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Best Things To Do In Carrollton, GA

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Things To Do In Carrollton, GA

Things To Do In Carrollton, GA
Hotel Carrollton, Carrollton, Georgia | Photo Credit- Boston Public Library

Carrollton is a small town in Georgia and lies at the border between Atlanta and Alabama. The name of the city comes from Charles Carroll, who was the last person to sign the declaration of independence. What makes Carrollton unique is that unlike many Georgia towns, it does not have a Civil War history. Rather, its claim to fame comes from its rich textile industry.

This post will tell you all about the best things to do in Carrollton. Keep reading to find out about all the attractions, scenic locations and things you can do here. A trip to Carrollton can be really great and you should certainly invest in this trip. With no further ado, let us begin reading about the best things to do in Carrollton.

Carrollton Center for the Arts

When you are in Carrollton, a visit to the city’s center for the arts is something you cannot miss. This place is a testament to the arts scene in the city of Carrollton. In fact, the Carrollton Center for the Arts was built for the express purpose of being the hub of the arts in the city. A great attraction within the center is the 300 seat theater. If you find yourself in the city of Carrollton during a performance here, be sure to attend it.

There are also many exhibition spaces within the center that host many art works and pieces for visitors to admire.

You shouldn’t miss out on this extremely famous and important attraction in Carrollton.

Find it at 251 Alabama Street in Carrollton, Georgia. Learn more about them by following this link to their official webpage.

Little Tallapoosa River

There are many things that Georgia is famous for. Be it the rich culture or the architecture of the city. However, one thing that you cannot miss is the natural beauty this American state has to offer. A great example of this is the Little Tallapoosa River. This river is a part of River Alabama and begins in the Piedmont Mountains of Georgia. It flows through Carrollton and its scenic beauty is something to behold.

A great attraction centered around the the Little Tallapoosa River in Carrollton is the East Carrollton Park. Here, from the lawns, you can enjoy the natural landscape and gorgeous views of not only the river, but also of Lake Carroll.

What’s more, the Little Tallapoosa River is extremely navigable. That makes it a prime destination for adventure seekers. From boating, kayaking and canoeing, the Little Tallapoosa River has a lot to offer. You can rent out kayaks and canoes and enjoy the calm waters of the river along with its beautiful views.

Be sure to make the best of this Carrollton attraction when you are here.

Road to Tara Museum

Learn all you can about the Modern Classic, ‘Gone with the Wind’ at the Road to Tara Museum in Jonesboro. This museum has objects from the movie inspired by the book and also artifacts from the civil war. Here you can find out and fact check all there is to know about Mitchell’s book. There are displays about the actors who took part in the movie, with special exhibits on the African American actors who weren’t allowed to attend their own premiere in a white segregated theatre.

The address for the Road to Tara Museum is 104 N Main Street in Jonesboro, GA.

Historic Banning Mills

This is a really great day trip to take from the city of Carrollton. This is a very unique and special attraction in the city of Newnan which is only half an hour away from Carrollton. What is unique about the historic banning mills attraction is that it is a place which is technically a historic mill but would seem like an amusement park to you. You will be able to enjoy a number of thrills at the Historic Banning Mills, for example trekking and kayaking. There are climbing walls that you can use to test yourself. Another great attraction at the Historic Banning Mills at Newnan is horse riding.

While you are here, you should also enjoy the Screaming Eagle Zipline, which holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’ longest of its kind. You can, and should, also enjoy their on-site spa.

Address is 205 Horseshoe Dam Road, Whitesburg in Newnan. Visit their official website to learn more.

Carrollton Greenbelt

The Carrollton Greenbelt is the largest paved loop trail in the whole of Georgia. It is a total of 30 kms in length. The locals of Carrollton use the Carrollton Greenbelt to get around as it connects a lot of places in the city. The views within the loop are pretty great and if you find yourself in Carrollton, you must absolutely make sure enjoy this attraction. There aren’t many places in the world where you will be able to find something like this. You can make use of this trail to reach many of Carrollton’s malls, parks and playgrounds without using any motor vehicles.

What is more, the Carrollton Greenbelt is also home to many wildlife species. There are many places and landmarks that serve as entry points to the Carrollton Greenbelt. Some of them are East Carrollton Park, Hobbs Farm Park and Lakeshore Park.

Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum

This museum has been in Carrollton since 2012 and is centrally located within the city. This museum displays the essence of the South’s culture in the art of Quilt making. There are a number of historical quilts with important stories attached to them to be found as permanent exhibits in the museum.

Additionally, the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum is housed within what used to be a cotton warehouse. Upon reaching here, you will be welcomed by a great work of art in the form of a sculpture in the shape of metal quilts. Coming to the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum can be a really great way of spending some time in the city of Carrollton.

Address is 306 Bradley St STE C in Carrollton in Georgia. Also visit their official website to know more.

Talladega National Forest

A visit to the Talladega National Forest can be one of the best trips you can take from Carrollton. You will cross into Alabama hen you arrive at the Talladega National Forest. Nestled in the Appalachian mountains, this forest features some scenic views and gorgeous sights for you to explore. There are many protected areas within the forest that harbor many wildlife species. Some examples of the protected areas are the Cheaha Wilderness and the Dugger Mountain Wilderness.

Things to do here include exploring nature and the chance to see many animals in their habitats. The reason why coming to the Talladega National Forest is such a great trip is that it is less than an hour away from the city of Carrollton.

Historic City Cemetery

The Historic City Cemetery of Carrollton is a great attraction to visit in the city. Not only being a scenic area spread over two hills, it is also a testament to the history of the city. Lain here are many of the famous and important people of the city. The founders and earliest people of the city are buried here.

There is a lot of artwork to admire in the cemetery and a lot of history to be uncovered. You would be wise to take some time to visit this place and take a look at how the history of the place has been shaped by its people.

John Tanner State Park

This is yet another great day trip from the city of Carrollton. The John Tanner State Park is an amazing location that will sweep you off your feet with its beaches and scenic views. This state park was a private venture by a businessman who gave the park its name.

While you are here, you will be able to find a lot of things to do such as boating, kayaking as well as hiking and trekking. There are many nature trails in the John Tanner State Park that you will most certainly appreciate. Furthermore, you can also use their campsites in order to stay here overnight.

Also, you can use pedal boats to tour the lake and also engage in activities such as fishing. There are two lakes here at the John Tanner State Park. What’s more, the park is also home to the biggest sand beach in a 50 hectare radius.

Address of the John Tanner State Park is 354 Tanners Beach Road in Carrollton.

West Georgia Museum

You can find the West Georgia Museum in Tallapoosa, a town which has many attractions in store for you. It is a great day trip from Carrollton and one of the best things to do while you are here is to visit the West Georgia Museum. The West Georgia Museum is home to a very diverse collection of artworks and artifacts from all over the world. This museum is a great visit for all ages, groups and even solo travelers.

Collections here include vintage vehicles such as a Ford ’23 and a horse drawn buggy. These collections go back to the 1800s. Enjoy the huge model of a T-Rex right at the entrance of the Museum. There are also many reconstructed storefronts for you to admire.

Find the West Georgia Museum at 185 Mann Street Tallapoosa, Georgia.

McIntosh Reserve Park

The McIntosh Reserve Park is one of the most important historical attractions in the region. It honors the legacy of William McIntosh Jr who was well known Native American leader. He is known for brokering a deal with Europeans for the Creek Land for which he was executed by his tribe. The McIntosh Reserve Park lets one remember this part of the region’s history.

Attractions here include the log cabin which is a replica of his original house. Also, his grave lies nearby. Along with these points, there are also extremely scenic views of the Chattahoochee River and the nearby land in the park. Coming here can be a really great day trip from Carrollton. It lies on 30 kms away from the city.

West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail

The West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail is an attraction in Carrollton that goes really well with a trip to the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum. This heritage trail is a testament to the huge role that textiles have played in the city of Carrollton.

The West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail connects Dalton and Columbus, and Carrollton lies in the middle. On this trail, you will come across many mills that were built along this railroad. There are many points of interest along the trail, so you should keep your camera ready for them. Some of the more famous point along the West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail are the Mandeville Mill and the Maryon Hosiery Mill building.

In Conclusion

We really hope that reading this post was fun for you. The State of Georgia has many great places for you to visit and the city of Carrollton is a really great choice for a destination. There are many attractions to see and many amazing things to do here. Also, if reading this was worthwhile for you, then you should definitely like and shake this post. Additionally, if you are someone who has been to Carrollton, tell us about your experience there.

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