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Best Things To Do In Morristown, Tennessee

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Things To Do In Morristown

Things To Do In Morristown
Morristown | Photo Credit – Doug Kerr

Morristown is a part of Hamblen County in Tennessee, United States. It is located in the middle of important stagecoach routes in the region. This town has a rich post-Civil War history, making it the home to several famous monuments.

If you are planning a short trip to Tennessee, this is just the place to visit. You can take a joyful walk in its many provincial parks or enjoy a safari in the wilderness. This tourist town has a lot to offer to its visitors.  Here are some exciting places you can explore in Morristown, Tennessee. 

A visit to David Crockett’s home at the Crockett Tavern Museum

Things To Do In Morristown
Davy Crockett tavern 1| Photo Credit –Alan & Flora Botting

David Crockett is one of the most revered figures in America. Crockett Tavern Museum is an ode to his life and legacy. Known as the “King of the Wild Frontier”, his life and its remnants have been preserved by the people of Tennessee at this historical site. 

Crockett Tavern Museum consists of many relics from Davy’s young past. The museum also hosts many workshops and events throughout the year. For history lovers, the Davy Trading Post offers many items for sale as well.

A local eagle scout project has also initiated an interpretive kiosk at the grounds. The building is a recreation of the 1790’s tavern and inn that was created by the Crockett family. Today, this museum has become a part of the National Register of Historic Places. 

Go hiking at Panther Creek State Park

Things To Do In Morristown
 Panther Creek State Park | Photo Credit – DM

No vacation is complete without a fulfilling outdoor activity. Hiking can be a great way to explore a new place. Panther Creek State Park has several hiking trails for beginners as well as professional hikers. If you are traveling with your family, bring along a picnic basket and rejuvenate at the pavilions. 

Panther Creek State Park is more than 1400 acres wide. It is located on the Cherokee Reservoir of the Holston River Valley. You are bound to enjoy many exquisite views of the valley and the reservoir during your hiking trips in the region. 

As of today, the state park is home to more than 17 hiking trails. These trails run on for 30 miles, meandering through the Cherokee Lake and the Cumberland mountains. You can aim to climb to the Point Lookout Trail to complete a 1460 feet high trail. 

Other adventurous activities for visitors of Panther Creek State Park include camping, RV sites, educational camps, disc golf, paddle boating, biking, and more. You can read more about their upcoming adventures by viewing their website.

Movie night at the iconic Carmike Cinemas

Things To Do In Morristown
Carmike Cinema | Photo Credit – Michael Steeber

Carmike Cinemas is Morristown’s hidden gem. This theatre was built in 1960 and continues to be a local favorite. It began as a six-screen cinema complex and has over the years become one of the biggest cinemas in the region.

There are 6 auditoriums here to ensure the best movie-going experience, Cramike also has a projection booth corridor with additional auditoriums. Impeccable sound design and excellent visuals will make your movie all the more exciting. Today, Carmike Cinemas has 12 screens with a built-in parking area as well. 

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Shopping at the Morristown Antique Mall

Wondering where to buy souvenirs during your stay in Tennessee, United States? No better place than the Morristown Antique Mall. Owners of antique stores from all around the region showcase their excellent memorabilia at the Morristown Antique Mall. 

They sell unique collectibles, handcrafted candles, quilts designed by local artisans, wreaths, and a lot more. This place is symbolic of the thriving artisan community of Morristown and worth a visit during your stay. In addition to this store, there are many antique shops that you can explore in Morristown. 

A thrilling safari experience at the Briarwood Ranch Safari Park

Things To Do In Morristown
Impala Herd | Photo Credit – Daoud Alahmad

Briarwood Safari Park has brought together animals from all over the world. During your safari, you will embark on a journey across the scenic routes of Briarwood. A four-mile-long trekking route is also available for those who enjoy outdoor adventures. 

Gorgeous hills, green and plentiful pastures will surround you during your stay at the sagari work. If you are looking for a brand new experience, you can join the tractor-pulled wagons in the park as well. Animals lovers will be happy to know that the park has its own petting zoo! 

The Briarwood Safari Ranch Park is a perfect place to click pictures. You will be able to see exotic animals from all over the world, take care of by an efficient team of experts. 

