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Things To Do In Wynwood

by Pankaj Upreti
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Wynwood Art | Photo Credit – Phillip Pessar

The Wynwood is known as the art district of Miami as every inch of it is covered with street art and graffiti. If you are looking to visit a place in Miami that is buzzing with life then Wynwood is just the place for you.

When at here, make sure that you get some photos for your friends on social media as they are going to love it. Read on to know more about the various attractions that await you at Wynwood.

What is there to do in Wynwood?

Wynwood is aesthetically pleasing to one’s eyes and yet there is more to this place than just this. The neighborhood is brimming with entertainment options as it is home to museums, restaurants, stores, dance venues, and breweries. Here are some places that you must check out to make the most of your visit.

Take a tour

One of the best ways to discover Wynwood is to take an official tour of the Wynwood walls. Such a tour will enable you to understand the history behind the conception of these artworks and you will feel closer to the city. Book your tour and gather more information about them here.

Eat to your fill at Lagniappe

Lagniappe is not just a restaurant but a vibe in itself. Here you will have the opportunity to combine wine with jazz and have an amazing time. Considered to be one of the finest places here, this place is certainly worth a visit. To book your seat and to know more, visit their official website.

The Wynwood Shop

If you like shopping then there is no way that you should miss this quirky store- The Wynwood Shop. From jewelry to toilet papers, there is a lot that you can buy at this store.

They also ship all over the United States of America so you can buy from them again from the comfort of your house. To know more visit them here.

Concrete Beach Brewery

If you like beer, make sure that you take out time to visit Concrete Beach Brewery. This place is famous for selling the best beer that you will taste in the entire city and we highly recommend it to you. An ideal place to visit with your friends.

Contact information of Wynwood

50 Northwest 24th Street, Suite 104

Miami, FL 33127


[email protected]

Other places to visit in Miami

If you are planning to take a tour in Miami, we recommend checking out the 15 best things to do in Miami.

Through this article, you will discover 15 must-visit places in Miami for an excellent vacation. Alternatively, if you are out of time and simply looking for places like Wynwood to spend your vacation, we recommend you visit Little Havana. You can also spend your time exploring the beaches of Miami- Miami Beach and South Beach.

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