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by Pankaj Upreti
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Things to do in Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach Sunset
Wasaga Beach Sunset | Photo Credit – Steve Nicholson

In this post, we are going to tell you the top 12 places that you can visit on your trip to Wasaga Beach. If you are wondering what could possibly be there to do on a Beach other than swimming and fishing then you are wrong. We are not talking about a Beach but a city in southern Ontario that is named Wasaga Beach. It shares its boundaries with the beautiful Georgian Bay and the long sandy beach lies on the Nottawasaga Bay.

This town is known for its mesmerizing beauty and wonderful natural areas that you will wonder if you’re on earth or paradise. Apart from the unique setting of this town and various beaches, that is not everything that this town has to offer. It is also a major tourist attraction for its historical significance and cool places like the Go-Karts. 

This place will take away all your worries and give you the most needed break that you must be craving while working from home.

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We have compiled a long list of places that you can visit in Canada, arranged according to your mood, seasons, and activities. 

Now let’s jump straight into the list of the best places that you cannot afford to miss in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

The first place we bring to you is the most scenic tourist attraction and also a beach. If you are visiting this place it will set your mood right for the entire vacation. One most interesting fact about this Beach is that it is the world’s largest freshwater lake.

This amazing Beach is divided into six Beach areas and two other beaches are known as The New Wasaga Beach and the Allenwood Beach. By now you must have understood that it is huge each spread across acres that provide more than you can imagine.

All the Beach spaces are equipped with fully functioning playgrounds, picnic areas, cycling zones, and commercial areas.

We highly recommend that you spend a day here with your family or loved ones and take along with you lots of memories.

Timings: Open all days.

Things to do: go for a picnic, enjoy the beach activities, go hiking and trailing on Broadway, go swimming, enjoy the local culture, and the beautiful natural environment of the place. 

Nancy Island Historic Site

Nancy Island Historic Site, Wasaga Beach | Photo Credit – Suzanne Schroeter

Now that you are in a riverside town you probably must be wondering if beaches are all there will be to enjoy. But that is not the case with this amazing town of Wasaga Beach. Through Wasaga Beach, there are sea routes for various islands in the Nottawasaga River. The journey to these islands is itself a wonder, but so are the actual places.

One such Island is the Nancy Island Historic Site which is located right in between the Nottawasaga River. This is a place of cultural importance and holds so much value for the people of this town. The museum represents the crucial history of the war of 1812, and how it was the pivotal movement for the entire Canada. 

Apart from the historic value, this place has kept its charm for the modern visitors who are looking for fun and games. The Island hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, which is the major attraction among the neighboring states as well as the tourists. 

Apart from these yearly events, there are also major sightseeing places like museums, theaters, and a Lighthouse. Make sure to visit all these places and have a great day trip.

Timings: Thursdays to Mondays 10 am to 5 pm.

Things to do: take a guided tour of the museum, rent a cab and explore the island, shop local, enjoy the local cuisine, visit the famous sightseeing places, attend an event or take part in a festival. For information about the latest events happening on the island make sure to visit their website here.

Blueberry Trail

Blueberries | Photo Credit – Nadia Prigoda-Lee

Wasaga Beach also has a number of options for adventure enthusiasts. The place is filled with trails and that too with the most scenic views. There are a lot of options to choose from depending upon your level of difficulty and preference, but what we recommend you to try is the famous Blueberry Trail. 

This Trail, located in the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is a perfect spot for every season. Famous for its Nordic Ski terrain, Blueberry Trail is the most opted Trail for skiing and snowshoeing. 

The Nordic center located just outside the starting point provides all the equipment and facilities to its visitors. 

You can find easy rentals and other services on this website here

The most famous Trail is the Blueberry to Pine to High Dunes which offers so many vibrant views and lovely forests.

Timings: depends on the season in which you plan to visit this trail. It mostly operates in winters, but the summer season also provides various activities. 

Things to do: go skiing, snowboard, and snowshoeing, enjoying the picturesque views.

Nottawasaga River

The most beautiful attraction of the city of Wasaga Beach
Nottawasaga | Photo Credit – Steve Nicholson

The most beautiful attraction of the city of Wasaga Beach is the Nottawasaga River. This is the perfect spot for anyone who is looking to be close to nature on this trip. The place is filled with wildlife and unique flora that will keep you hooked for your entire trip.

The best way to explore this River is by renting a boat or a kayak on the Wasaga Beach and taking a guide along with you. You will be able to enjoy the scenic views and we guarantee that it will be the trip of your lifetime. 

Timings: Open all days. Year-long.

Things to do: Take a guided tour along the River, enjoy the beautiful scenery, discover various unique flora and fauna. Go kayaking, boating, and canoeing. 

Sunshine Park

Just like the name suggests, this lively park has everything that will keep you energetic and grooving on your visit. The Sunshine Park is termed as a party playground and for all the right reasons. If you are looking to get loose and enjoy a full partying atmosphere, then we highly recommend you to check this place out. It is just a 5 mixture drive from the Wasaga Beach Border. The place is open only in the summer months from May to September.

This place is rightly called a party capital and you will have to go there to see it yourself. 

Timings: Open from May to September, all day.

Things to do: Go camping with your friends, explore the local culture. Enjoy the nightlife of the city ,go partying with your friends.

