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15 Best Things To Do In Denver

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Things To Do In Denver

Denver, the capital of Colorado, has a lot to offer to its visitors. If you love nature, you can spend your time visiting its zoos and botanical gardens. If you are into art, Denver has a host of museums which you could visit.

Not just this, Denver is home to some of the finest restaurants and boutiques in the entire USA, so make sure that you keep your pockets loaded.

1.Larimer Square

Things to do in Denver
Larimer Square | Photo Credit – Geoff Livingston

Celebrated as Denver’s oldest block, Larimer Square is a repository of culture and one of the most visited places in Denver. This is a perfect place to spend your evening while leisurely walking on the sidewalks under the lightbulbs. 

The block is made up of a number of restaurants and shopping complexes where you have a joyous time with your friends and family. Larimer Square also boasts of a number of nightclubs so make sure that you stay past sundown to experience them. 

2.Molly Brown House Museum

Things to do in Denver
Molly Brown House | Photo Credit – Ken Lund

Known as ‘House of Lions’, the Molly Brown House Museum is dedicated to American philanthropist and activist Margaret Brown. A part of Margaret’s fame came from the fact that she survived the sinking of RMS Titanic. 

The museum is dedicated to depicting her entire life. If before visiting the museum, you would like to get a glimpse of it right at your home, visit their website. Here, by clicking on the link you can take a virtual town of the museum.

3.Denver Art Museum

Things to do in Denver
Kodak Bownie at the Denver Art Museum | Photo Credit – Ray_LAC

Denver Art Museum is one of the most celebrated museums in all of Colorado. It is famous for its collection of American Indian art. Apart from American Indian Art, the museum has around 70,000 works of art from all over the world. 

If you are interested in Asian studies then you must visit the museum as it has a section dedicated to works from India, China, Japan, Tibet, Nepal, and other countries from Southeast Asia. The museum is also a perfect place to visit for people who are interested in contemporary art.

4.Washington Park

Things to do in Denver
Washington Park | Photo Credit – Sergio Vassio Photograph

A neighborhood and a public park in Denver, Washington Park makes for the perfect place to visit during the weekend. The park is known for its architectural beauty, which is a blending of both historic and contemporary styles. Apart from the lush gardens, the park has huge lakes, courts and lawns.

You could visit the park and indulge in activities like jogging or bicycling. If you are visiting the park with your family, make sure that you carry your badminton rackets and have a bonding session over the game. The park comes alive in the evening so make sure that you spend time till sunset.

5.Denver Union Station

Things to do in Denver
Denver Union Station | Photo Credit – Amy Aletheia Cahill

Denver Union Station is a tourist’s paradise. It has it all, right from dining stations to places where you can shop. If you are looking to spend your time eating and shopping then Denver Union Station is the place for you. If you like paperbacks and old-hardbound covers, you must visit the Tattered Cover book store where you would be able to find a lot of beautiful books.

At 5 Green Boxes, you could shop for crafts, jewelry, and souvenirs to take back home. While you are shopping, make sure that you take out time to taste the delicacies at ACME Delicatessen which is famous for its salads and cookies. Do not forget to satiate your taste buds with a cold treat at Milk box Ice Cream.

6.Mount Evans

Things to do in Denver
Mount Evans | Photo Credit – Jeffrey Beall

One cannot fully appreciate Denver without a visit to Mount Evans. With a height of 14,271 feet, Mount Evans is the most towering landmark in all of Denver. The peak dominates the western skyline of the Great Plains and is one of the most famous tourist destinations.

Most people simply drive their way up to the peek but you could also choose to hike. It would take you about four hours to make it to the top of the lake. The view from Mount Evans will mesmerize you and will be dear to you till your twilight years.

7.Denver Public Library

Things to do in Denver
The Denver Public Library | Photo Credit – Schu

If you love to read and are looking to do things all by yourself then Denver Public Library is just the place for you! The library has a collection of over two million items which include books, movies, DVD’s and photographs.

