Mount Peter. Below the tower is situated the Bellvale Farms which serves hikers and passing motorists. A small ski area that occupies the northward-facing slope of the mountain.

Bellvale Farms Creamery

The Bellvale Farms | Photo Credit –U.S. Department of Agriculture

The Bellvale Farms is a family-run dairy farm that has been producing high-quality dairy products for seven generations. It was built in 1819. They have a specialty in as many as 50 flavors of ice cream. In case if you want to try some delicious ice creams you’ll have to visit their on-site ice cream venue between the beginning of April and the end of October. Not only ice cream but you can also have sorbet and frozen yogurt options as well. Customized cakes can also be made with an advanced week’s notice. During June and October, tourists can also make a reservation to take a tour of the farm on Sundays from 12:30 p.m onwards.

To check out their most delicious ice cream and frosty please check out this Bellvale Farms.  

Conscious Fork

Vegan food | Photo Credit – Jason Peper

Conscious Fork Part of a purposeful lifestyle space with a wellness and spa center. Conscious Fork offers a vegan cafeteria and nourishing juice bar with an affordable and seasonal-driven menu. Many of the veggies and plumy fruits here are grown at the nearby Black Dirt Farm. Which are served as brunch in breakfast and lunch. In addition to nutritious juices, shakes, and smoothies the drink menu also includes local kombucha, coffee, and tea. The cafe also offers a flat 50% discount for many of the wellness and spa amenities for the duration of your substantive stay.

For early reservations in their fabulous wellness center do click on this Conscious Fork.

Crystal Inn

The Crystal Inn is a famous steakhouse, established in 1965. It mainly serves all its meat from neighborhood livestock farms that raise their livestock without antibiotics and on natural pasture. It’s a perfect place for Meat lovers because the menu covers everything from vintage chicken dishes to hangar steak to salami pork chops. On top of it, a small selection of vegetarian dishes is also served. There’s also a local pub menu that offers sweet liqueurs and a selection of ports. Which also includes freshly made desserts, coffee drinks, and grilled sandwiches.

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Things To Do In Warwick, New York Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must-visit attractions in Warwick, New York?

Warwick offers a wide range of attractions, but some must-visits include the Warwick Valley Winery, Greenwood Lake, and the charming Village of Warwick.

Is Warwick, New York, a suitable destination for outdoor enthusiasts?

Absolutely! Warwick boasts outdoor activities like hiking on the Appalachian Trail, kayaking on Greenwood Lake, skiing at Mount Peter, and exploring Wawayanda State Park.

What is the best time to visit Warwick?

Each season offers a unique charm, but fall (September to November) is particularly enchanting with colorful foliage and apple-picking festivities.

How can I get to Warwick, New York?

Warwick is easily accessible by car from major cities like New York City, Philadelphia, and Albany. Also, you can take a train or bus to nearby stations.

Are there accommodations available in Warwick?

Yes, Warwick offers a range of accommodations, including charming bed and breakfasts, inns, and cozy cabins for a memorable stay.

Can I explore Warwick on a day trip?

If your interest lies in attending events or enjoying leisurely activities, we suggest staying overnight to fully experience the town’s offerings, even though you can opt for a day trip.

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