Wasaga Stars Arena

Skating | Photo Credit – Paolo Terraneo

There is absolutely no point in going to Canada and missing out on a hockey match. This famous place in the heart of the city is an all-season sports facility that offers so many recreational activities to its visitors. No matter which season you visit the place, there will always be something that you can find for yourself. From hockey to figure skating, from various camping programs to fun events, this vibrant little place provides something for everyone. 

Timings: Open all-day

Things to do: Enjoy a match of hockey, ice skating, and skiing, register for various events yourself and learn a sport. You can find out more about their upcoming events and other special activities on their website before booking your tickets.

Skull Island

Skull Island is the most fun and amazing place to have a fun outing with your family. This 15 hole, mini-golf area, provides a tropical setting for your game and gives you a relaxing time with your loved one.

If you are new to golf, then there is no worry. You can have a look around the park and enjoy the beautiful murals and the Caribbean setting of the Island. There are various games and events that go on all year long.

We definitely recommend you to check this place out and win some free gift hampers.

Timings: Open all days from 12 noon to 12 pm.

Things to do: Take a walk around the park, enjoy various games, play golf with your friends, and participate in other games.

Wasaga Beach Farmers Market

Almost every town in Ontario is famous for its Farmer’s Market that is set up once a week in the major district of the town. It is most specifically known for the farm-fresh and home-baked products that are the specialty of the Canadian market. People gather here from all over the town and even the neighboring cities to enjoy the fresh and organic products, grown with care and love. Farmer’s market is a must-visit tourist spot for anyone who wants to take away a piece of Canadian flavor back home.

Not only is the market famous for its vegetables and other seasonal goods, it is also a great place to shop for herbal and organic medicines that are used for curing various illnesses. 

Timings: Open from June to October, Every Tuesday from 4 pm to dawn.

Things to do: shop for products, get familiar with the local farming practices, enjoy the local culture and cuisines.

The whole market gives a very small-town feel, which is very different from the ever hustling town. So make sure you enjoy every feel of it.

Wasaga 500 Go-Karts

Go-Karting | Photo Credit – Geoff

Wasaga 500 Go-Karts is a unique place to have a chill day out. Turn into little kids again and hop on the Go-Karts. The place offers a 1.6 kilometers long track, equipped with all safety precautions that will help you unleash that race in you.

Apart from racing, there are also a number of other sports that you can enjoy here.

Skydive Wasaga Beach Inc

Now that we are at the tenth point, we kinda believe that you are already packing up your bags and getting ready. But hold on. Let us give you one more reason to visit this perfect Hotspot for tourists. If you are here make sure to tick off your lifelong travel bucket list of skydiving, that too in the beautiful Wasaga Beach. 

Skydiving Wasaga Beach Inc. is a group of professionals who help you with all the gear and necessary training in Skydiving. You can choose from various offers and programs and have a time of your life witnessing Canada from above.

Timings: check out their website for the latest events and timings for the same.

Things to do: you know exactly what you need to do here, forget your fears and just jump.

For information about their packages and other deals, visit their website here.

Free Spirit Tours

Free Spirit Tours is just the right place to go if you have any questions or doubts about Adventure sports activities. They are a group of people who look after and conduct trips across Wasaga Beach and the nearby areas. 

If you register yourself with this tour package, the whole trip is saved, plus you get a chance to meet so many new people.

Things to do: they offer every fun activity that you can think of. From water sports to outdoor activities, from hiking to wine tasting. What better way to explore a place with the local people.

Wasaga Sports Park

Wasaga Sports Park or Klondike Park is an all-in-one, unique playground that offers so many sports activities for every age. The place is filled with several playgrounds, camping zones, soccer fields, and driving ranges that you will never have a dull moment while you’re here.

Make sure to check out this place and have a nice match with your friends.

By now we are sure that you are already packing your bags and booking your tickets to Canada. Not only is there a tonne to do at Wasaga Beach, but there is also a tonne to do nearby. Southern Ontario is the most beautiful place to spend your vacation and make your stay worthwhile. While you are still here, we urge you to check out our other posts on Ontario. 

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Also do check out the Capital of Canada, Toronto, and find out what you can do there. 

Things to Do in Wasaga Beach : Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wasaga Beach suitable for families with children?

Absolutely! Wasaga Beach’s shallow waters and family-friendly atmosphere make it an ideal destination for a memorable family vacation.

Are there any entry fees for Wasaga Beach Provincial Park?

Yes, there is an entry fee for Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. Check the official website for the most up-to-date information on fees and passes.

What is the best time to visit Wasaga Beach for water sports?

The summer months from June to August are the best time to indulge in water sports and activities. Due to the warm weather and pleasant water temperatures.

Can I swim at Wasaga Beach all year round?

Swimming is popular during the summer months when the water is warm and inviting. However, swimming during the colder months is not recommended due to frigid water temperatures.

Can I bring my pet to Wasaga Beach?

While pets are not allowed on the main beach area (Beach Areas 1 to 6), there is a designated pet-friendly area in Beach Area 3 where you can enjoy the beach with your furry friends.

Can I have a beach bonfire at Wasaga Beach?

Beach bonfires are permitted in designated fire pits in Beach Areas 1 and 2. It’s essential to follow the park’s regulations and guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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