Things to know about the Briarwood Safari Park before your journey:

Open hours- 10 AM to 4 PM 

Open hours during winter- 10 AM to 4 PM (only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

For admission:

Adults: $17

Seniors: $15

Children: $12

Wagon Ride Cost:

Adults: $24

Seniors: $22

Children: $19

Lakeside adventures at Cherokee Park

Things To Do In Morristown
Cherokee Park | Photo Credit – LuAnn Snawder Photography

Cherokee Park is a beautiful public park located on the banks of Cherokee Lake. This unique lakeside has more than 70 campsites for all your travel adventures. The campsite spans across a spectacular 170-acre park beside the crystal clear waters of Lake Cherokee. 

Moreover, the campsites come with an electricity supply, water tanks, and clean bathrooms for your personal use. You can take a hot shower at the station after your hike and other activities. The station also has trailer rigs for travelers arriving here in RVs. 

Picnic pavilions are a crowd favorite here. These pavilions have disc golfs with 18 holes for disc golf. A boat launch area is also a part of the lakeside along with a marina and splash pad. If you are traveling with children, there is a safe and secure playground here as well. 

Do you enjoy cooking your own meals when traveling? Worry no more, Cherokee park has its very own Veterans Pavilion with additional features like a built-in kitchen, washrooms, heaters, and furniture. These pavilions can accommodate more than 100 people, ideal for wedding and birthday celebrations. 

Fishing is a common activity at Cherokee Lake. Local professionals and volunteers will help you catch fresh fish like bluegill, rockfish, and crappie. This is the perfect place to rejuvenate with your friends and family. 

A pet-friendly retreat at the Morristown Dog Park

Things To Do In Morristown
Dogs, dog park | Photo Credit – BigOakFlickr

In a world where pets are excluded from all our best outdoor experiences, Morristown Dog Park is a refreshing change. This is an ideal place for people to travel to with their pets. Here your pets can befriend other pets and enjoy a safe social experience along with you.

Currently, the park prohibits children younger than the age of four for safety reasons. The staff will ensure that your dog is not troubled by other people in the park as it is strictly prohibited. It is recommended to not bring toys to the park as it might cause conflict between dogs who are meeting for the first time. 

Morristown Dog Park is open for visitors all days of the week. People are allowed to enjoy the premises from daylight till 9:30 pm. You should make sure your dog is healthy and not infectious during your visit to the park. If you keep all the safety precautions in mind, this is the perfect excursion for you and your beloved dog!

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Indoor games at the Tallyworld Recreation Center

Things To Do In Morristown
Badminton | Photo Credit – llee_wu

Looking for a place to enjoy a game of badminton? Tallyworld Recreation Center is perfect for all your sports activities. They offer a wide range of rooms and services at reasonable prices. The best part about visiting Tallyworld Recreation Center is that you do not have to worry about equipment at all. 

Tallyworld Recreation Center is the ideal venue for indoor parties, celebrations, and events. You can register online for your upcoming event via their website. Their rooms can accommodate more than 100 people at once. 

Here are some details regarding their services:

Club Room Charges: $50 – this room can accommodate 75 people

Hobby Room charges: $35 – this room can accommodate 40 people

The rooms are available for meetings and other events from 8 AM to 1 PM from Monday to Friday. For all celebrations, you can book their rooms from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. 

Enjoy a game of disc golf at the Kiwanis Disc Golf Course

Golf Course | Photo Credit – Guy Churchward

If you are unfamiliar with disc golf, you are in for a treat. Disc golf is a new and exciting alternative to golfing. Here, the holes are located at shorter lengths, putting the emphasis of your game on the hitting style. The course has been designed keeping games like frisbee golf and disc golf in mind. 

Kiwanis Golf Course is a part of the Kiwanis Club in Morristown. You can enjoy delicious meals at popular restaurants located in the complex as well. The course is ideal for beginners and professionals alike, ensuring that it has something to offer for all visitors. 

Rest and rejuvenate at the Swann’s Marina

Swann’s Marina is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. They have a very friendly and efficient crew who will make sure your stay is effortless. Swann’s Marina is surrounded by gorgeous green views, luscious mountains, and comfortable cabins.