The library is known for its Western History collection so make sure that you check it out. You could issue the book or could simply xerox the pages you are interested in.

8.Hammond’s Candy Factory

Things to do in Denver
Hammond’s Candy Factory | Photo Credit – Aranami

For about a hundred years, Hammond’s Candy Factory has been the finest confectionery manufacturer in Denver. If you have a sweet tooth, this place is just the right place for you! Here, you can have it all, right from Peppermint Candy Canes to Bubblegum Lumps. 

The candies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are an absolute treat to the tastebuds. We recommend you to visit this place with your young ones as they are going to absolutely love it. To check out the products manufactured by Hammond’s Candy Factory, check out their website.

9.Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Tour

Things to do in Denver
Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey | Photo Credit – Tom Henrich

Stranahan invites you to a distillery tour where you would be able to see for yourself how whiskey is manufactured. They would introduce you to the process, ingredients, rack houses, and cocktail lounges. There are a range of tours, some of them being, Guided Whiskey Tasting, Cocktail Class, American Single Malt Whiskey Tour, Topshelf Tour, and Homegrown Tours. 

Check out their website to learn about the details of the tours and book your ticket online. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Tour will change the way you appreciate your whiskey!

10.Coors Field

Coors Field | Photo Credit – Max and Dee Bernt

Built on an area of 76 acres and with a capacity of over 50,000 people, Coors Field is one of the most visited sites by people in Denver. The best way to experience the stadium is to watch a baseball game on it.

But if you cannot catch a game, you can still enjoy the stadium by enrolling for a guided tour of the same. The ticket for a guided tour ranges from $12-$9.

11.Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo | Photo Credit – Owen Allen

Built on an area of about 80 acres, Denver Zoo is one of the most endearing spots for adults and children alike. It is considered the first zoo in the United States of America to use naturalistic zoo enclosures instead of cages. Denver Zoo boasts of being home to animal species from all over the world.

Here you will be able to spot mammals, primates, birds, reptiles, and even fishes. The zoo has over 550 unique species from all over the globe. You can book your tickets online at their website.

12. American Museum of Western Art

The American Museum of Western Art was founded in 2010 and since then has been home to The Anschutz Collection. Here at the museum, you will be able to see art of the American West from the early 19th century to the present. The museum is frequented by people who want to learn about Western Art.

13.United States Mint

United States Mint | Photo Credit – Jeffrey Beall

Make the best of your time in Denver with a visit to the United States Mint. This will be a once in a lifetime experience because you would be able to learn everything about coins. At the United States Mint, you would be taken for a guided tour which will help you understand the various stages of coin production.

It would take you about two hours to explore the place in all its entirety. The tour is free of cost and is available to anybody who is over the age of seven. However, you need to book your spot for the tour. In order to do so, check out their website.

14.Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Dinosaurs at Denver Museum of Nature & Science | Photo Credit – sporst

Dedicated to the natural history of not just Colorado but the Universe, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a must-visit place for everyone. The museum has a collection of over one million artifacts that deal with natural history. The museum has a range of permanent exhibits which makes it one of the most famous museums in Colorado.

The exhibits range from Egyptian mummies to Birds of the Americas. To make things interesting, the museum also has secret hunts called “Museum Treasures”. Overall, if you decide to spend your time at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, you will have a pretty amazing time and will certainly come back for more.

15.Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Garden | Photo Credit – Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup

Spread over 23 acres, The Denver Botanic Gardens is one of the most serene places that you can visit in Denver. At Denver Botanic Gardens, you will find it all, right from a conservatory to various theme styled gardens. You can visit the place to have a quick stroll by yourself and bask in the beauty of the numerous trees. 

Denver Botanic Gardens is beautiful all round the year but it especially comes alive in the Spring. While you are there, make sure that you do not miss out on the Japanese garden which has its own pool and lily pads.

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