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Things To Do In Sandwich MA

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Things To Do In Sandwich

If you are looking for a great trip for your next holiday, then look no further than the quaint little town of Sandwich MA. This place has it all, from beaches to museums and natural escapes, Sandwich will surely win your heart. Sandwich is a town in the Barnstable County in Massachusetts and is known to be a place of historic value. This place was a haven for Europeans who found this place to be a haven after many shipwrecks. Sandwich is the oldest town in Cape Cod.

In this article, we will let you know all there is for your next trip to the city of Sandwich. From natural reserves and scenic locations, we have listed them all for you. Use this post to plan your next trip to the city. With no further ado, let us begin with our list of the best things to do in Sandwich, MA.

Sandwich Boardwalk

The Boardwalk at Sandwich is as gorgeous and picturesque as they come. Follow the path as it traverses marshlands and reach the beach. While you are walking on the boardwalk, you will be able to enjoy the yellow grain and flower fields that are spread below.

The Sandwich Boardwalk is one of the most beautiful locations in the city and it is an attraction that you must try at least once. IF you are lucky, you will not only only great weather but also be able to look at seals. This is a protected area so you can be sure to find all the natural beauty untouched and growing freely. If you are a lover of nature, then the Sandwich Boardwalk is the place for you.

The address for the Sandwich Boardwalk is 103 Wood Avenue in the city.

Historic Mills

There are many historical mills at the town of Sandwich, Massachusetts. These historic mills paint a picture of the rich history of the region. Also they tell you how agriculture has been a really important part of their community.

While you find yourself in Sandwich Massachusetts, you should definitely take some time and tour all of the historic mills in the area. One of them is the Thomas Dexter Grist Mill. There is something special about this mill apart from that it is a historic mill. This mill is in full operation today since the 17th century. You will really enjoy the history of this location along with the great views and natural beauty that surrounds it.

Another one of the historic mills at Sandwich is the Old East Mill. A special attraction at the Old East Mill is that it has a historic windmill that was brought from New Orleans! Visiting this location is an absolute must when you are touring all of the historic sites in the Sandwich area. Visiting the Old East Mill makes for a really great trip when you also visit the Heritage Museum.

Historic Homes

This is yet another category of Historical sites in the area of Sandwich, Massachusetts. There are just a lot of these sites in the city and you should make a day trip to visit them all. Let us begin with the Hoxie House. It has been here since 1637 and it is even older than the town. A trip to visit the Hoxie House should definitely be on your list of things to do in Sandwich MA.

Another one of these historical homes is the Wing Fort House. It is very old, having been built in 1641. It holds the record for being the oldest home in New England whose owning family did not change for the longest time.

While you are here, you should opt for the tours of these Historic Homes. This will be a really great experience. Furthermore, you will also be able to experience life as it was like during the early days of the settlement. The tours of the historic homes is one of the best things to do in Sandwich, MA.

Historic Town Sites

There are many historical town sites in the city of Sandwich. You should earmark an entire day to visit all of these places and look into the history of the region.

A great place to start would be the Sandwich Town Hall. It has been here since 1834. It was restored some time back and since then has been a really important historical site for the city of Sandwich. There are also some attractions in the town hall such as a theater complex and a ballroom.

Another site at Sandwich is the Old Town Burial Ground. This attraction is not only historical but also features the scenic backdrop of the lake. Next comes the Old Quakerfriends Meetinghouse. You should enjoy some lunch while you are here.

Boyden Farm Conservation Lands

The Boyden Farm Conservation Lands are a really great attraction in the city of SandSwich. Enjoy the beauty of nature mingling with the town and keep your camera ready for some great captures. The Boyden Farm is a day trip that is especially great for families and groups. You can enjoy a wide variety of activities here such as hiking and learning about the various things to do at the farm.

A trip to the Boyden Farm Conservation Lands is going to be a great idea for spending three to four hours during a fine day at Sandwich. You will love to hear that visiting the Boyden Farm remains a great idea all year long, summer or winter. The next time you are in Sandwich, please be sure to visit Boyden Farm and have a great day of fun here.

You can find the Boyden Farm Conservation Lands on the west side of the Cotuit Road ahead of the Quaker Meeting House Road.

Having Fun at the Ocean Beaches

Surfer walking alone at beach

At Sandwich, you can have lots of fun by hanging out at their many beaches. There are over 7 beaches within the city, both freshwater and ocean. In this section of our article we will tell you all there is to know about the Ocean beaches in the city of Sandwich.

First, let us begin talking about First Beach. This beach is one of the five saltwater beaches in the city. It is a special treat to come here as the location features scenic views and great picnics. This beach is also wheelchair accessible with wheelchairs also available for rent. You should rent out a beach mat while you are here and enjoy the sun and the ocean.

The next beach to go to is the Town Neck Beach. It is near the Sandwich boardwalk. This is one of the best beaches to come to for whale watching during the season. Other beaches include East Sandwich Beach and Sandy Neck Beach. The latter is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire area of Sandwich. A great activity at this beach is to enjoy birdwatching. There are also many walking trails as well as hiking areas nearby. Be sure to enjoy them all during your trip.