Douglas Lake is the highlight of Swann’s Marina. This lake is accompanied by the exquisite backdrop of the Smoky Mountains. You can rent a cabin here or enjoy an outdoor experience at their camping grounds. The Marina also offers paddleboards, pontoon boats, and other lakeside adventures as well. 

Swann’s Marina is an ideal fishing place in Morristown. Douglas Lake is known as one of the best Crappie fishing lakes in the country. Large Mouth Bass and Bluegill fish can be found here as well. Millstone Restaurant is a good place to catch a delicious meal at Swann’s Marina. 

Join a pottery workshop at the Pink Pig Pottery Studio

Pottery is one of the best relaxing activities to participate in. The joy of creating something from scratch is very therapeutic. Take a break from your hectic lives and join a session with pottery experts at the Pink Pig Pottery Studio.

They offer classes like Wheel Throwing Workshop, Gnome Canvas sessions, Door Hangers, Handprint Events, and more. You can visit their website to stay updated with their upcoming events and join one of their engaging pottery sessions. 

You do not need an appointment to visit their premies. They offer services from 10 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Saturday. Usually, creating one of their pottery assignments will not take more than 2 hours, however, it might take longer if you are visiting with kids. 

Purchase handcrafted artisanal candles at the Toadily Candles & Soap

Customized products | Photo Credit – Elissa Campbell

When in Morristown, you cannot miss the opportunity to buy high-quality artisanal products. Toadily Candles & Soaps have been producing their own candles, soaps, cosmetics, and math products in Tennessee. Over the years they have curated a unique assortment of products that will charm you. 

Beard Oil, Beer soap, pine tar essential oils, and body butter are some of their many unique body products. This is the perfect place to visit if you enjoy trying new and sustainable resources for your personal use. Their products are prepared in-house, crafted to absolute perfection. 

Customized products are also available at the Toadily Candles & Soaps shop. If you have specific requirements or allergies to take care of, you can customize your products here. Visitors can send a gift card to their loved ones so they can purchase their own Toadily products. 

You can also visit the nearby town of Sevierville, to know more read about free things to do in Sevierville, Tennessee.

A forbidden adventure at the Forbidden Caverns

Forbidden Caverns | Photo Credit – Mike Goren

During your stay in Morristown, you can take a short drive and head to the nearby city of Sevierville. This town is home to the spectacular Forbidden Caverns. These formations are a part of the Smoky Mountains of the United States of America.

Joining a guided tour of the caverns is the best way to explore this region. All visitors will be guided through the breathtaking formations, natural chimneys, and innumerable grottos of the cavers. In addition to these mountainous explorations, you will also be delighted to see a gorgeous stream, pouring into the caverns.

These caverns are well lit at night. You can enjoy walking through the caverns with the help of handrails, watching the well-lit formations. All kids under the age of 4 can visit the caverns for free. For children younger than 12, the tickets are currently $12 only. For adults, an admission ticket will cost $20. The caverns are not open to visitors on Thursdays and Saturdays. 

A fun day at the Bush Visitor’s Center

Bush Visitor’s Center is a place that has something to offer to everyone. When here, you will be able to explore a museum, general store, and their very own cafe! It is the ideal place to visit if you enjoy a walk down memory lane in the heart of the United States of America. 

Bush Museum and Cafe also provide group tours for visitors, You can send a request for the same at 865-509-3077 and get the unique opportunity to know more about this local center. Their cafe serves unique all-American dishes throughout the day. Pinto Bean Pie is a popular favorite among locals and tourists alike. 

Hiking at the legendary Appalachian Quilt Trail

Appalachian Trail | Photo Credit – John Hayes

The Appalachian Quilt Trail is a testament to the thriving local community of Tennessee. Morristown is famous for its unique barn quilts. During your exploration, you might find one of these geometrically symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing quilts hung on buildings or on trees.

A hike down the Appalachian Quilt Trail is a great way to engage with the local community of Morristown. You will be able to find these quilts marking your way throughout the scenic trail. These quilts represent the identities of the farming pastoral community of Tennessee. 

Quilt enthusiasts from all over the world flock to this part of America during the National Quilt Trail Gathering. The town hosts several engaging workshops, exhibitions, and events during this event. You will be able to follow the trail easily with the help of a map. 

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