If you are somewhat of an adventurous traveler, then there is a special attraction waiting for you in Sandwich. The Scusset Beach State Reservation is a rocky beach unlike the others at Sandwich. The ocean here can be a bit rough, so this beach is not a particularly relaxing area. However, if you are someone who enjoys adventure, come here and camp out in the many trailers at the beach.

Freshwater Beaches

There are around three Freshwater Beaches at Sandwich, and coming to them can be a really great and enjoyable experience. These include the Snake Pond Beach and the Peter/Oakcrest Cove. These areas are known to be quite scenic and enjoyable to come to. Another one of the best in Freshwater Beaches at Sandwich is the area of the Wakeby Lake in the Ryder Conservation. Be sure to check them all out during your trip to Sandwich.

Beaches at Sandwich are one of the best attractions of the city. We hope that after reading this post you will make sure to have the best of them when you are here. Now, let us move on to other attractions in Sandwich.

Heritage Museums and Gardens

One of the most famous attractions in Sandwich, the Heritage Museums and Gardens will mesmerize you. After coming here you will definitely understand why this place is one of the most famous attractions in the city. The locale is extremely scenic and features beautiful landscapes and gardens. There are also many galleries to see while you are here. Enjoy the museum’s art collections after you are done with visiting the gardens. You should earmark an entire day to come to the Heritage Museums so that you have enough time to enjoy all that this place has to offer. Another special attraction at the museum is a historic car exhibit. Enjoy a great snack at their cafe and find it to be the best place to recharge mid trip.

You will be able to find the Heritage Museums and Gardens at 67 Grove Street in Sandwich.

Sandwich Glass Museum

Coming to the Sandwich Glass Museum should most certainly be on your list of things to do in Sandwich. Not only does the museum have exhibits that will fascinate you, but they also showcase some live demonstrations of glass blowing. This can be a very satisfying show to witness so be sure to check it out. This museum has been made to demonstrate the history of Sandwich and its glass making industry.

The exhibits here will take you on a journey of art and history. Enjoy literally dazzling displays and just mesmerizing works of glass work at the museum. If you want to buy a piece to take home as a souvenir, then you should visit the McDermott Glass Studio.

Find the Sandwich Glass Museum at 129 Main Street in Sandwich.

Bulb River

A really great day trip from Sandwich is the Bulb River. This hidden gem of a location is often missed by tourists. Enjoy the valleys filled with flowers of different colors. A great day to enjoy this spectacle is none other than Mother’s Day. It stays like this for a week so be sure to come to this attraction if you make it in time.

Other things that might draw you to the Bulb river is the scenic beauty and lovely greens that make this place a paradise on earth.

Note: Now permanently closed

Green Briar Nature Center

The Green Briar Nature Center is a great attraction to visit while you find yourself in Sandwich. The top things to do here include walking the trails and enjoying the beauty of the wildflower gardens. This center pays homage to Thornton Burgess who made Peter Rabbit and Friends, a beloved children’s book. You will be able to learn all about him at the center.

Another great attraction at the Green Briar Nature Center is the Living Museum of the Jam Kitchen. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the Green Briar Nature Center while trying out some delicious homemade jam.

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Things To Do In Sandwich Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best times to visit Sandwich MA?

The best times to visit Sandwich are during the spring and summer months, from May to September, when the weather is pleasant, and most attractions are open.

Are there any beaches in Sandwich MA?

Yes, Sandwich offers several beautiful beaches, including Town Neck Beach and East Sandwich Beach, where you can enjoy the sun, sand, and ocean.

Can I explore Sandwich on a budget?

Absolutely! There are many free or low-cost attractions in Sandwich, such as hiking trails, historic sites, and scenic viewpoints.

How do I get to Sandwich MA?

Sandwich is easily accessible by car, located just off Route 6 on Cape Cod. Alternatively, you can take a bus or ferry to nearby towns and drive to Sandwich.

What is the significance of Sandwich’s glass industry?

Sandwich played a crucial role in the early American glass industry, producing high-quality glassware and contributing to the development of the industry in the United States.

Are there accommodations available in Sandwich?

Yes, Sandwich offers a range of accommodations, including cozy inns, charming bed and breakfasts, and modern hotels, ensuring a comfortable stay for visitors. Also, there are a variety of vacation rentals available this is a great option for families or social groups.

In Conclusion

We hope that you had fun while reading our post on the best things to do in Sandwich. This city is a great tourist spot, with scenic beaches, natural escapes and attractions to visit within the city. You are sure to have a rather great trip here. If you have already been to Sandwich, then you should let us know about your experience in the comments below. Tell us about your trip and about any great attractions we might have missed. Share this post with your friends and fellow travelers.

If you liked this guide and want to read more content like this, visit our website, www.lookuptrips.com. We have a lot of curated content waiting for you. Till then, thanks for reading and enjoy your travels.

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